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10 Aug 2009

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washington dc usa 1843 1955 artist unknown
Washington DC, USA, 1843 (1955). Artist: Unknown
chatsworth hunting tapestries second series 1930
The Chatsworth Hunting Tapestries, second of the series, 1930. Artist: Unknown
chatsworth hunting tapestries first series 1930
The Chatsworth Hunting Tapestries, first of the series, 1930. Artist: Unknown
adoration infant jesus 1930 artist unknown
The Adoration of the Infant Jesus, 1930. Artist: Unknown
historical allegorical figures tapestry hampton
Historical and allegorical figures, tapestry at Hampton Court Palace, Richmond, London, 1930
arms william mary 1689 1694 1930 artist
The arms of William and Mary, 1689-1694 (1930). Artist: Unknown
loom penelope chuisi vase etruscan c400 bc 1930
The Loom of Penelope, from the Chuisi Vase, Etruscan, c400 BC (1930). Artist: Unknown
egyptian weavers c3000 bc 1930 artist unknown
Egyptian weavers, c3000 BC (1930). Artist: Unknown
napoleon st helena 1886 artist unknown
Napoleon at St Helena, 1886. Artist: Unknown
agni deva fire divinity 1325 1886 artist
Agni Deva, the fire divinity, 1325 (1886). Artist: Unknown
rough sketching 1736 1886 artist unknown
Rough sketching, 1736 (1886). Artist: Unknown
dove 1886 artist unknown
Dove, 1886. Artist: Unknown
the incidents nirvana sakyamuni 18th century
'The Eight Incidents of the Nirvana of Sakyamuni', 18th century, (1886). Artist
falcon 1886 artist unknown
Falcon, 1886. Artist: Unknown
retribution rats cat 1878 1886 artist
'Retribution, the Rats and the Cat', 1878 (1886). Artist: Unknown
tiger from life 1803 1886 artist unknown
Tiger (from life), 1803 (1886). Artist: Unknown
falcon c1790 1886 artist wilhelm greve
Falcon, c1790 (1886). Artist: Wilhelm Greve
cranes c1840 1886artist wilhelm greve
Cranes, c1840 (1886).Artist: Wilhelm Greve
a spring morning river yodo c1870 1886artist
'A Spring Morning on the River Yodo', c1870 (1886).Artist: Wilhelm Greve
the cherry blossoms mikawa 19th century 1886
'The Cherry Blossoms of Mikawa', 19th century (1886). Artist: Wilhelm Greve
monkey 1766 1886 artist unknown
Monkey, 1766 (1886). Artist: Unknown
suikaku ten 1886 artist unknown
Suikaku ten, 1886. Artist: Unknown
the sake tasters c1700 1886 artist unknown
'The Three Sake-tasters', c1700 (1886). Artist: Unknown
the poet peerless mountain 1608 1886 artist
'The Poet and the Peerless Mountain', 1608 (1886). Artist: Unknown
japanese beauties 1776 1886 artist wilhelm
'Japanese Beauties', 1776 (1886). Artist: Wilhelm Greve
shoki demons c1880 1886artist wilhelm greve
'Shoki and the Demons', c1880 (1886).Artist: Wilhelm Greve
pheasant 1832 1886 artist witherby
Pheasant, 1832 (1886). Artist: Witherby & Co
jigoku reigan 19th century 1886 artist wilhelm
Jigoku Reigan, 19th century (1886). Artist: Wilhelm Greve
the insect daimio cortege 1878 1886 artist
'The Insect Daimio Cortege', 1878 (1886). Artist: Unknown
the maniac 18th 19th century 1886 artist
'The Maniac', 18th or 19th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
wo usn known yamato takeru ancient japanese hero
Wo-usn (known as Yamato Takeru), ancient Japanese hero, 19th century (1886). Artist
cha na yu garden kioto 1886 artist unknown
Cha-na-yu', Garden in Kioto, 1886. Artist: Unknown
umashi mate ancient japanese hero 19th century
Umashi Mate, ancient Japanese hero, 19th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
the mendicant priest wild geese late 17th early
'The Mendicant Priest and the Wild Geese', late 17th or early 18th century (1886)
the drunken philosopher 18th century 1886
'The Drunken Philosopher', 18th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
chinese boys quarrelling 17th century 1886
Chinese boys quarrelling, 17th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
river scene 16th century 1886 artist unknown
River scene, 16th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
rishi li tieh kwai despatching spirit mountains
The Rishi Li Tieh-kwai despatching his spirit to the Mountains of the Immortals, 17th century
hotei 16th century 1886 artist unknown
Hotei, 16th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
the laughers 16th century 1886 artist
'The Three Laughers', 16th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
the rambles motonobu 18th century 1886 artist
'The Rambles of Motonobu', 18th century (1886). Artist: Witherby & Co
chinese landscape 16th century 1886 artist
Chinese landscape, 16th century (1886). Artist: Witherby & Co
portrait vimalakirti 15th century 1886 artist
Portrait of Vimalakirti, 15th century (1886). Artist: Wilhelm Greve
dragon 15th century 1886 artist unknown
Dragon, 15th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
chinese landscape 15th century 1886 artist
Chinese landscape, 15th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
sesshiu pictured rats 18th century 1886 artist
'Sesshiu and the Pictured Rats', 18th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
chinese priest mule 15th century 1886 artist
Chinese priest on a mule, 15th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
cock 15th century 1886 artist unknown
Cock, 15th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
raiko comrades demon robber 17th century 1886
Raiko and his comrades before the demon robber, 17th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
falcon egret 16th century 1886 artist unknown
Falcon and egret, 16th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
amitabha early 19th century 1886 artist wilhelm
