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18 May 2009

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edmond goncourt french author 1868 artist
Edmond de Goncourt, French author, 1868. Artist: Unknown
stephane mallarme french poet critic c1890s
Stephane Mallarme, French poet and critic, c1890s. Artist: Unknown
lucien guitry french actor 1895 artist unknown
Lucien Guitry, French actor, 1895. Artist: Unknown
pierre curie french chemist physicist 1899 artist
Pierre Curie, French chemist and physicist, 1899. Artist: Unknown
julie feyghine french actress 1881 artist
Julie Feyghine, French actress, 1881. Artist: Unknown
herve louis auguste florimond ronger french
'Herve' (Louis Auguste Florimond Ronger), French singer, composer and conductor, 1870
lucien anatole prevost paradol french journalist
Lucien Anatole Prevost-Paradol, French journalist and essayist, 1860. Artist: Unknown
gerard nerval french poet 1855 artist unknown
Gerard de Nerval, French poet, 1855. Artist: Unknown
coquelin cadet french actor 1898 artist
Coquelin cadet, French actor, 1898. Artist: Unknown
paul feval elder french novelist dramatist 1868
Paul Feval the Elder, French novelist and dramatist, 1868. Artist: Unknown
francois clement sauvage french engineer politician
Francois Clement Sauvage, French engineer and politician, 1854. Artist: Unknown
guy maupassant french author 1890 artist
Guy de Maupassant, French author, 1890. Artist: Unknown
andre gill french caricaturist 1868 artist
Andre Gill, French caricaturist, 1868. Artist: Unknown
eiffel tower construction paris c1888 artist
The Eiffel Tower under construction, Paris, c1888. Artist: Unknown
georges clemenceau french statesman 1886 artist
Georges Clemenceau, French statesman, 1886. Artist: Unknown
cecile sorel french actress 1893 artist
Cecile Sorel, French actress, 1893. Artist: Unknown
aurelien scholl french author journalist 1868
Aurelien Scholl, French author and journalist, 1868. Artist: Unknown
ernest renan french philosopher writer 1890
Ernest Renan, French philosopher and writer, 1890. Artist: Unknown
jules janin french author critic 1870 artist
Jules Janin, French author and critic, 1870. Artist: Unknown
alfred vigny french poet playwright novelist 1862
Alfred de Vigny, French poet, playwright and novelist, 1862. Artist: Unknown
charles baudelaire french poet art critic 1857
Charles Baudelaire, French poet and art critic, 1857. Artist: Unknown
comtesse segur russian born french author 1860
Comtesse de Segur, Russian-born French author, 1860. Artist: Unknown
count walewski french statesman 1854 artist
Count Walewski, French statesman, 1854. Artist: Unknown
prince president louis napoleon bonaparte 1852
Prince-President Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, 1852. Artist: Unknown
empress eugenie france 1859 artist unknown
Empress Eugenie of France, 1859. Artist: Unknown
jules massenet french composer 1905 artist
Jules Massenet, French composer, 1905. Artist: Unknown
juliette adam french author feminist 1929 artist
Juliette Adam, French author and feminist, 1929. Artist: Unknown
ernest psichari french soldier author 1913 artist
Ernest Psichari, French soldier and author, 1913. Artist: Unknown
jean richepin french poet dramatist novelist
Jean Richepin, French poet, dramatist and novelist, and Leon Bonnat, French artist, 1901
catulle mendes french poet man letters 1906
Catulle Mendes, French poet and man of letters, 1906. Artist: Unknown
jules lemaitre french dramatist critic 1908
Jules Lemaitre, French dramatist and critic, 1908. Artist: Unknown
alexandre duval french restaurant owner society
Alexandre Duval, French restaurant owner and society figure, 1900. Artist: Unknown
alphonse kirchoffer french fencer 1904 artist
Alphonse Kirchoffer, French fencer, 1904. Artist: Unknown
felix ziem french artist 1905 artist unknown
