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25 Sep 2007

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the gypsy madonna c1510 1937 artist titian
'The Gypsy Madonna', c1510, (1937). Artist: Titian
caricature laocoon group 1937 artist nicolo
Caricature of the Laocoon group, 1937. Artist: Nicolo Boldrini
samson delilah 1937 artist nicolo boldrini
'Samson and Delilah', 1937. Artist: Nicolo Boldrini
st francis receiving stigmata 1937 artist
'St Francis Receiving the Stigmata', 1937. Artist: Nicolo Boldrini
large landscape st jerome 1937 artist nicolo
'Large Landscape with St Jerome', 1937. Artist: Nicolo Boldrini
adoration shepherds 1937 artist domenico
'Adoration of the Shepherds', 1937. Artist: Domenico dalle Greche
destruction pharaohs host red sea 1549 1937
'Destruction of Pharaoh's Host in the Red Sea', 1549, (1937)
abrahams sacrifice 1516 1518 1937 artist
'Abraham's Sacrifice', 1516-1518, (1937). Artist: Ugo da Carpi
vision st john evangelist 1937 artist andrea
'Vision of St John the Evangelist', 1937. Artist: Andrea Zucchi
the scourging christ 1568 1937 artist
'The Scourging of Christ', 1568, (1937). Artist: Martino Rota
vulcans forge 16th century 1937 artist
'Vulcan's Forge', 16th century, (1937). Artist: Cornelis Cort
tantalus 16th century 1937 artist guilo
'Tantalus', 16th century, (1937). Artist: Guilo Sanuto
landscape st jerome 16th century 1937 artist
'Landscape with St Jerome', 16th century, (1937). Artist: Cornelis Cort
st peter martyr 16th century 1937 artist
'St Peter Martyr', 16th century, (1937). Artist: Luca Bertelli
votive picture doge andrea gritti 1937 artist
Votive picture of Doge Andrea Gritti, 1937. Artist: Unknown
annunciation 16th century 1937 artist
'Annunciation', 16th century, (1937). Artist: Giovanni Jacopo Caraglio
martydom st peter martyr 16th century 1937
'Martydom of St Peter Martyr', 16th century, (1937). Artist: Martino Rota
horseman c1565 1937 artist titian
'Horseman', c1565, (1937). Artist: Titian
chinese buddhist prayer sheet 1926 artist
Chinese Buddhist prayer sheet, 1926. Artist: Unknown
title page coverdale bible 1535 1926 artist
Title page of the Coverdale Bible, 1535 (1926). Artist: Unknown
syriac version pentateuch 1926 artist unknown
Syriac version of the Pentateuch, 1926. Artist: Unknown
hebrew version pentateuch 1926 artist unknown
Hebrew version of the Pentateuch, 1926. Artist: Unknown
moabite stone 1926 artist unknown
The Moabite Stone, 1926. Artist: Unknown
tablet outside herods temple jerusalem forbidding
A tablet outside Herod's Temple, Jerusalem, forbidding strangers to enter, 1926
milan cathedral italy 1926 artist unknown
Milan Cathedral, Italy, 1926. Artist: Unknown
page book dead 1926 artist unknown
A page from The Book Of The Dead, 1926. Artist: Unknown
st marks basilica venice italy 1926 artist
St Mark's Basilica, Venice, Italy, 1926. Artist: Unknown
durham cathedral 1926 artist unknown
Durham Cathedral, 1926. Artist: Unknown
lincoln cathedral 1926 artist unknown
Lincoln Cathedral, 1926. Artist: Unknown
leo tolstoy 1828 1910 russian author philosopher
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), Russian author and philosopher, 1926. Artist: Unknown
new university jerusalem israel 1926 artist
The New University, Jerusalem, Israel, 1926. Artist: Unknown
elizabeth fry 1780 1845 visiting newgate prison
Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845) visiting Newgate Prison, 1926. Artist: Unknown
transmitting valves marconi station carnarvon
Transmitting valves at Marconi Station in Carnarvon, Gwynedd, 1926. Artist: Unknown
x ray photograph hand 1926 artist unknown
X-ray photograph of a hand, 1926. Artist: Unknown
joseph lister 1827 1912 english surgeon pioneer
Joseph Lister (1827-1912), English surgeon and pioneer of antiseptic surgery, 1926
marie curie 1867 1934 polish born french physicist
