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general prim followed catalan volunteers battalion
General Prim followed by Catalan volunteers and the battalion of Alba de Tormes
enthroned madonna c 1280 1285 restored 1997
Enthroned Madonna', c. 1280 - 1285 (restored in 1997), work by Cimabue
procession tsar nicholas i dormition cathedral
Procession of Tsar Nicholas I into Dormition Cathedral from the Petrovsky Palace during
copyist 15th century 1882 1884 artist unknown
Copyist, 15th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
antoine saint chamand seigneur mery unknown
Antoine de Saint-Chamand, Seigneur de Mery, unknown lady and Henry IV of France, 1600 (1882-1884)
french peasant farm labourer 16th century 1882 1884
French peasant farm labourer, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
gentlemen court francis i france 16th century
Gentlemen of the court of Francis I of France, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Petit
festival reason paris 1793 1882 1884 artist
Festival of Reason, Paris, 1793 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
andre chenier french poet 18th century 1882 1884
Andre Chenier, French poet, 18th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
musketeer infantry officer 16th century 1882 1884
Musketeer and infantry officer, 16th century (1882-1884).Artist: Pontenier
duke orleans way guillotine paris 6th november 1793
The Duke of Orleans on the way to the guillotine, Paris, 6th November 1793 (1882-1884)
bourgeoise paris 16th century 1882 1884 artist
Bourgeoise of Paris, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Petit
execution louis xvi france paris 21st january 1793
Execution of Louis XVI of France, Paris, 21st January 1793 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
henry i duke guise 1580 francis montmorency
Henry I, Duke of Guise, 1580, and Francis de Montmorency, 1576 (1882-1884). Artist
claude lorraine 1st duke guise 16th century
Claude de Lorraine, 1st Duke of Guise, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Petit
madame roland french revolutionary 18th century
Madame Roland, French revolutionary, 18th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
arrest camille desmoulins 31st march 1794 1882 1884
The arrest of Camille Desmoulins, 31st march 1794 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
charles alexandre calonne lomenie brienne french
Charles Alexandre de Calonne and Lomenie de Brienne, French statemen, 18th century (1882-1884)
mary stuart queen consort francis ii france c1560
Mary Stuart, Queen Consort of Francis II of France, c1560 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
french gentlemens costume 1572 1882 1884 artist
French gentlemen's costume, 1572 (1882-1884). Artist: Chevignard
life guard bodyguard francis i france 16th century
Life Guard or bodyguard of Francis I of France, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
ladies gentlemen 1584 1882 1884 artist
Ladies and gentlemen from about 1584, (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
comte barras costume director 1795 1799 1882 1884
The Comte de Barras in the costume of Director, 1795-1799 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
gendarme 1583 captain 1st company enfants dhonneur
Gendarme, 1583, and captain of the 1st Company of the Enfants d'Honneur, 1596 (1882-1884)
lady court francis i france 16th century 1882 1884
Lady from the court of Francis I of France, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
battle fleurus 16 june 1794 1882 1884 artist
Battle of Fleurus, 16 June 1794 (1882-1884). Artist: E Deschamps
battle pyramids 21st july 1798 1882 1884 artist
Battle of the Pyramids, 21st July 1798 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
henry i duke guise french soldier politician
Henry I, Duke of Guise, French soldier and politician, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist
louise lorraine duke guise marguerite vaudemont
Louise of Lorraine, Duke of Guise, Marguerite de Vaudemont and Anne de Joyeuse, 1581 (1882-1884)
death marquis condorcet 1794 1882 1884 artist
The death of the Marquis de Condorcet, 1794 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
henry iii king france 16th century 1882 1884
Henry III, King of France, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
playing cards french republic 1790 1882 1884
Playing cards of the French Republic, 1790 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
peasant woman 15th century 1882 1884 artist
Peasant woman, 15th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
sedan chairs 18th century 1882 1884artist
Sedan chairs, 18th century (1882-1884).Artist: Smeeton and Tilly
fire saint andres cathedral bordeaux france
Fire at Saint Andre's Cathedral, Bordeaux, France, 25th August 1787 (1882-1884)
messenger 15th century 1882 1884 artist petit
Messenger, 15th century (1882-1884). Artist: Petit
storming bastille paris 14th july 1789 1882 1884
Storming of the Bastille, Paris, 14th July 1789 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
princess ladies waiting 1470 1882 1884artist
Princess and ladies in waiting, 1470 (1882-1884).Artist: Gautier
fight tournament boatmen river seine paris 1751
Fight and tournament of the boatmen, River Seine, Paris, 1751 (1882-1884).Artist: Cosson
henry ii france captain light cavalry 16th century
Henry II of France, as captain of the light cavalry, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist
zemire azor comic opera 1771 1882 1884 artist
'Zemire and Azor', comic opera, 1771 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
lady manor time charles viii france 1498 1882 1884
Lady of the manor of the time of Charles VIII of France, 1498 (1882-1884).Artist: Petit
painting exhibition louvre paris 1737 1882 1884
Painting exhibition, the Louvre, Paris, 1737 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
francis lorraine 2nd duke guise french soldier
Francis of Lorraine, 2nd Duke of Guise, French soldier and politician, 16th century (1882-1884)
chateau marly france 1722 1882 1884 artist
Chateau de Marly, France, 1722 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
mausoleum marshal saxe church st thomas strasbourg
Mausoleum of Marshal de Saxe, Church of St Thomas, Strasbourg, France, 1882-1884. Artist
isabeau bavaria queen consort charles vi france
Isabeau of Bavaria, Queen Consort of Charles VI of France, 1385 (1882-1884). Artist
bourgeoise costume time charles vi france 1382
