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26 Feb 2008

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calais pier french poissards preparing sea english
'Calais Pier with French Poissards Preparing for Sea: an English Packet Arriving', 1803
tower meimandan persia iran 1895 artist
The Tower of Meimandan, Persia (Iran), 1895. Artist: Unknown
noble persian lady 1895artist henri thiriat
A noble Persian lady, 1895.Artist: Henri Thiriat
persian men 1895artist charles barbant
Persian men, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
kurdish cavalry 1895 artist unknown
Kurdish cavalry, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kabul river afghanistan 1895 artist unknown
Kabul River, Afghanistan, 1895. Artist: Unknown
marsha pass north kandahar afghanistan 1895
The Marsha Pass, North of Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1895. Artist: Unknown
singapore 1895 artist unknown
Singapore, 1895. Artist: Unknown
tenasserim myanmar 1895 artist unknown
Tenasserim, Myanmar, 1895. Artist: Unknown
th chief facade temple angkor wat cambodia 1895
Th chief facade of the temple at Angkor-Wat, Cambodia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
annamese chiefs women vietnam 1895 artist
Annamese chiefs and women, Vietnam, 1895. Artist: Unknown
street bangkok thailand 1895artist charles
A street in Bangkok, Thailand, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
cambojan eldest son narodom 1895artist charles
Cambojan, eldest son of Narodom, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
pagoda atop boulder 1895 artist unknown
A pagoda atop a boulder, 1895. Artist: Unknown
river salwen moulmein myanmar 1895 artist
The river Salwen, above Moulmein, Myanmar, 1895. Artist: Unknown
burmese wagon burma myanmar 1895 artist
A Burmese wagon, Burma (Myanmar), 1895. Artist: Unknown
village sawi car nicobar nicobar islands india
The village of Sawi, Car-Nicobar, Nicobar Islands, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
citadel attock bridge boats indus pakistan 1895
The Citadel of Attock and a bridge of boats over the Indus, Pakistan, 1895. Artist
kutal mosque delhi district india 1895 artist
The Kutal Mosque, Delhi district, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
princess bhopal india 1895artist charles
The Princess of Bhopal, India, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
jaina temples junagadh gujarat india 1895
Jaina temples, Junagadh, Gujarat, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
banjari men women orissa india 1895 artist
Banjari men and women, Orissa, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
famine victims india 1895artist charles
Famine victims, India, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
jewish women kochi india 1895 artist unknown
Jewish women of Kochi, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kandy maha nuvara sri lanka 1895 artist
Kandy (Maha Nuvara), Sri Lanka, 1895. Artist: Unknown
bridge rangit tributary river teesta india 1895
A bridge over the Rangit, a tributary of the river Teesta, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
banderpunch mountains india 1895artist charles
The Banderpunch mountains, India, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
gorge marble rocks india 1895artist charles
The gorge of the Marble Rocks, India, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
dankar lahul spiti india 1895artist armand
Dankar, Lahul and Spiti, India, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
ruins ahom temple dinajpur upper assam india 1895
Ruins of an Ahom temple, Dinajpur, Upper Assam, India, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
calcutta india 1895 artist unknown
Calcutta, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
lataband pass afghanistan 1895artist bertrand
The Lataband Pass, Afghanistan, 1895.Artist: Bertrand
bhor ghat near khandala india 1895artist
The Bhor Ghat, near Khandala, India, 1895.Artist: Taylor
taj mahal agra india 1895 artist unknown
The Taj Mahal, Agra, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
benares varanasi india 1895artist taylor
Benares (Varanasi), India, 1895.Artist: Taylor
ruins temple hampi india 1895artist bertrand
Ruins of a temple in Hampi, India, 1895.Artist: Bertrand
artisans burma myanmar 1895artist e ronjat
Artisans from Burma (Myanmar), 1895.Artist: E Ronjat
street bombay india 1895 artist unknown
A street in Bombay, India, 1895. Artist: Unknown
yenan gyong myanmar 1895artist bertrand
Yenan Gyong, Myanmar, 1895.Artist: Bertrand
temples patan nepal 1895artist armand kohl
Temples at Patan, Nepal, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
boat racing mekong 1895artist charles barbant
Boat racing on the Mekong, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
moi people indonesia 1895artist charles
Moi people, Indonesia, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
siamese youths 1895artist charles barbant
Siamese youths, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
edward black prince artist unknown
Edward, the Black Prince. Artist: Unknown
family tree page liber floridus 12th century
Family tree, a page from Liber Floridus, 12th century. Artist: Unknown
table degrees consanguinity page liber floridus
Table of the degrees of Consanguinity, a page from Liber Floridus, 12th century. Artist
map europe page liber floridus 12th century
Map of Europe, a page from Liber Floridus, 12th century. Artist: Unknown
minotaur labyrinth page liber floridus 12th century
Minotaur in a labyrinth, a page from Liber Floridus, 12th century. Artist: Unknown
paradise page liber floridus 12th century artist
Paradise, a page from Liber Floridus, 12th century. Artist: Unknown
heavenly jerusalem page liber floridus 12th century
Heavenly Jerusalem, a page from Liber Floridus, 12th century. Artist: Unknown
page liber floridus 12th century artist unknown
A page from Liber Floridus, 12th century. Artist: Unknown
bons la defense nationale french poster c1944
'Bons de la Defense Nationale', French poster, c1944. Artist: Unknown
french ministry war poster c1945 1946 artist
French Ministry of War poster, c1945-1946. Artist: Chaix
are ready welcome them poster c1946 artist
'Are You Ready to Welcome Them?', poster, c1946. Artist: Bernard Villemot
french pro democracy poster 1946 artist havas
French pro-democracy poster, 1946. Artist: Havas
admiral darlan vichy french propaganda poster
Admiral Darlan, Vichy French propaganda poster, c1940-1942. Artist: Roland Coudon
theodore beza french protestant scholar theologian
Theodore Beza, French Protestant scholar and theologian, 16th century. Artist: Unknown