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17 Jul 2008

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ad morris motor cars 1937 artist unknown
Advert for Morris motor cars, 1937. Artist: Unknown
gaving sulphurous vapors craters depths aso san
Gaving through sulphurous vapors into the crater's depths, Aso-San, Japan, 1904
coaling pacific mail ss siberia fortified naval
Coaling the Pacific mail SS 'Siberia', at the fortified naval station of Nagasaki
watching eruption steam boiling mud halfway volcano
Watching an eruption of steam and boiling mud halfway up the volcano of Aso-san, Japan, 1904
women crossing lake stepping stones suizen ji garden
Women crossing the lake on stepping stones, Suizen-ji Garden, Kumamoto, Japan, 1904
flailing barley fishing beach inland sea japan 1904
Flailing barley beside a fishing beach on the Inland Sea, Japan, 1904
kintai bridge nishiki river iwakuni looking north
Kintai Bridge over the Nishiki River at Iwakuni, looking north, Japan, 1904.Artist
sacred torii gate rising sea itsukushima shrine
Sacred torii gate rising from the sea, Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima Island, Japan, 1904
summer evening meal hotel hiroshima japan 1904
Summer evening meal at a hotel, Hiroshima, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
fishing village obatake inland sea looking north
Fishing village of Obatake on the Inland Sea, looking north to the terraced rice fields
street performer monkey amusing crowd kobe japan
A street performer with a monkey amusing the crowd, Kobe, Japan, 1896
looking south east pine crowned heights suwa yama kobe
Looking south-east from the pine crowned heights of Suwa-yama over Kobe, Japan, 1904
funeral procession rich buddhist road sakai
Funeral procession of a rich Buddhist, on the road to Sakai, looking towards Osaka, Japan, 1904
stone lanterns sumiyoshi osaka japan 1904 artist
Stone lanterns at Sumiyoshi, Osaka, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
feudal castle proud shoguns osaka japan 1904
Feudal castle of the proud Shoguns, Osaka, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
dotombori theatre street osaka japan 1904
Dotombori, or Theatre Street, Osaka, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
stately splendour shitenno ji temple osaka japan
Stately splendour of the Shitenno-ji Temple, Osaka, Japan, 1904
girl feeding sacred deer way prayers grounds
Girl feeding sacred deer on her way to prayers, grounds of Kasuga Temple, Nara, Japan, 1904
woman shinto devotee counting stone lanterns
A woman Shinto devotee counting the stone lanterns, Kasuga Shrine, Nara, Japan, 1904
farm labourers transplanting rice shoots near kyoto
Farm labourers transplanting rice shoots near Kyoto, Japan, 1904
ploughing flooded ground rice planting north
Ploughing flooded ground for rice planting, north of the main road at Uji, near Kyoto, Japan, 1904
men log raft shooting hozu rapids katsura river
Men on a log raft, shooting the Hozu Rapids on the Katsura River, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
gardens home mr y namikawa leader art industries
The gardens of the home of Mr Y Namikawa, leader in the art industries, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
factory girls decorating cheap pottery foreign markets
Factory girls decorating cheap pottery for the foreign markets, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
expert workmen creating designs cloisonne kyoto
Expert workmen creating designs in cloisonne, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
workmen watching kilns awata porcelain kinkosan works
Workmen watching kilns full of Awata porcelain, Kinkosan works, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
potter wheel fashioning vase awata porcelain
A potter and his wheel, fashioning a vase of Awata porcelain, Kinkosan works, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
bamboo avenue looking south west near kiyomizu
Bamboo avenue, looking south-west, near Kiyomizu, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
shinto procession carrying sacred objects bridge
Shinto procession carrying sacred objects over a bridge to the Imperial Museum, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
fortune teller inari temple kyoto japan 1904
Fortune teller, Inari Temple, Kyoto, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
coming going long rows sacred torii shinto temple
Coming and going under long rows of sacred torii, Shinto temple of Inari, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
main higashi hongan ji largest buddhist temple japan
Main front of Higashi Hongan-ji, largest Buddhist temple in Japan, Kyoto, 1904.Artist
family enjoying picnic cherry blossoms omuro gosho
A family enjoying a picnic under the cherry blossoms, Omuro Gosho, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
women kinkaku ji temple garden kyoto japan 1904
Women in the Kinkaku-ji Temple garden, Kyoto, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
women pilgrims steps omuro gosho east kyoto
Women pilgrims on the steps of Omuro Gosho (east), Kyoto, Japan, 1904
devout woman stroking bronze bull cure rheumatism
Devout woman stroking a bronze bull to cure rheumatism, Kitano Tenjin temple, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
single pine trained shape boat kinkaku ji monastery
A single pine trained into the shape of a boat, Kinkaku-ji Monastery, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
