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lindisfarne gospels 715 721
The Lindisfarne Gospels, 715-721
field marshal count ludwig adolf peter sayn wittgenstein ludwigsburg
Field Marshal Count Ludwig Adolf Peter of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Ludwigsburg, (1769-1843)
circumcision trittico degli uffizi uffizi tryptich
The Circumcision (Trittico degli uffizi (Uffizi Tryptich), right panel), ca 1463-1464
epiphany trittico degli uffizi uffizi tryptich
Epiphany (Trittico degli uffizi (Uffizi Tryptich), central panel), ca 1463-1464. Artist: Mantegna
ascension trittico degli uffizi uffizi tryptich
The Ascension (Trittico degli uffizi (Uffizi Tryptich), left panel), ca 1463-1464
night watch detail 1642 artist rembrandt
The Night Watch (Detail), 1642. Artist: Rembrandt van Rhijn (1606-1669)
troops quarters outside paris 1894 artist werner
In the Troops' Quarters outside Paris, 1894. Artist: Werner, Anton von (1843-1915)
merchant georg gisze detail 1532 artist holbein
The Merchant Georg Gisze (Detail), 1532. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Younger (1497-1543)
ambassadors detail 1533 artist holbein hans
The Ambassadors (Detail), 1533. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Younger (1497-1543)
coronation virgin 1360s
The Coronation of the Virgin', 1360s
holy family c1604
The Holy Family', c1604
vision saint antony padua 1631
Vision of Saint Antony of Padua', 1631
crucifixion c1640
The Crucifixion', c1640
portrait garcilaso la vega 1630s
Portrait of Garcilaso de la Vega', 1630s
design jasper cabinet agate pavilion tsarskoye selo
Design for the Jasper Cabinet in the Agate Pavilion at Tsarskoye Selo, 1780s
temptation saint anthony 1635
The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1635
adoration magi c1600
Adoration of the Magi', c1600
court ball st nicholas hall winter palace 1880s
Court Ball in the St Nicholas Hall of the Winter Palace, 1880s
theatrical rehearsal house ancient rome poet
Theatrical Rehearsal in the House of an Ancient Rome Poet', 1855
triumph venus 1743
Triumph of Venus', after 1743
card game first quarter 19th century
Card Game, first quarter of 19th century
battle grengam july 27th 1720 1721
The Battle of Grengam on July 27th, 1720, (1721)
country boys 1936
Country Boys', 1936
impressionism/quai malaquais sunny afternoon 1903
Quai Malaquais, Sunny Afternoon', 1903
life coffee pot 1900
Still Life with a Coffee Pot', 1900
fair dieppe sunny morning 1901
The Fair in Dieppe, Sunny Morning', 1901
portrait grand duchess natalya alexeevna russia
Portrait of Grand Duchess Natalya Alexeevna of Russia', (1673-1716), before 1716
capture fortress douai allied troops 1710 early
Capture of the Fortress of Douai by the Allied Troops in 1710, early 18th century
portrait nakib khan early 17th century
Portrait of Nakib Khan, early 17th century
portrait akbar great 1542 1605 mughal emperor
Portrait of Akbar the Great (1542-1605), Mughal Emperor, second half of the 16th century
portrait tsar alexis i mikhailovich russia 1629 1676
Portrait of the Tsar Alexis I Mikhailovich of Russia (1629-1676), second half of the
portrait collector sergei i shchukin 1854 1936
Portrait of the collector Sergei I. Shchukin', (1854-1936), 1915
mother child 1797
Mother and Child, 1797
lady gentleman screen 1797
Lady and Gentleman by a Screen, 1797
portrait grand duchess olga nikolaevna russia
Portrait of Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia', (1822-1892), Queen of Wurttemberg
self portrait
portrait metropolitan antonius saint petersburg
Portrait of Metropolitan Antonius of Saint Petersburg', (1846-1912), 1911
portrait secretary state reformers count michail
Portrait of the Secretary of State and reformers Count Michail Speransky', (1772-1839)
voltaires morning 1750 1775
Voltaire's Morning', between 1750 and 1775
portrait denis davydov 1784 1839 soldier poet
Portrait of Denis Davydov (1784-1839), soldier and poet, early 19th century
hermitage pavilion park tsarskoye selo 1761
Hermitage Pavilion in the Park at Tsarskoye Selo, 1761
actor jitsukawa ensaburo unknown actor diptych
The Actor Jitsukawa Ensaburo and an Unknown Actor (Diptych), 1847
tsar bell moscow kremlin 1838
The Tsar Bell in the Moscow Kremlin, 1838
portrait maximilian iv joseph elector bavaria
Portrait of Maximilian IV Joseph, Elector of Bavaria', (1756-1825), 1803
