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20 Mar 2007

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small physicist vain physicist 1887 artist
The Small Physicist and The Vain Physicist, 1887. Artist: Gaston Tissandier
painting cesare lucrezia borgia lucrezia borgia
Detail of painting 'Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia' Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519)
electric tram running hernani street san sebastian
Electric tram running through the Hernani street in San Sebastián, 1900
electric trams running alcala street madrid 1910
Electric trams running through the Alcala street in Madrid, 1910
electric tram trailer load circulating plaza constitution
Electric Tram with trailer load circulating through the Plaza of the Constitution
view puerta del sol vigo galicia trams cabs
View of the Puerta del Sol de Vigo (Galicia), where trams and cabs are circulating, 1910
whale captured thames grays essex 19th century
Whale captured in the Thames, Grays, Essex, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
swearing members new parliament 19th century
Swearing in members of the new parliament, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
socialist leaders bow street police court following
Socialist leaders at Bow Street police court following riots in the west-end of London
village blacksmith artist unknown
The village blacksmith. Artist: Unknown
ignatius loyola superior general society jesus
Ignatius of Loyola, Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Artist: W Holl
catherine braganza queen consort king charles
Catherine of Braganza, Queen Consort of King Charles II of England, (1821). Artist
king james ii abbey la trappe france artist
King James II at the Abbey of La Trappe, France. Artist: Unknown
james ii taking leave louis xiv france 1689 artist
James II taking leave of Louis XIV of France, 1689. Artist: Unknown
reception james ii dublin 1689 artist unknown
Reception of James II in Dublin, 1689. Artist: Unknown
earl warenne justifying title estates artist
Earl Warenne justifying the title to his estates. Artist: J Rogers
balliol surrendering crown edward i england 1296
Balliol surrendering his crown to Edward I of England, 1296.Artist: J Rogers
marguerite france queen king edward i england
Marguerite of France, Queen of King Edward I of England.Artist: B Eyles
queen eleanor intercedes john artist unknown
Queen Eleanor intercedes for John. Artist: Unknown
king edward i england berwick 1296 artist
King Edward I of England at Berwick, 1296. Artist: Unknown
edward i presenting infant son welsh 1284 artist
Edward I presenting his infant son to the Welsh, 1284. Artist: Unknown
joanna navarre queen king henry iv england artist
Joanna of Navarre, Queen of King Henry IV of England. Artist: Unknown
frances trollope 19th century english novelist
Frances Trollope, 19th century English novelist. Artist: Unknown
henry iv reproving prince henry 19th century
Henry IV reproving Prince Henry, (19th century).Artist: J Rogers
french warship locean 1868 artist unknown
French warship, 'l'Ocean', 1868. Artist: Unknown
french frigate larmide 1867 artist unknown
French frigate, 'l'Armide', 1867. Artist: Unknown
american transatlantic steamship arago 1856
American transatlantic steamship, 'Arago', 1856. Artist: Unknown
ss great eastern 1859 artist unknown
SS 'Great Eastern', 1859. Artist: Unknown
frigate 19th century artist l sabatier
Frigate, 19th century. Artist: L Sabatier & Lauvergne
general view saint malo brittany france 20th
General view of Saint Malo, Brittany, France, 20th Century. Artist: Unknown
ocean liner rms queen mary 20th century artist
Ocean liner RMS 'Queen Mary', 20th century. Artist: Unknown
ocean liner rms lusitania 20th century artist
Ocean liner RMS 'Lusitania', 20th century. Artist: Unknown
ocean liner rms mauretania 20th century artist
Ocean liner RMS 'Mauretania', 20th century. Artist: Unknown
naval battle austrian italian fleets 1866 19th
Naval battle between the Austrian and Italian fleets, 1866, (19th Century). Artist
ocean liner rms aquitania 20th century artist
Ocean liner RMS 'Aquitania', 20th century. Artist: Unknown
rms queen elizabeth cunard ocean liner 20th
RMS 'Queen Elizabeth', Cunard ocean liner, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
hms bulwark british battleship c1899 1914
HMS 'Bulwark', British battleship, c1899-1914. Artist: Unknown
german battleship rheinland c1910 1918 artist
German battleship 'Rheinland', c1910-1918. Artist: Unknown
sailor smoking pipe drinking rum 1900 artist
Sailor smoking a pipe and drinking rum, 1900. Artist: Unknown
abraham duquesne 17th century french admiral
Abraham Duquesne, 17th century French admiral, 19th Century. Artist: Unknown
warships 18th century artist unknown
Warships, 18th century. Artist: Unknown
the frightening french armour 19th century
'The Frightening French Armour', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
bretagne french dreadnought 25 000 tons c1915 1940
'Bretagne' French dreadnought of 25, 000 Tons, c1915-1940. Artist: Unknown
hms lord nelson c1908 1920 artist unknown
HMS 'Lord Nelson', c1908-1920. Artist: Unknown
aerial navigation c1910 artist unknown
'Aerial Navigation', c1910. Artist: Unknown
balloon roof 1894 artist unknown
A balloon on a roof, 1894. Artist: Unknown
archdeacon aeroplane 1904 artist unknown
Archdeacon aeroplane, 1904. Artist: Unknown
on open sea 1901 artist unknown
'On the Open Sea', 1901. Artist: Unknown
death aeronaut beuzeville france 1899 artist
Death of an aeronaut over Beuzeville, France, 1899. Artist: Unknown
santos dumonts airship departing trouville france
Santos-Dumont's airship departing from Trouville, France, 1905. Artist: Unknown
soldier carried aloft balloon 1901 artist
A soldier carried aloft by a Balloon, 1901. Artist: Unknown
balloon struck lightning near chicago illinois
A Balloon struck by lightning near Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1891. Artist: Unknown
man moon 1648 1887 artist gaston tissandier
The Man in the Moon, 1648 (1887). Artist: Gaston Tissandier
satirical engraving fire balloon miolan janinet 1784
Satirical engraving on the fire of the balloon of Miolan and Janinet 1784 (1887). Artist
parachute fauste veranzio 1617 1887 artist
The Parachute of Fauste Veranzio, 1617, (1887). Artist: Gaston Tissandier
caricature direction aerostat 1887 artist gaston
Caricature on the direction of the Aerostat, 1887. Artist: Gaston Tissandier
reception robert brothers prince ghistelles 1784
Reception of the Robert Brothers by the Prince of Ghistelles in 1784, (1887). Artist
aerostat 1887 artist gaston tissandier
Aerostat, 1887. Artist: Gaston Tissandier
catherine braganza queen consort king charles
Catherine of Braganza, Queen Consort of King Charles II of England, (19th century)
catherine braganza queen consort king charles
Catherine of Braganza, Queen Consort of King Charles II of England, (19th century)