Felix Ziem, French artist, 1905. Artist: Unknown
anatole france french writer 1903 artist
Anatole France, French writer, 1903. Artist: Unknown
henri becquerel french physicist late 19th early
Henri Becquerel, French physicist, late 19th or early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
henry becque french dramatist 1899 artist
Henry Becque, French dramatist, 1899. Artist: Unknown
edgar degas french impressionist painter 1894
Edgar Degas, French Impressionist painter, 1894. Artist: Unknown
henri gouraud french soldier playing billiards 1895
Henri Gouraud, French soldier, playing billiards, 1895. Artist: Unknown
ambroise thomas french opera composer 1889 artist
Ambroise Thomas, French opera composer, 1889. Artist: Unknown
eugene marin labiche french dramatist 1879 artist
Eugene Marin Labiche, French dramatist, 1879. Artist: Unknown
jean leon gerome french artist 1886 artist
Jean-Leon Gerome, French artist, 1886. Artist: Unknown
octave feuillet french novelist dramatist 1872
Octave Feuillet, French novelist and dramatist, 1872. Artist: Unknown
ewelina hanska madame honore balzac 19th century
Ewelina Hanska, Madame Honore de Balzac, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
antoine louis barye french sculptor 1862 artist
Antoine-Louis Barye, French sculptor, 1862. Artist: Unknown
marshal macmahon french soldier politician 1873
Marshal MacMahon, French soldier and politician, 1873. Artist: Unknown
rene doumic french literary critic man letters 1922
Rene Doumic, French literary critic and man of letters, 1922. Artist: Unknown
jean eugene robert houdin french 1855 artist
Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, French, 1855. Artist: Unknown
rodolphe salis french artist 1897 artist
Rodolphe Salis, French artist, 1897. Artist: Unknown
charles maurice donnay french 1908 artist
Charles Maurice Donnay, French, 1908. Artist: Unknown
etienne jules marey french physiologist pioneer
Etienne-Jules Marey, French physiologist and pioneer of cinematography, 1901. Artist
romain rolland french dramatist author art
Romain Rolland, French dramatist, author, art historian and mystic, 1921. Artist: Unknown
charles mangin french soldier 1918 artist
Charles Mangin, French soldier, 1918. Artist: Unknown
ferdinand foch french soldier hero world war i 1922
Ferdinand Foch, French soldier and hero of World War I, 1922. Artist: Unknown
raoul pugno french musician composer 1905 artist
Raoul Pugno, French musician and composer, 1905. Artist: Unknown
henry bataille french dramatist poet 1913 artist
Henry Bataille, French dramatist and poet, 1913. Artist: Unknown
paul doumer french statesman 1908 artist
Paul Doumer, French statesman, 1908. Artist: Unknown
jose maria heredia cuban born french poet 1902
Jose-Maria de Heredia, Cuban-born French poet, 1902. Artist: Unknown
jean louis forain french artist 1897 artist
Jean-Louis Forain, French artist, 1897. Artist: Unknown
louise michel french schoolteacher medical worker
Louise Michel, French schoolteacher, medical worker and anarchist, 1899. Artist: Unknown
jules ferry french statesman 1884 artist
Jules Ferry, French statesman, 1884. Artist: Unknown
emile erckmann alexandre chatrian french writers
Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian, French writers, 1887. Artist: Unknown
henri dorleans duc daumale 1890 artist
Henri d'Orleans, Duc d'Aumale, 1890. Artist: Unknown
charles garnier french architect 1882 artist
Charles Garnier, French architect, 1882. Artist: Unknown
jean marie vianney cure dars french priest 1858
Jean-Marie Vianney, Cure d'Ars, French priest, 1858. Artist: Unknown
eugene delacroix french artist 1854 artist
Eugene Delacroix, French artist, 1854. Artist: Unknown
victor hugo french novelist exile guernsey 1866
Victor Hugo, French novelist, in exile in Guernsey, 1866. Artist: Unknown
paul deroulede french author politician jean
