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6 Nov 2007

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doctors universite paris 1849artist edward may
Doctors at the Universite de Paris, 1849.Artist: Edward May
saint colette 1381 1447 c16th century 1849
Saint Colette (1381-1447), c16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
ship carpenter 15th century 1849 artist
Ship carpenter, 15th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
boat ship carpenters c late 11th early 12th century
Boat and ship carpenters, c late 11th/early 12th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
king philip ii france 1165 1223 16th century 1849
King Philip II of France (1165-1223), 16th century (1849).Artist: Dutillet
tomb dagobert i 603 689 merovingian king basilisque
Tomb of Dagobert I (603-689), Merovingian king, Basilisque Saint-Denis, 1849. Artist
dagobert i 603 689 merovingian king c16th century
Dagobert I (603-689), Merovingian king, c16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
charlemagne 712 814 holy roman emperor king franks
Charlemagne (712-814), Holy Roman Emperor and King of the Franks, 16th century (1849)
building construction france 15th century 1849
Building construction, France, 15th century (1849).Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
entry king epinette 16th century 1849 artist
Entry of the King of Epinette, 16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
officers table chamber imperial court 1512 1849
Officers of the table and the chamber of the imperial court, 1512 (1849).Artist: J Resch
congress wartburg 15th century 1849artist
The Congress of Wartburg, 15th century (1849).Artist: A Bisson
meeting field cloth gold c16th century 1849
Meeting at the Field of the Cloth of Gold, c16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
sergeant arms 14th century 1849artist edward
Sergeant at arms, 14th century (1849).Artist: Edward May
imperial procession 1529 1530 1849artist
Imperial procession, 1529-1530 (1849).Artist: Lucas Cranach the Elder
entry queen isabel paris 15th century 1849
The entry of Queen Isabel into Paris, 15th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
standards church empire 1529 1530 1849artist
Standards of the church and the empire, 1529-1530 (1849).Artist: Lucas Cranach the Elder
grand procession doge venice italy 16th century
Grand procession of the Doge, Venice, Italy, 16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
duke saxony marquis brandenburg c16th century 1849
The Duke of Saxony and the Marquis of Brandenburg, c16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
royal garments charlemagne 742 814 15th century
Royal garments of Charlemagne (742-814), 15th century (1849).Artist: A Bisson
coronation emperor sigismund 1368 1437 pope
The coronation of Emperor Sigismund (1368-1437) by Pope Eugene IV, 15th century (1849)
herald 14th century 1849 artist unknown
A herald, 14th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
coronation charlemagne 712 814 14th century 1849
The coronation of Charlemagne (712-814), 14th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
coronation king charles v france 1337 1380
The coronation of King Charles V of France (1337-1380), 14th century (1849).Artist
abbey saint denis late 16th century 1849 artist
Abbey of Saint-Denis, late 16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
grand costume supreme commander french armies
Grand costume of a Supreme Commander of the French armies, 16th century (1849).Artist
commemoration second council nice 9th 10th century
Commemoration of the second council of Nice, 9th-10th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
costume worn emperors coronations time charlemagne
The costume worn by emperors during their coronations since the time of Charlemagne, 1579 (1846)
facade ancient church abbey sainte genevieve paris
Facade of the ancient church of the Abbey of Sainte-Genevieve, Paris, France , 1849
funeral st cesaire 9th century 1849 artist
Funeral in St Cesaire, 9th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
baptism 15th century 1849artist bisson
Baptism, 15th century (1849).Artist: A Bisson
religious procession 1449 1456 1849 artist
Religious procession, 1449-1456 (1849). Artist: A Bisson
pope sylvester i d335 1849 artist unknown
Pope Sylvester I (d335), 1849. Artist: Unknown
pope gregory ix c1143 1241 1849 artist
Pope Gregory IX (c1143-1241), 1849. Artist: Unknown
pope innocent iv 1180 1254 1849 artist
Pope Innocent IV (1180-1254), 1849. Artist: Unknown
pope clement iv d1268 1849 artist unknown
Pope Clement IV (d1268), 1849. Artist: Unknown
pope honorius iii 1148 1227 1849 artist
Pope Honorius III (1148-1227), 1849. Artist: Unknown
burmese dancers 1936 artist fox
Burmese dancers, 1936. Artist: Fox
afghan tribesman 1936artist fox
Afghan tribesman, 1936.Artist: Fox
masked dancers tibet 1936artist ewing galloway
Masked dancers, Tibet, 1936.Artist: Ewing Galloway
tibetan priests 1936artist ewing galloway
Tibetan priests, 1936.Artist: Ewing Galloway
porters tibet 1936 artist fox
Porters in Tibet, 1936. Artist: Fox
newar women pounding grain nepal 1936artist
Newar women pounding grain, Nepal, 1936.Artist: Ewing Galloway
sesame painted honour hindu goddess india 1936
Sesame mill painted in honour of a Hindu goddess, India, 1936. Artist: Ewing Galloway
indian nautch girl 1936 artist unknown
Indian nautch girl, 1936. Artist: Unknown
hindu cow sacred cow india 1936 artist unknown
Hindu cow with sacred cow, India, 1936. Artist: Unknown
vegetable seller jaipur india 1936 artist
Vegetable seller, Jaipur, India, 1936. Artist: Unknown
indian snake charmer mongoose cobra 1936 artist
Indian snake charmer with mongoose and cobra, 1936. Artist: Fox
indian maharajah 1936 artist unknown
