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6 Jun 2007

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hova army madagascar 1895 artist f meaulle
The Hova army, Madagascar, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
new french cannon 1897 artist henri meyer
A new French cannon, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
column insurgent moroccans taken prisoner tadla
Column of insurgent Moroccans taken prisoner at Tadla by Sultan Abdul-Hafiz's army, 1897
mademoiselle eugenie bonnefois founder school
Mademoiselle Eugenie Bonnefois, founder of a school for children of fairground workers, 1897
proposed new uniforms french army 1897 artist
Proposed new uniforms of the French army, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
insects harmful furs 1897 artist f meaulle
Insects harmful to furs, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
english firemen going emergency 1897 artist
English firemen going to an emergency, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
tram accident sevres paris 1897 artist f
Tram accident, Sevres, Paris, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
the poverty stricken family suicide 1849 1897
'The Poverty-Stricken Family, or The Suicide', 1849, (1897). Artist: Unknown
massacre english mission benin 1897 artist
The Massacre of an English Mission in Benin, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
famine india 1897 artist f meaulle
Famine in India, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
collision seine paris 1897 artist f meaulle
Collision on the Seine, Paris, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
isidore exelmans french soldier battle rocquencourt
Isidore Exelmans French soldier, Battle of Rocquencourt, 1815 (1897). Artist: Henri Meyer
count mouravieff minister foreign affairs russia
Count Mouravieff, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
float fatted ox festival palais lindustrie paris
Float for the fatted ox festival, Palais de l'Industrie, Paris, 1897
uniforms greek turkish armies 1897 artist henri
Uniforms of the Greek and Turkish armies, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
avalanche mont saint bernard switzerland 1897
Avalanche at Mont Saint-Bernard, Switzerland, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
loss fishing boat marguerite 1897 artist
Loss of the fishing boat 'Marguerite', 1897. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
greenhouse camellias zoological gardens paris 1897
The greenhouse of the camellias, zoological gardens, Paris, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
french victory southern algeria 1897 artist
French victory in southern Algeria, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
queens palace tananarive madagascar 1897 artist
The Queen's Palace, Tananarive, Madagascar, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
dr philippe grenier first muslim deputy french
Dr Philippe Grenier, the first Muslim Deputy in the French National Assembly, 1897
wedding bicycle france 1897 artist henri meyer
A wedding on a bicycle, France, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
procession mid lent festival 1897 artist f
The procession of the mid-Lent festival, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
bazar la charite paris 4th may 1897 artist
Fire at the Bazar de la Charite, Paris, 4th May 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
harmful crepuscular insects 1897 artist f
Harmful crepuscular insects, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
military uniforms british colonial army 1897
Military uniforms of the British colonial army, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
floods midi south france 1897 artist henri
Floods in the Midi, South of France, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
french military manoeuvres first aid workers 1897
French military manoeuvres: first-aid workers, 1897. Artist: Unknown
marriage giant 1897 artist henri meyer
The marriage of a giant, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
hunting excaped leopard meudon paris 1897 artist
Hunting an excaped leopard, Meudon, Paris, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
pierid butterflies 1897 artist f meaulle
Pierid butterflies, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
catastrophe voiron france 1897 artist henri
The catastrophe of Voiron, France, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
harmful insects daylight butterflies 1897 artist
Harmful insects: daylight butterflies, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
procession diamond jubilee queen victoria 1897
Procession, Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, 1897. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
harmful insects 1897 artist f meaulle
Harmful insects, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
freshwater fish 1897 artist f meaulle
Freshwater fish, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
military train accident dorpat russia 1897 artist
Military train accident in Dorpat, Russia, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
harmful insects caterpillars butterflies moths 1897
Harmful insects: caterpillars, butterflies and moths, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
funeral duke aumale italy 1897 artist henri
Funeral of the Duke of Aumale in Italy, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
harmful insects moths damage apple trees 1897
Harmful insects: moths that damage apple trees, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
catholic priest stabbed woman street france 1897
A Catholic priest is stabbed by a woman on the street, France, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
soup stand les halles market morning 1897 artist
'Soup Stand at Les Halles Market in the Morning', 1897. Artist: Unknown
grand duke vladimir russia visiting paris hospital
Grand Duke Vladimir of Russia visiting a Paris hospital, 1897 Artist: Henri Meyer
french army bicycle corps square manoeuvres france
French Army bicycle corps in a square on manoeuvres, France, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
french soldiers returning home france 1897 artist
French soldiers returning home, France, 1897. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
king siam tomb napoleon i paris 1897 artist
The King of Siam at the tomb of Napoleon I, Paris, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
preaching holy war uprising british india 1897
