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29 Nov 2008

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red army men confiscating church treasures simonov
Red Army men confiscating church treasures of the Simonov monastery, Moscow, USSR, 1925
revolutionary guards petrograd russia russian
Revolutionary Guards in Petrograd, Russia, Russian Revolution, 1917. Artist: Anon
grigori yefimovich rasputin russian mystic holy man
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, Russian mystic and 'holy man', c1914-c1916. Artist
soviet leader joseph stalin escorted gru secret agents
Soviet leader Joseph Stalin escorted by GRU secret agents, late 1920s. Artist: Anon
students members revolutionary cell st petersburg
Students, members of a revolutionary cell in St Petersburg, Russia, 1908. Artist: Anon
nadezhda krupskaya lenins wife friend 1936
Nadezhda Krupskaya, Lenin's wife, with a friend, 1936. Artist: Anon
pyotr stolypin prime minister imperial russia
Pyotr Stolypin, Prime Minister of Imperial Russia, Orel, Russia, 1907. Artist: Anon
alexander kerensky prime minister russian provisional
Alexander Kerensky, Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government, Russia, 1917
soviet leaders joseph stalin sergei kirov moscow
Soviet leaders Joseph Stalin and Sergei Kirov, Moscow, USSR, 1928. Artist: Anon
mourning ceremony victims february revolution
A mourning ceremony for victims of the February Revolution, Russia, 1917. Artist: Anon
revolutionary barricades liteyny prospekt petrograd
Revolutionary barricades on Liteyny Prospekt, Petrograd, Russia, 27 February 1917
revolutionary students february revolution russia
Revolutionary students after the February Revolution, Russia, 1917. Artist: Anon
may day meeting russia 1920 artist anon
May Day meeting, Russia, 1920. Artist: Anon
construction work trans siberian railway ussr 1929
Construction work on the Trans-Siberian Railway, USSR, 1929. Artist: Anon
council peoples commissars russia c1917 c1918
The Council of the People's Commissars, Russia, c1917-c1918. Artist: Anon
senior soviet figures tribune lenins mausoleum
Senior Soviet figures on the tribune of Lenin's mausoleum, Red Square, Moscow, USSR, 1931
admiral alexander kolchak sitting british officers
Admiral Alexander Kolchak (sitting) with British officers on the Eastern Front, Russia, 1918
trial twenty one moscow ussr 1938 artist
The Trial of the Twenty-One, Moscow, USSR, 1938. Artist: Anon
count sergei yulyevich witte russian prime minister
Count Sergei Yulyevich Witte, Russian Prime Minister, during his trip to USA, 1905
leon trotsky family alma ata ussr 1928 artist
Leon Trotsky and his family, Alma Ata, USSR, 1928. Artist: Anon
workers magnitogorsk ussr 1931 artist anon
Workers of Magnitogorsk, USSR, 1931. Artist: Anon
view port arthur manchuria 1904 artist anon
View of Port Arthur, Manchuria, 1904. Artist: Anon
baron pyotr nikolayevich wrangel white general
Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, White general of the Russian Civil War, 1919. Artist
police file political criminal nadezhda krupskaya
Police file of the 'political criminal' Nadezhda Krupskaya, Lenin's wife, before 1916
mikhail alekseyev commander in chief volunteer army
Mikhail Alekseyev, Commander-in-chief of the Volunteer Army, near Ekaterinodar, Russia, 1918
sitting agricultural commission first duma st
Sitting of the agricultural commission of the First Duma, St Petersburg, Russia, 1906
oil extraction baku russia c1903 c1906 artist
Oil extraction in Baku, Russia, c1903-c1906. Artist: Anon
mathilde kschessinska russian prima ballerina
Mathilde Kschessinska, Russian prima ballerina, with her son, Volodya, 1910. Artist: Anon
tamara karsavina russian ballerina 1900s 1910s
Tamara Karsavina, Russian ballerina, 1900s or 1910s. Artist: Anon
soldiers volunteer army tank general drozdovsky 1919
Soldiers of the Volunteer Army before the tank 'General Drozdovsky, 1919. Artist
league struggle emancipation working class c1895
League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class, c1895. Artist: Anon
white russian general anton denikin mees british
White Russian General Anton Denikin mees British Major-General Frederick Poole, Russia, 1918
workers magnitogorsk ussr 1932 artist anon
Workers of Magnitogorsk, USSR, 1932. Artist: Anon
crowds znamenskaya square petrograd russia
Crowds on Znamenskaya Square, Petrograd, Russia, February Revolution, 1917. Artist: Anon
striking putilov workers first day february revolution
Striking Putilov workers on the first day of the February Revolution, St Petersburg, Russia, 1917
soviet politician sergei kirov 17th congress
Soviet politician Sergei Kirov, 17th Congress of the Communist Party, Moscow, USSR, 1934
mourning ceremony victims february revolution
A mourning ceremony for victims of the February Revolution, Russia, 5 April, 1917
revolutionary barricades liteyny prospekt petrograd
Revolutionary barricades on Liteyny Prospekt, Petrograd, Russia, 27 February 1917