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helena blavatsky russian author founder theosophy
Helena Blavatsky, Russian author and founder of Theosophy, 1889. Artist: Anon
judicious amelioration 1871artist coide
'Judicious Amelioration', 1871.Artist: Coide
education arbitration 1871 artist coide
'Education and Arbitration', 1871. Artist: Coide
hippy 1871 artist coide
'Hippy', 1871. Artist: Coide
a far advanced radical 1871artist coide
'A far advanced Radical', 1871.Artist: Coide
i say critic region immediate practice 1871
'I say the critic must keep out of the region of immediate practice', 1871
telegraphs 1871artist coide
'Telegraphs', 1871.Artist: Coide
i thankful for 1871 artist coide
'I have much to be thankful for', 1871. Artist: Coide
silk 1871 artist coide
'Silk', 1871. Artist: Coide
now i want know 1871 artist coide
'Now I want to know', 1871. Artist: Coide
natural selection 1871artist coide
'Natural Selection', 1871.Artist: Coide
the novelist society 1871artist coide
'The novelist of Society', 1871.Artist: Coide
a commissioner 1871 artist coide
'A Commissioner', 1871. Artist: Coide
he offered leadership conservative party 1871
'He was once offered the leadership of the Conservative Party', 1871.Artist
he king 1871 artist coide
'He might have been a King', 1871. Artist: Coide
the spanish minister 1871artist coide
'The Spanish Minister', 1871.Artist: Coide
king cole 1871artist coide
'King Cole', 1871.Artist: Coide
the nonconformist 1871 artist carlo
'The Nonconformist', 1871. Artist: Carlo Pellegrini
the man who known make mr gladstone smile 1871
'The only man who is ever known to make Mr Gladstone smile', 1871. Artist: Coide
the poet laureate 1871 artist carlo
'The Poet Laureate', 1871. Artist: Carlo Pellegrini
a conservative whip 1871 artist carlo
'A Conservative Whip', 1871. Artist: Carlo Pellegrini
a conservative religionist 1871 artist carlo
'A Conservative religionist', 1871. Artist: Carlo Pellegrini
village sumatra indonesia 1906 artist ernst
Village, Sumatra, Indonesia, 1906. Artist: Ernst Haeckel
sir john george shaw lefevre british barrister
Sir John George Shaw-Lefevre, British barrister, politician and civil servant, 1871
temple gate shiba tokyo japan early 20th century
Temple gate, Shiba, Tokyo, Japan, early 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
imaichi road nikko japan early 20th century
Imaichi Road at Nikko, Japan, early 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
hata hakone road japan early 20th century
Hata at Hakone Road, Japan, early 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
daibutsu kamakura japan early 20th century
Daibutsu at Kamakura, Japan, early 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
the head 1901 artist spy
'The Head', 1901. Artist: Spy
arms gates city london c1650 19th century
Arms and gates of the City of London, c1650 (19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
cleopatra caesar anthony cleopatra 19th century
'Cleopatra and Caesar (Anthony and Cleopatra)', 19th century. Artist: JC Armytage
the land grabber parade 1889 artist unknown
'The Land-Grabber Parade', 1889. Artist: Unknown
urbi et orbi 1889 artist unknown
'Urbi et Orbi', 1889. Artist: Unknown
garrick wife 1757 19th centuryartist h
'Garrick and his Wife', 1757 (19th century).Artist: H Bourne
mongol race lapps esquimaux 19th centuryartist
'Mongol Race, Lapps and Esquimaux', 19th century.Artist: A Portier
dock yard sheerness kent 1830 artist t
'Dock Yard, Sheerness, Kent', 1830. Artist: T Garner
rochester castle kent mid 19th centuryartist
Rochester Castle, Kent, mid 19th century.Artist: Henry Adlard
cathedral san ignacio havana cuba 19th century
'Cathedral of San Ignacio, Havana, Cuba', 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
lord grosvenors gallery park lane london 1828
Lord Grosvenor's Gallery, Park Lane, London, 1828. Artist: William Deeble
york gate regents park mary le bone church
York Gate, Regent's Park, and Mary-le-Bone Church, London, 1827. Artist: H Wallis
ulster terrace regents park london 1827 artist
Ulster Terrace, Regent's Park, London, 1827. Artist: J Henshall
dover beach 19th centuryartist francis
'Dover, from the Beach', 19th century.Artist: Francis
cumberland terrace regents park london 1827
Cumberland Terrace, Regent's Park, London, 1827. Artist: J Tingle
pantheon oxford street london early 19th century
Pantheon, Oxford Street, London, early 19th century.Artist: J Hinchcliff
landing place outer harbour dover kent 19th
Landing place, outer harbour, Dover, Kent, 19th century.Artist: E Finden
the london university 1828 artist w wallis
'The London University', 1828. Artist: W Wallis
fashionable morning walking dresses september 1823
'Fashionable morning and walking dresses from September 1823'. Artist: Unknown
childhood/gymnastics 19th century artist unknown
Gymnastics, 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
swimming 19th century artist unknown
Swimming, 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
ice skating 19th century artist unknown
Ice skating, 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
croquet 19th century artist unknown
Croquet, 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
cricket 19th century artist unknown
Cricket, 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
rowing 19th century artist unknown
Rowing, 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
