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18 Feb 2009

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sir frederic leighton british artist c1880 1882
Sir Frederic Leighton, British artist, c1880-1882..Artist: Paul Adolphe Rajon
william i prince orange 1816artist charles
William I, Prince of Orange, (1816).Artist: Charles Turner
an incident white terror 1815 1895 artist
'An Incident in the White Terror, 1815', 1895. Artist: Unknown
hark lark 1895 artist unknown
'Hark! The Lark', 1895. Artist: Unknown
mr worldly wiseman 1895 artist unknown
'Mr Worldly Wiseman', 1895. Artist: Unknown
illustration francis quarles emblems 1895 artist
Illustration from Francis Quarles' Emblems, 1895. Artist: Unknown
labourers dinner 1895artist jm johnstone
Labourers after dinner, 1895.Artist: JM Johnstone
at bookstalls 1895artist madame jacob bazin
'At the Bookstalls', 1895.Artist: Madame Jacob Bazin
john wilkes english politician 1763 1895 artist
John Wilkes, English politician, 1763 (1895). Artist: Unknown
john wilkes english politician 1762 1763 1895
John Wilkes, English politician, 1762-1763 (1895). Artist: Unknown
miltons cottage chalfont st giles buckinghamshire
Milton's cottage, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, 1895. Artist: Unknown
death reaper 1895artist p naumann
'Death the Reaper', 1895.Artist: P Naumann
the times plate ii c1762 1895 artist
'The Times, plate II', c1762 (1895). Artist: Unknown
the times plate i c1762 1895 artist
'The Times, plate I', c1762 (1895). Artist: Unknown
frederick henry henshaw british artist 1895
Frederick Henry Henshaw, British artist, 1895.Artist: JM Johnstone
who silvia 1895 artist unknown
'Who is Silvia?', 1895. Artist: Unknown
it lover 1895 artist unknown
'It was a Lover', 1895. Artist: Unknown
after days work 1895artist e decizy
'After the Day's Work', 1895.Artist: E Decizy
wells palace somerset 1895artist alex ansted
Wells Palace, Somerset, 1895.Artist: Alex Ansted
salisbury cathedral south west 1895 artist
'Salisbury Cathedral, from the South West', 1895. Artist: Unknown
the way cross catalonia 1895artist professor
'The Way of the Cross in Catalonia', 1895.Artist: Professor Berthold
study 1895 artist unknown
Study, 1895. Artist: Unknown
study paolo francesca 1895 artist unknown
Study for 'Paolo and Francesca', 1895. Artist: Unknown
song shakespeares passionate pilgrim 1895 artist
Song from Shakespeare's The Passionate Pilgrim, 1895. Artist: Unknown
in church greece 1895artist theodore jacques
'In the Church, Greece', 1895.Artist: Theodore Jacques Ralli
humpty dumpty 1878 1895 artist unknown
'Humpty Dumpty', 1878 (1895). Artist: Unknown
the political pas deux 1878 1895 artist
'The Political Pas de Deux', 1878 (1895). Artist: Unknown
sir john tenniel british artist cartoonist 1889
Sir John Tenniel, British artist and cartoonist, 1889 (1895). Artist: Unknown
renier ansloo mother 1895artist adolf closs
'Renier Ansloo and his Mother', 1895.Artist: Adolf Closs
elevation institute chartered accountants 1895
Elevation of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, 1895. Artist: Unknown
tell fancy bread 1895 artist unknown
'Tell Me Where is Fancy Bread', 1895. Artist: Unknown
study woman holding baby 1895 artist unknown
Study of a woman holding a baby, 1895. Artist: Unknown
apollo 1895 artist unknown
'Apollo', 1895. Artist: Unknown
freeze freeze thou bitter sky 1895 artist
'Freeze, Freeze, Thou Bitter Sky', 1895. Artist: Unknown
blow blow thou winter wind 1895 artist
'Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind', 1895. Artist: Unknown
ophelia 1895artist james dobie
'Ophelia', 1895.Artist: James Dobie
section gallo roman theatre orange provence france
Section of the Gallo Roman Theatre at Orange, Provence, France, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kilchurn castle 1895 artist unknown
'Kilchurn Castle', 1895. Artist: Unknown
where bee sucks 1895 artist unknown
'Where the Bee Sucks', 1895. Artist: Unknown
study egyptian man 1895 artist unknown
Study of an Egyptian man, 1895. Artist: Unknown
sergeant tanviray loigny 1895artist dormoy
'Sergeant Tanviray at Loigny', 1895.Artist: Dormoy
autumn leaves 1895artist henry
'Autumn Leaves', 1895.Artist: Henry Macbeth-Raeburn
study volumnia reproaching brutus sicinius 1895
Study for 'Volumnia Reproaching Brutus and Sicinius', 1895. Artist: Unknown
study seated man 1895 artist unknown
Study of a seated man, 1895. Artist: Unknown
the vale avoca 1895 artist unknown
'The Vale of Avoca', 1895. Artist: Unknown
ariels song ferdinand 1895 artist unknown
Ariel's song to Ferdinand, 1895. Artist: Unknown
christ comforter 1895artist dormoy
'Christ the Comforter', 1895.Artist: Dormoy
map groningen netherlands 17th century artist
Map of Groningen, Netherlands, 17th century Artist: Unknown
jeanne antoinette poisson marquise pompadour
Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, 1764 (1901)
crown england 1901 artist unknown
The Crown of England, 1901. Artist: Unknown
adolf friedrich erdmann menzel c1880 1882artist