Marie Curie (1867-1934), Polish-born French physicist, 1926. Artist: Unknown
aeroplane london 1926artist gh davis
An aeroplane over London, 1926.Artist: GH Davis
samuel morse 1791 1872 american artist inventor
Samuel Morse (1791-1872), American artist and inventor, 1926. Artist: Unknown
lord kelvin 1824 1907 irish born scottish mathematician
Lord Kelvin (1824-1907), Irish-born Scottish mathematician and physicist, 1926. Artist
trinity college cambridge 1926 artist unknown
Trinity College, Cambridge, 1926. Artist: Unknown
sir william crookes 1832 1919 english chemist
Sir William Crookes (1832-1919), English chemist and physicist, 1926. Artist: Unknown
horseman falling c1565 1937 artist titian
'Horseman Falling', c1565, (1937). Artist: Titian
angel annunciation c1565 1937 artist
'Angel of the Annunciation', c1565, (1937). Artist: Titian
lovers jupiter io c1560 1937 artist
'Lovers (Jupiter and Io)', c1560, (1937). Artist: Titian
study martyrdom st lawrence venice c1550 1937
Study for the Martyrdom of St Lawrence in Venice, c1550, (1937). Artist: Titian
medor angelica jason medea c1535 1545 1937
'Medor and Angelica or Jason and Medea', c1535-1545, (1937). Artist: Titian
study st bernardino votive picture doge gritti
Study for the St Bernardino in the Votive picture of Doge Gritti, c1535, (1937). Artist
sketch portrait duke urbino 1536 1937 artist
Sketch for the portrait of the Duke of Urbino, 1536, (1937). Artist: Titian
horseman battle cadore c1525 1937 artist
'Horseman for the Battle of Cadore', c1525, (1937). Artist: Titian
head moor c1525 1937 artist titian
'Head of a Moor', c1525, (1937). Artist: Titian
landscape shepherd flock c1520 1937 artist
'Landscape with Shepherd and Flock', c1520, (1937). Artist: Titian
landscape flock sheep c1520 1937 artist
'Landscape with Flock of Sheep', c1520, (1937). Artist: Titian
landscape satyrs c1530 1540 1937 artist
'Landscape with Satyrs', c1530-1540, (1937). Artist: Titian
sketch st sebastian c1518 1937 artist titian
Sketch for the St Sebastian, c1518, (1937). Artist: Titian
forest landscape c1516 1518 1937 artist
'Forest Landscape', c1516-1518, (1937). Artist: Titian
the triumph faith 1510 1511 1937 artist
'The Triumph of Faith', 1510-1511, (1937). Artist: Titian
sketches st sebastian brescia c1518 1937 artist
Sketches for the St Sebastian in Brescia, c1518, (1937). Artist: Titian
polyphemus c1515 1937 artist titian
'Polyphemus', c1515, (1937). Artist: Titian
group apostles 1516 1518 1937 artist
'Group of Apostles', 1516-1518, (1937). Artist: Titian
sketch jealous husband scuola del santo c1510
Sketch for the 'Jealous Husband' in the Scuola Del Santo, c1510, (1937). Artist
landscape satyrs c1512 1937 artist titian
'Landscape with Satyrs', c1512, (1937). Artist: Titian
landscape youths c1510 1937 artist titian
'Landscape with Two Youths', c1510, (1937). Artist: Titian
lucretia tarquinius c1560s 1937 artist
'Lucretia and Tarquinius', c1560s, (1937). Artist: Titian
jacopo strada 1568 1937 artist titian
'Jacopo Strada', 1568, (1937). Artist: Titian
the crowning thorns c1542 1937 artist
'The Crowning with Thorns', c1542, (1937). Artist: Titian
venus urbino c1538 1937 artist titian
'Venus of Urbino', c1538, (1937). Artist: Titian
portrait noblewoman la bella c1536 1937
Portrait of a Noblewoman, or La Bella', c1536, (1937). Artist: Titian
the man glove c1520 1937 artist titian
'The Man with a Glove', c1520, (1937). Artist: Titian
the tribute money 1518 1937 artist titian
'The Tribute Money', 1518, (1937). Artist: Titian
guglielmo marconi 1874 1937 italian physicist
Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937), Italian physicist and inventor, 1926. Artist: Unknown
alexander graham bell 1847 1922 scottish born
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), Scottish-born American inventor, 1926. Artist: Unknown