game football 19th century artist unknown
A game of football, 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
ship 19th century artist unknown
Ship, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
the fish market antwerp belgium 19th century
'The Fish Market, Antwerp', Belgium, 19th century.Artist: J Rogers
religious tract societys repository paternoster row
'Religious Tract Society's Repository, Paternoster Row, London', 19th century
st branchier 19th century artist unknown
'St Branchier', 19th century(?). Artist: Unknown
nadowaoua 19th century artist r hinshelwood
'Nadowaoua', 19th century. Artist: R Hinshelwood
mongol race japanese 19th century artist
'Mongol Race - Japanese', 19th century. Artist: G Rawle
oliver cromwell christ c1650s artist unknown
Oliver Cromwell as Christ, c1650s(?). Artist: Unknown
chancel hucknall church nottinghamshire 1835
The chancel of Hucknall Church, Nottinghamshire, 1835. Artist: S Rayner
salters hall london 1828artist w wallis
Salters' Hall, London, 1828.Artist: W Wallis
jasmine short toed eagle 18th 19th century
Jasmine and Short-toed Eagle, 18th or 19th century(?).Artist: Pedretti
beaumont lodge windsor berkshire 1818 artist
Beaumont Lodge, Windsor, Berkshire, 1818. Artist: MS Barenger
highbury college islington london mid 19th century
Highbury College, Islington, London, mid 19th century. Artist: Unknown
picking flowers meadow near leksand sweden c1923
Picking flowers in a meadow near Leksand, Sweden, c1923. Artist: Unknown
fishermen fishing town molle headlands kullen
Fishermen, fishing town of Molle, on the headlands of Kullen in the Kattegat, Sweden, c1923
people traditional tent lapland sweden c1923
People with a traditional tent, Lapland, Sweden, c1923. Artist: Unknown
monument charles xii gardens royal opera house
Monument to Charles XII, gardens behind the Royal Opera House, Stockholm, Sweden, c1923
ferry way island djurgarden stockholm sweden c1923
A ferry on the way to the island of Djurgarden, Stockholm, Sweden, c1923. Artist: Unknown
war canoe solomon islands c1923 artist hj
War canoe, Solomon Islands, c1923. Artist: HJ Shepstone
native canoe palm shaded beach solomon islands c1923
Native canoe on a palm shaded beach, Solomon Islands, c1923. Artist: York & Son
atacama desert northern chile south america c1923
Atacama Desert, Northern Chile, South America, c1923. Artist: Unknown
women hoeing field maize south africa c1923
Women hoeing a field of maize, South Africa, c1923. Artist: Unknown
peanut scent pedlars sofia bulgaria c1923 artist
Peanut and scent pedlars, Sofia, Bulgaria, c1923. Artist: Unknown
cart palermo sicily c1923 artist unknown
Cart, Palermo, Sicily, c1923. Artist: Unknown
mule water kegs sicily italy c1923 artist
Mule with water kegs, Sicily, Italy, c1923. Artist: AW Cutler
street scene taormina sicily italy c1923 artist
Street scene, Taormina, Sicily, Italy, c1923. Artist: Unknown
church san giovanni degli eremiti palermo sicily
Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Palermo, Sicily, Italy, c1923. Artist: Unknown
piazza del duomo cathedral square catania sicily
Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square), Catania, Sicily, Italy, c1923. Artist: Unknown
banks yenisei river siberia ussr c1923 artist
Banks of the Yenisei river, Siberia, USSR, c1923. Artist: D Carruthers
map siberia c1923 artist unknown
Map of Siberia, c1923. Artist: Unknown
james carey irish republican informer 1883 artist
James Carey, Irish Republican and informer, 1883. Artist: Unknown
an art critic 1871artist coide
'An art critic', 1871.Artist: Coide
ways means 1871artist coide
'Ways and Means', 1871.Artist: Coide
portrait princess alexandra golitsyna son pyotr 1794
Portrait of Princess Alexandra Golitsyna with her son Pyotr, 1794. Artist: Vigee-Lebrun
monastery st john forerunner moscow russia 1881
Monastery of St John the Forerunner, Moscow, Russia, 1881. Artist: Scherer Nabholz & Co
church saints boris gleb arbat gates moscow russia
Church of Saints Boris and Gleb at the Arbat Gates, Moscow, Russia, 1881
church st george victorious old luchniki moscow
Church of St George the Victorious, Old Luchniki, Moscow, USSR, 1881
church life giving trinity khokhlovka moscow
Church of the Life-Giving Trinity, Khokhlovka, Moscow, Russia, 1881
church st grand prince vladimir moscow russia 1881
Church of St Grand Prince Vladimir, Moscow, Russia, 1881. Artist: Scherer Nabholz & Co
church entry holy theotokos temple moscow russia
Church of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple, Moscow, Russia, 1881
cathedral christ saviour moscow russia 1881
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow, Russia, 1881. Artist: Scherer Nabholz & Co
church st nicholas miracle maker arbat moscow
Church of St Nicholas the Miracle Maker, the Arbat, Moscow, Russia, 1881
church st elias prophet moscow russia 1881
Church of St Elias the Prophet, Moscow, Russia, 1881. Artist: Scherer Nabholz & Co
church dormition virgin mogiltsy moscow russia
Church of the Dormition of the Virgin, Mogiltsy, Moscow, Russia, 1881
church st apostle philip moscow russia 1881
Church of St Apostle Philip, Moscow, Russia, 1881. Artist: Scherer Nabholz & Co
monastery nativity theotokos moscow russia 1881
Monastery of the Nativity of the Theotokos, Moscow, Russia, 1881


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