drooping clusters wisteria tea house porch kyoto
Drooping clusters of wisteria over a tea house porch, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
looking west kamo river kamogawa shijo bridge
Looking west over the Kamo River (Kamogawa) at Shijo bridge, Kyoto, Japan, 1904.Artist
midsummer traffic awnings shijo bashidori busy
Midsummer traffic under the awnings of Shijo Bashidori, a busy thoroughfare of Kyoto, Japan, 1904
medieval moated castle japanese princes occasionally
Medieval moated castle of Japanese princes, occasionally used by the Mikado Nagoya, Japan, 1896
travellers resting pines suzukawa old post road
Travellers resting under the pines at Suzukawa, old post road from Tokyo to Kyoto, Japan, 1904
toiler sea curious fishing net bay matsushima
'Toiler of the sea', with his curious fishing net, bay of Matsushima, Japan, 1904
rock arch matsushima bay south east japan 1904
Rock arch in Matsushima Bay, south-east Japan, 1904.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
japanese woman yamakago mountain chair crossing
Japanese woman in a yamakago (mountain chair) crossing the torrential Daiya river near Nikko
the groves gods first temples avenue noble
'The groves were God's first temples', avenue of noble cryptomerias at Nikko
ancient stone stairway hill tomb shogun ieyasu
Ancient stone stairway up the hill to the tomb of Shogun Ieyasu, Nikko, Japan, 1904
yomeimon gate buddhist temple yakushi nikko
Yomeimon (gate), Buddhist Temple of Yakushi, Nikko, Japan, 1904
mount asama asamayama japans largest active
Mount Asama (Asamayama), Japan's largest active volcano, northwest from Katsukake, 1904
sudden volcanic explosion crater mount asama
Sudden volcanic explosion in the crater of Mount Asama (Asamayama), Japan, 1904.Artist
children playground village school japan 1904
Children in the playground of a village school, Japan, 1904
main street steep mount haruna famous village
Main street up the steep side of Mount Haruna at a famous village of hot springs, Ikao
main gateway kameido temple tokyo japan 1904
Main gateway to Kameido Temple, Tokyo, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
worshippers crossing semi circular bridge kameido
Worshippers crossing the semi-circular bridge to Kameido Temple beyond, looking north
watching free theatre street looking north asakusa
Watching a free show on Theatre Street, looking north to Asakusa Tower, Tokyo, Japan, 1904
south asakusa temple tokyo japan 1904 artist
South front of Asakusa Temple, Tokyo, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
geishas dinner tokyo japan 1904 artist underwood
Geishas at dinner, Tokyo, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
asakusa street tokyo japan 1896 artist underwood
Asakusa Street, Tokyo, Japan, 1896. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
dwarf pines maples count okumas greenhouse tokyo
Dwarf pines and maples in Count Okuma's greenhouse, Tokyo, Japan, 1904. Artist
home count okuma tokyo japan 1904 artist
Home of Count Okuma, Tokyo, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
warlike spirit japanese youth tokyo japan 1896
The warlike spirit of the Japanese youth, Tokyo, Japan, 1896
cherry blossoms looking northeast main avenue
Under the cherry blossoms, looking northeast along the main avenue of Shiba Park, Tokyo
coolies street scene tokyo 1896 artist underwood
Coolies, street scene in Tokyo, 1896. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
looking west nihon bashi bridge centre tokyo
Looking west from Nihon bashi (bridge), towards the centre of Tokyo, Japan, 1904. Artist
buddhist priests ikegami temple omori japan 1904
Buddhist priests in Ikegami Temple, Omori, Japan, 1904.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
peering lava encrusted rim mount fujis fujiyamas
Peering from the lava encrusted rim down into Mount Fuji's (Fujiyama's) crater
pilgrims end ascent mount fuji fujiyama japan 1904
Pilgrims at the end of their ascent of Mount Fuji (Fujiyama), Japan, 1904
mount fuji seen northwest pines lake motosu
Mount Fuji, seen from the northwest, through pines at Lake Motosu, Japan, 1904. Artist
pilgrim beggars beating little gongs near lake
Pilgrim beggars beating little gongs, near Lake Kawaguchi, Japan, 1904
splashing waters waterfall yumoto japan 1904
Splashing waters of a waterfall at Yumoto, Japan, 1904.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
farmers bamboo rakes spreading millet mats dry winter
Farmers with bamboo rakes spreading millet on mats to dry for winter, near Yokohama, Japan, 1904
peasants cutting millet near yokohama japan 1904
Peasants cutting millet, near Yokohama, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
fishing boats coming home sunset near yokohama
Fishing boats coming home at sunset, near Yokohama, Japan, 1904
riding daijingu temple shinto festival worship
Riding to Daijingu Temple, for Shinto festival of worship of the Sun Goddess, Yokohama
schoolhouse grounds yokohama japan 1904 artist
Schoolhouse and grounds, Yokohama, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
greetings newcomers pier alongside pacific mail
Greetings for newcomers on the pier alongside the Pacific Mail SS 'China, at Yokohama
ad humber motor cars 1935 artist unknown
Advert for Humber motor cars, 1935. Artist: Unknown
ad hillman motor cars 1935 artist unknown
Advert for Hillman motor cars, 1935. Artist: Unknown
home count okuma tokyo japan 1904 artist
Home of Count Okuma, Tokyo, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood