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29 Sep 2007

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hammam meskoutine algeria artist unknown
Hammam Meskoutine, Algeria. Artist: Unknown
calcutta india 1847 artist unknown
Calcutta, India, 1847. Artist: Unknown
town fort agra 1847 artist robinson
Town and fort of Agra, 1847. Artist: Robinson
the lall bang 1847 artist robinson
'The Lall Bang', 1847. Artist: Robinson
the effort tippoo saib seringapatam 1799 1847
'The last effort of Tippoo Saib at Seringapatam', 1799, (1847). Artist: Unknown
the merchants calicut seized chained barren rock
'The merchants of Calicut seized and chained to a barren rock by order of Tippoo Saib'
the zenana 1847 artist bonner
'The Zenana', 1847. Artist: Bonner
setting monsoon cannanore fort 1847 artist
'Setting in of the monsoon, Cannanore Fort', 1847. Artist: Unknown
a street bombay 1847 artist unknown
'A street in Bombay', 1847. Artist: Unknown
town fort trichinopoly india 1847 artist
'Town and fort of Trichinopoly', India, 1847. Artist: Unknown
grand temple bull tanjore india 1847artist
'Grand Temple of the Bull, Tanjore', India, 1847.Artist: Kirchner
chalees satoon pavilion pillars 1847 artist
'Chalees Satoon, or the Pavilion of the Forty Pillars', 1847. Artist: Giles
view cabul 1847 artist giles
View of Cabul, 1847. Artist: Giles
the favourite wife afzul khan preparing suttee 1847
'The favourite wife of Afzul Khan preparing for the suttee', 1847. Artist: Giles
the tomb favourite sultan akbar khan agra 1847
'The tomb of the favourite Sultan of Akbar Khan at Agra', 1847. Artist: Unknown
khan lodi overpowered 15th century 1847artist
Khan Lodi overpowered, 15th century, (1847).Artist: Robinson
the gate akbers mausoleum india 1847 artist
'The Gate of Akber's mausoleum', India, 1847. Artist: Robinson
ceremony burning hindu widow body late husband 1847
'Ceremony of burning a Hindu widow with the body of her late husband', 1847
pilgrims source ganges india 1847 artist
Pilgrims at the source of the Ganges, India, 1847. Artist: Unknown
indian landscape temple 1847 artist robinson
Indian landscape and temple, 1847. Artist: Robinson
goa upper curtain india 1847artist dean
'Goa, from the Upper Curtain', India, 1847.Artist: Dean & Co
dowlatabad india 1847 artist unknown
'Dowlatabad, India', 1847. Artist: Unknown
vasco da gamas introduction zamorin india 1498
Vasco da Gama's introduction to the Zamorin, India, 1498, (1847). Artist: Robinson
temple somnath gujarat india 1847 artist
Temple of Somnath, Gujarat, India, 1847. Artist: Robinson
headman village holding court 1847 artist
'Headman of the village holding his court', 1847. Artist: Unknown
caves ellora india 1847 artist robinson
Caves of Ellora, India, 1847. Artist: Robinson
vishnu shiva brahma 1847 artist robinson
Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma, 1847. Artist: Robinson
map india 1847 artist unknown
Map of India, 1847. Artist: Unknown
victoria town hong kong island 1847 artist
'Victoria Town, Hong Kong Island', 1847. Artist: Unknown
foo choo foo ports opened late treaty british
'Foo Choo Foo, one of the five ports opened by the late treaty to British commerce', 1847
shanghai ports opened late treaty british commerce
'Shanghai, one of the five ports opened by the late treaty to British commerce', 1847
golden island china 1847artist palmer
Golden Island, China, 1847.Artist: Palmer
house ningbo china 1847artist armstrong
House at Ningbo, China, 1847.Artist: Armstrong
ningbo ports opened late treaty british commerce
'Ningbo, one of the five ports opened by the late treaty to British commerce', China, 1847
amoy ports opened late treaty british commerce
'Amoy, one of the five ports opened by the late treaty to British commerce', 1847
whampoa near canton anchorage european shipping
'Whampoa near Canton, the anchorage for European shipping', 1847
buddhist temple china 1847 artist mason
Buddhist temple, China, 1847. Artist: Mason
bay island hong kong 1847 artist e gilks
The bay and island of Hong Kong, 1847. Artist: E Gilks
the english factories canton 1847 artist
