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8 Sep 2007

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237 Items

quai des etats unis nice france 1937 artist
Quai des Etats-Unis, Nice, France, 1937. Artist: Martin Hurlimann
plaza san marco venice italy 1908 1909artist
Plaza San Marco, Venice, Italy, 1908-1909.Artist: Homer L Knight
best british/charlotte bronte 1816 1855 english novelist
Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855), English novelist, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
irene warren 1908 1909artist alfred ellis
Irene Warren, 1908-1909.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
iris hoey 1885 1979 british actress 1908 1909
Iris Hoey (1885-1979), British actress, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
grand national trophy 1906 1908 1909artist
The Grand National Trophy, 1906 (1908-1909).Artist: Elkington & Company
ad watermans ideal founain pen 1908 1909 artist
Advertisement for Waterman's Ideal Founain Pen, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
a roman shepherd 1908 1909artist umberto
'A Roman Shepherd', 1908-1909.Artist: Umberto Coromaldi
izaak enschede printer 1908 1909 artist
Izaak Enschede, printer, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
elizabeth firth 1908 1909artist foulsham
Elizabeth Firth, 1908-1909.Artist: Foulsham and Banfield
moses melchior 1908 1909artist oscar hardee
Moses Melchior, 1908-1909.Artist: Oscar Hardee
lewis waller 1860 1915 actor theatre manager
Lewis Waller (1860-1915), actor and theatre manager, in Henry V, 1908-1909.Artist
gertie murray 1908 1909artist pawson
Gertie Murray, 1908-1909.Artist: Pawson
king edward vii prince fushimi staff aldershot
King Edward VII, Prince Fushimi and staff, Aldershot command, 1908-1909
hongi maori salutations 1908 1909artist jl
Hongi Maori salutations, 1908-1909.Artist: JL Martin
nell 1908 1909artist william hartley
'Nell', 1908-1909.Artist: William Hartley Waddington
miriam hopkins 1902 1972 american actress
Miriam Hopkins (1902-1972), American actress, c1930s-c1940s. Artist: Unknown
the gold weigher 1908 1909artist saloman
'The Gold Weigher', 1908-1909.Artist: Saloman Koninck
conway castle north wales 1908 1909artist
Conway Castle, north Wales, 1908-1909.Artist: Ernest W Jackson
hall columns karnak egypt 1908 1909 artist
Hall of Columns, Karnak, Egypt, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
royal show newcastle tyne 1908artist george
The Royal Show, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1908.Artist: George Frank
the soldiers farewell 1908 1909artist h
'The Soldier's Farewell', 1908-1909.Artist: H Kollien
choir reredos st pauls cathedral 1908 1909
The Choir and Reredos, St Paul's Cathedral, 1908-1909.Artist: WS Campbell
in tent assyrian 1908 1909artist valentine
'In the Tent of the Assyrian', 1908-1909.Artist: Valentine Davis
ballymaclinton irish village franco british
Ballymaclinton, Irish village, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908.Artist: R Welch
bishop lloyds palace chester 1908 1909 artist
Bishop Lloyd's Palace, Chester, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
eastern girl 1908 1909artist albert gilbert
'Eastern Girl', 1908-1909.Artist: Albert Gilbert
the prospector 1908 1909artist jan hendrik
'The Prospector', 1908-1909.Artist: Jan Hendrik Scheltema
norma shearer 1902 1983 canadian actress c1930s c1940s
Norma Shearer (1902-1983), Canadian actress, c1930s-c1940s. Artist: Unknown
alice faye 1915 1998 american actress singer
Alice Faye (1915-1998), American actress and singer, c1930s-c1940s. Artist: Unknown
woman admiring mirror 1908 1909artist hubner
Woman admiring herself in a mirror, 1908-1909.Artist: Hubner & Wilson
unveiling northumberland war memorial 1908 1909
Unveiling the Northumberland War Memorial, 1908-1909.Artist: George Frank
myrna loy 1905 1993 american actress c1930s c1940s
