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19 Jan 2008

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member georgian aristocracy 1922 artist unknown
A member of the Georgian aristocracy, 1922. Artist: Unknown
rudelsburg germany c1900 artist carl jander
Rudelsburg, Germany, c1900. Artist: Carl Jander
schenna 19th century artist h winkles
'Schenna', 19th century. Artist: H Winkles
namur belgium 1830 artist william finden
Namur, Belgium, 1830. Artist: William Finden
iceberg lake isterdal norway mid late 19th
'Iceberg Lake, Isterdal', Norway, mid-late 19th century
a village roumelia near adrianople artist
'A village in Roumelia, near Adrianople'. Artist: JC Bentley
algiers 1832 c1890 artist unknown
Algiers in 1832, (c1890). Artist: Unknown
arab family tlemcen algeria c1890 artist
An Arab family of Tlemcen, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Bertrand
view ghardaia algeria c1890 artist armand
View of Ghardaia, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
woman biskra algeria c1890 artist henri
Woman, Biskra, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Henri Thiriat
ouled nail dancer algeria c1890 artist armand
Ouled Nail dancer, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
ruins praetorium lambaesis algeria c1890 artist
The ruins of the Praetorium, Lambaesis, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
street view tlemcen algeria c1890 artist
Street view in Tlemcen, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Unknown
nemours algeria 1895 artist unknown
Nemours, Algeria, 1895. Artist: Unknown
tomb christian lady kolea algeria c1890 artist
Tomb of the Christian Lady, Kolea, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Taylor
old town algiers c1890 artist armand kohl
Old town, Algiers, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
the natural arch constantine c1890 artist
'The natural arch of Constantine', c1890. Artist: Barbant
petrified cascade hammam el meskoutine algeria c1890
Petrified cascade of Hammam el Meskoutine, Algeria, c1890.Artist: Hildibrand
agha tugurt c1890 artist henri thiriat
The Agha of Tugurt, c1890. Artist: Henri Thiriat
cliffs igharghar taken north temassinin c1890
Cliffs of the Igharghar, taken from the north of Temassinin, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
view taken shabet el akra caravan route algeria
'View taken in the Shabet el Akra caravan route, Algeria', c1890
bizerta viewed kasbah c1890 artist bertrand
'Bizerta, viewed from the Kasbah', c1890. Artist: Bertrand
ruins sbeitla ancient sufetula c1890 artist
'Ruins of Sbeitla, the ancient Sufetula', c1890. Artist: Barbant
the mosque swords kairwan c1890 artist
'The Mosque of the Swords, Kairwan', c1890. Artist: Meunier
the amphitheatre el jemm c1890artist f
'The amphitheatre of El Jemm', c1890.Artist: F Meaulle
jerba island castle near humt suk tunisia c1890
'Jerba Island, Castle near Humt Suk, Tunisia', c1890. Artist: F Meaulle
tunisian jewess c1890 artist henri thiriat
Tunisian Jewess, c1890. Artist: Henri Thiriat
mejerda slugia mejez el bad c1890 artist armand
The Mejerda at Slugia, above Mejez-el-Bad, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
nomad encampment sahara c1890 artist
Nomad encampment, Sahara, c1890. Artist: Hildibrand
boghari village market c1890 artist charles
'Boghari village and market', c1890. Artist: Charles Barbant
kabyle family group travelling algeria c1890
Kabyle family group travelling, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Hildibrand
view blida algeria c1890 artist armand kohl
View of Blida, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
view stora bay c1890 artist meunier
'View of Stora Bay', c1890. Artist: Meunier
algiers algeria c1890artist armand kohl
Algiers, Algeria, c1890.Artist: Armand Kohl
view murzuk c1890 artist barbant
'View of Murzuk', c1890. Artist: Barbant
el kantara gorge tunisia 1895artist armand
The El-Kantara Gorge, Tunisia, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
old ports carthage tunisia c1890 artist
Old ports of Carthage, Tunisia, c1890. Artist: Hildibrand
view kairwan tunisia c1890 artist armand kohl
View of Kairwan, Tunisia, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
view el kef tunisia c1890 artist hildibrand
View of El Kef, Tunisia, c1890. Artist: Hildibrand
tripoli roadstead c1890 artist barbant
'Tripoli from the Roadstead', c1890. Artist: Barbant
oran algeria c1890 artist armand kohl
Oran, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Armand Kohl
cabes tunisia 1895artist armand kohl
Cabes, Tunisia, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
arab mendicant biskra el kantra women c1890
'Arab mendicant, Biskra and El-kantra women', c1890. Artist: Hildibrand
kasr el jebel cirque syria c1890 artist charles
The Kasr-el-jebel Cirque, Syria, c1890. Artist: Charles Barbant
view tellat pass tunisia c1890 artist unknown
View from the Tellat Pass, Tunisia, c1890. Artist: Unknown
constantine algeria c1890 artist kohl
Constantine, Algeria, c1890. Artist: A Kohl
kabyle family group algeria c1890 artist
Kabyle family group, Algeria, c1890. Artist: Unknown
group monks monastery monte oliveto maggiore italy
A group of monks at the monastery of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Italy, 1922. Artist: Unknown
italian dragoons 1922artist donald mcleish
Two Italian dragoons, 1922.Artist: Donald McLeish
italian policemen 1922artist donald mcleish
Two Italian policemen, 1922.Artist: Donald McLeish
pair straw boys ireland 1922artist aw cutler
A pair of 'straw boys', Ireland, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
burning seaweed kelp aran islands ireland 1922