Indian maharajah, 1936. Artist: Unknown
boy gun aden protectorate arabia 1936 artist
Boy with a gun, Aden Protectorate, Arabia, 1936. Artist: Fox
arab boy goat middle east 1936artist donald
Arab boy and goat, Middle East, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
yemeni orthodox jew 1914 1936artist donald
Yemeni orthodox Jew, 1914 (1936).Artist: Donald McLeish
christian woman wedding dress palestine 1936
Christian woman in a wedding dress, Palestine, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
turkish cypriot men spinning 1936 artist
Turkish Cypriot men spinning, 1936. Artist: Unknown
bedouin girl syrian desert 1936 artist hj
Bedouin girl in the Syrian desert, 1936. Artist: HJ Shepstone
peasant drinking coffee smoking huqqah izmir
A peasant drinking coffee and smoking a huqqah, Izmir, Turkey, 1936. Artist: Unknown
girls cotton field kazakhstan 1936 artist
Girls in a cotton field, Kazakhstan, 1936. Artist: Unknown
worker collective farm turkoman republic 1936
Worker on a collective farm in the Turkoman Republic, 1936. Artist: Unknown
woman working silk industry samarkand uzbekistan
Woman working in the silk industry, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, 1936. Artist: Unknown
uzbek girls 1936 artist unknown
Uzbek girls, 1936. Artist: Unknown
uzbek man smoking calian samarkand 1936 artist
Uzbek man smoking calian, Samarkand, 1936. Artist: Unknown
uzbek schoolboy working farm 1936 artist
Uzbek schoolboy working on a farm, 1936. Artist: Unknown
tartar girl green peninsula crimea 1936 artist
Tartar girl of the Green Peninsula, Crimea, 1936. Artist: Unknown
georgian man wearing tcherkeska 1936 artist
Georgian man wearing a tcherkeska, 1936. Artist: Unknown
female factory worker moscow 1936 artist
Female factory worker, Moscow, 1936. Artist: Unknown
polish woman traditional dress 1936 artist
Polish woman in traditional dress, 1936. Artist: Unknown
lithuanian woman traditional dress 1936 artist
Lithuanian woman in traditional dress, 1936. Artist: Geoffrey L Portham
latvian women traditional costume 1936 artist
Latvian women in traditional costume, 1936. Artist: Unknown
estonian woman traditional dress 1936 artist
Estonian woman in traditional dress, 1936. Artist: Unknown
lapp children looking globe 1936 artist unknown
Lapp children looking at a globe, 1936. Artist: Unknown
finns playing kykka national game 1936 artist
Finns playing Kykka, the national game, 1936. Artist: ENA
monk sounding prayer gong greece 1936artist
Monk sounding the call to prayer on a gong, Greece, 1936.Artist: Nomias
gipsies 1936 artist unknown
Gipsies, 1936. Artist: Unknown
romanian dancers 1936 artist unknown
Romanian dancers, 1936. Artist: Unknown
serbian peasants 1936 artist unknown
Serbian peasants, 1936. Artist: Unknown
veiled women sarajevo bosnia 1936 artist
Veiled women, Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1936. Artist: Unknown
veiled bride south serbia 1936 artist unknown
Veiled bride, South Serbia, 1936. Artist: Unknown
swiss guards vatican city rome 1936artist
Swiss Guards, Vatican City, Rome, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
woman weaving straw hand loom fiesole near florence
Woman weaving with straw on a hand loom, Fiesole, near Florence, Italy, 1936. Artist
dancers way seville spain 1936 artist fox
Dancers on their way to Seville, Spain, 1936. Artist: Fox
woman wearing lace mantilla andalusia spain 1936
Woman wearing a lace mantilla, Andalusia, Spain, 1936. Artist: Fox
peasant woman northern portugal 1936artist
Peasant woman, northern Portugal, 1936.Artist: O Bobone
couple traditional dress alsace lorraine rhine 1936
Couple in traditional dress, Alsace-Lorraine, Rhine, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
festival holy blood christ bruges belgium 1936
Festival of the Holy Blood of Christ, Bruges, Belgium, 1936. Artist: Charles E Brown
nun making lace bruges belgium 1936 artist
Nun making lace, Bruges, Belgium, 1936. Artist: Donald McLeish
peasant farmers haymaking glacier foot switzerland
Peasant farmers haymaking at the glacier foot, Switzerland. 1936.Artist: F Hutzli
mother child christmas tree matyo people miskole
Mother and child with Christmas tree, Matyo people, Miskole, Hungary, 1936. Artist
festival medieval old town rothenburg ob der tauber
Festival in the medieval old town, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Germany, 1936
traditional costume south germany 1936 artist
Traditional costume, South Germany, 1936. Artist: Unknown
children traditional dress marken holland 1936
Children in traditional dress, Marken, Holland, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
dutch people wearing clogs marken holland 1936
Dutch people wearing clogs, Marken, Holland, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
greengrocer bringing goods boat marken holland 1936
Greengrocer bringing goods by boat, Marken, Holland, 1936. Artist: Donald McLeish
traditional dutch scene windmill holland 1936
Traditional Dutch scene with windmill, Holland, 1936. Artist: Donald McLeish
weaving irish linen lurgan armagh 1936artist
Weaving Irish linen, Lurgan, Armagh, 1936.Artist: Fox
fish seller scotland 1936 artist donald
Fish seller, Scotland, 1936. Artist: Donald McLeish
tossing caber highland games scotland 1936 artist
Tossing the caber at the Highland games, Scotland, 1936. Artist: Fox
national costumes preserved army uniform 1936
National costumes preserved in army uniform, 1936.Artist: Fox
children watching punch judy london street 1936
Children watching a Punch and Judy show in a London street, 1936. Artist: Donald McLeish
bessemer process manufacturing steel 1936 artist
Bessemer process for manufacturing steel, 1936. Artist: Fox


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