Paul Deroulede, French author and politician and Jean Mounet-Sully, French actor, 1899
emile zola french novelist family 1899 artist
Emile Zola, French novelist, with his family, 1899. Artist: Unknown
alphonse allais french writer humourist 1895
Alphonse Allais, French writer and humourist, 1895. Artist: Unknown
francisque sarcey french journalist drama critic
Francisque Sarcey, French journalist and drama critic, 1895. Artist: Unknown
emile ollivier french statesman 1895 artist
Emile Ollivier, French statesman, 1895. Artist: Unknown
benoit constant coquelin french actor 1895 artist
Benoit-Constant Coquelin, French actor, 1895. Artist: Unknown
auguste rodin french sculptor 1895 artist
Auguste Rodin, French sculptor, 1895. Artist: Unknown
francois coppee french poet novelist 1892 artist
Francois Coppee, French poet and novelist, 1892. Artist: Unknown
marie francois sadi carnot president france 1887
Marie Francois Sadi Carnot, President of France, 1887. Artist: Unknown
georges boulanger french general politician
Georges Boulanger, French general and politician, with other army officers, 1888. Artist
jules grevy president france 1880 artist
Jules Grevy, President of France, 1880. Artist: Unknown
jules amedee barbey daurevilly french novelist
Jules Amedee Barbey d'Aurevilly, French novelist and short story writer, 1889
jean baptiste alphonse karr french critic journalist
Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, French critic, journalist and novelist, 1889. Artist
alfred grevin french illustrator caricaturist 1887
Alfred Grevin, French illustrator and caricaturist, 1887. Artist: Unknown
emile augier french dramatist 1885 artist
Emile Augier, French dramatist, 1885. Artist: Unknown
ethelie madeleine brohan french actress 1885
Ethelie Madeleine Brohan, French actress, 1885. Artist: Unknown
alexandre dumas younger french playwright novelist
Alexandre Dumas the Younger, French playwright and novelist, 1884. Artist: Unknown
pierre savorgnan brazza french explorer 1882
Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, French explorer, 1882. Artist: Unknown
gustave eiffel french engineer family 1882
Gustave Eiffel, French engineer, with his family, 1882. Artist: Unknown
gustave nadaud french songwriter 1880 artist
Gustave Nadaud, French songwriter, 1880. Artist: Unknown
jean louis ernest meissonnier french painter sculptor
Jean Louis Ernest Meissonnier, French painter and sculptor, 1880. Artist: Unknown
theodore banville french poet writer 1873 artist
Theodore de Banville, French poet and writer, 1873. Artist: Unknown
victor hugo french author 1872 artist unknown
Victor Hugo, French author, 1872. Artist: Unknown
francois certain canrobert french general 1869
Francois Certain Canrobert, French general, 1869. Artist: Unknown
alphonse daudet french novelist 1869 artist
Alphonse Daudet, French novelist, 1869. Artist: Unknown
emile littre french philosopher lexicographer 1869
Emile Littre, French philosopher and lexicographer, 1869. Artist: Unknown
emile girardin french journalist publicist politician
Emile de Girardin, French journalist, publicist and politician, 1866. Artist: Unknown
gustave dore french artist engraver illustrator
Gustave Dore, French artist, engraver and illustrator, 1863. Artist: Unknown
louis pasteur french chemist microbiologist 1852
Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist, 1852. Artist: Unknown
jean auguste dominique ingres french neoclassical
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, French Neoclassical artist, 1841. Artist: Unknown
jerome bonaparte brother napoleon 1858 artist
Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, 1858. Artist: Unknown
louis napoleon french prince imperial british
Louis Napoleon, French Prince Imperial, in British uniform, 1871-1879. Artist: Unknown


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