Burning seaweed for kelp, Aran Islands, Ireland, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
waiting doctor remote galway ireland 1922artist
Waiting for the doctor in remote Galway, Ireland, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
annual procession orangemen belfast northern ireland
Annual procession of the Orangemen, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1922.Artist: J Johnson
tinsmiths tinsmiths shop india 1922artist
Tinsmiths in a tinsmith's shop, India, 1922.Artist: R Gorbold
officers 15th ludhiana sikks indian army india 1922
Officers of the 15th Ludhiana Sikks, Indian army, India, 1922.Artist: Bourne and Shepherd
hindu children north kashmir india 1922 artist
Hindu children of North Kashmir, India, 1922. Artist: Unknown
kashmiri women india 1922artist publishers
Kashmiri women, India, 1922.Artist: Publishers Photo Service
afridis pathan tribes warfare northern indian
Afridis (Pathan tribes); warfare in the northern Indian marches, India, 1922. Artist
executioner rewah rewa india 1922artist
An executioner, Rewah (Rewa), India, 1922.Artist: Bourne and Shepherd
mendicancy adopted vishnu india 1922 artist
Mendicancy adopted in the name of Vishnu, India, 1922. Artist: Unknown
state barge maharaja kashmirs royal capital
A state barge of a Maharaja, Kashmir's royal capital, India, 1922.Artist: GT Bookless
nautch dancing girls accompanying musicians india
Nautch dancing girls with accompanying musicians, India, 1922.Artist: SR Norton
arab dancing horse udaipur india 1922artist
An Arab dancing horse, Udaipur, India, 1922.Artist: Herbert Ponting
majestic elephant bengals chief festive gathering
A majestic elephant at Bengal's chief festive gathering, India, 1922.Artist: L Barber
charming venom cobra snake charmer mongoose india
Charming the venom from a cobra; a snake charmer with a mongoose, India, 1922.Artist
elderly naga assam india 1922artist d
Elderly Naga, Assam, India, 1922.Artist: D Macintyre
buddh gaya buddhas holiest place india 1922
Buddh Gaya, Buddha's holiest place, India, 1922.Artist: Deaville Walker
mail caravan crossing icelandic plains iceland 1922
A mail caravan crossing the Icelandic plains, Iceland, 1922. Artist: Unknown
milkmaid morning round iceland 1922 artist
A milkmaid on her morning round, Iceland, 1922. Artist: Unknown
great market flowers budapest hungary 1922
Great market of flowers, Budapest, Hungary, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
leisure time cowherds hungary 1922artist aw
Leisure time for cowherds, Hungary, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
gypsies mending family cauldron hungary 1922
Gypsies mending a family cauldron, Hungary, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
traditional costumes worn hungarian women hungary
Traditional costumes worn by Hungarian women, Hungary, 1922. Artist: Unknown
young slovak couple hungary 1926artist aw
A young Slovak couple, Hungary, 1926.Artist: AW Cutler
cowherd king dwelling place hungary 1922artist
A cowherd king and his dwelling place, Hungary, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
pilgrims performing wukuf mount arafat saudi
Pilgrims performing the 'Wukuf', Mount Arafat, Saudi Arabia, 1922. Artist
meccas great mosque mecca saudi arabia 1922
Mecca's great mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 1922. Artist: Unknown
ali bin hussein 1879 1935 first king hejaz
Ali bin Hussein (1879-1935), first King of Hejaz (Al-Hijaz), Saudi Arabia, 1922. Artist
congregation faces holy kaaba meccas mosque
A congregation faces the holy Kaaba in Mecca's mosque, Saudi Arabia, 1922. Artist
hawaiians banquet hawaii 1922artist rm
Hawaiians at a banquet, Hawaii, 1922.Artist: RM Clutterbuck
francois c antoine simon president haiti dressed
Francois C. Antoine Simon, president of Haiti, dressed as an admiral, 1922. Artist
general zephirin haiti 1922 artist unknown
General Zephirin, Haiti, 1922. Artist: Unknown
threshold voodoo temple haiti 1922 artist
On the threshold of a voodoo temple, Haiti, 1922. Artist: Unknown
mystery monolith primeval forest quirigua guatemala
A mystery monolith in the primeval forest of Quirigua, Guatemala, 1922
dead greek peasant lying coffin 1922artist
A dead Greek peasant lying in a coffin, 1922.Artist: HA Fawcett
jewish women greece 1922artist ha fawcett
Two Jewish women, Greece, 1922.Artist: HA Fawcett
young married couple macedonia 1922artist
A young married couple, Macedonia, 1922.Artist: HB Crook
greek women 1922artist lg popoff
Two Greek women, 1922.Artist: LG Popoff
monks greek church carrying volumes liturgy greece
Monks of the Greek church carrying volumes of the Liturgy, Greece, 1922. Artist: Unknown
temple zeus olympia greece 1922artist
The Temple of Zeus, Olympia, Greece, 1922.Artist: Keystone
theseum athens greece 1922artist keystone
The Theseum at Athens, Greece, 1922.Artist: Keystone
schillers house german athens germany 1922
Schiller's house, 'German Athens', Germany, 1922. Artist: Unknown
practical lessons perspective drawing germany 1922
Practical lessons in perspective drawing, Germany, 1922.Artist: Photothek, Berlin
washing up juvenile summer holiday camp germany 1922
Washing-up at a juvenile summer holiday camp, Germany, 1922.Artist: Otto Haeckel
boys camping berlin germany 1922 artist
Boys camping, Berlin, Germany, 1922. Artist: Unknown
learning forest charlottenburg berlin germany 1922
Learning in the Forest of Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany, 1922. Artist: Unknown
schoolboys drawing lesson germany 1922artist
Schoolboys in a drawing lesson, Germany, 1922.Artist: Photothek, Berlin
boys studying nature germany 1922 artist
Boys studying nature, Germany, 1922. Artist: Unknown


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