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john d rockefeller american industrialist late
John D Rockefeller, American industrialist, late 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
heroic battle 1652 1664 1870 artist roland
'Heroic Battle', 1652-1664 (1870). Artist: Roland Brunier
the vintage drunkenness noah 1469 1484 1870
'The Vintage and Drunkenness of Noah', 1469-1484 (1870).Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
last communion saint jerome 1614 1870 artist
'Last Communion of Saint Jerome', 1614 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
aurora dawn 1613 1614 1870 artist
'Aurora (Dawn)', 1613-1614 (1870). Artist: Perrichon
jupiter hurling thunderbolts vices 1554 1556 1870
'Jupiter Hurling Thunderbolts at the Vices', 1554-1556 (1870). Artist: L Chapon
the miracle st mark freeing slave 1548 1870
'The Miracle of St Mark Freeing the Slave', 1548 (1870). Artist: Jules Lavee
the presentation ring 1534 1870 artist
'The Presentation of the Ring', 1534 (1870). Artist: Roland Brunier
the mystic marriage st catherine 1526 1527 1870
'The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine', 1526-1527 (1870)
madonna child st jerome mary magdalen the day
'Madonna and Child with St Jerome and Mary Magdalen (The Day)', 1525-1528 (1870)
descent cross c1545 1870artist e thomas
'Descent from the Cross', c1545 (1870).Artist: E Thomas
birth virgin 1514 1870 artist e thomas
'Birth of the Virgin', 1514 (1870). Artist: E Thomas
landscape 19th century 1925 artist unknown
Landscape, 19th century (1925). Artist: Unknown
hiroshiges monument akihajinsha japan 1882 1925
Hiroshige's monument at Akihajinsha, Japan, 1882 (1925). Artist: Unknown
memorial portrait hiroshige 1858 1925 artist
Memorial portrait of Hiroshige, 1858 (1925). Artist: Unknown
thames twickenham c1762 1956 artist unknown
The Thames, Twickenham, c1762 (1956). Artist: Unknown
st helena napoleons time 19th century 1956
'St Helena, in Napoleon's Time', 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
snowdon approaching storm 1853 1956 artist
'Snowdon, an Approaching Storm', 1853 (1956). Artist: Unknown
fingals cave staffa outer hebrides scotland
Fingal's Cave, Staffa, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. 1814 (1956). Artist: Unknown
jerusalem 1854 1855 1956 artist unknown
Jerusalem, 1854-1855 (1956). Artist: Unknown
pont du gard roman aqueduct nimes france 1956
Pont du Gard, Roman aqueduct, Nimes, France, (1956). Artist: Unknown
mont fuji japan c1823 1956 artist unknown
Mont Fuji, Japan, c1823 (1956). Artist: Unknown
gordale scar west yorkshire c1811 1956 artist
Gordale Scar, West Yorkshire, c1811 (1956). Artist: Unknown
interior cave temple ellora maharashtra india
Interior of a cave temple, Ellora, Maharashtra, India, 19th century (1956). Artist
gate el metwalli cairo egypt c1829 1956 artist
The Gate of El Metwalli, Cairo, Egypt, c1829 (1956). Artist: Unknown
toledo spain 1597 1599 1956 artist unknown
Toledo, Spain, 1597-1599 (1956). Artist: Unknown
the piazza venice c1756 1956 artist
'The Piazza, Venice', c1756 (1956). Artist: Unknown
witch hunt witches c1799 1956 artist unknown
Witch hunt: witches, c1799 (1956). Artist: Unknown
witch hunt the bewitched groom 16th century 1956
Witch hunt: 'The Bewitched Groom', 16th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
superman friedrich nietzsche german philosopher
'Superman': Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher, 19th century (1956). Artist
vitalism henri bergson french philosopher early
Vitalism: Henri Bergson, French philosopher, early 20th century, (1956). Artist: Unknown
wide open spaces james fenimore cooper american
Wide open spaces: James Fenimore Cooper, American author, 19th century (1956). Artist
total war what old mirrors make nowadays 1868
Total war: 'What Old Mirrors They Make Nowadays', 1868 (1956). Artist: Unknown
universal language first page bible esperanto 1956
Universal language: the first page of the Bible in Esperanto, 1956. Artist: Unknown
birth virgin c1520 1956 artist unknown
The birth of the Virgin, c1520 (1956). Artist: Unknown
