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27 Jul 2009

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sculpture wall upper end cave island elephanta
'Sculpture on the Wall at the Upper End of the Cave, Island of Elephanta', India, 1799
heroic battle 1652 1664 1870 artist roland
'Heroic Battle', 1652-1664 (1870). Artist: Roland Brunier
the vintage drunkenness noah 1469 1484 1870
'The Vintage and Drunkenness of Noah', 1469-1484 (1870).Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
last communion saint jerome 1614 1870 artist
'Last Communion of Saint Jerome', 1614 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
aurora dawn 1613 1614 1870 artist
'Aurora (Dawn)', 1613-1614 (1870). Artist: Perrichon
jupiter hurling thunderbolts vices 1554 1556 1870
'Jupiter Hurling Thunderbolts at the Vices', 1554-1556 (1870). Artist: L Chapon
the miracle st mark freeing slave 1548 1870
'The Miracle of St Mark Freeing the Slave', 1548 (1870). Artist: Jules Lavee
the presentation ring 1534 1870 artist
'The Presentation of the Ring', 1534 (1870). Artist: Roland Brunier
the mystic marriage st catherine 1526 1527 1870
'The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine', 1526-1527 (1870)
madonna child st jerome mary magdalen the day
'Madonna and Child with St Jerome and Mary Magdalen (The Day)', 1525-1528 (1870)
descent cross c1545 1870artist e thomas
'Descent from the Cross', c1545 (1870).Artist: E Thomas
birth virgin 1514 1870 artist e thomas
'Birth of the Virgin', 1514 (1870). Artist: E Thomas
madonna del sacco madonna sack 1525 1870
'Madonna del sacco' ('Madonna with the Sack'), 1525 (1870). Artist
visitation 1518 1519 1870 artist franz
The Visitation, 1518-1519 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
st lorenzo giustiniani saints 1532 1870 artist
'St Lorenzo Giustiniani and Other Saints', 1532 (1870). Artist: Unknown
st cecilia 1514 1870 artist quesnel
'St Cecilia', 1514 (1870). Artist: Quesnel
assumption virgin 1516 1518 1870 artist
'Assumption of the Virgin', 1516-1518 (1870). Artist: Roland Brunier
madonna blue diadem 1510 1511 1870artist
'Madonna of the Blue Diadem', 1510-1511 (1870).Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
the sibyls c1514 1870 artist j ansseau
'The Sibyls', c1514 (1870). Artist: J Ansseau
the delphic sibyl 1509 1870 artist trichon
'The Delphic Sibyl', 1509 (1870). Artist: Trichon Monvoisin
the holy family infant st john baptist the
'The Holy Family with the infant St John the Baptist' (the Doni Tondo), c1506 (1870)
manchester madonna c1497 1870 artist franz
The 'Manchester Madonna', c1497 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
stigmatization saint catherine siena 1870 artist
'Stigmatization of Saint Catherine of Siena', 1870. Artist: Unknown
the virgin child st julian st nicholas myra
'The Virgin and Child with St Julian and St Nicholas of Myra', 1490-1492 (1870)
st catherine carried tomb angels 1520 1523 1870
'St Catherine Carried to her Tomb by Angels', 1520-1523 (1870). Artist: Unknown
leonardo da vinci/the virgin child st anne c1510 1870 artist
'The Virgin and Child with St Anne', c1510 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
the supper 1498 1870 artist unknown
'The Last Supper', 1498 (1870). Artist: Unknown
aeneas piccolomini introduces eleonora portugal
'Aeneas Piccolomini Introduces Eleonora of Portugal to Frederick III', 1502-1508, (1870)
the ascension christ 1496 1498 1870 artist
'The Ascension of Christ', 1496-1498 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
madonna seated throne surrounded saints c1494 1517
'Madonna seated on a Throne Surrounded with Saints', c1494-1517 (1870). Artist
presentation jesus temple 1510 1870 artist
'Presentation of Jesus in the Temple', 1510 (1870). Artist: Bertrand
virgin child 1482 1870 artist unknown
'Virgin and Child', 1482 (1870). Artist: Unknown
madonna victory 1496 1870 artist franz
'Madonna of Victory', 1496 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
judith holofernes 1870 artist unknown
'Judith and Holofernes', 1870. Artist: Unknown
san giobbe altarpiece c1478 1870 artist franz
San Giobbe Altarpiece, c1478 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
triumph st thomas aquinas heretics 1489 1491 1870
'Triumph of St Thomas Aquinas over the Heretics', 1489-1491 (1870).Artist
obsequies st francis 1482 1485 1870 artist
'Obsequies of St Francis', 1482-1485 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
madonna child c1490 1870artist j guillaume
'Madonna and Child', c1490 (1870).Artist: J Guillaume
the calumny apelles 1494 1495 1870 artist
'The Calumny of Apelles', 1494-1495 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
mosess testament death 1481 1482 1870 artist
'Moses's Testament and Death', 1481-1482 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
martyrdom st sebastian 1473 1475 1870 artist
'Martyrdom of St Sebastian', 1473-1475 (1870). Artist: Hotelin
the baptism christ 1472 1475 1870 artist
'The Baptism of Christ', 1472-1475 (1870). Artist: Unknown
madonna child st fredianus st augustine 1437 1438
'Madonna and Child with St Fredianus and St Augustine', 1437-1438 (1870). Artist
madonna delle ombre madonna shadows c1450
'Madonna delle ombre' ('Madonna of the Shadows'), c1450 (1870). Artist
the coronation virgin c1430 1432 1870 artist
'The Coronation of the Virgin', c1430-1432 (1870). Artist: Monvoisin
the annunciation 1333 1870 artist j petot
'The Annunciation', 1333 (1870). Artist: J Petot
virgin enthroned angels 1290 1295 1870 artist
'Virgin Enthroned with Angels', 1290-1295 (1870). Artist: Apontenier
scenes life christ raising lazarus 1304 1305
'Scenes from the Life of Christ: Raising of Lazarus', 1304-1305 (1870). Artist
girl performing fan dance japan 1904 artist
Girl performing a fan dance, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
stone torii suwa temple nagasaki japan 1904
Stone torii, Suwa Temple, Nagasaki, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
