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12 Feb 2008

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123 Items

spanish italian helmets 15th century 1929
Spanish and Italian helmets, 15th century, (1929). Artist: Unknown
santa cruz tenerife spain 1895 artist unknown
Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, 1895. Artist: Unknown
dracona icod tenerife spain c1900s artist
Dracona of Icod, Tenerife, Spain, c1900s. Artist: Unknown
madeira portugal 1895artist taylor
Madeira, Portugal, 1895.Artist: Taylor
hooded women faial portugal san miguel spain
Two hooded women from Faial, Portugal, and San Miguel, Spain, c1900s. Artist: Unknown
san miguel tenerife canary islands spain 1985
San Miguel, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 1985. Artist: Unknown
cape sam lourenco eastern headlands madeira 1895
Cape Sam-Lourenco, Eastern headlands of Madeira, 1895. Artist: Unknown
tuaregs journey north africa 1895artist ivan
Tuaregs on a journey, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Ivan Pranishnikoff
targui man 1895artist henri thiriat
A Targui man, 1895.Artist: Henri Thiriat
gateway kasbah fez morocco 1895 artist
Gateway to the kasbah, Fez, Morocco, 1895. Artist: Unknown
school fez morocco 1895artist ivan
A school in Fez, Morocco, 1895.Artist: Ivan Pranishnikoff
christians gate morocco 1895 artist unknown
The Christian's Gate, Morocco, 1895. Artist: Unknown
rabat mouth bu regrag river morocco 1895artist
Rabat and the mouth of the Bu-Regrag river, Morocco, 1895.Artist: Meunier
mulai tayeb sheriff wezzan north africa 1895
Mulai Tayeb, the Sheriff of Wezzan, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Henri Thiriat
arab camel driver north africa 1895artist
An Arab camel driver, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Henri Thiriat
arab woman tangier morocco 1895artist henri
An Arab woman from Tangier, Morocco, 1895.Artist: Henri Thiriat
arab man tangier morocco 1895artist henri
An Arab man from Tangier, Morocco, 1895.Artist: Henri Thiriat
sherat river morocco 1895artist barbant
The Sherat river, Morocco, 1895.Artist: Barbant
jebel tiza north africa 1895artist barbant
Jebel Tiza, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Barbant
mouth river draa morocco 1895artist barbant
The mouth of the river Draa, Morocco, 1895.Artist: Barbant
bona annaba algeria 1895 artist unknown
Bona (Annaba). Algeria, 1895. Artist: Unknown
laghouat algeria 1895 artist unknown
Laghouat, Algeria, 1895. Artist: Unknown
beni ramasses quarter constantine algeria 1895
The Beni-Ramasses quarter, Constantine, Algeria, 1895.Artist: Ivan Pranishnikoff
sahara desert north africa 1895artist barbant
The Sahara Desert, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Barbant
egueri gorge north africa 1895 artist unknown
The Egueri Gorge, North Africa, 1895. Artist: Unknown
group tibbus north africa 1895artist ivan
A group of Tibbus, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Ivan Pranishnikoff
street biskra algeria 1895artist meunier
A street in Biskra, Algeria, 1895.Artist: Meunier
jebel khanfusa sahara desert north africa 1895
Jebel Khanfusa, the Sahara Desert, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Barbant
tetouan morocco 1895 artist unknown
Tetouan, Morocco, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kabyle village north africa 1895artist meunier
A Kabyle village, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Meunier
tangier morocco 1895artist taylor
Tangier, Morocco, 1895.Artist: Taylor
web el halluf near figuig morocco 1895 artist
Web El-Halluf, near Figuig, Morocco, 1895. Artist: Unknown
fez morocco 1895artist taylor
Fez, Morocco, 1895.Artist: Taylor
leonec street sfakes north africa 1895artist
Leonec Street, Sfakes, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Taylor
sudanese arabs female shilluk slave sudan 1895
Sudanese Arabs and a female Shilluk slave, Sudan, 1895.Artist: Ivan Pranishnikoff
street suk district tunis tunisia 1895 artist
A street in the Suk district of Tunis, Tunisia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
khumir man woman child north africa 1895artist
A Khumir man, woman and child, North Africa, 1895.Artist: Ivan Pranishnikoff
study girls head 18th century 1933artist
Study of a girl's head, 18th century (1933).Artist: Gaetano Gandolfi
madame suggia 1920 1923 1933 artist augustus
'Madame Suggia', 1920-1923, (1933). Artist: Augustus John
the convalescent 19th century 1933 artist
'The Convalescent', 19th century, (1933). Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
sketch martydom st livinus c1633 1933artist
Sketch of the Martydom of St Livinus, c1633, (1933).Artist: Peter Paul Rubens
old gateway lincolns inn london 1933 artist
Old gateway to Lincoln's Inn, London, 1933. Artist: RA Wilson
st chrisogonus 15th century 1933 artist
'St Chrisogonus', 15th century, (1933). Artist: Michele Giambono
design ulysses gallery fontainebleau c1540s 1926
Design for the Ulysses Gallery, Fontainebleau, c1540s, (1926)
claude durfe c1530s 1926 artist jean
'Claude D'Urfe', c1530s, (1926). Artist: Jean Clouet
old house angers 1925 1926 artist m
'Old House at Angers', 1925, (1926). Artist: M Adams-Acton
madonna child 15th century 1926 artist
'Madonna and Child', 15th century, (1926). Artist: Jacopo Bellini
devi sculpture western india c900 ad 1929
Devi sculpture, Western India, c900 AD, (1929). Artist: Unknown
queen charlotte c1780s 1929 artist thomas
'Queen Charlotte', c1780s, (1929). Artist: Thomas Gainsborough
the parnassus mars venus 1497 1929 artist
'The Parnassus: Mars and Venus', 1497, (1929). Artist: Andrea Mantegna
the mackintosh madonna c1510 1512 1929 artist
'The Mackintosh Madonna', c1510-1512, (1929). Artist: Raphael