asceticism group mughal ascetics 1956 artist
Asceticism: a group of Mughal ascetics, (1956). Artist: Unknown
nihilism arthur schopenhauer german philosopher
Nihilism: Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
chivalry courtly love flemish parade shield c1400
Chivalry and courtly love: Flemish parade shield, c1400 (1956). Artist: Unknown
hero worship the intervention sabine women
Hero worship: detail from 'The Intervention of the Sabine Women', 1799 (1956)
nemesis good fortune c1502 1956 artist
'Nemesis or Good Fortune', c1502 (1956). Artist: Unknown
nature cloud study c1822 1956 artist unknown
Nature: cloud study, c1822 (1956). Artist: Unknown
mrs grundy portrait londoner 19th century 1956
'Mrs Grundy': portrait of a Londoner, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
freedom press title page areopagitica john milton
Freedom of the press: title page from the Areopagitica by John Milton, 1644 (1956)
elixir life the alchemist 1558 1956 artist
Elixir of Life: 'The Alchemist', 1558 (1956). Artist: Unknown
sanctity st francis meditation 1635 1639 1956
Sanctity: 'St Francis in Meditation', 1635-1639 (1956). Artist: Unknown
original sin fall adam eve c1467 1468 1956
Original Sin: The Fall of Adam and Eve, c1467-1468 (1956). Artist: Unknown
deism lord herbert cherbury c1603 1605 1956
Deism: Lord Herbert of Cherbury, c1603-1605 (1956). Artist: Unknown
enthusiasm edward irving scottish clerygyman
Enthusiasm: Edward Irving, Scottish clerygyman, 19th century, (1956). Artist: Unknown
dramatic unities euripides greek playwright
Dramatic unities: Euripides, Greek playwright, 5th century BC (1956). Artist: Unknown
royal prerogative title page eikon basilike 1649
Royal prerogative: title page from Eikon Basilike, 1649 (1956). Artist: Unknown
equality sexes les bas bleus 19th century 1956
Equality of the sexes: Les Bas Bleus, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
inspiration the inspiration poet c1630 1956
Inspiration: 'The Inspiration of the Poet', c1630 (1956). Artist: Unknown
miracles legend wolf gubbio c1437 1444 1956
Miracles: the legend of the Wolf of Gubbio, c1437-1444 (1956). Artist: Unknown
cult individual salvator rosa italian baroque artist
Cult of the individual: Salvator Rosa, Italian Baroque artist, 1640 (1956). Artist
atlantis map showing location mythical continent
Atlantis: a map showing the location of the mythical continent, c1882 (1956). Artist
anti semitism medieval inscription town wall
Anti-semitism: medieval inscription on the town wall, Rothenburg, Germany, (1956)
anti semitism pass issued jews frankfurt 1790 1956
Anti-semitism: a pass issued to Jews at Frankfurt, 1790 (1956). Artist: Unknown
brigham young american mormon leader 19th century
Brigham Young, American Mormon leader, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
anarchism mikhail bakunin russian anarchist
Anarchism: Mikhail Bakunin, Russian anarchist, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
wilbur wright american aviation pioneer 1908 1956
Wilbur Wright, American aviation pioneer, 1908 (1956). Artist: Unknown
edward whymper british mountaineer 1865 1956
Edward Whymper, British mountaineer, 1865 (1956). Artist: Unknown
oscar wilde irish born playwright wit c1891 1956
Oscar Wilde, Irish-born playwright and wit, c1891 (1956). Artist: Unknown
richard wagner german composer 19th century 1956
Richard Wagner, German composer, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
walt whitman american poet 19th century 1956
Walt Whitman, American poet, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
kitagawa utamaro japanese artist late18th early
Kitagawa Utamaro, Japanese artist, late18th or early 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
alfred lord tennyson british poet 1855 1956
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, British poet, 1855 (1956). Artist: Unknown
jmw turner british artist 19th century 1956
JMW Turner, British artist, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
sir jj thomson british physicist 1932 1956