Myrna Loy (1905-1993), American actress, c1930s-c1940s. Artist: Unknown
when children asleep 1908 1909 artist unknown
'When the Children are Asleep', 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
portrait f fissi 1908 1909artist charles f
Portrait of F Fissi, 1908-1909.Artist: Charles F Borup
rio del olio venice italy 1907 1908 1909
'Rio del Olio', Venice, Italy, 1907 (1908-1909).Artist: William Alister Macdonald
a silent greeting 1908 1909artist sir lawrence
'A Silent Greeting', 1908-1909.Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
the print collector 1908 1909artist alexander
'The Print Collector', 1908-1909.Artist: A Alexander
the laughing cavalier 1624 1908 1909artist
'The Laughing Cavalier', 1624 (1908-1909).Artist: Frans Hals
western doorway elgin cathedral elgin moray
Western doorway of Elgin Cathedral, Elgin, Moray, Scotland, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
the boyhood raleigh 1908 1909 artist unknown
'The Boyhood of Raleigh', 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
woman wearing long dress hat 1908 1909artist
Woman wearing a long dress and a hat, 1908-1909.Artist: Andre & Sleigh
interior bristol cathedral 1908 1909artist
Interior of Bristol Cathedral, 1908-1909.Artist: W Gilliard
spinning wool yarn cliffony sligo 1908 1909
Spinning wool yarn, Cliffony, Sligo, 1908-1909.Artist: R Welch
gertrude robins 1890 1962 american actress
Gertrude Robins (1890-1962), American actress, 1908-1909.Artist: S Elwin Neame
jean aylwin actress 1908 1909 artist unknown
Jean Aylwin, actress, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
nova pilbeam b1919 british actress c1930s c1940s
Nova Pilbeam (b.1919) British actress, c1930s-c1940s. Artist: Unknown
normandy street 1908 1909artist benn cronin
Normandy Street, 1908-1909.Artist: Benn & Cronin
edmund lowe 1890 1971 american actor c1930s c1940s
Edmund Lowe (1890-1971), American actor, c1930s-c1940s. Artist: Unknown
ad book yoke hubert wales 1908 1909 artist
Advertisement for the book The Yoke, by Hubert Wales, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
a queen roses 1908 1909artist jh valda
'A Queen of Roses', 1908-1909.Artist: JH Valda
boot shoe illustrations 1908 1909artist acme
Boot and shoe illustrations, 1908-1909.Artist: Acme
pauline chase peter pan 1908 1909artist alfred
Pauline Chase as 'Peter Pan', 1908-1909.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
white tower rothenburg ob der tauber bavaria
The White Tower, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, 1908-1909.Artist: George E Brown
the merchant 1908 1909artist hely smith
'The Merchant', 1908-1909.Artist: Hely Smith
musketeer c1600 c1650 1908 1909 artist
A musketeer, c1600-c1650 (1908-1909). Artist: Unknown
billie burke 1885 1970 american actress 1908 1909
Billie Burke (1885-1970), American actress, 1908-1909.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
under mistletoe 1908 1909artist edward charles
'Under the Mistletoe', 1908-1909.Artist: Edward Charles Clifford
boot illustrations 1908 1909 artist unknown
Boot illustrations, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
john enschedes type foundry 1768 1908 1909
John Enschede's type foundry, 1768 (1908-1909).Artist: Cornelius van Noorde
printing process 1908 1909 artist unknown
The printing process, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
entrance stadion olympia greece 1937artist
Entrance to the Stadion, Olympia, Greece, 1937.Artist: Martin Hurlimann
temple jupiter zeus olympia greece 1937artist
Temple of Jupiter/Zeus, Olympia, Greece, 1937.Artist: Martin Hurlimann
ruins tirynth greece 1937artist martin
Amongst the ruins of Tirynth, Greece, 1937.Artist: Martin Hurlimann
stadium delphi greece 1937artist martin
Stadium, Delphi, Greece, 1937.Artist: Martin Hurlimann
theatre temple apollon delphi greece 1937 artist
