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indian cavalrymen 1896 artist gregory
Indian cavalrymen, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
st johns college leatherhead surrey 20th century
St John's College, Leatherhead, Surrey, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
golden temple amritsar punjab india c1930s
Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India, c1930s. Artist: E Candler
bronze lion entrance imperial palace peking
Bronze lion, entrance to the Imperial Palace, Peking, China, c1930s. Artist: Underwood
karelians having tea river near archangel russia
Karelians having tea by a river, near Archangel, Russia, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
market place dubrovnik yugoslavia c1930s artist
The market place at Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, c1930s. Artist: John Bushby
church holy mary trajan forum rome italy c1930s
The Church of the Most Holy Name of Mary at the Trajan Forum, Rome, Italy, c1930s
prague astronomical clock czechoslovakia c1930s
The Prague Astronomical Clock, Czechoslovakia, c1930s Artist: Unknown
wenceslas square statue st wenceslas prague
Wenceslas Square and statue of St Wenceslas, Prague, Czechoslovakia, c1930s.Artist
chestnut street philadelphia pennsylvania usa
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, c1930s. Artist: Ewing Galloway
quantities codfish drying sun aveiro mouth vouga
Quantities of codfish drying in the sun at Aveiro by the mouth of the Vouga, Portugal, c1930s
birthplace flag united states philadelphia pennsylvania
Birthplace of the flag of the United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, c1930s
map central philadelphia pennsylvania usa c1930s
Map of central Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
stone demon notre dame paris france c1930s
Stone demon, Notre Dame, Paris, France, c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
jezzar pasha mosque acre palestine c1930s artist
Jezzar Pasha mosque, Acre, Palestine, c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
tower martyrs ramla palestine c1930s artist
Tower of the Forty Martyrs, Ramla, Palestine, c1930s. Artist: Ewing Galloway
old curiosity shop falaise normandy france c1930s
An old curiosity shop in Falaise, Normandy, France, c1930s. Artist: Humphrey Joel
medieval lisieux normandy france c1930s artist
Medieval Lisieux, Normandy, France, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
timber houses pont caen caudebec en caux normandy
Timber houses by the Pont de Caen in Caudebec-en-Caux, Normandy, France, c1930s. Artist
rouen cathedral normandy france c1930s artist
Rouen Cathedral, Normandy, France, c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish
street cherbourg france c1930s artist ea
Street in Cherbourg, France, c1930s. Artist: EA Waymark
james farley post office building new york city
James Farley Post Office building, New York City, USA, c1930s.Artist: Ewing Galloway
new york stock exchange new york city usa c1930s
New York Stock Exchange, New York City, USA, c1930s. Artist: Ewing Galloway
traffic 5th avenue seen control tower new york city
Traffic on 5th Avenue as seen from a control tower, New York City, USA, c1930s.Artist
looking brooklyn skyscrapers broadway new york city
Looking towards Brooklyn over the skyscrapers of Broadway, New York City, USA, c1930s
flatiron building madison square new york city
Flatiron Building and Madison Square, New York City, USA, c1930s. Artist: Ewing Galloway
map new york city usa c1930s artist unknown
Map of New York City, USA, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
st patricks cathedral new york city usa c1930s
St Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, USA, c1930s. Artist: Ewing Galloway
striking gong main gate aldershot cavalry barracks
Striking the gong at the main gate of the Aldershot cavalry barracks, Hampshire, 1896
drum major goat 1st battalion welch regiment 1896
The Drum Major and goat of the 1st Battalion the Welch Regiment, 1896
reefing topsails board training ship hms impregnable
Reefing topsails on board the training ship HMS 'Impregnable', Devonport, Devon, 1896
marching battalion parade board training ship
A marching out battalion parade on board the training ship HMS 'Lion', 1896
spell oh dinner board blake 1896artist
'Spell Oh!' after dinner on board the 'Blake'', 1896