Sir JJ Thomson, British physicist, 1932 (1956). Artist: Unknown
leo tolstoy russian novelist c1900 1956 artist
Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist, c1900 (1956). Artist: Unknown
johann strauss younger austrian composer 19th
Johann Strauss the Younger, Austrian composer, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
james mcneill whistler american born british artist
James McNeill Whistler, American-born British artist, 1878 (1956). Artist: Unknown
arthur rimbaud french poet adventurer 1895 1956
Arthur Rimbaud, French poet and adventurer, 1895 (1956). Artist: Unknown
duke wellington irish born british soldier statesman
The Duke of Wellington, Irish-born British soldier and statesman, 19th century (1956)
franz peter schubert austrian composer 1825 1956
Franz Peter Schubert, Austrian composer, 1825 (1956). Artist: Unknown
emmeline pankhurst british suffragette daughter
Emmeline Pankhurst, British suffragette, and her daughter Christabel, early 20th century (1956)
giaochino rossini italian composer 19th century
Giaochino Rossini, Italian composer, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
samuel palmer british artist 19th century 1956
Samuel Palmer, British artist, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
voltaire french writer 18th century 1956 artist
Voltaire, French writer, 18th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
john ruskin british artist poet critic 1872 1956
John Ruskin, British artist, poet and critic, 1872 (1956). Artist: Unknown
napoleon iii emperor france 19th century 1956
Napoleon III, Emperor of France, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
robert owen welsh born industrialist philanthropist
Robert Owen, Welsh-born industrialist, philanthropist and socialist, 1851 (1956). Artist
alexander ostrovsky russian dramatist 19th century
Alexander Ostrovsky, Russian dramatist, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
william morris british artist designer 19th century
William Morris, British artist and designer, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
john stuart mill british philosopher social reformer
John Stuart Mill, British philosopher and social reformer, 19th century (1956). Artist
death mask lorenzo de medici ruler florence
Death mask of Lorenzo de' Medici, ruler of Florence, 1492 (1956). Artist: Unknown
peter paul rubens flemish baroque artist 1609 1956
Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish Baroque artist, 1609 (1956). Artist: Unknown
marquise pompadour 1759 1956 artist unknown
Marquise de Pompadour, 1759 (1956). Artist: Unknown
soren kierkegaard danish philosopher theologian
Soren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher and theologian, c1840 (1956). Artist: Unknown
henry james american born british novelist 1890
Henry James, American-born British novelist, 1890 (1956). Artist: Unknown
louis xiv king france 1701 1956 artist
Louis XIV, King of France, 1701 (1956). Artist: Unknown
hokusai japanese artist 1839 1956 artist
Hokusai, Japanese artist, 1839 (1956). Artist: Unknown
thomas henry huxley british biologist 19th century
Thomas Henry Huxley, British biologist, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
goethe german poet 19th century 1956 artist
Goethe, German poet, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
friedrich holderlin german poet 19th century 1956
Friedrich Holderlin, German poet, 19th century (1956). Artist: Unknown
babur superintending garden fidelity 1508 1956
Babur superintending in the Garden of Fidelity, 1508 (1956). Artist: Unknown
maxim gorky russian author c1930 1956 artist
Maxim Gorky, Russian author, c1930 (1956). Artist: Unknown
elizabeth fry british prison social reformer
Elizabeth Fry, British prison and social reformer, c1798-1800 (1956). Artist: Unknown
thomas edison american inventor c1878 1956
Thomas Edison, American inventor, c1878 (1956). Artist: Unknown
el greco greek painter active spain c1604 1956
El Greco, Greek painter active in Spain, c1604 (1956). Artist: Unknown


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