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20 May 2009

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victor hugo french author deathbed 22nd may 1885
Victor Hugo, French author, on his deathbed, 22nd May 1885. Artist: Unknown
japanese warlord minamoto yoritomo 1845artist
Japanese warlord Minamoto no Yoritomo, 1845.Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
professor rene leriche french surgeon physiologist
Professor Rene Leriche, French surgeon and physiologist, 1939. Artist: Unknown
jean bouin french soldier athlete 1912 artist
Jean Bouin, French soldier and athlete, 1912. Artist: Unknown
professor charles laubry french cardiologist 1940
Professor Charles Laubry, French cardiologist, 1940. Artist: Unknown
louis lumiere french photographer cinematographer
Louis Lumiere, French photographer and cinematographer, 1937. Artist: Unknown
dr thierry martel french surgeon 1935 artist
Dr Thierry de Martel, French surgeon, 1935. Artist: Unknown
frederic joliot irene joliot curie french scientists
Frederic Joliot and Irene Joliot-Curie, French scientists, 1935. Artist: Unknown
jean baptiste charcot french explorer 1910 artist
Jean-Baptiste Charcot, French explorer, 1910. Artist: Unknown
marthe chenal french soprano 1918 artist
Marthe Chenal, French soprano, 1918. Artist: Unknown
jean jaures french socialist politician 1914
Jean Jaures, French socialist politician, 1914. Artist: Unknown
marshal lyautey french soldier 1930 artist
Marshal Lyautey, French soldier, 1930. Artist: Unknown
francisque sarcey french journalist drama critic
Francisque Sarcey, French journalist and drama critic, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
edouard herriot french radical politician playing
Edouard Herriot, French Radical politician, playing the piano, 1925. Artist: Unknown
dr charles coutela french opthalmologist 1934
Dr Charles Coutela, French opthalmologist, 1934. Artist: Unknown
claude monet french impressionist painter 1923
Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter, 1923. Artist: Unknown
georges clemenceau french statesman 1925 artist
Georges Clemenceau, French statesman, 1925. Artist: Unknown
anna noailles french author 1930 artist
Anna de Noailles, French author, 1930. Artist: Unknown
louis barthou french politician 1931 artist
Louis Barthou, French politician, 1931. Artist: Unknown
aristide bruant french cabaret singer comedian
Aristide Bruant, French cabaret singer, comedian and nightclub owner, 1901. Artist
marshal joffre french soldier 1920 artist
Marshal Joffre, French soldier, 1920. Artist: Unknown
alexandre ribot french statesman 1916 artist
Alexandre Ribot, French statesman, 1916. Artist: Unknown
pierre petit french photographer 1891 artist
Pierre Petit, French photographer, 1891. Artist: Unknown
sully prudhomme french poet 1905 artist
Sully Prudhomme, French poet, 1905. Artist: Unknown
victor schoelcher french anti slavery campaigner
Victor Schoelcher, French anti-slavery campaigner, 1880. Artist: Unknown
baron isidore justin severin taylor royal commissioner
Baron Isidore Justin Severin Taylor, royal commissioner of the Theatre-Francais, 1865
georges bizet french composer 1874 artist
Georges Bizet, French composer, 1874. Artist: Unknown
louis blanc french politician historian 1870
Louis Blanc, French politician and historian, 1870. Artist: Unknown
jean francois millet french artist 1858 artist
Jean Francois Millet, French artist, 1858. Artist: Unknown
francois arago french scientist statesman 1853
Francois Arago, French scientist and statesman, 1853. Artist: Unknown
francois coppee french poet novelist 1907 artist
Francois Coppee, French poet and novelist, 1907. Artist: Unknown
jules cambon french diplomat 1911 artist
Jules Cambon, French diplomat, 1911. Artist: Unknown
goron 1895 artist unknown
Goron, 1895. Artist: Unknown
octave mirbeau french writer 1905 artist
Octave Mirbeau, French writer, 1905. Artist: Unknown
pierre waldeck rousseau french statesman 1902
Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau, French statesman, 1902. Artist: Unknown
henri bergson french philosopher 1910 artist
Henri Bergson, French philosopher, 1910. Artist: Unknown
rejane french actress 1905 artist unknown
Rejane, French actress, 1905. Artist: Unknown
pierre loti french naval officer novelist 1908
Pierre Loti, French naval officer and novelist, 1908. Artist: Unknown
jules cheret french artist 1895 artist unknown
Jules Cheret, French artist, 1895. Artist: Unknown
jean paul habans paulus french 1905 artist
Jean Paul Habans ('Paulus'), French, 1905. Artist: Unknown
alphonse daudet french novelist 1890 artist
Alphonse Daudet, French novelist, 1890. Artist: Unknown
rosa bonheur french realist painter sculptor 1882
Rosa Bonheur, French Realist painter and sculptor, 1882. Artist: Unknown
victorien sardou french dramatist 1898 artist
Victorien Sardou, French dramatist, 1898. Artist: Unknown
felix dupanloup french clergyman 19th century
Felix Dupanloup, French clergyman, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
georges courteline french dramatist novelist 1900
Georges Courteline, French dramatist and novelist, 1900. Artist: Unknown
jean mounet sully french actor 1910 artist
Jean Mounet-Sully, French actor, 1910. Artist: Unknown
fernand forest french inventor 1888 artist
Fernand Forest, French inventor, 1888. Artist: Unknown
judith gautier french poet historical novelist 1900
Judith Gautier, French poet and historical novelist, 1900. Artist: Unknown
charles floquet french statesman 1873 artist
Charles Floquet, French statesman, 1873. Artist: Unknown
ernest lavisse french historian 1892 artist
Ernest Lavisse, French historian, 1892. Artist: Unknown
sarah bernhardt french actress 1869 artist
Sarah Bernhardt, French actress, 1869. Artist: Unknown
marie grisier montbazon french mezzo soprano actress
Marie Grisier Montbazon, French mezzo-soprano and actress, 1877. Artist: Unknown
frederic bartholdi french sculptor 1880 artist
Frederic Bartholdi, French sculptor, 1880. Artist: Unknown
amedee courbet french admiral 1880 artist
Amedee Courbet, French admiral, 1880. Artist: Unknown
charles paul kock french novelist 1870 artist
Charles Paul de Kock, French novelist, 1870. Artist: Unknown
antoine pierre berryer french lawyer politician 1863
Antoine Pierre Berryer, French lawyer and politician, 1863. Artist: Unknown
japanese warlord minamoto yoritomo 1845artist
Japanese warlord Minamoto no Yoritomo, 1845.Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
pierre auguste renoir french artist 1917 artist
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French artist, 1917. Artist: Unknown