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5 Mar 2008

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fugitive officers families concealing jungle
'Fugitive officers, with their families concealing themselves in the jungle'
dr graham shot buggy sealkote mutineers 1857
'Dr Graham shot in his buggy by the Sealkote Mutineers', 1857, (c1860). Artist
repulse sortie delhi 1857 c1860 artist
'Repulse of a sortie from Delhi', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
massacre boats off cawnpore 1857 c1860 artist
'Massacre in the boats off Cawnpore', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
encounter lieutenant hills body sepoy cavalry
'Encounter between Lieutenant Hills and a body of Sepoy cavalry', 1857, (c1860)
attack sealkote mutineers general nicholsons
'Attack on the Sealkote mutineers by General Nicholson's Irregular cavalry'
general havelocks attack nana sahib futtypore
'General Havelock's attack on Nana Sahib at Futtypore', 1857, (c1860)
view madras india c1860 artist unknown
View of Madras, India, c1860. Artist: Unknown
view calcutta esplanade c1860 artist unknown
'View of Calcutta from the Esplanade', c1860. Artist: Unknown
massacre english officers wives jhansi 1857
'Massacre of English officers and their wives at Jhansi', 1857, (c1860). Artist
defeat sealkote mutineers general nicholsons column
'Defeat of the Sealkote Mutineers by General Nicholson's column', 1857, (c1860)
fugitive british officers families attacked mutineers
'Fugitive British officers and their families attacked by mutineers', 1857, (c1860)
charge highlanders cawnpore general havelock
'Charge of the Highlanders before Cawnpore, under General Havelock', 1857, (c1860)
miss wheeler defending sepoys cawnpore 1857
'Miss Wheeler defending herself against the Sepoys at Cawnpore', 1857, (c1860)
massacre cawnpore 1857 c1860 artist
'Massacre at Cawnpore', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
death general neill lucknow 25th september 1857
Death of General Neill before Lucknow, 25th September 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
sir colin campbell commander chief forces india
Sir Colin Campbell, Commander in Chief of the forces of India, c1860. Artist: DJ Pound
the kings palace delhi c1860 artist unknown
'The King's palace at Delhi', c1860. Artist: Unknown
night sortie attack baggage waggons 1857 c1860
'Night sortie and attack on baggage waggons', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
death colonel finnis meerut 1857 c1860 artist
'Death of Colonel Finnis at Meerut', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
defeat peishwas army jhansi general rose 1st
'Defeat of the Peishwa's army before Jhansi by General Rose, 1st April 1858', (c1860)
capture gun banda 1858 c1860 artist
'Capture of a gun at Banda', 1858, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
conflict ghazees bareilly 6 may 1858 c1860
'Conflict with the Ghazees before Bareilly, 6 May 1858', (c1860). Artist: Unknown
the times correspondent looking sacking kaiser bagh
'The Times correspondent looking on at the sacking of the Kaiser Bagh', 1858, (c1860)
fort george madras india c1860 artist unknown
Fort George, Madras, India, c1860. Artist: Unknown
view principal street agra c1860 artist
'View of Principal Street, Agra', c1860. Artist: Unknown
view delhi river showing kings palace c1860
'View of Delhi from the river showing the King's palace', c1860. Artist
the dewas khan hall audience delhi c1860
'The Dewas Khan, (Hall of Audience), Delhi', c1860. Artist: Unknown
blowing mutinous sepoys guns 1857 c1860
'Blowing mutinous Sepoys from the guns', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
mutinous sepoys dividing spoils 1857 c1860
'Mutinous Sepoys dividing spoils', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
death major skene wife jhansi 1857 c1860
'Death of Major Skene and his wife at Jhansi', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
capture cashmere gate assault delhi 1857 c1860
'Capture of the Cashmere Gate, assault of Delhi', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
sikh troops dividing spoils taken mutineers
'Sikh troops dividing the spoils taken from mutineers ', 1857, (c1860). Artist
capture king delhi captain hodson 1858 c1860
'Capture of the King of Delhi by Captain Hodson', 1858, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
repelling sortie delhi 1857 c1860 artist
'Repelling a sortie before Delhi', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
outlaying picket highland brigade 1857 c1860
'Outlaying picket of the Highland Brigade', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
the defenders lookout battery lucknow 1857
'The defenders on the lookout, battery at Lucknow', 1857, (c1860). Artist
capture guns highlanders cawnpore 1857 c1860
'Capture of the guns by the Highlanders before Cawnpore', 1857, (c1860). Artist
havelocks column attacking mutineers cawnpore
'Havelock's column attacking the mutineers before Cawnpore', 1857, (c1860)
disarming 11th irregular cavalry berhampore
'Disarming the 11th Irregular Cavalry at Berhampore', 1857, (c1860). Artist
attack mutineers redan battery lucknow 30 july 1857
'Attack of the mutineers on the Redan Battery at Lucknow, 30 July 1857', (c1860)
view lucknow india c1860 artist unknown
View of Lucknow, India, c1860. Artist: Unknown
major eyre driving oude rebels allahabad 1857
'Major Eyre driving the Oude rebels from Allahabad', 1857, (c1860). Artist
the nana sahib escort c1860 artist unknown
'The Nana Sahib with his escort', c1860. Artist: Unknown
blowing cashmere gate delhi 1857 c1860 artist
'Blowing up of the Cashmere Gate at Delhi', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown
lord palmerston c1860 artist unknown
Lord Palmerston, c1860. Artist: Unknown
havelocks column attacking mutineers cawnpoor
'Havelock's column attacking the mutineers before Cawnpoor', 1857, (c1860)
colonel platt killed mutineers mhow c1860 artist
Colonel Platt killed by the mutineers at Mhow, c1860. Artist: Unknown
tomb itimad ud daula agra india c1860 artist
The tomb of Itimad-Ud-Daula, Agra, India, c1860. Artist: Unknown
view allahabad showing fort c1860 artist
'View of Allahabad, showing the fort', c1860. Artist: Unknown
the palace agra c1860 artist unknown
'The Palace at Agra', c1860. Artist: Unknown
view palace agra river c1860 artist unknown
'View of the Palace of Agra, from the river', c1860. Artist: Unknown
view bombay showing fort c1860 artist unknown
'View of Bombay showing the fort', c1860. Artist: Unknown
mutineer cavalry attacking infantry square battle
'Mutineer cavalry attacking an infantry square at the Battle of Cawnpore', 1857, (c1860)
view calcutta esplanade c1860 artist unknown
'View of Calcutta from the Esplanade', c1860. Artist: Unknown