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13 Nov 2007

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swallowing canes ceremonial ritual new guinea 1936
Swallowing canes in a ceremonial ritual, New Guinea, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
tapping maple syrup canada 1936artist canadian
Tapping for maple syrup, Canada, 1936.Artist: Canadian Government
gatherering myrrh frankincense somalia africa 1936
Gatherering myrrh and frankincense, Somalia, Africa, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
abyssinian ethiopian woman 1936artist wide
An Abyssinian (Ethiopian) woman, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
chieftan prince abyssinia ethiopia africa 1936
A chieftan prince of Abyssinia (Ethiopia), Africa, 1936.Artist: Daily Herald
people shilluk chollo sudan africa 1936artist
People of the Shilluk (Chollo), Sudan, Africa, 1936.Artist: Major R Whitbread
water seller cairo egypt 1936artist donald
A water seller, Cairo, Egypt, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
craftsmen cairo egypt africa 1936artist
Craftsmen, Cairo, Egypt, Africa, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
desert warrior africa 1936artist fox photos
Desert warrior of Africa, 1936.Artist: Fox Photos
witch doctor uganda africa 1936artist wide
A witch-doctor, Uganda, Africa, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
turkana tribesman kenya africa 1936artist
A Turkana tribesman, Kenya, Africa, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
masai warrior africa 1936artist wide world
A Masai warrior, Africa, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
kikuyu warrior kenya 1936artist martin johnson
A Kikuyu warrior, Kenya, 1936.Artist: Martin Johnson
witch doctors tanganyika tanzania africa 1936
Two witch-doctors, Tanganyika (Tanzania), Africa, 1936.Artist: GPA
fashionable wife wealthy arab africa 1936artist
The fashionable wife of a wealthy Arab, Africa, 1936.Artist: ENA
bandsmen northern rhodesia regiment beat military
Bandsmen of the Northern Rhodesia Regiment beat a military tattoo, Zimbabwe, Africa, 1936
mashona tribeswomen pounding maize millet zimbabwe
Two Mashona tribeswomen pounding maize and millet, Zimbabwe, Africa, 1936
south african tribesman smoking 1936artist
A South African tribesman smoking, 1936.Artist: South African Railways
wife angoni chieftain mozambique africa 1936
The wife of an Angoni chieftain, Mozambique, Africa, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
woman sara kaba tribe congo republic africa 1936
A woman from the Sara-Kaba tribe, Congo Republic, Africa, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
royal bodyguard ancient armour northern nigeria 1936
Royal bodyguard in ancient armour, northern Nigeria, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
nigerian girl 1936artist wide world photos
A Nigerian girl, 1936Artist: Wide World Photos
man boy ashanti people ghana africa 1936artist
A man and a boy from the Ashanti people, Ghana, Africa, 1936.Artist: LNA Images
yafouba tribesman juggles girl ivory coast west
A Yafouba tribesman juggles with a girl, Ivory Coast, West Africa, 1936
boy dancers dressed girls yafouba tribe west africa
Boy dancers dressed as girls, the Yafouba tribe, West Africa, 1936
visored mask highland people africa 1936artist
Visored mask of highland people, Africa, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
arabs riding camels sahara desert africa 1936
Two Arabs riding camels in the Sahara Desert, Africa, 1936.Artist: Fox Photos
tunisian boy sahara desert 1936artist ewing
Tunisian boy in the Sahara Desert, 1936.Artist: Ewing Galloway
berber horseman french army 1936artist donald
Berber horseman of the French Army, 1936.Artist: Donald McLeish
korean woman carrying baby back 1936artist
A Korean woman carrying a baby on her back, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
white robed inhabitants korea 1936artist wide
White-robed inhabitants of Korea, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
japanese women washing hands prior entering temple
Japanese women washing their hands prior to entering a temple, 1936
printing election posters japan 1936artist
Printing election posters in Japan, 1936.Artist: Fox Photos
man eating mukden shenyang china 1936artist
A man eating, Mukden (Shenyang), China, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos
chinese family cart 1936artist sport general
Chinese family on a cart, 1936.Artist: Sport & General
portrait mandarins china 1936artist fox photos
A portrait of mandarins, China, 1936.Artist: Fox Photos
painted warriors papua new guinea 1936artist
Painted warriors, Papua, New Guinea, 1936.Artist: Sport & General
goblin masks visors worn beauty aids papua new
Goblin masks and visors worn as beauty aids, Papua, New Guinea, 1936.Artist: Fox Photos
mother child papua new guinea 1936artist
A mother and her child, Papua, New Guinea, 1936.Artist: Ewing Galloway
pygmy tree dweller using blow gun malaya 1936
Pygmy tree dweller using a blow-gun, Malaya, 1936.Artist: Malayan Information Agency
primitive methods worlds richest tin district
Primitive methods in the world's richest tin district, Taiping, China, 1936.Artist
youthful devotee great buddha 1936artist ewing
Youthful devotee of the great Buddha, 1936.Artist: Ewing Galloway
huntsman stringing bow 1936artist wide world
A huntsman stringing his bow, 1936.Artist: Wide World Photos