small summer hotel kanazawa japan 1904 artist
Small summer hotel, Kanazawa, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
bronze lantern korea candelabrum holland japan 1904
Bronze lantern from Korea and candelabrum from Holland, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
buddhist priest 1904 artist unknown
A Buddhist priest, 1904. Artist: Unknown
street merchant japan 1904 artist unknown
A street merchant, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
merchants store fireproof warehouse edo period
Merchant's store and fireproof warehouse, Edo period, Japan, 1603-1868 (1904)
spinning cotton japan 1904 artist unknown
Spinning cotton, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
no dance japan 1904 artist unknown
'No dance', Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
ieyasu temple japan 1904 artist unknown
Ieyasu Temple, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
feudal chiefs procession entering shoguns palace
Feudal chief's procession entering the shogun's palace, Japan, 1904. Artist
reception room japanese noblemans house 1904
Reception room in a Japanese nobleman's house, 1904. Artist: Unknown
shogun receiving investiture imperial envoy japan
The Shogun receiving investiture from an imperial envoy, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
lunch stand public park japan 1904 artist
Lunch stand in a public park, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
bronze gate tomb shiba park tokyo japan 1904
Bronze gate and tomb, Shiba Park, Tokyo, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
wooden bridge iwakuni japan 1904 artist
Wooden bridge at Iwakuni, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
group children japan 1904 artist unknown
Group of children, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
a fair student japan 1904 artist unknown
'A Fair Student', Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
kiyomizu temple kyoto japan 1904 artist
Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
washing kimonos japan 1904 artist unknown
Washing kimonos, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
carpenters work japan 1904 artist unknown
Carpenters at work, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
yara gero satsuma late 17th century 1904
Yara (Gero) of Satsuma, late 17th century (1904). Artist: Unknown
people edo japan c1800 1904 artist unknown
People of Edo, Japan, c1800 (1904). Artist: Unknown
rear corner japanese house 1904 artist unknown
Rear corner of a Japanese house, 1904. Artist: Unknown
raking rice field japan 1904 artist unknown
Raking a rice field, Japan, 1904. Artist: Unknown
native american north western frontier 1841
Native American, North Western Frontier, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
native americans north western frontier 1841
Native Americans, North Western Frontier, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
seminole chiefs fort moultrie south carolina
Seminole chiefs, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina, 1837-1838 (1841).Artist: Myers and Co
osceola prisoner war florida war fort moultrie
Osceola, prisoner of war from the Florida War, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina, 1841
discovery dance sac fox rock island upper mississippi
Discovery dance, Sac and Fox, Rock Island, Upper Mississippi, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
begging dance sac fox rock island upper mississippi
Begging dance, Sac and Fox, Rock Island, Upper Mississippi, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
slave dance sac fox rock island upper mississippi
Slave dance, Sac and Fox, Rock Island, Upper Mississippi, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
keokuk horseback rock island upper mississippi 1841
Keokuk on horseback, Rock Island, Upper Mississippi, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
sac fox brave rock island upper mississippi 1841
Sac or Fox brave, Rock Island, Upper Mississippi, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
sac fox indians 1841artist myers
Sac and Fox Indians, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
sac fox brave 1841artist myers
Sac or Fox brave, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
wi jun jon native costume regimental uniform 1841
Wi-Jun-Jon in native costume and in regimental uniform, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
menominees 1841artist myers
Menominees, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
winnebagoes 1841artist myers
Winnebagoes, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
chippewa snowshoe dance 1841artist myers
Chippewa snowshoe dance, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
sioux canoes chippewa snowshoes 1841artist
Sioux canoes and Chippewa snowshoes, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
chippewas 1841artist myers
Chippewas, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
dog dance sioux 1841artist myers
Dog dance of the Sioux, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
sioux ball players 1841artist myers
Sioux ball players, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
sioux 1841artist myers
Sioux, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
a sioux cradle modes carrying children 1841
'A Sioux Cradle and Modes of Carrying Their Children', 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
view volcano barren island andaman islands 1799
'View of the volcano on Barren Island', Andaman Islands, 1799. Artist: Unknown
plan elephanta caves india 1799 artist
'Plan of the Elephanta Caves', India, 1799. Artist: Unknown
cuttub minar april 1794 1799 artist unknown
'Cuttub Minar in April 1794, (1799). Artist: Unknown
durva agrostis linearis dr koenig 1799 artist
'Durva Agrostis Linearis of Dr Koenig', 1799. Artist: Unknown
loris yak 1799 artist unknown
A loris and a yak, 1799. Artist: Unknown


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