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28 May 2009

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samaritan passover artist unknown
The Samaritan Passover. Artist: Unknown
leon gambetta proclaiming republic france 4th
Leon Gambetta proclaiming the Republic of France, 4th September 1870 (1882-1884). Artist
fashion 1804 1882 1884artist meunier
Fashion of 1804 (1882-1884).Artist: Meunier
turkish troops march kamiesh balaclava crimea
Turkish troops on the march, Kamiesh, Balaclava, Crimea, 1854 (1882-1884). Artist
view kronstadt russia 1882 1884 artist unknown
View of Kronstadt, Russia, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
fashions imitate costume antiquity 1798 1882 1884
Fashions that imitate the costume of antiquity, 1798 (1882-1884).Artist: Smeeton-Tilly
hats bonnets 1796 1882 1884artist tamisier
Hats and bonnets, 1796 (1882-1884).Artist: Tamisier
it necessary suffer beautiful 1882 1884 artist
'It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful', 1882-1884. Artist: EA Tilly
hussar early 19th century 1882 1884 artist
A hussar, early 19th century (1882-1884). Artist: Jean Duplessis-Bertaux
fashion 1792 1882 1884 artist unknown
Fashion of 1792 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
the embarrassment hoods 1882 1884artist j
'The embarrassment of the hoods', 1882-1884.Artist: J Rocault
capture french algerian city constantine 10th
The capture by the French of the Algerian city of Constantine, 10th October 1837 (1882-1884)
duke orleans leaves royal palace paris 31st
The Duke of Orleans leaves the Royal Palace, Paris, 31st July 1830 (1882-1884). Artist
french fashion hairstyle early 19th century
French fashion and hairstyle, early 19th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
circassian dress 1796 english dress 1789 caraco
Circassian dress, 1796, English dress, 1789, and caraco housecoat, 1788 (1882-1884)
palace justice grenoble france 1882 1884 artist
Palace of Justice of Grenoble, France, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
fashion 1792 1882 1884artist tamisier
Fashion of 1792, (1882-1884).Artist: Tamisier
dandy c1729 court dress town dress 1882 1884
Dandy of c1729, court dress and town dress, (1882-1884).Artist: Tamisier
flower seller 18th century 1882 1884artist
Flower seller, 18th century (1882-1884).Artist: Gilbert
french womens fashions 1780 1882 1884 artist
French women's fashions, 1780 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
young dandy costume reign louis xvi 18th century
Young dandy in costume of the reign of Louis XVI, 18th century (1882-1884). Artist
frock coat 1729 bourgeois fashion 1745 ceremonial
Frock coat of 1729, bourgeois fashion in 1745, and ceremonial dress of 1750, (1882-1884)
battle montereau france 18th february 1814
Battle of Montereau, France, 18th February 1814 (1882-1884).Artist: A Gerard
young lady boy 18th century 1882 1884 artist
A young lady and a boy, 18th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
people fashions 1665 lady court 1668 1882 1884
People in the fashions of 1665, and a lady of the court, 1668 (1882-1884)
battle hanau germany 30th 31st october 1813
Battle of Hanau, Germany, 30th-31st October 1813 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
broom seller boilermaker 1882 1884 artist
Broom seller and boilermaker, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
battle castalla spain 21st july 1812 1882 1884
Battle of Castalla, Spain, 21st July 1812 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
gentlemens costume duke orleans brother king
Gentlemen's costume and the Duke of Orleans, Brother to King Louis XIV, 1663 (1882-1884)
battle champaubert france 10th february 1814
Battle of Champaubert, France, 10th February 1814 (1882-1884).Artist: Duvivier
young woman summer fashion 17th century 1882 1884
Young woman in summer fashion, 17th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
wedding jerome bonaparte 22nd august 1807 1882 1884
The wedding of Jerome Bonaparte, 22nd August 1807 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
arrival marie louise compiegne france 27th march
The arrival of Marie-Louise in Compiegne, France, 27th March 1810 (1882-1884). Artist
tsar alexander i presenting russian troops napoleon
Tsar Alexander I presenting Russian troops to Napoleon, 8th July 1807 (1882-1884)
chambermaid lady provincial bourgeoise lady 1640
