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9 Feb 2008

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st peter 1519 1849artist bisson
St Peter, 1519 (1849).Artist: A Bisson
stagecoach journey usa 19th century 1937artist
A stagecoach journey, USA, 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
sixth great conflagration san francisco californa
'Sixth Great Conflagration in San Francisco', Californa, 1851 (1937).Artist
execution hetherington brace fort vigilance
The execution of Hetherington and Brace, Fort Vigilance, Sacramento, California, 1856 (1937)
mass meeting outside fort vigilant sacramento
A mass meeting outside Fort Vigilant, Sacramento, California, 1856 (1937)
celebration fourth july san francisco california
Celebration of the Fourth of July in San Francisco, California, 1852 (1937).Artist
fort vigilant sacramento california 1856 1937
Fort Vigilant, Sacramento, California, 1856 (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
sonora california 1852 1937artist pollard
Sonora, California, 1852 (1937).Artist: Pollard & Britton
scotts bar french bar scotts river siskiyou county
Scotts Bar and French Bar, on the Scotts River, Siskiyou County, California, 1856 (1937)
columbia california 1852 1937artist pollard
Columbia, California, 1852 (1937).Artist: Pollard & Britton
departure el dorado 19th century 1937artist
'Departure For El Dorado', 19th century (1937).Artist: C Quirot
wreck steamship union coast lower california
The wreck of the steamship 'Union' on the coast of lower California, 1851 (1937)
sacramento california 1849 1937artist endicott
Sacramento, California, 1849 (1937).Artist: Endicott & Co
san juan del norte greytown california 19th
San Juan del Norte (Greytown), California, 19th century (1937).Artist: Nagel & Schwartz
steamer day san francisco california 19th century
Steamer Day in San Francisco, California, 19th century (1937). Artist: Unknown
mission dolores san francisco california 19th
Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California, 19th century (1937). Artist: Unknown
gambling mines faro california 19th century 1937
Gambling in the mines, Faro, California, 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
gambling mines monte california 19th century 1937
Gambling in the mines, Monte, California, 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
sutters fort sacramento california 1847 1937
Sutter's Fort, Sacramento, California, 1847 (1937).Artist: Snyder
scenes california gold rush 1849 1937artist
Scenes from the California gold rush, 1849 (1937).Artist: Cooke & Le Count
san francisco california 1850 1937artist
San Francisco, California, 1850 (1937).Artist: Nathaniel Currier
tall tree california usa 19th century 1937
A tall tree, California, USA, 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
great fire san francisco california 1850 1937
The great fire in San Francisco, California, 1850 (1937). Artist: Unknown
apollo warehouses san francisco california
The Apollo warehouses, San Francisco, California, 19th century (1937). Artist: Unknown
san francisco california 1849 1937artist
San Francisco, California, 1849 (1937).Artist: Henry Firks
gambling californian gold rush 19th century 1937
Gambling during the Californian gold rush, 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
californian gold miners 19th century 1937artist
Californian gold miners, 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
sunday amusements mines 19th century 1937
'Sunday Amusements in the Mines', 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
the mining business pictures 19th century 1937
'The Mining Business in Four Pictures', 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
the way come california 1849 1937artist
'The Way They Come From California', 1849 (1937).Artist: Nathaniel Currier
dream prospecting miner 19th century 1937artist
The dream of a prospecting miner, 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
miners weighing gold 19th century 1937artist
Miners weighing their gold, 19th century (1937).Artist: Britton & Rey
yerba buena now san francisco california 1837
Yerba Buena (now San Francisco), California, 1837 (1937).Artist: Graham Baker
sutters culloma valley california usa 19th
Sutter's Mill and Culloma Valley, California, USA, 19th century (1937).Artist
chateau dhougoumont belgium 19th centuryartist
The Chateau d'Hougoumont, Belgium, 19th century.Artist: Loux
enlisting irish german emigrants battery new york
Enlisting Irish and German emigrants on the Battery, New York, USA, 1864
luke ars memorandi c1470 1849artist
'Luke', from 'Ars Memorandi', c1470 (1849).Artist: A Bisson
fragment facsimile page 28 bible poor 1849artist
Fragment facsimile of page 28 of the Bible of the Poor, 1849.Artist: A Bisson
copper plaque minster abbey church isle sheppey
A copper plaque from Minster Abbey and Church, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, 1337 (1849)
the triumph galatea 1512 1849artist l
'The Triumph of Galatea', 1512 (1849).Artist: L Delaistre
rest flight egypt c1515 1519 1849artist
'Rest on the Flight into Egypt', c1515-1519 (1849).Artist: Albrecht Altdorfer
venus c1520s 1849artist jacob binck
'Venus', c1520s (1849).Artist: Jacob Binck
cimon pero 1544 1849artist sebald beham
'Cimon and Pero', 1544 (1849).Artist: Sebald Beham
the virgin 1527 1849artist heinrich
'The Virgin', 1527 (1849).Artist: Heinrich Aldegrever
the feast salome c1490s 1849artist rosotte
'The Feast of Salome', c1490s (1849).Artist: Rosotte
wandering minstrels 1574 1849artist bisson
Wandering minstrels, 1574 (1849).Artist: A Bisson
samson delilah 1574 1849artist bisson
Samson and Delilah, 1574 (1849).Artist: A Bisson