native officers 44th gurkhas indian army 1896
Native officers of the 44th Gurkhas, Indian army, 1896. Artist: Bourne & Shepherd
soldiers wives children 44th gurkhas 1896 artist
Soldiers' wives and children of the 44th Gurkhas, 1896. Artist: Bourne & Shepherd
types uniform 44th gurkhas 1896 artist bourne
Types of uniform of the 44th Gurkhas, 1896. Artist: Bourne & Shepherd
champion duty boat crew hms hawke 1896 artist
The champion duty boat crew of HMS 'Hawke', 1896. Artist: R Ellis
champion stokers cutter crew hms hawke 1896
The champion stokers' cutter crew of HMS 'Hawke', 1896.Artist: R Ellis
lads training ship hms impregnable 1896 artist
The lads of the training ship HMS 'Impregnable', 1896. Artist: WM Crockett
party 4th queens own hussars skirmishing dismounted
A party of the 4th (Queen's Own) Hussars skirmishing dismounted, 1896
chief officers household troops nizam hyderabad
Three of the chief officers of the household troops of the Nizam of Hyderabad, India, 1896
the veteran 1896 artist gregory
'The Veteran', 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
soldiers sailors home annual picnic malta 1896
The soldiers and sailors home annual picnic at Malta, 1896. Artist: R Ellis
company first class cruiser hms imperieuse 1896
The company of the first class cruiser, HMS 'Imperieuse', 1896
vice admiral sir henry fairfax british naval officer
Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Fairfax, British naval officer, 1896.Artist: Symonds & Co
royal military academy cricket team 1895 1896
The Royal Military Academy cricket team, 1895 (1896).Artist: Hudson & Kearns
sergeant major patrick penrose yeoman porter
Sergeant-Major Patrick Penrose, the 'Yeoman Porter', London, 1896. Artist
class seamen ammunition instruction whale island
A class of seamen at ammunition instruction, Whale Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1896
colonel 1st battalion argyll sutherland highlanders
The Colonel of the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 1896
troopers south australian cavalry 1896 artist
Troopers of the South Australian Cavalry, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
engine room ratings board hms majestic 1896
Engine room ratings on board HMS 'Majestic', 1896.Artist: Gregory & Co
holophote board hms imperieuse 1896 artist
A holophote on board HMS 'Imperieuse', 1896. Artist: A Debenham
message captain battleship hms magnificent 1896
A message for the captain of the battleship HMS 'Magnificent', 1896. Artist
torpedo instruction board hms theseus 1896
Torpedo instruction on board HMS 'Theseus', 1896.Artist: W Gregory
gunners battery royal canadian artillery equipped
Gunners of A battery of the Royal Canadian Artillery equipped for winter service, 1896
lieutenant colonel glr richardson commander 18th
Lieutenant-Colonel GLR Richardson, commander of the 18th Bengal Lancers, 1896.Artist
highland company mounted infantry 1896 artist
The Highland Company of Mounted Infantry, 1896. Artist: W Gregory
battalion staff die hards 1896 artist gregory
The battalion staff of the 'Die Hards', 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
general prince edward saxe weimar 1896 artist
General Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar, 1896. Artist: Elliott & Fry
company battleship hms howe 1896 artist r
The company of the battleship HMS 'Howe', 1896. Artist: R Ellis
admiral lord walter kerr officers quarterdeck flagship
Admiral Lord Walter Kerr and his officers on the quarterdeck of his flagship, HMS
pipe major reith corporal piper reith london scottish
Pipe-Major Reith and Corporal-Piper Reith of the London Scottish, 1896
drill 6 inch quick firing gun board battleship
At drill with a 6 inch quick firing gun on board the battleship HMS 'Resolution', 1896
staircase admiralty house malta 1896 artist
The staircase of Admiralty House, Malta, 1896. Artist: Ellis
rear admiral henry bury palliser commander british
Rear-Admiral Henry Bury Palliser, commander of the British Pacific fleet, 1896.Artist
plum duff drum horse royal scots greys 1896
'Plum Duff', the drum-horse of the Royal Scots Greys, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
bluejackets torpedo boat destroyer hms sturgeon
Bluejackets of the torpedo boat destroyer HMS 'Sturgeon', 1896
diver battleship hms camperdown divers dress 1896