Chambermaid, lady and provincial bourgeoise lady, 1640 (1882-1884).Artist: Tamisier
napoleon ran duroc who lived 1813 1882 1884
'Napoleon ran towards Duroc, who still lived', 1813 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
moscow fire 15th september 1812 1882 1884artist
Moscow on fire, 15th September 1812 (1882-1884).Artist: A Etienne
gentleman hunting costume 18th century 1882 1884
Gentleman in a hunting costume, 18th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
peasants gentleman lady 1635 1882 1884 artist
Peasants, a gentleman and a lady, 1635 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
napoleon receives keys vienna schloss schonbrunn
Napoleon receives the keys of Vienna, Schloss Schonbrunn, 13th November 1805 (1882-1884)
entry national guard paris prussian campaign
Entry of the National Guard into Paris, after the Prussian campaign, 1807 (1882-1884)
sun king theatre costume king louis xiv france
Sun King theatre costume, and King Louis XIV of France, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
surrender ulm germany 20th october 1805 1882 1884
The surrender of Ulm, Germany, 20th October 1805 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
battle austerlitz 2nd december 1805 1882 1884
Battle of Austerlitz, 2nd December 1805 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
gentleman leading country bride 1636 louis xiii
A gentleman leading a country bride, 1636, and Louis XIII creating a knight, 1633
french army crossing sierra guadarrama spain
The French army crossing the Sierra Guadarrama, Spain, 22nd-24th September 1808 (1882-1884)
distribution eagle standards paris 5th december
The distribution of the Eagle Standards, Paris, 5th December 1804 (1882-1884). Artist
entry french army berlin 27th october 1806 1882 1884
Entry of the French army into Berlin, 27th October 1806 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
french peasant 17th century 1882 1884 artist
French peasant, 17th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
napoleon crowns empress josephine notre dame
Napoleon crowns Empress Josephine, Notre Dame, Paris, 2nd December 1804 (1882-1884)
napoleon bonaparte proclaimed emperor french saint cloud
Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed Emperor of the French at Saint-Cloud, 18th May 1804 (1882-1884)
french gentlemens costume 1615 1630 1882 1884
French gentlemen's costume, 1615-1630 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
attack french invasion flotilla boulogne france
Attack on the French invasion flotilla at Boulogne, France, 15-16 August 1801 (1882-1884)
huntsman 16th century 1882 1884 artist
Huntsman, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
madame tallien late 18th century 1882 1884
Madame Tallien, late 18th century (1882-1884).Artist: Charaire et fils
lady court marie de medici widow gentleman
A lady of the court, Marie de' Medici as a widow, and a gentleman, c1620 (1882-1884)
gallic chief roman conquest gaul 1st century bc
Gallic chief before the Roman conquest of Gaul, 1st century BC (1882-1884).Artist
the franks cross raging sea 1882 1884 artist
'The Franks cross the raging sea', 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
adulterers whipped public france 8th century
Adulterers being whipped in public, France, 8th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
combat roman veneti vessels loire river 56 bc
Combat between Roman and Veneti vessels, Loire river, 56 BC (1882-1884).Artist: Dietrich
suddenly rings barrels shattered according pagan
'Suddenly the rings of the barrels shattered according to the pagan rites', 1882-1884
frankish chief c5th century 1882 1884artist
Frankish chief, c5th century (1882-1884).Artist: Dietrich
king clovis i queen clotilde franks late 5th
King Clovis I and Queen Clotilde of the Franks, late 5th - early 6th century (1882-1884)
warrior possibly gallic frankish 1882 1884artist
Warrior, possibly Gallic or Frankish, 1882-1884.Artist: Michelz
roman centurion conquering gauls julius caesar
Roman centurion conquering the Gauls under Julius Caesar, 1st century BC (1882-1884)
baptism clovis 496 1882 1884 artist unknown
The Baptism of Clovis, 496 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
king franks carried shield 1882 1884 artist
King of the Franks being carried on a shield, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
sack rome vandals 455 1882 1884 artist