Theatre and Temple of Apollon, Delphi, Greece, 1937. Artist: Martin Hurlimann
tumulus marathon greece 1937artist martin
The Tumulus of Marathon, Greece, 1937.Artist: Martin Hurlimann
delphi phaedriades mount parnassus greece 1937
Delphi and the Phaedriades on Mount Parnassus, Greece, 1937.Artist: Martin Hurlimann
hadrians arch athens 1937artist martin
Hadrian's Arch, Athens, 1937.Artist: Martin Hurlimann
theatre dionysus athens 1937 artist martin
Theatre of Dionysus, Athens, 1937. Artist: Martin Hurlimann
relief athena minerva 5th century bc 1937
Relief of Athena/Minerva, 5th century BC, (1937).Artist: Martin Hurlimann
north parthenon athens 1937artist martin
The north side of the Parthenon, Athens, 1937.Artist: Martin Hurlimann
temple nike athens 1937 artist martin
Temple of Nike, Athens, 1937. Artist: Martin Hurlimann
matheson lang 1879 1948 hutin britton macbeth
Matheson Lang (1879-1948) and Hutin Britton in Macbeth, 1911-1912. Artist: Unknown
25 hp talbot limousine landaulette 1912 artist
A 25 HP Talbot Limousine Landaulette, 1912. Artist: Unknown
early triumph motorcycle 1911 1912 artist
An early Triumph motorcycle, 1911-1912. Artist: Unknown
edinburgh castle seen vennel 1911 1912 artist
Edinburgh Castle as seen from The Vennel, 1911-1912. Artist: Unknown
bakehouse close edinburgh 1911 1912 artist
Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh, 1911-1912. Artist: Unknown
sir william schwenck gilbert 1836 1911 english
Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836-1911), English playwright and humorist, 1911-1912
evelyn dalroy actress 1911 1912 artist
Evelyn D'Alroy, actress, 1911-1912. Artist: Unknown
rms olympic white star line ocean liner 1911 1912
RMS 'Olympic', White Star Line ocean liner, 1911-1912.Artist: FGO Stuart
greenwich observatory london 1911 1912artist
Greenwich Observatory, London, 1911-1912.Artist: Reinhold Thiele
miss kitchener kate douglas 1911 1912artist
Miss Kitchener as Kate Douglas, 1911-1912.Artist: Frederick Downer & Sons
unity moore 1894 1981 irish actress 1911 1912
Unity Moore (1894-1981), Irish actress, 1911-1912.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
amy brandon thomas 1890 1974 english actress
Amy Brandon Thomas (1890-1974), English actress, 1911-1912.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
watch cap maker work 1911 1912artist al hitchin
A watch cap maker at work, 1911-1912.Artist: AL Hitchin
craftswoman work 1911 1912artist et holding
A craftswoman at work, 1911-1912.Artist: ET Holding
gaunts chapel st marks church bristol 1911 1912
The Gaunts' Chapel, St Mark's Church, Bristol, 1911-1912.Artist: CH Horton
salisbury cathedral 1911 1912artist fgo stuart
Salisbury Cathedral, 1911-1912.Artist: FGO Stuart
rue jersual 1911 1912artist hw fincham
Rue Jersual, 1911-1912.Artist: HW Fincham
tower bridge london 1911 1912artist reinhold
Tower Bridge, London, 1911-1912.Artist: Reinhold Thiele
dorothy grahame la danse des apaches 1904 1911 1912
Dorothy Grahame in La Danse Des Apaches (1904), 1911-1912. Artist: Unknown
ivy thorpe 1911 1912artist reinhold thiele
Ivy Thorpe, 1911-1912.Artist: Reinhold Thiele
rita jolivet 1890 1971 english actress 1911 1912
Rita Jolivet (1890-1971), English actress, 1911-1912. Artist: Unknown
children tricycle 1911 1912artist cw perry
Two children on a tricycle, 1911-1912.Artist: CW Perry
in spring playtime year 1911 1912artist ja
'In the spring and playtime of the year', 1911-1912.Artist: JA Southwart
la pompadour 1911 1912artist alfred ellis
'La Pompadour', 1911-1912.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
sir joseph swan 1828 1914 english physicist chemist
Sir Joseph Swan (1828-1914), English physicist and chemist, 1911-1912
bransby williams 1870 1961 actor 1911 1912
Bransby Williams (1870-1961), actor, 1911-1912.Artist: Reinhold Thiele


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