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Images Dated 3rd September 2009

Sculpture of Otto von Bismarck, 19th century Prussian statesman, 1937.Artist: Wide World Photos
The sailor lads of the training ship HMS Lion at Devonport, Devon, 1896. Artist: WM Crockett
King George V of Great Britain and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, 1913 (1951)
British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith visiting Ireland, 1914 (1951)
Ascot fashion, 1913 (1951)
General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, 1912 (1951)
American tycoon John D Rockefeller and his wife arriving at Cleveland, Ohio, 1912 (1951)
The Prince of Wales and WG Grace, 1911 (1951)
Jack Johnson, the first black world heavyweight boxing champion, 1908 (1951)
Gaiety Girls, 1908 (1951)
Guglielmo Marconi, Italian pioneer of wireless telegraphy, Signal Hall, Newfoundland, 1901 (1951)
Islington fire brigade, London, 1901 (1951)
Louis Botha, Afrikaner soldier and statesman, 1900 (1951)
US President William McKinley and Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt, 1899 (1951)
Pierre and Marie Curie in their laboratory, 1898 (1951)
The first regular trans-continental train at Fernie, British Columbia, Canada, 1886 (1951)
The Tay Bridge disaster, Scotland, 28th December 1879 (1951)
Battle of Rorkes Drift, Natal, Zulu War, 1879 (1951)
Temple Bar archway, at the Stand end of Fleet Street, London, 1877 (1951)
A female student at Cambridge University, 1873 (1951)
Prime Minister William Gladstone opens the Metropolitan Railway, London, 1863 (1951)
Ex-slaves parading with liberation manifestos, American Civil War, 1861-1865 (1951)
The last bare-knuckle fight, Farnborough, Hampshire, 17th April 1860 (1951)
The cook house of the 8th Hussars, Crimean War, 1855, (1951). Artist: Roger Fenton
Russian Redan, Sebastopol, Crimean War, 1855 (1951)
National Government composed of members from the three main political parties, 1931 (1937)
Flooding of London, January 1928 (1937). Artist: Fox
King George V presenting the FA Cup, Wembley Stadium, London, c1923-1936 (1937).Artist: Fox
The announcment of the Treaty of Versailles throughout England by Royal Proclamation, 1919, (1937)
Damage done in the first bombing raid on London, 1915 (1937). Artist: Central Press
Crowds wait in London to see if there will be war, 4th August 1914 (1937). Artist: Fox
A suffragette confronting two policemen, 1913 (1937).Artist: Sport & General
Henley Regatta, Oxfordshire, 6th July 1912 (1937). Artist: Horace Walter Nicholls
Anxious crowds outside the White Star Line office, 1912 (1937). Artist: Sport & General
The Terra Nova, 1911 (1937). Artist: Herbert Ponting
King George V and Queen Mary in the robes of the Knights of the Garter, Windsor, 1937.Artist: Central Press
Edward VII lying in state, Throne Room, Buckingham Palace, London, 1910 (1937)
Standoff on Sidney Street, Stepney, London, 3rd January 1911 (1937).Artist: Central Press
David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1908 (1937). Artist: R Haines
Prince and Princess of Wales, 1909 (1937). Artist: W&D Downey
Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee, 1897 (1937). Artist: Fox
The passing of Queen Victoria, 1901 (1937). Artist: Elliott & Fry
The winning Oxford boat race crew, 1896 (1937)
Womens fashion of the 1880s and 1890s, 1937
Prince George aged eleven, c1878 (1937). Artist: Elliott & Fry
Football team of the 1st Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment), 1896
The convalescent, Herbert Hospital, Woolwich, London, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
The ships postman coming on board, 1896.Artist: Gregory & Co

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