'The English factories at Canton', 1847. Artist: JW Giles
culture preparation tea china 1847artist e
Culture and preparation of tea, China, 1847.Artist: E Gilks
domestic scene ladies usual employments 1847
'Domestic scene, ladies at their usual employments', 1847. Artist: Evans
ladies walking garden scene wealthier classes 1847
'Ladies walking, garden scene of one of the wealthier classes', 1847. Artist
the present emperor china young man saving fathers
'The present Emperor of China when a young man, saving his father's life
appearance public viceroy attended retinue 1847
'Appearance in public of a Viceroy attended by his retinue', 1847. Artist: Giles
approach emperor china receive british ambassador
Approach of the Emperor of China, to receive the British ambassador, 1847. Artist
the emperors vow 18th century 1847artist
'The Emperor's vow', 18th century, (1847).Artist: Evans
giving corn people season scarcity 1847 artist
'Giving out corn to the people, during a season of scarcity, 1847'. Artist: Evans
the annual spring festival 1847 artist evans
'The annual spring festival', 1847. Artist: Evans
the ceremonies observed province city china
'The ceremonies observed in every province and city of China, on the occasion
annual ceremony presenting almanacks 1847 artist
'Annual ceremony of presenting the almanacks', 1847. Artist: Giles
grand ceremony trying cannon 1847 artist
'Grand ceremony of trying the cannon', 1847. Artist: Giles
interior mandarins house china 1847artist
Interior of a mandarin's house, China, 1847.Artist: Walmsley
mandarins house china 1847 artist armstrong
Mandarin's house, China, 1847. Artist: Armstrong
camoens grotto macao 1847 artist armstrong
Camoens grotto, Macao, 1847. Artist: Armstrong
view macao 1847 artist giles
View of Macao, 1847. Artist: Giles
dramatic performance open air 1847 artist
'Dramatic performance in the open air', 1847. Artist: B Clayton
the annual festival celebrating emperors birthday
'The annual festival celebrating the emperor's birthday, revived by Kublai-Khan', 1847
street shops pekin 1847artist walmsley
'Street and shops in Pekin', 1847.Artist: Walmsley
mandarin throwing infant emperor sea 13th century
'Mandarin throwing himself with the infant emperor into the sea', 13th century, (1847)
the chinese people sold slaves tartars conquest
'The Chinese people sold for slaves by the Tartars, after their conquest by Zinguis-Khan'
the emperor weit soong court taken prisoners
'The Emperor Weit-Soong and his court, taken prisoners by the Tartars', 1847
boat drawn sluice lock canal 1847 artist
'Boat drawn over a sluice or lock on a canal', 1847. Artist: Giles
chinese summer villa 1847 artist evans
Chinese summer villa, 1847. Artist: Evans
chinese maidens weeping bride 1847 artist
'Chinese maidens weeping with a bride', 1847. Artist: Evans
burning chinese books 3rd century bc 1847
Burning of the Chinese books, 3rd century BC, (1847). Artist: JW Giles
confucius disciples 5th century bc 1847 artist
Confucius and his disciples, 5th century BC, (1847). Artist: Giles
map china 1847 artist unknown
Map of China, 1847. Artist: Unknown
the empress attendants proceeding temple mulberry
'The empress and her attendants proceeding to the temple from the mulberry grove', 1847
roman arch constantine northeast algeria artist
Roman arch, Constantine, northeast Algeria. Artist: Unknown
palm trees hammam meskoutine algeria artist
Palm trees, Hammam Meskoutine, Algeria. Artist: Unknown
el kantara bridge constantine northeast algeria
El-Kantara Bridge, Constantine, northeast Algeria. Artist: Unknown
ruined house el kantara tunisia artist unknown
Ruined house, El Kantara, Tunisia. Artist: Unknown
pont sidi msid constantine algeria artist
Pont Sidi M'Sid, Constantine, Algeria. Artist: Unknown
tomb doctor moreau hammam meskoutine algeria
Tomb of Doctor Moreau, Hammam Meskoutine, Algeria. Artist: Unknown
mohamed ben ali wife el kantara tunisia artist
Mohamed Ben Ali and his wife, El Kantara, Tunisia. Artist: Unknown
hammam meskoutine algeria artist unknown
Hammam Meskoutine, Algeria. Artist: Unknown