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25 Jun 2007

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seal robert bruce king scotland 14th century 1892
Seal of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, 14th century (1892). Artist: Unknown
an image worshipped chingulais late 18th century
'An Image worshipped by the Chingulais...', late 18th century. Artist: Unknown
the lords england political drama 19th century
'The Lords against all England, The political drama', 19th century. Artist
street jami masjid delhi india 1857artist
A street at the back of Jami Masjid, Delhi, India, 1857.Artist: William Carpenter
queen elizabeth attired royal thanksgiving defeat
'Queen Elizabeth attired for the royal thanksgiving on the defeat of the Spanish Armada'
benares india 1857artist william carpenter
Benares, India, 1857.Artist: William Carpenter
coronation king early 14th century 1893 artist
Coronation of a king, early 14th century, (1893). Artist: Unknown
queen victoria memorial liverpool merseyside 1906
The Queen Victoria memorial, Liverpool, Merseyside, 1906.Artist: Ralph Keighley
sir christopher wrens original model st pauls
Sir Christopher Wren's original model for St Paul's cathedral, London, c1670-1672 (1893)
irish chief attendants 1581 1893 artist
An Irish chief and his attendants, 1581, (1893). Artist: Unknown
irish banquet 1581 1893 artist unknown
An Irish banquet, 1581, (1893). Artist: Unknown
conference earl gloucester irish chief richard
Conference of the Earl of Gloucester and an Irish Chief, Richard II's campagne in Ireland
ships bringing provisions english host richard
Ships bringing provisions to the English host, Richard II's campaign in Ireland, 1399, (1893)
ireland just english norman invasion 1169 1893
Ireland just before the English (Norman) invasion, 1169 (1893). Artist: Unknown
old london bridge c1600 1893 artist unknown
Old London Bridge, c1600 (1893). Artist: Unknown
title page francis bacons instauratio magna 1620
Title page of Francis Bacon's Instauratio Magna, 1620 (1893). Artist: Unknown
swan theatre london 1596 1893 artist
The Swan Theatre, London, 1596, (1893). Artist: Unknown
redcrosse knight 1598 1893 artist unknown
The Redcrosse Knight, 1598, (1893). Artist: Unknown
february 1597 1893 artist unknown
February, 1597 (1893). Artist: Unknown
january 1597 1893 artist unknown
January, 1597 (1893). Artist: Unknown
journey ring viatorium 1587 1893 artist
Journey-ring, or Viatorium, 1587 (1893). Artist: Unknown
chart spanish armadas course 1588 1893 artist
Chart of the Spanish Armada's course, 1588 (1893). Artist: Unknown
title page acts parliament 1585 1893 artist
Title page of Acts of Parliament, 1585, (1893). Artist: Unknown
lord mayor aldermen 1893 artist unknown
Lord Mayor and Aldermen, (1893). Artist: Unknown
title page countess pembrokes arcadia sir philip
Title page of The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia by Sir Philip Sidney, third edition
audley end house saffron walden essex 1688 1893
Audley End House, Saffron Walden, Essex, 1688, (1893). Artist: Unknown
coiners work 1577 1893 artist unknown
Coiners at work, 1577, (1893). Artist: Unknown
states general orleans france 1560 1893 artist
The States General at Orleans, France, 1560, (1893). Artist: Unknown
south east corner lady chapel rosslyn chapel
South-east corner of the Lady Chapel, Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, 1893. Artist: Unknown
queen elizabeth i prayer 1569 1893 artist
Queen Elizabeth I at prayer, 1569, (1893). Artist: Unknown
tower london c1543 1893 artist unknown
Tower of London, c1543, (1893). Artist: Unknown
charter house hospital london 1775 1893 artist
The Charter House Hospital, London, 1775, (1893). Artist: Unknown
york minster 1893 artist unknown
York Minster, 1893. Artist: Unknown
title page great bible 1539 1893 artist
Title page of the Great Bible, 1539, (1893). Artist: Unknown
traitors gate tower london 1801 1893artist
Traitors' Gate, Tower of London, 1801, (1893).Artist: Charles Tomkins