Adolf Friedrich Erdmann Menzel, c1880-1882.Artist: A Gilbert
nothing left c1880 1882artist adolphe alphonse
'Nothing Left', c1880-1882.Artist: Adolphe Alphonse Gery-Bichard
the studio north c1880 1882 artist unknown
'The Studio (North)', c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
silent company c1880 1882 artist unknown
'Silent Company', c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
the hearth c1880 1882artist jozef israels
'The Hearth', c1880-1882.Artist: Jozef Israels
a horse back c1880 1882artist eugene andre
'A Horse Back', c1880-1882.Artist: Eugene Andre Champollion
jozef israels dutch artist c1880 1882artist
Jozef Israels, Dutch artist, c1880-1882.Artist: CL Courtry
the studio c1880 1882 artist unknown
'The Studio', c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
decorative study the apotheosis law c1880 1882
Decorative study for 'The Apotheosis of the Law', c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
a street beauvais 1901 artist unknown
'A Street in Beauvais', 1901. Artist: Unknown
study ceiling decoration 1901 artist unknown
Study for a ceiling decoration, 1901. Artist: Unknown
a sheep dog 1901 artist unknown
'A Sheep Dog', 1901. Artist: Unknown
the dog manger 1885 1901 artist unknown
'The Dog in the Manger', 1885 (1901). Artist: Unknown
the cast shoe 1865 1901 artist unknown
'The Cast Shoe', 1865 (1901). Artist: Unknown
the study monsieur jl gerome 1901 artist
'The Study of Monsieur JL Gerome', 1901. Artist: Unknown
on road ceriana san remo 1901 artist unknown
'On the Road to Ceriana, San Remo', 1901 Artist: Unknown
gainsboroughs studies celebrated portrait duchess
Gainsborough's studies for his celebrated portrait of the Duchess of Devonshire, c1787 (1901)
study enamel portrait emperor wilhelm ii germany 1901
Study for the enamel portrait of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, 1901. Artist: Unknown
wild ducks 1901 artist unknown
'Wild Ducks', 1901. Artist: Unknown
first class smoking room board po steamship ss
First class smoking room on board the P&O steamship SS 'India', 1901. Artist
salon po steamship ss india 1901 artist
Salon of the P&O steamship SS 'India', 1901. Artist: Unknown
a study sky sea deck vessel off tarifa 1901
'A Study of Sky and Sea from the Deck of a Vessel off Tarifa', 1901. Artist
lenore 1901 artist unknown
'Lenore', 1901. Artist: Unknown
a fire burning hearth 1901 artist unknown
'A Fire was Always Burning on His Hearth', 1901. Artist: Unknown
the galoshes fortune 1901 artist unknown
'The Galoshes of Fortune', 1901. Artist: Unknown
study st elizabeth hungary c1895 1901 artist
Study for 'St Elizabeth of Hungary', c1895 (1901). Artist: Unknown
st elizabeth hungary spinning wool poor 1901
'St Elizabeth of Hungary Spinning Wool for the Poor', 1901. Artist: Unknown
dionysus maenads 1901 artist unknown
'Dionysus and the Maenads', 1901. Artist: Unknown
study head 1901 artist unknown
Study of a head, 1901. Artist: Unknown
her late majesty queen victoria 1901 artist
'Her Late Majesty Queen Victoria', 1901. Artist: Unknown
the laughing cavalier 1624 1901 artist
'The Laughing Cavalier', 1624 (1901). Artist: Unknown
dark dark pinetrees 1901 artist unknown
'Dark, Dark are the Pinetrees', 1901. Artist: Unknown
oom poleon boer naparte board highbury castle
'Oom-poleon Boer-naparte on Board the 'Highbury Castle'', 1901. Artist
george washington trying tell lie 1901 artist
'George Washington Trying to Tell a Lie', 1901. Artist: Unknown
industry idleness 1901 artist unknown
'Industry and Idleness', 1901. Artist: Unknown
study 1901 artist unknown
Study, 1901. Artist: Unknown
an orphan amsterdam 1901 artist unknown
'An Orphan of Amsterdam', 1901. Artist: Unknown
st george dragon 1901 artist unknown
'St George and the Dragon', 1901. Artist: Unknown
the pearl great price 1864 1901 artist
'The Pearl of Great Price', 1864 (1901). Artist: Unknown
studies edward stott 1901 artist unknown
Studies by Edward Stott, 1901. Artist: Unknown
henry iv king france 1816artist robert
Henry IV, King of France, (1816).Artist: Robert Dunkarton
maximilian i holy roman emperor 1816artist
Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, (1816).Artist: Charles Turner
charles v king spain holy roman emperor 1816
Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, (1816).Artist: Richard Earlom
christian iv king denmark eldest son frederick
Christian IV, King of Denmark, with his eldest son Frederick, (1816)
oliver cromwell english soldier statesman 1816
Oliver Cromwell, English soldier and statesman, (1816).Artist: Charles Turner
charles ii king england 1816artist charles
Charles II, King of England, (1816).Artist: Charles Turner
frederick v elector palantine 1816artist
Frederick V, Elector Palantine, (1816).Artist: Charles Turner
charles prince wales 1816artist charles turner
Charles, Prince of Wales, 1816.Artist: Charles Turner
henry prince wales eldest son king james i 1816
Henry, Prince of Wales, eldest son of King James I, 1816.Artist: Robert Dunkarton


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