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29 Jan 2009

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clarke gable joan crawford american actors film stars
Clarke Gable and Joan Crawford, American actors and film stars, 1940
studio paul jacques aime baudry c1880 1882 artist
The studio of Paul-Jacques-Aime Baudry, c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
chaucers ymage 1900 artist unknown
'Chaucer's Ymage', 1900. Artist: Unknown
sir frederic burton irish artist 1900artist
Sir Frederic Burton, Irish artist, 1900.Artist: Mr Chancellor
fortune 19th century 1900 artist unknown
'Fortune', 19th century (1900). Artist: Unknown
at st gingolph savoie 1900 artist unknown
'At St Gingolph, Savoie', 1900. Artist: Unknown
elevation united states pavilion paris exhibition
'Elevation of the United States Pavilion at the Paris Exhibition', 1900. Artist
study greyhound portrait duke richmond c1634 1900
Study for the greyhound in the portrait of the Duke of Richmond, c1634 (1900). Artist
charles douglas richardson 1900 artist unknown
Charles Douglas Richardson, 1900. Artist: Unknown
lady hamilton nature c1783 1784 1900 artist
'Lady Hamilton as 'Nature'', c1783-1784 (1900). Artist: Unknown
john ruskin british artist author critic social
John Ruskin, British artist, author, critic and social thinker, 1900
general view edinburgh arthurs seat 1900 artist
General View of Edinburgh, from Arthur's Seat, 1900. Artist: Unknown
the plough boy 1900 artist unknown
'The Plough Boy', 1900. Artist: Unknown
lucca 1832 1900 artist unknown
'Lucca', 1832 (1900). Artist: Unknown
the dent du midi valley rhone 1900 artist
'The Dent du Midi from the Valley of the Rhone', 1900. Artist: Unknown
pride spirit 1900 artist unknown
'Pride of the Spirit', 1900. Artist: Unknown
the harp player 1900 artist unknown
'The Harp Player', 1900. Artist: Unknown
the birth venus 1900 artist unknown
'The Birth of Venus', 1900. Artist: Unknown
anthony van dyck self portrait sunflower c1633 1641
Anthony van Dyck, self-portrait with a sunflower, c1633-1641 (1900).Artist: OL Lacour
beech tree autumn 1900 artist unknown
'Beech Tree, Autumn', 1900. Artist: Unknown
street st gall 1835 1900artist mr benson
'Street in St Gall', 1835 (1900).Artist: Mr Benson
study war c1896 1900 artist unknown
A study for 'War', c1896 (1900). Artist: Unknown
the death chatterton 1856 1900 artist
'The Death of Chatterton', 1856 (1900). Artist: Unknown
from steps mound edinburgh 1900 artist
'From the Steps of the Mound, Edinburgh', 1900. Artist: Unknown
study 19th century 1900 artist unknown
Study, 19th century (1900). Artist: Unknown
the cathedral spire rouen 1835 1900 artist
'The Cathedral Spire, Rouen', 1835 (1900). Artist: Unknown
sketches volendam holland 1900 artist
'Sketches in Volendam, Holland', 1900. Artist: Unknown
study 1900 artist unknown
Study, 1900. Artist: Unknown
study the water baby 1900 artist unknown
Study for 'The Water Baby', 1900. Artist: Unknown
study gates dawn 1900 artist unknown
Study for The Gates of Dawn, 1900. Artist: Unknown
the days condemned prisoner 1870 1900artist
'The Last Days of a Condemned Prisoner', 1870 (1900).Artist: Jonnard
the alma tadema banquet 1899 1900 artist
'The Alma Tadema Banquet', 1899 (1900). Artist: Fradelle & Young
mackerel 1900 artist unknown
'Mackerel', 1900. Artist: Unknown
the court yard standen east grinstead 1900
'The Court Yard, Standen, East Grinstead', 1900. Artist: Unknown
orpheus 1865 1900 artist unknown
'Orpheus', 1865 (1900). Artist: Unknown
david 1878 1900 artist unknown
'David', 1878 (1900). Artist: Unknown
a study pencil water colour 1858 1900 artist
'A Study in Pencil and Water Colour', 1858 (1900). Artist: Unknown
sir joshua reynolds 1750 1900 artist
'Sir Joshua Reynolds', 1750 (1900). Artist: Unknown
a sketch 1900 artist unknown
'A Sketch', 1900. Artist: Unknown
pilchards 1900 artist unknown
'Pilchards', 1900. Artist: Unknown
faust c1880 1882 artist hans makart
'Faust', c1880-1882. Artist: Hans Makart
charles darwin british naturalist 1878 artist
Charles Darwin, British naturalist, 1878. Artist: Unknown
joseph ribera spanish artist active italy c1880 1882
Joseph Ribera, Spanish artist active in Italy, c1880-1882.Artist: Hans Makart
diego velazquez spanish artist c1880 1882 artist
Diego Velazquez, Spanish artist, c1880-1882. Artist: Hans Makart
peter paul rubens flemish baroque artist c1880 1882
Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish Baroque artist, c1880-1882. Artist: Hans Makart
hans holbein german artist c1880 1882 artist
Hans Holbein, German artist, c1880-1882. Artist: Hans Makart
raphael italian renaissance artist c1880 1882
Raphael, Italian Renaissance artist, c1880-1882. Artist: Hans Makart
studio karl von piloty c1880 1882 artist
The studio of Karl von Piloty, c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
a teuton maiden pursued romans c1880 1882 artist
'A Teuton maiden pursued by Romans', c1880-1882. Artist: Karl Theodor von Piloty
minnesanger c1880 1882artist karl theodor
'Minnesanger', c1880-1882.Artist: Karl Theodor von Piloty
