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28 Mar 2008

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great seal william mary 19th century artist
Great Seal of William and Mary, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
the narrow escape marlborough 18th century
'The Narrow Escape of Marlborough', 18th century (19th century). Artist: Unknown
the rescue duchess popoli 18th century 19th
'The Rescue of the Duchess of Popoli', 18th century (19th century). Artist
battle schellenberg austria 1704 19th century
The Battle of Schellenberg, Austria, 1704 (19th century). Artist: Unknown
the vinery hampton court 19th century artist
'The Vinery at Hampton Court', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
king james ii england 1633 1701 la trappe abbey
King James II of England (1633-1701) at La Trappe Abbey, Orne, France, 17th century (19th century)
peter great 1672 1725 19th century artist
Peter the Great (1672-1725), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
harley receiving legions memorial 18th century
'Harley receiving the Legion's Memorial', 18th century (19th century)
examination pendergrast late 19th century artist
'Examination of Pendergrast', late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
arrest sir john fenwick 1696 late 19th century
'Arrest of Sir John Fenwick', 1696 (late 19th century). Artist: Unknown
prince wales drinking success war temple bar london
The Prince of Wales drinking success to the war at Temple Bar, London, 18th century
mob carrying captain john porteous execution
A mob carrying Captain John Porteous to his execution, Edinburgh, 1736 (19th century)
death duke berwick siege philippsburg germany
The death of the Duke of Berwick at the siege of Philippsburg, Germany, 1734 (19th century)
entrance old house lords 18th century 19th century
The entrance to the old House of Lords, 18th century (19th century). Artist: Unknown
riotous assembly outside parliament house london
A riotous assembly outside Parliament House, London, 18th century (19th century). Artist
great seal george ii mid 18th century 19th century
Great Seal of George II, mid 18th century, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
reception debtor fleet prison days george ii
The reception of a debtor in Fleet Prison in the days of George II, 18th century (19th century)
kelly non juring clergyman destroying treasonable
'Kelly, the non-juring clergyman, destroying the treasonable papers', 18th century
soldiers firing rioters insurrection glasgow 1706
Soldiers firing on rioters during the insurrection at Glasgow, 1706 (19th century)
change alley singapore frenzy south sea bubble
Change Alley, Singapore, during the frenzy of the South Sea Bubble, c1720 (19th century)
arrest princess clementina 1702 1735 18th century
The arrest of Princess Clementina (1702-1735), 18th century (19th century). Artist
meeting cardinal giulio alberoni colonel stanhope
The meeting between Cardinal Giulio Alberoni and Colonel Stanhope, 18th century (19th century)
robert harley earl oxford 1661 1724 going trial
Robert Harley, the Earl of Oxford (1661-1724), going to trial, 18th century (19th century)
arrest swedish ambassador 18th century 19th
'Arrest of the Swedish ambassador', 18th century, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
execution lord derwentwater 1689 1716 tower hill
The execution of Lord Derwentwater (1689-1716) on Tower Hill, London, 1716 (19th century)
chevalier st george council early 18th century
The Chevalier de St George and his council, early 18th century, (19th century). Artist
james stuart old pretender 1688 1766 entering
James Stuart, the Old Pretender (1688-1766), entering Dundee, 18th century (19th century)
glengarrys charge 18th century 19th century
Glengarry's charge, 18th century (19th century). Artist: Unknown
landing chevalier st george scotland 1715 19th
Landing of the Chevalier de St George in Scotland, 1715, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
arrest sir william wyndham c1715 19th century
Arrest of Sir William Wyndham, c1715, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
queen annes 1665 1714 bedchamber 18th century
Queen Anne's (1665-1714) bedchamber, 18th century (19th century). Artist: Unknown
queen annes 1665 1714 progress parliament house
Queen Anne's (1665-1714) last progress to Parliament House, Westminster, London, 19th century
congress utrecht utrecht netherlands 18th century
The Congress of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 18th century (19th century). Artist
sarah churchill duchess marlborough 1660 1744
Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough (1660-1744), 18th century (19th century). Artist
the supper party st johns windsor 18th century
'The supper party at St John's, Windsor', 18th century, (19th century)
attempted assassination robert harley 1661 1724
The attempted assassination of Robert Harley (1661-1724), 18th century (19th century)
council chamber hague netherlands 19th century
The Council Chamber at The Hague, Netherlands, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
trial dr sacheverel 18th century 19th century
The trial of Dr Sacheverel, 18th century (19th century). Artist: Unknown
sacheverel rioters destroying furniture chapel
Sacheverel rioters destroying the furniture of the chapel near Lincoln's Inn, London
dasfeldt english officers mine 18th century
D'Asfeldt and the English officers in the mine, 18th century (19th century). Artist
battle malplaquet 1709 19th century artist
Battle of Malplaquet, 1709, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
marshal boufflers 1644 1711 french soldier
Marshal Boufflers (1644-1711), French soldier, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
limbourg netherlands 19th century artist
'Limbourg, Netherlands', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
great seal queen ann union england scotland 1707
Great Seal of Queen Ann, after the union of England and Scotland, 1707, (19th century)
wreckers stripping body sir c shovel 1707
'Wreckers stripping the body of Sir C Shovel', 1707, (19th century). Artist
duchess savoy children quitting turin 19th
'Duchess of Savoy and her children quitting Turin', (19th century). Artist
hotel ville ghent 19th century artist unknown
The Hotel de Ville, Ghent, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
bombardment brussels 1695 19th century artist
The bombardment of Brussels, 1695, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
murder actor william mountford 1692 19th century
The Murder of the actor William Mountford, 1692, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
arrest jacobites 19th century artist unknown
Arrest of Jacobites, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
death mac ian massacre glencoe 1692 19th century
Death of Mac Ian, the massacre of Glencoe, 1692, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
james ii taking leave louis xiv 1680s 19th century
James II taking leave of Louis XIV, 1680s, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
reception james ii dublin c1689 19th century
Reception of James II in Dublin, c1689, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
escape earl nithsdale tower london 1716 19th
Escape of the Earl of Nithsdale from the Tower of London, 1716, (19th century). Artist
william iii thrown horse near hampton court 19th
William III thrown from his horse near Hampton Court, 19th century. Artist: Unknown