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7 Mar 2007

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assorted greek roman jewelry 4th century bc 17th
Assorted Greek and Roman jewelry, 4th century BC-17th century. Artist: Unknown
ornamental embellishments 1814artist edward
The Ornamental Embellishments, 1814.Artist: Edward Topham
duke clarence 1765 1837 future king william iv
The Duke of Clarence (1765-1837), the future King William IV, 19th century. Artist
medal time oliver cromwell 17th century artist
Medal from the time of Oliver Cromwell, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
king frederick iv denmark norway 1671 1730
King Frederick IV of Denmark and Norway (1671-1730), 18th centuryArtist: Pratlent
napoleon iii 1808 1873 pesident france 19th
Napoleon III (1808-1873), Pesident of France, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
prince cimitile 19th centuryartist wagstaff
The Prince of Cimitile, 19th century.Artist: Wagstaff
king frederick william iv prussia 1795 1861
King Frederick William IV of Prussia (1795-1861), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
leopold ii 1797 1870 grand duke tuscany c
Leopold II (1797-1870), Grand Duke of Tuscany, c 19th century. Artist: Unknown
king henry iv france 1553 1610 artist unknown
King Henry IV of France (1553-1610). Artist: Unknown
reception alexander i 1777 1825 emperor russia
The reception of Alexander I (1777-1825), the Emperor of Russia, at Memel, 1802. Artist
william crown prince germany 1882 1951 c 1930s
William, Crown Prince of Germany (1882-1951), c 1930s. Artist: Unknown
duke lorraine france c18th century artist
Duke of Lorraine, France, c18th century. Artist: Unknown
the evening battle copenhagen 1801 artist
'The Evening Before the Battle of Copenhagen', 1801. Artist: Unknown
nelsons first footing navy chatham 1771 artist
'Nelson's First Footing in the Navy, Chatham', 1771. Artist: Unknown
san nicolas san josef carried boarding battle
The 'San Nicolas' and 'San Josef', carried by boarding, Battle of Cape St Vincent
death mask admiral lord nelson artist unknown
Death mask of Admiral Lord Nelson. Artist: Unknown
nelson signal battle copenhagen 1801 artist
Nelson and the signal, Battle of Copenhagen, 1801. Artist: Unknown
flags used nelsons famous signal battle trafalgar
Flags used for Nelson's famous signal at the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805. Artist
nelson boarding san josef battle cape st vincent
Nelson boarding the 'San Josef', Battle of Cape St Vincent, 1797.Artist: JJ Crew
gunboat encounter nelson don miguel tyrason 1797
Gunboat encounter between Nelson and Don Miguel Tyrason, 1797.Artist: George Greatbatch
uniform admiral lord nelson wore killed battle
The uniform Admiral Lord Nelson wore when he was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
admiral lord nelsonartist henry bone
Admiral Lord Nelson.Artist: Henry Bone
death admiral lord nelson 1805 1807artist
The death of Admiral Lord Nelson, 1805 (1807).Artist: Arthur William Devis
best british/rear admiral sir horatio nelson 1798 1799artist
Rear Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, 1798-1799.Artist: Lemuel Francis Abbott
battle nile 1798 artist unknown
Battle of the Nile, 1798. Artist: Unknown
battle trafalgar 1805 artist unknown
Battle of Trafalgar, 1805. Artist: Unknown
battle cape st vincent 1797 artist unknown
Battle of Cape St Vincent, 1797. Artist: Unknown
victory artist unknown
'Victory'. Artist: Unknown
nelson sealing historic message copenhagen 1801
Nelson sealing his historic message at Copenhagen, 1801. Artist: Unknown
nelson landing yarmouth 1800artist andrea
Nelson landing at Yarmouth, 1800.Artist: Andrea Sleigh
arrival hms vanguard artist unknown
Arrival of HMS 'Vanguard'. Artist: Unknown
mahomed suraj oo deen shah gazee titular king delhi
'Mahomed Suraj-Oo-Deen Shah Gazee, Titular King Of Delhi', 19th century. Artist
rudolf ii holy roman emperor 1576 1612 artist
Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor from 1576-1612. Artist: Unknown
maurice nassau prince orange artist unknown
Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange. Artist: Unknown
frederick v king bohemia 1619 1620 artist
Frederick V, King of Bohemia from 1619-1620. Artist: Unknown
henry iv holy roman emperor artist unknown
Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor. Artist: Unknown
maximillian ii holy roman emperor 1564 1576 artist
Maximillian II, Holy Roman Emperor from 1564-1576. Artist: Unknown
frederick william i king prussia artist unknown
Frederick William I, King of Prussia. Artist: Unknown
charles ix king france 1792artist jones
Charles IX, King of France (1792).Artist: Jones
matthias holy roman emperor 1612 1619 artist
Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor from 1612-1619. Artist: Unknown
frederick william iii king prussia 1815artist
Frederick William III, King of Prussia, 1815.Artist: A Wheltier
napoleon francois joseph charles bonaparte artist
Napoleon Francois Joseph Charles Bonaparte. Artist: Unknown
william iv king united kingdom 1837 artist
William IV, King of the United Kingdom, 1837. Artist: Unknown
lord nelsons villa merton 19th centuryartist
Lord Nelson's Villa at Merton, 19th century.Artist: A Warren
george ii king great britain ireland artist
George II, King of Great Britain and Ireland. Artist: Unknown
edward iv king england artist unknown
Edward IV, King of England. Artist: Unknown
henry iv king france 19th centuryartist
Henry IV, King of France, (19th century).Artist: Thomas A Woolnoth
louis xiv sister charityartist gh adcock