rock gates neurathen 1826 1828
The Rock Gates in Neurathen, between 1826 and 1828
portrait princess zinaida yusupova sons arkhangelskoye
Portrait of Princess Zinaida Yusupova with Two Sons at Arkhangelskoye', 1894
bathing court ladies 18th century 1888
Bathing of Court Ladies in the 18th Century', 1888
saint joasaph belgorod 1705 1754 1911
Saint Joasaph of Belgorod (1705-1754), 1911
portrait naser al din shah qajar 1831 1896
Portrait of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (1831-1896), 1881-1882
illustration fairytale bluebeard charles perrault
Illustration for fairytale Bluebeard by Charles Perrault, before 1862
saint nikon 1900
Saint Nikon, 1900
congratulations grandmothers name day 1788
Congratulations on the Grandmother's Name-Day, 1788
orchestra seat 1856 1858
Orchestra Seat, 1856-1858
intermission comedie francaise 1858
Intermission at the Comedie-Francaise, 1858
siege mons allied troops 1709 early 18th century
Siege of Mons by the Allied Troops in 1709, early 18th century
portrait king george iii united kingdom 1738 1820
Portrait of the King George III of the United Kingdom', (1738-1820), 1773
exaltation holy cross end 19th century
Exaltation of the Holy Cross', end of 19th century
holy trinity 1430s
The Holy Trinity', 1430s
workshop engraver 1642
Workshop of an Engraver, 1642
flame happiness lights ganges 1947
Flame of Happiness (Lights on the Ganges)', 1947
song shambhala 1943
Song of Shambhala', 1943
abode gesar 1947
Abode of Gesar', 1947
laozi 1943
Laozi', 1943
mongolia genghis khan 1938
Mongolia, Genghis Khan', 1938
hidden treasure 1947
Hidden Treasure', 1947
kangchenjunga 1944
Kangchenjunga', 1944
command master 1947
Command of the Master', 1947
himalayas 1943
Himalayas', 1943
who leads 1944
She Who Leads', 1944
bhagavan 1943
Bhagavan', 1943
ajanta caves 1938
Ajanta Caves', 1938
poet mikhail lermontov 1814 1841 deathbed 1841
Poet Mikhail Lermontov (1814-1841) on the deathbed, 1841
portrait poet nikolai klyuev 1884 1937 1916
Portrait of the poet Nikolai Klyuev (1884-1937), 1916
portrait fabulist ivan khemnitser 1745 1784
Portrait of the fabulist Ivan Khemnitser', (1745-1784), Russian painting of 19th
leo tolstoy newspaper 1901
Leo Tolstoy with a newspaper', 1901
princess friederike charlotte marie wurttemberg
Princess Friederike Charlotte Marie of Wurttemberg', (1807-1873), 1830s
portrait author anton chekhov 1860 1904 1895
Portrait of the author Anton Chekhov', (1860-1904), 1895
portrait writer vasily grigorievich ruban 1742 1795
Portrait of the writer Vasily Grigorievich Ruban', (1742-1795), 1786
portrait author nikolai gogol 1809 1852 end
Portrait of the author Nikolai Gogol', (1809-1852), end 1830s
portrait poetess yevdokiya rostopchina 1811 1858
Portrait of the poetess Yevdokiya Rostopchina', (1811-1858), 1846
portrait poet alexander blok 1880 1921 1906
Portrait of the poet Alexander Blok', (1880-1921), 1906
portrait poet vladimir zhemchuzhnikov 1830 1884
Portrait of the poet Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikov', (1830-1884), 1854
portrait ekaterina martynova sister nikolay martynov
Portrait of Ekaterina Martynova, sister of Nikolay Martynov', 1846
portrait literary critic philosopher vissarion g
Portrait of the Literary critic and Philosopher Vissarion G. Belinsky', (1811-1848)
portrait poet prince antiokh kantemir 1708 1744
Portrait of the Poet Prince Antiokh Kantemir', (1708-1744), 1803
scene life central asia 1887
A Scene from the Life in Central Asia', 1887
rehearsal ballet 1930s
The Rehearsal of the Ballet', 1930s
portrait opera singer leonid vitalyevich sobinov
Portrait of the opera singer Leonid Vitalyevich Sobinov (1872?1934), 1934
courtesans 1903
Courtesans', 1903
school 1914 1917
From the School', 1914-1917
winter 1825
Winter', 1825
slave ship slavers throwing overboard dead dying
The Slave Ship (Slavers Throwing overboard the Dead and Dying, Typhon Coming On), 1840
revolutionary demonstration 1906
Revolutionary Demonstration', 1906
burning houses parliament 1834
The Burning of the Houses of Parliament', 1834
figures statue sphinx 1870s
Two Figures by a Statue of Sphinx', 1870s
sailor girl 1920s
Sailor with Girl', 1920s
self portrait wife daughter 1910
Self-portrait with wife and daughter', 1910
lady interior 1925
Lady in Interior', 1925


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