The sack of Rome by the Vandals, 455 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
invasion alans visigoths gaul early 5th century
Invasion of the Alans or Visigoths, Gaul, early 5th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
remains roman theatre besancon france 1882 1884
Remains of a Roman theatre at Besancon, France, 1882-1884.Artist: Smeeton
gladiatorial combat 1882 1884 artist unknown
Gladiatorial combat, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
roman arena arles provence france 1666 1882 1884
The Roman arena in Arles, Provence, France, in 1666 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
map gaul time augustus 1848 1882 1884artist
A map of Gaul during the time of Augustus, 1848, (1882-1884).Artist: MacCarthy
augustus presents constitution lyon france 10 bc
Augustus presents the constitution, Lyon, France, 10 BC (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
siege marseilles julius caesar 1882 1884 artist
Siege of Marseilles by Julius Caesar, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
augustus establishes centre government gaul lyon
Augustus establishes the centre of government of Gaul in Lyon, 28 BC (1882-1884).Artist
bard reciting noble traditions family 1882 1884
A bard reciting the noble traditions of the family, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
le plus scelerat des hommes ordonne quon te
Le plus scelerat des hommes, ordonne qu'on te prepare un tombe, 1882-1884. Artist
gallic utensils 1882 1884 artist unknown
Gallic utensils, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
vercingetorix memorial alesia near dijon france
Vercingetorix Memorial at Alesia, near Dijon, France, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
julius caesar laying siege alesia gaul 52 bc
Julius Caesar laying siege to Alesia, Gaul, 52 BC (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
vercingetorix imprisoned tullianum rome c52 46 bc
Vercingetorix imprisoned in the Tullianum in Rome, c52-46 BC (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
julius caesar roman general statesman 1st century
Julius Caesar, Roman general and statesman, 1st century BC (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
vercingetorix chieftain arverni c52 bc 1882 1884
Vercingetorix, chieftain of the Arverni, c52 BC (1882-1884).Artist: Spex
hannibal crossing rhone 218 bc 1882 1884 artist
Hannibal crossing the Rhone, 218 BC (1882-1884). Artist: Gilbert
accused shown death warrant 1882 1884artist
The accused is shown his death warrant, 1882-1884.Artist: Chevrola
woman bayonne france 16th century 1882 1884
Woman of Bayonne, France, 16th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
marshal souvre m bellegarde m pluvinel 17th century
The Marshal of Souvre, M de Bellegarde and M de Pluvinel, 17th century (1882-1884)
lord cornwallis joseph bonaparte embrace amiens
Lord Cornwallis and Joseph Bonaparte embrace in Amiens, France, 1802 (1882-1884). Artist
death general marceau 21st september 1796 1882 1884
Death of General Marceau, 21st September 1796 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
matamore captain hired killer spanish type
Matamore captain, hired killer, Spanish type, 17th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
murder tsar paul i russia march 1801 1882 1884
The murder of Tsar Paul I of Russia, March 1801 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
french merchant 16th century 1882 1884 artist
French merchant of the 16th century, (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
battle hohenlinden bavaria 3rd december 1800
Battle of Hohenlinden, Bavaria, 3rd December 1800 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
battle arcole italy 15 17th november 1796 1882 1884
The Battle of Arcole, Italy, 15-17th November 1796 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
explosion rue la loi paris france 24th december
Explosion on the Rue de la Loi, Paris, France, 24th December 1800 (1882-1884). Artist
lady gentlemen french dress 1605 1882 1884 artist
A lady and two gentlemen in French dress of 1605 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
convention battle marengo italy 15th june 1800
Convention after the Battle of Marengo, Italy, 15th June 1800 (1882-1884). Artist
gaston duc dorleans commander armies louis
Gaston, Duc d'Orleans, commander of the armies under Louis XIII of France, 1882-1884


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