Amitabha, early 19th century (1886). Artist: Wilhelm Greve
scene nocturnal journey demon legion 15th century
Scene from the Nocturnal Journey of the Demon Legion, 15th century(?) (1886). Artist
arhat panthaka 15th century 1886 artist
Arhat, Panthaka, 15th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
arhat bhadra 15th century 1886 artist
Arhat, Bhadra, 15th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
arhat japanese late kamakura period 14th century
Arhat, Japanese, late Kamakura period, 14th century (1886)
armour yoshitsune 12th century 1886 artist
The armour of Yoshitsune, 12th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
toba ye corpse revival 1886 artist unknown
Toba-ye, a corpse revival, 1886. Artist: Unknown
portrait poet hitomaro japanese yamato school
Portrait of the poet Hitomaro, Japanese, Yamato School, 13th century (1886). Artist
death kose hirotaka 1886 artist unknown
The death of Kose no Hirotaka, 1886. Artist: Unknown
ancestry family connections king edward vii queen
Ancestry and family connections of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, 1964. Artist
ancestry family connections king edward vii 1964
Ancestry and family connections of King Edward VII, 1964. Artist: Unknown
european royalty windsor castle 17th november 1907
European royalty at Windsor Castle, 17th November 1907 (1964). Artist: Unknown
king edward vii queen alexandra cowes isle wight
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra at Cowes, Isle of Wight, August 1909 (1964). Artist
king edward vii kaiser wilhelm ii berlin february
King Edward VII and Kaiser Wilhelm II in Berlin, February 1909 (1964). Artist: Unknown
dowager empress russia king edward vii queen
The Dowager Empress of Russia, King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, May 1900 (1964)
francis 1st viscount knollys c1895 1913 1964
Francis, 1st Viscount Knollys, c1895-1913 (1964). Artist: Unknown
prince wales c1898 1964 artist unknown
The Prince of Wales, c1898 (1964). Artist: Unknown
russian british royal families balmoral scotland
Russian and British royal families at Balmoral, Scotland, 29th September 1896 (1964)
russian imperial family c1894 1964 artist
The Russian Imperial family, c1894 (1964). Artist: Unknown
prince wales brothers wedding duke york 6th july
The Prince of Wales and his brothers at the wedding of the Duke of York, 6th July 1893 (1964)
members royal family coburg germany april 1894
Members of the Royal Family at Coburg, Germany, April 1894 (1964). Artist: Unknown
prince albert victor prince george voyage bacchante
Prince Albert Victor and Prince George during the voyage of the 'Bacchante', 1881 (1964)
prince wales 1870 1964 artist russell
The Prince of Wales, 1870, (1964). Artist: Russell & Sons
princess wales 1866 1964 artist wd downey
The Princess of Wales, 1866 (1964). Artist: W&D Downey
queen victoria prince princess wales day marriage
Queen Victoria with the Prince and Princess of Wales on the day of their marriage, 1863 (1964)
prince wales crown prince frederick william prussia
The Prince of Wales and Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia, Windsor, 1863 (1964)
prince wales c1863 1964 artist unknown
The Prince of Wales, c1863 (1964). Artist: Unknown
king edward vii c1902 1964 artist luke fildes
King Edward VII, c1902 (1964). Artist: Luke Fildes
queen victoria albert prince consort 1861 1964
Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince Consort, 1861 (1964).Artist: John Jabez Edwin Mayall
au cafe c1877 1880 1958 artist unknown
'Au Cafe', c1877-1880 (1958). Artist: Unknown
john keats english poet ode nightingale 1819 1958
John Keats, English poet, and his Ode to a Nightingale, 1819 (1958). Artist: Unknown
mr mrs joseph woodhead mr henry comber rome
'Mr and Mrs Joseph Woodhead, and Mr Henry Comber, Rome', 1816 (1958). Artist
head youth c1750 1753 1958 artist unknown
'Head of a Youth', c1750-1753 (1958). Artist: Unknown
princess amelia mid 18th century 1958 artist
Princess Amelia, mid 18th century (1958). Artist: Unknown
portrait man crutches c1710 1958 artist
'Portrait of a Man on Crutches', c1710 (1958). Artist: Unknown
george arnold c1738 1740 1958 artist unknown
George Arnold, c1738-1740 (1958). Artist: Unknown
portrait lucas vorsterman 1627 1632 1958
'Portrait of Lucas Vorsterman', 1627-1632 (1958). Artist: Unknown
a path bordered trees c1620 1625 1958 artist
'A Path Bordered by Trees', c1620-1625 (1958). Artist: Unknown
the nude man c1610 1958 artist unknown
'The Back of a Nude Man', c1610 (1958). Artist: Unknown
study figure christ c1555 1958 artist unknown
Study for a figure of Christ, c1555 (1958). Artist: Unknown
maiolica portrait bust late 15th century 1958
Maiolica portrait bust, late 15th century (1958). Artist: Unknown
anne brittany 1499 1958 artist unknown
Anne of Brittany, 1499 (1958). Artist: Unknown
louis xii king france 1499 1958 artist
Louis XII, King of France, 1499 (1958). Artist: Unknown
visored sallet bevor c1480 1958 artist
Visored sallet and bevor, c1480 (1958). Artist: Unknown
st veronica mid 15th century 1958 artist
St Veronica, mid 15th century (1958). Artist: Unknown
the annunciation c1445 1958 artist unknown
'The Annunciation', c1445, (1958). Artist: Unknown
nativity book hours missal c1370 1958 artist
The Nativity, from a Book of Hours and Missal c1370 (1958). Artist: Unknown
knotted wool carpet c1600 1958 artist unknown
Knotted wool carpet, c1600 (1958). Artist: Unknown
miniature dastan e amir hamza c1500 1958 artist
Miniature from the Dastan e-Amir Hamza, c1500 (1958). Artist: Unknown


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