Preaching 'Holy War' during an uprising in British India, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
tsar nicholas ii russia felix faure president
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Felix Faure, President of the French Republic, 1897
heroic mother 1897 artist henri meyer
An heroic mother, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
senegalese troops madagascar 1897 artist oswaldo
Senegalese troops, Madagascar, 1897. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
survivors ville saint nazaire commander jagueneau
Survivors of the 'Ville de Saint Nazaire', Commander Jagueneau and Captain Nicolai, 1897
funeral empress dowager japan 1897 artist f
Funeral of the Empress Dowager of Japan, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
collapse church brousse france 1897 artist
Collapse of a church, Brousse, France, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
xylophagous insects destructive forests 1897
Xylophagous insects that are destructive to forests, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
french military manoeuvres using carrier pigeons
French military manoeuvres: using carrier pigeons to communicate, 1897
harmful insects destructive forests 1897 artist
Harmful insects that are destructive to forests, 1897. Artist: A Clement
battle meluna greco turkish war 1897 artist
Battle of Meluna, Greco-Turkish War, 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
the european concert 1897 artist henri meyer
'The European Concert', 1897. Artist: Henri Meyer
gun dogs 1897 artist p mahler
Gun dogs, 1897. Artist: P Mahler
training army dogs attack cyclists germany 1897
Training army dogs to attack cyclists, Germany, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
revolt north west frontier british besieged malakand
Revolt on the North-West Frontier, the British besieged at Malakand, India, 1897. Artist
harmful insects butterflies moths damage pine trees
Harmful insects: butterflies and moths that damage pine trees, 1897. Artist: A Clement
felix faure president france received peterhof
Felix Faure, President of France, received at the Peterhof, St Petersburg, Russia, 1897
franco russian alliance 1897 artist oswaldo
The Franco-Russian Alliance, 1897. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
return felix faure president france paris visit
The return of Felix Faure, President of France, to Paris, after his visit to Russia, 1897
duel prince henri dorleans comte turin 1897
Duel between Prince Henri d'Orleans and the Comte de Turin, 1897. Artist: F Meaulle
delivered death 1896 artist frederic lix
'Delivered by death!', 1896. Artist: Frederic Lix
in mess 1896 artist henri meyer
'In a Mess!', 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
les dessous lannee revue nouveau theatre 1896
'Les Dessous de l'Annee', revue at the Nouveau Theatre, 1896
caricature francesco crispi italian politician 1896
Caricature of Francesco Crispi, Italian politician, 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
fatted ox celebrations paris 1896 artist oswaldo
Fatted ox celebrations in Paris, 1896. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
ball board battleship formidable villefranche
A ball on board the battleship 'Formidable', Villefranche Harbour, France, 1896
desertion alsatian squad enlisted germany duchy
Desertion of an Alsatian squad enlisted in Germany, Duchy of Luxembourg, 1896. Artist
president faure inauguration ceremony monument nice
President Faure at the inauguration ceremony of a monument in Nice, 1896
tsar nicholas ii russia president felix faure
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and President Felix Faure of France arrive in Nice, 1896
mid lent celebrations paris 1896 artist f
Mid-Lent celebrations, Paris, 1896. Artist: F Meaulle
leon bollees voiturette car 1896 artist
Leon Bollee's 'Voiturette' car, 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
engine way fire paris 1896 artist g busson
Fire engine on the way to a fire, Paris, 1896. Artist: G Busson
st genevieve heroine france 1896 artist lionel
St Genevieve, heroine of France, 1896. Artist: Lionel Noel Royer
french soldier home madagascar 1896 artist
A French soldier back home from Madagascar, 1896. Artist: Unknown
in egypt reserves debt going smoke 1896 artist
'In Egypt: The Reserves of the Debt Going up in Smoke', 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
the jacket crispi 1896 artist henri meyer
'The Jacket of Crispi', 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
convention scene thermidor theatre la porte
The Convention, scene from Thermidor, at the Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin, Paris
italian emigrants gare saint lazare paris 1896
Italian emigrants at the Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris, 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
madame faure fourcade creche france 1896 artist
Madame Faure at the Fourcade Creche, France, 1896. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
performance les sept chateaux du diable theatre
Performance of Les Sept Chateaux du Diable, Theatre du Chatelet, Paris, 1896. Artist
disaster saint sauveur hospital lille france 1896
Disaster at Saint-Sauveur hospital, Lille, France, 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
commemoration siege belfort 1896 artist f
Commemoration of the Siege of Belfort, 1896. Artist: F Meaulle
message russian friends 1896 artist f meaulle
Message from our Russian friends, 1896. Artist: F Meaulle
mrs furtado heine named officer legion honour 1896
Mrs Furtado-Heine named Officer of the Legion of Honour, 1896. Artist: F Meaulle
bomb barcelona 1896 artist f meaulle
A bomb in Barcelona, 1896. Artist: F Meaulle
renewal triple alliance germany austria italy 1896
Renewal of the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria and Italy, 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
french military manoeuvres vosges mountains 1896
French military manoeuvres in the Vosges mountains, 1896. Artist: F Meaulle
events crete 1896 artist frederic lix
Events in Crete, 1896. Artist: Frederic Lix
marathon race 1896 artist f meaulle
Marathon race, 1896. Artist: F Meaulle
monument defence st quentin 1557 1896 artist
Monument to the defence of St Quentin, 1557, (1896). Artist: F Meaulle
prince princess denmark 1896 artist unknown
The prince and princess of Denmark, 1896. Artist: Unknown
president french republic visiting brittany 1896
The President of the French Republic visiting Brittany, 1896. Artist: Unknown


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