study jew c1880 1882 artist adolph menzel
'Study of a Jew', c1880-1882. Artist: Adolph Menzel
the siesta c1880 1882 artist adolph menzel
'The Siesta', c1880-1882. Artist: Adolph Menzel
study italian girl c1880 1882artist adolph
'Study of an Italian Girl', c1880-1882.Artist: Adolph Menzel
israels house seen park c1880 1882artist
'Israels' House, Seen from the Park', c1880-1882
the garden c1880 1882 artist isaac lazerus
'The Garden', c1880-1882. Artist: Isaac Lazerus Israels
the struggle life c1880 1882 artist jozef
'The Struggle for Life', c1880-1882. Artist: Jozef Israels
the smoker c1880 1882 artist jozef israels
'The Smoker', c1880-1882. Artist: Jozef Israels
smaller studio paul jacques aime baudry c1880 1882
The smaller studio of Paul-Jacques-Aime Baudry, c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
studio lawrence alma tadema c1880 1882 artist
The studio of Lawrence Alma-Tadema, c1880-1882. Artist: H Scott
studio john everett millais c1880 1882 artist
The studio of John Everett Millais, c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
forbidden fruit c1880 1882 artist charles
'Forbidden Fruit', c1880-1882. Artist: Charles Waltner
a ruined devotee turf c1880 1882 artist john
'A Ruined Devotee of the Turf', c1880-1882. Artist: John Everett Millais
the hall c1880 1882 artist unknown
'The Hall', c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
arab hall c1880 1882 artist frederic leighton
The Arab Hall, c1880-1882. Artist: Frederic Leighton
studies the arts peace c1880 1882 artist
Studies for 'The Arts of Peace', c1880-1882. Artist: Frederic Leighton
study sir frederic leighton c1880 1882artist
Study by Sir Frederic Leighton, c1880-1882.Artist: Frederic Leighton
study daphnephoria c1880 1882 artist frederic
'Study of Daphnephoria', c1880-1882. Artist: Frederic Leighton
studio sir frederic leighton c1880 1882 artist
The studio of Sir Frederic Leighton, c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
the athlete wrestling python c1880 1882 artist
'The Athlete Wrestling with a Python', c1880-1882. Artist: A Gilbert
captain richard burton british explorer c1880 1882
Captain Richard Burton, British explorer, c1880-1882. Artist: Charles Waltner
he sent fields feed swine 1899 artist unknown
'He Sent Him into His Fields to Feed Swine', 1899. Artist: Unknown
he wasted substance riotous living 1899 artist
'He Wasted his Substance with Riotous Living', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the hotel ville 1899 artist unknown
'The Hotel de Ville', 1899. Artist: Unknown
hamlet 1899 artist unknown
'Hamlet', 1899. Artist: Unknown
study cimabues madonna 1899 artist unknown
Study for 'Cimabue's Madonna', 1899. Artist: Unknown
court theatre vienna austria 1899 artist
The Court Theatre, Vienna, Austria, 1899. Artist: Unknown
chintz printing room merton abbey mills london 1899
The Chintz Printing Room, Merton Abbey Mills, London, 1899. Artist: Unknown
study life colt hunting new forest 1899 artist
'Study from Life for 'Colt Hunting in the New Forest'', 1899. Artist
the hall 15 melbury road 1899 artist
'The Hall, 15, Melbury Road', 1899. Artist: Unknown
a sketch walberswick 1899 artist unknown
'A Sketch at Walberswick', 1899. Artist: Unknown
sir william blake richmond kcb ra english artist
Sir William Blake Richmond KCB, RA, English artist, 1899. Artist: Unknown
dedicatory page shakespeares sonnets 1899 artist
Dedicatory page from Shakespeare's Sonnets, 1899. Artist: Unknown
the cottage door 1899 artist unknown
'The Cottage Door', 1899. Artist: Unknown
captive cupid 1899 artist unknown
'Captive Cupid', 1899. Artist: Unknown
summer 1899 artist unknown
'Summer', 1899. Artist: Unknown
puzzle head depicting british politician george
Puzzle head depicting British politician George Joachim Goschen, from Punch, 1899
studies pencil medee poster 1899 artist unknown
Studies in pencil for the Medee poster, 1899. Artist: Unknown
river facade design old paris 1899 artist
River facade and design for Old Paris, 1899. Artist: Unknown
portrait man 17th century 1899 artist
'Portrait of a Man', 17th century (1899). Artist: Unknown
an inside view rotunda ranelagh gardens 1899
'An Inside View of the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens', 1899. Artist: Unknown
a windmill 1802 1899 artist unknown
'A Windmill', 1802 (1899). Artist: Unknown
iron gates souls oxford 1899 artist unknown
'Iron Gates All Souls, Oxford', 1899. Artist: Unknown
st stephens walbrook 1899 artist unknown
'St Stephen's Walbrook', 1899. Artist: Unknown
title page field clover 1899artist clemence
Title page to The Field of Clover, 1899.Artist: Clemence Housman
frontispiece field clover 1899artist clemence
Frontispiece to The Field of Clover, 1899.Artist: Clemence Housman
study gown court henry viii 1899 artist
'Study for Gown, Court of Henry VIII', 1899. Artist: Unknown
sketch regan king lear 1899 artist unknown
Sketch of Regan, from King Lear, 1899. Artist: Unknown
the victors 1899 artist unknown
'The Victors', 1899. Artist: Unknown


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