holbein gate whitehall london 1893 artist
Holbein Gate, Whitehall, London, (1893). Artist: Unknown
great hall hampton court palace london 1893
Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace, London, 1893. Artist: Unknown
high street shrewsbury 1825 1893 artist
High Street, Shrewsbury, 1825 (1893). Artist: Unknown
friars street worcester 1893 artist unknown
Friars' Street, Worcester, 1893. Artist: Unknown
title page lucian 1521 1893 artist unknown
Title page of Lucian, 1521, (1893). Artist: Unknown
desiderius erasmus dutch author scholar humanist
Desiderius Erasmus, Dutch author, scholar and humanist, (1893). Artist: Unknown
printing press 1511 1893 artist unknown
Printing press, 1511, (1893). Artist: Unknown
title page kalendarium regiomontanus 1476 1893
Title page of Kalendarium by Regiomontanus, 1476, (1893). Artist: Unknown
aesop 15th century 1893 artist unknown
Aesop, 15th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
toll collector 15th century 1893 artist
Toll collector, 15th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
smith 15th century 1893 artist unknown
Smith, 15th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
fox grapes 15th century 1893 artist unknown
The Fox and the Grapes, 15th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
new inn gloucester 1893 artist unknown
The New Inn, Gloucester, 1893. Artist: Unknown
ad book printed william caxton 15th century 1893
Advertisement for a book printed by William Caxton, 15th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
rectory house great snoring norfolk end 15th
Rectory House, Great Snoring, Norfolk, end of the 15th century, (1893). Artist: Unknown
court kings bench 1893 artist unknown
Court of King's Bench, 1893. Artist: Unknown
warwick kingmaker 15th century english nobleman
Warwick the Kingmaker, 15th century English nobleman and soldier, (1893). Artist: Unknown
castle gate shrewsbury shropshire 1893 artist
Castle Gate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 1893. Artist: Unknown
map wars roses 15th century 1893 artist
Map of the Wars of the Roses, 15th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
siege rouen 1418 1419 1893 artist unknown
Siege of Rouen, 1418-1419, (1893). Artist: Unknown
reception richard beauchamp earl warwick 15th
Reception of Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, 15th century, (1893). Artist: Unknown
clerks new college oxford c1453 1892 artist
One hundred clerks, New College, Oxford, c1453, (1892). Artist: Unknown
king richard ii england patron saints 14th century
King Richard II of England and his patron saints, 14th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
venice 1338 1892 artist unknown
Venice in 1338, (1892). Artist: Unknown
st faiths church crypt old st pauls cathedral
St Faith's Church in the crypt of old St Paul's Cathedral, London, 1657 (1892)
entrance choir old st pauls cathedral city london
Entrance to the choir of old St Paul's Cathedral, City of London, 1892. Artist
bone chessmen scandinavian design 12th 13th century
Bone chessmen of Scandinavian design, 12th or 13th century, (1892). Artist: Unknown
sir geoffrey luttrell wife daughter in law 1340
Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, his wife, and daughter-in-law, 1340, (1892). Artist: Unknown
virgin child 13th century 1892 artist
The Virgin and Child, 13th century, (1892). Artist: Unknown
knight armour late 13th century 1892 artist
Knight in armour, late 13th century, (1892). Artist: Unknown
matthew paris feet virgin child 13th century 1892
Matthew Paris at the feet of the Virgin and Child, 13th century, (1892). Artist: Unknown
chapel tower london 1892 artist unknown
Chapel in the Tower of London, 1892. Artist: Unknown
banquet 11th century 1892 artist unknown
A banquet, 11th century (1892). Artist: Unknown
st john evangelist 8th century 1892 artist
St John the Evangelist, 8th century (1892). Artist: Unknown
map britain 665 1892 artist unknown
Map of Britain in 665, (1892). Artist: Unknown
kits coty house kent 1892 artist unknown