Bourgeoise in costume of the time of Charles VI of France, 1382 (1882-1884).Artist: Petit
soldiers 1400 1882 1884artist felix henri
Soldiers, 1400 (1882-1884).Artist: Felix Henri Emmanuel Philippoteaux
cobblers shop time louis xiii france 17th century
Cobbler's shop during the time of Louis XIII of France, 17th century (1882-1884)
margaret provence queen consort louis ix france
Margaret of Provence, queen consort of Louis IX of France, 13th century (1882-1884)
noblewoman time charles vi france 1380 1882 1884
Noblewoman of the time of Charles VI of France, 1380 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
theophraste renaudot 17th century french physician
Theophraste Renaudot, 17th century French physician, philanthropist, and journalist, 1882-1884
family saying grace france 16th century 1882 1884
A family saying grace, France, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: A Gusmand
hotel ville reims france 1882 1884 artist
Hotel de Ville, Reims, France, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
statue louis xiii france francois rude 19th century
Statue of Louis XIII of France, by Francois Rude, 19th century (1882-1884).Artist
page master valet 1440 1450 1882 1884 artist
Page, master and valet, 1440-1450 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
chateau montsoreau france 15th century 1882 1884
Chateau de Montsoreau, France, 15th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
parliament brittany 1613 1882 1884 artist
Parliament of Brittany, 1613 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
louis xiii france conferring order holy spirit
Louis XIII of France conferring the Order of the Holy Spirit, 17th century (1882-1884)
pierre rohan marshal france 1475 1882 1884
Pierre de Rohan, Marshal of France, 1475 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
siege la rochelle france 1627 1882 1884 artist
Siege of La Rochelle, France, 1627 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
knight served squire page end 12th century 1882 1884
Knight served by a squire and page, end of the 12th century (1882-1884). Artist: Deghouly
birth christ c1350 1955 artist master vyssi
'Birth of Christ', c1350 (1955). Artist: Master of the Vyssi Brod Altar
annunciation virgin mary c1350 1955artist
'Annunciation of the Virgin Mary', c1350 (1955)
madonna most 1350 1955 artist unknown
'Madonna of Most', before 1350 (1955). Artist: Unknown
river scene central india c1930s artist edward
River scene, Central India, c1930s. Artist: Edward E Long
villa del balbianello lenno lake como italy c1930s
Villa del Balbianello, Lenno, Lake Como, Italy, c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
valletta malta c1930s artist unknown
Valletta, Malta, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
cathedral st basil moscow russia c1930sartist
Cathedral of St Basil, Moscow, Russia, c1930s.Artist: SJ Beckett
kremlin moscow russia c1930s artist topical
The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, c1930s. Artist: Topical Press Agency
taq i kisra ctesiphon iraq c1930s artist
The Taq-i Kisra, Ctesiphon, Iraq, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
mosul iraq c1930s artist unknown
Mosul, Iraq, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
al askari mosque samarra iraq c1930s artist
The al-Askari Mosque, Samarra, Iraq, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
islamic minaret temple mount jerusalem palestine
Islamic minaret on Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Palestine, c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
torii itsukushima temple miyajima island japan
Torii of Itsukushima temple in Miyajima Island, Japan, c1930s. Artist: John Bushby
sunday market wentworth street east london c1930s
Sunday market, Wentworth Street, East London, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
covent garden london c1930s artist spencer
Covent Garden, London, c1930s. Artist: Spencer Arnold
st pauls cathedral fleet street sunday london
St Paul's Cathedral from Fleet Street on a Sunday, London, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
savoy hotel theatre strand norfolk street london
Savoy Hotel and Theatre across the Strand from Norfolk Street, London, c1930s. Artist
tower bridge london c1930s artist unknown
Tower Bridge, London, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
tower london c1930s artist donald mcleish
The Tower of London, c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
view old bailey st pauls cathedral london c1930s
View from the Old Bailey towards St Paul's Cathedral, London, c1930s
royal air force memorial embankment london c1930s
The Royal Air Force Memorial, the Embankment, London, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
westminster abbey london c1930s artist donald
Westminster Abbey, London, c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
nelsons column trafalgar square terrace national
Nelson's Column and Trafalgar Square from the terrace of the National Gallery, London, c1930s
bazaar lucknow india c1930s artist unknown
The bazaar of Lucknow, India, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
king george v great britain kaiser wilhelm ii germany
King George V of Great Britain and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, 1913 (1951). Artist
british prime minister herbert asquith visiting
British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith visiting Ireland, 1914 (1951). Artist: Unknown
ascot fashion 1913 1951 artist unknown
Ascot fashion, 1913 (1951). Artist: Unknown
american tycoon john d rockefeller wife arriving
American tycoon John D Rockefeller and his wife arriving at Cleveland, Ohio, 1912 (1951)
prince wales wg grace 1911 1951 artist
The Prince of Wales and WG Grace, 1911 (1951). Artist: Unknown
jack johnson first black world heavyweight boxing
Jack Johnson, the first black world heavyweight boxing champion, 1908 (1951). Artist
gaiety girls 1908 1951 artist unknown
Gaiety Girls, 1908 (1951). Artist: Unknown
mrs patrick campbell british stage actress role
Mrs Patrick Campbell, British stage actress, in the role of 'Electra', 1908 (1951)
dr barnardo homes 1905 1951 artist unknown
Dr Barnardo at one of his homes, 1905 (1951). Artist: Unknown
guglielmo marconi italian pioneer wireless telegraphy
Guglielmo Marconi, Italian pioneer of wireless telegraphy, Signal Hall, Newfoundland, 1901 (1951)
islington fire brigade london 1901 1951 artist
Islington fire brigade, London, 1901 (1951). Artist: Unknown


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