A diver from the battleship HMS 'Camperdown' in his diver's dress, 1896
admiral earl clanwilliam british naval officer 1896
Admiral the Earl of Clanwilliam, British naval officer, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
officers colours 1st battalion royal scots fusiliers
The officers and colours of the 1st Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1896. Artist
fencing masters 1st life guards 1896 artist
The fencing masters of the 1st Life Guards, 1896. Artist: W Gregory
army reserve men musketry drill tower london 1896
Army reserve men at musketry drill at the Tower of London, 1896. Artist: W Gregory
board torpedo boat destroyer hms sturgeon 1896
On board the torpedo-boat destroyer HMS 'Sturgeon', 1896. Artist: W Gregory
jack watch below board hms alexandra 1896
Jack in his 'watch below' on board HMS 'Alexandra', 1896
hms duke wellington firing royal salute flagship
HMS 'Duke of Wellington' firing a Royal Salute as flagship at Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1896
non commissioned officers 1st life guards knightsbridge
Non-commissioned officers of the 1st Life Guards at Knightsbridge Barracks, London, 1896
veterinary demonstration 1st life guards 1896
A veterinary demonstration, 1st Life Guards, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
major general sir robert cunliffe low british soldier
Major-General Sir Robert Cunliffe Low, British soldier, 1896. Artist: Ball
saddlers 17th lancers work 1896 artist gregory
Saddlers of the 17th Lancers at work, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
squadron corporal major 1st life guards standard 1896
Squadron Corporal Major of the 1st Life Guards with standard, 1896.Artist: Gregory & Co
raising anchor forecastle battleship hms majestic
Raising the anchor on the forecastle of the battleship HMS 'Majestic', 1896Artist
dismounted lancer skirmishing display 1896 artist
A dismounted lancer at a skirmishing display, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
extreme penalty barrack room law royal horse guards
The extreme penalty of barrack room law of the Royal Horse Guards, 1896
training ship hms st vincent portsmouth hampshire
The training ship HMS 'St Vincent' at Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1896. Artist
rear admiral alfred taylor dale commander chief
Rear-Admiral Alfred Taylor Dale, Commander in Chief of the Flying Squadron, 1896. Artist
drum horse 17th lancers 1896 artist gregory
The drum horse of the 17th Lancers, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
captain subaltern 93rd highlanders 1896 artist
A captain and subaltern of the 93rd Highlanders, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
inspection group officers 1st scots guards 1896
An inspection group of officers of the 1st Scots Guards, 1896. Artist: Robinson & Sons
repel boarders exercise sheerness gunnery school
Repel boarders exercise, Sheerness Gunnery School, Kent, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
company first class battleship hms sans pareil 1896
Some of the company of the first-class battleship HMS 'Sans Pareil', 1896
sergeant major g duncan regimental sergeant major
Sergeant Major G Duncan, Regimental Sergeant-Major of the Scots Greys, 1896. Artist
pride 1st life guards 1896 artist gregory
The pride of the 1st Life Guards, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
camp guard seaforth highlanders new forest manoeuvres
A camp guard of the Seaforth Highlanders at the New Forest manoeuvres, Hampshire, 1896
display aldershot gymnastic staff hampshire 1896
Display by the Aldershot gymnastic staff, Hampshire, 1896. Artist: Gregory & Co
rear admiral arthur alingtons cabin board flagship
Rear-Admiral Arthur Alington's cabin on board his flagship, HMS 'Magnificent', 1896
rear admiral arthur alington flag lieutenant
Rear-Admiral Arthur Alington and his Flag Lieutenant, William George Elmhirst Ruck-Keene, 1896
lord wolseley headquarters staff ireland 1896
Lord Wolseley and the headquarters staff in Ireland, 1896.Artist: J Robinson & Son
trooper trumpeter royal horse guards 1896artist
A trooper and trumpeter of the Royal Horse Guards, 1896.Artist: Gregory & Co
officers 1st suffolk regiment tower london 1895
Officers of the 1st Suffolk Regiment at the Tower of London, 1895 (1896).Artist: WW Rouch


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