Kit's Coty house, Kent, 1892. Artist: Unknown
boat fourteen pairs oars nydam jutland 1892
Boat for fourteen pairs of oars, found at Nydam, Jutland, 1892. Artist: Unknown
st matthew 7th century 1892 artist unknown
St Matthew, 7th century (1892). Artist: Unknown
interior st stephens church walbrook city london
Interior of St Stephen's Church, Walbrook, City of London, 1893. Artist: Unknown
bunyans dream 1680 1893 artist unknown
Bunyan's Dream, 1680, (1893). Artist: Unknown
old observing room greenwich late 17th century
The old observing-room, Greenwich, late 17th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
street galway showing house thomas lynch 1893
Street in Galway, showing the house of Thomas Lynch, 1893. Artist: Unknown
autograph note oliver cromwell petition east india
Autograph note of Oliver Cromwell to a petition of the East India Company, November 1657, (1893)
william lenthall speaker house commons c1642 1893
William Lenthall, Speaker of the House of Commons, c1642 (1893). Artist: Unknown
order lords commons concerning arms 1643 1644 1893
Order of Lords and Commons concerning arms, 1643/1644, (1893). Artist: Unknown
lambeth palace london 1647 1893 artist
Lambeth Palace, London, 1647 (1893). Artist: Unknown
proctor parator 1641 1893 artist unknown
The Proctor and Parator, 1641, (1893). Artist: Unknown
parliament house edinburgh built 1632 1639 1893
Parliament House, Edinburgh, built 1632-1639, (1893). Artist: Unknown
city westminster 1647 1893 artist unknown
City of Westminster, 1647 (1893). Artist: Unknown
figures designed inigo jones masque 1893 artist
Figures designed by Inigo Jones for the masque, 1893. Artist: Unknown
supper party early 17th century 1893 artist
A supper party, early 17th century, (1893). Artist: Unknown
captain john smith virginia colonist 1624 1893
Captain John Smith, Virginia colonist, 1624, (1893). Artist: Unknown
facsimile book accounts coopers company 1576 1893
Facsimile from the book of accounts of the Coopers' Company, 1576, (1893). Artist
council war 1623 1624 1893 artist unknown
The Council of War, 1623-1624, (1893). Artist: Unknown
prince charless welcome home spain 1623 1893
Prince Charles's welcome home from Spain, 1623, (1893). Artist: Unknown
judges robes 1893 artist unknown
Judges in their robes, 1893. Artist: Unknown
figures designed inigo jones masque fortune isles
Figures designed by Inigo Jones for the masque of The Fortune Isles, 17th century (1893)
family meal early 17th century 1893 artist
A family meal, early 17th century, (1893). Artist: Unknown
marlene dietrich german born actress artist
Marlene Dietrich, German-born actress. Artist: Unknown
katharine hepburn american star film television
Katharine Hepburn, American star of film, television and stage. Artist: Unknown
roy rogers american singer musician actor westerns
Roy Rogers, American singer, musician and actor in westerns. Artist: Unknown
stewart granger rita hayworth salome 1953 artist
Stewart Granger and Rita Hayworth in Salome, 1953. Artist: Unknown
marlon brando american academy award winning actor
Marlon Brando, American Academy Award-winning actor. Artist: Unknown
vera ellen american actress stage film dancer
Vera-Ellen, American actress and stage and film dancer. Artist: Unknown
clark gable academy award winning american film actor
Clark Gable, Academy Award-winning American film actor. Artist: Unknown
peers robes halberdier 16th century 1893 artist
Two peers in their robes, and a halberdier, 16th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
title page works ben jonson 1616 1893 artist
Title page of the works of Ben Jonson, 1616 (1893). Artist: Unknown
dominions angevins 1892 artist unknown
The dominions of the Angevins, 1892. Artist: Unknown
naming st john baptist 12th century 1892 artist
Naming of St John the Baptist, 12th century, (1892). Artist: Unknown
walter pidgeon canadian actor artist unknown
Walter Pidgeon, Canadian actor. Artist: Unknown
london 1500 1893 artist unknown
London, 1500 (1893). Artist: Unknown