Louis XIV and the Sister of Charity.Artist: GH Adcock
john lancaster 1st duke bedford 18th century
John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford, (18th century).Artist: George Vertue
clovis first christian king franks 1806artist
Clovis, the first Christian King of the Franks, (1806).Artist: J Chapman
philip ii king spain 1735artist george
Philip II, King of Spain, (1735).Artist: George Vertue
louis xviii king france 1814 artist unknown
Louis XVIII, King of France, 1814. Artist: Unknown
prince leopold george christian frederick saxe coburg saalfeld
Prince Leopold George Christian Frederick of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, 1816
leopold ii king belgians artist unknown
Leopold II, King of the Belgians. Artist: Unknown
george denmark prince consort queen anne great
George of Denmark, Prince Consort of Queen Anne of Great Britain.Artist: N Parr
prince rupert royalist cavalry commander english
Prince Rupert, Royalist cavalry commander of the English Civil War, (19th century)
philip iv king spain artist unknown
Philip IV, King of Spain. Artist: Unknown
james i king england scotland ireland artist
James I, King of England, Scotland and Ireland. Artist: Unknown
prince pyotr bagration russian general artist
Prince Pyotr Bagration, Russian general. Artist: Unknown
charles i king sicily jerusalem albania naples
Charles I, King of Sicily, Jerusalem, Albania and Naples. Artist: Unknown
william iv king united kingdom 1830 artist
William IV, King of the United Kingdom, 1830. Artist: Unknown
louis xviii king france artist unknown
Louis XVIII, King of France. Artist: Unknown
tsar nicholas i russia artist unknown
Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. Artist: Unknown
equestrian statue prince eugene savoy vienna
Equestrian statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy, Vienna.Artist: Margaret Jacob
victor emmanuel ii king italy artist unknown
Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy. Artist: Unknown
charles v king spain holy roman emperorartist
Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor.Artist: J Chapman
louis xvi king france 1816 artist unknown
Louis XVI, King of France, (1816). Artist: Unknown
maximillian i holy roman emperorartist j
Maximillian I, Holy Roman Emperor.Artist: J Chapman
emperor franz josef austria 1892 artist unknown
Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, 1892. Artist: Unknown
emperor franz josef austria artist unknown
Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. Artist: Unknown
francis i emperor austria 1814 artist unknown
Francis I, Emperor of Austria, 1814. Artist: Unknown
stanislaw august poniatowski king polandartist
Stanislaw August Poniatowski, King of Poland.Artist: C Warren
otto von bismark german statesman 1877artist
Otto von Bismark, German statesman, 1877.Artist: A von Werner
gustavus adolphus king sweden artist unknown
Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden. Artist: Unknown
henry iv king france artist unknown
Henry IV, King of France. Artist: Unknown
prince philippe count flanders 19th century
Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders, 19th century.Artist: TA Dean
charles ix king france artist unknown
Charles IX, King of France. Artist: Unknown
alexander i tsar russia 1826artist r page
Alexander I, Tsar of Russia, (1826).Artist: R Page
the sun 1757 artist unknown
'The Sun', 1757. Artist: Unknown
leander swims hellespont meet mistress hero 1733
'Leander Swims Over the Hellespont to Meet his Mistress Hero', 1733. Artist
the chaos 1733 artist bernard picart
'The Chaos', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
scene hell 1733 artist bernard picart
'Scene of Hell', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
penelope loom 1733 artist bernard picart
'Penelope at Her Loom', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
the nymph echo changed sound 1733 artist
'The Nymph Echo Changed into Sound', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
phineus delivered harpies calais zethes 1733
'Phineus is Delivered from the Harpies by Calais and Zethes', 1733. Artist
acteon turnd stag devourd dogs 1733 artist
'Acteon turn'd into a Stag, and devour'd by his dogs', 1733. Artist
oeneus king calydon punished impiety 1733
'Oeneus, King of Calydon.. is Punished for his Impiety', 1733
pygmalion enamoured statue made 1733 artist
'Pygmalion is Enamoured With a Statue he Has Made', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
apollo diana kill niobes children arrows 1733
'Apollo and Diana Kill Niobe's Children with their Arrows', 1733. Artist
tithonus auroras husband turned grasshopper 1733
'Tithonus, Aurora's Husband, Turned into a Grasshopper', 1733. Artist
lycaon metamorphosed wolf 1733 artist bernard
'Lycaon Metamorphosed into a Wolf', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
clytia turned turnesole 1733 artist bernard
'Clytia Turned into a Turnesole', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
the moon endymion 1733 artist bernard picart
'The Moon and Endymion', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
semele consumed jupiters fire 1733 artist
'Semele is Consumed by Jupiter's Fire', 1733. Artist: Bernard Picart
leucothoe seduced apollo shape eurynome 1733
'Leucothoe Seduced by Apollo in the Shape of Eurynome', 1733
pindare 1615 artist bernard picart
'Pindare', 1615. Artist: Bernard Picart
river meles 1615 artist bernard picart
'River Meles', 1615. Artist: Bernard Picart
jason argonauts 1655 artist michel marolles
'Jason and the Argonauts', 1655. Artist: Michel de Marolles


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