giuliano de medici early 16th century 1929
'Giuliano de' Medici', early 16th century, (1929).Artist: Raphael
knight squire early 16th century 1929 artist
'Knight and Squire', early 16th century, (1929). Artist: Hans Wechtlin the Elder
apse cathedral la seo zaragoza spain 1929 artist
Apse of the Cathedral of La Seo, Zaragoza, Spain, 1929. Artist: Unknown
torre nueva zaragoza spain 1929 artist
Torre Nueva, Zaragoza, Spain, 1929. Artist: Unknown
lindiscretion 1788 1929 artist jean francois
'L'Indiscretion', 1788, (1929). Artist: Jean-Francois Janinet
the church st ambrogio milan early 19th century
'The Church of St Ambrogio, Milan', early 19th century, (1929)
master charles william lambton 1825 1929
'Master Charles William Lambton', 1825, (1929). Artist: Thomas Lawrence
gospel 12th century 1929 artist unknown
Gospel, 12th century, (1929). Artist: Unknown
sand cakes 1929 artist james henry dowd
'Sand Cakes', 1929. Artist: James Henry Dowd
at rouen 1929 artist john m aiken
'At Rouen', 1929. Artist: John M Aiken
the cider barrel 1929 artist edmund blampied
'The Cider Barrel', 1929. Artist: Edmund Blampied
fishmarket naples 1929 artist g wedgwood
'Fishmarket, Naples', 1929. Artist: G Wedgwood
scene moll flanders 1929 artist john austen
Scene from Moll Flanders, 1929. Artist: John Austen
tete jeune fille late 19th century 1929
'Tete de Jeune Fille', late 19th century, (1929). Artist: Georges-Pierre Seurat
design furniture 1754 1929artist henry
Design for detail on furniture, 1754, (1929).Artist: Henry Copland
design chimneypiece 1750s 1929 artist matthias
Design for a chimneypiece, 1750s, (1929). Artist: Matthias Lock
tulip iris 1929 artist matthew smith
'Tulip and Iris', 1929. Artist: Matthew Smith
a new love song hapenny piece 1796 1929
'A New Love Song, Only Ha'penny a Piece', 1796, (1929)
knives scissors razors grind 1795 1929
'Knives, Scissors and Razors to Grind', 1795, (1929). Artist: Giovanni Vendramini
new mackrel new mackrel 1795 1929 artist
'New Mackrel, New Mackrel', 1795, (1929). Artist: Nicolo Schiavonetti
st jerome 15th century 1929 artist petrus
'St Jerome', 15th century, (1929). Artist: Petrus Christus
impressionism/dans les roses 1882 1929 artist pierre auguste
'Dans Les Roses', 1882, (1929). Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
nikisch zurich 1929 artist unknown
Nikisch in Zurich, 1929. Artist: Unknown
a squall hyde park 1791 1929 artist thomas
'A Squall in Hyde Park', 1791, (1929). Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
the chelsea mall 1929 artist thomas
'The Chelsea Mall', 1929. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
the falmouth road late 18th early 19th century
'The Falmouth Road', late 18th-early 19th century, (1929)
the interior french barracks 1787 1929 artist
'The Interior of a French Barracks', 1787, (1929). Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
mr h angelos fencing academy 1791 1929
'Mr H Angelo's Fencing Academy', 1791, (1929). Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
a french frigate towing english man of war port
'A French Frigate Towing an English Man-of-War into Port', late 18th-early 19th century
the rajput warrior war group 1929artist fyzee
'The Rajput warrior from the War Group', 1929.Artist: Fyzee Rahamin
pope innocent x c1650 1929 artist alinari
Pope Innocent X, c1650, (1929). Artist: Alinari
memorial window parish church chipping ongar essex
Memorial window in the parish church of Chipping Ongar, Essex, 1929
ferdinandshohe tyrol c1900sartist wurthle
Ferdinandshohe, Tyrol, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
hotel trafoi italy c1900artist wurthle sons
A hotel in Trafoi, Italy, c1900.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
misurina lake sorapiss peaks dolomites italy c1900
Misurina Lake, Sorapiss Peaks and the Dolomites, Italy, c1900.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
monument stilfserjoch strasse weisse knott tyrol
A monument in Stilfserjoch Strasse, Weisse Knott, Tyrol, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
landro monte cristallo tyrol italy c1900sartist
Landro and Monte Cristallo, Tyrol, Italy, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
valley wolkenstein tyrol c1900sartist wurthle
A valley in Wolkenstein, Tyrol, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
santa maria umbrail mountain pass tyrol c1900s
Santa Maria, on the Umbrail mountain pass, Tyrol, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
zell mount schmittenhohe salzburg austria c1900s
Zell am See and mount Schmittenhohe, Salzburg, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
bad fusch salzburg austria c1900sartist wurthle
Bad Fusch, Salzburg, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
lofer salzburg austria c1900sartist wurthle
Lofer, Salzburg, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
zell see salzburg austria c1900sartist wurthle
Zell am See, Salzburg, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
schwarzenberg badgastein austria c1900sartist
Schwarzenberg, Badgastein, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
bockstein salzburg austria c1900sartist wurthle
Bockstein, Salzburg, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
waterfall badgastein austria c1900sartist
The waterfall at Badgastein, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
schluderbach croda pass croda rosa tyrol austria
Schluderbach and Croda Pass (Croda Rosa), Tyrol, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons
ebensee lake traun salzkammergut austria c1900s
Ebensee and Lake Traun, Salzkammergut, Austria, c1900s.Artist: Wurthle & Sons


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