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17 Jul 2007

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princess charlotte prince leopold 1816 artist
Princess Charlotte & Prince Leopold, 1816. Artist: Unknown
isabella angouleme 1187 1246 queen consort
Isabella of Angouleme (1187-1246), queen consort to King John.Artist: B Eyles
queen mary ii 1903 artist g barrie sons
Queen Mary II, 1903. Artist: G Barrie and Sons
george iii united kingdom 1761 artist charles
George III of the United Kingdom, 1761. Artist: Charles Grignion
george iii united kingdom 1816 artist thomas
George III of the United Kingdom, 1816. Artist: Thomas Kelly-Kenny
king john england c17th centuryartist p
King John of England, c17th century.Artist: P Vanderbanck
proud george iii britannia rears chearful head
Proud of her George III; Britannia rears her chearful head, and leads the golden years
king rewarding industrious haymaker near weymouth
The king rewarding the industrious haymaker near Weymouth, 1820
william iii giving royal assent toleration act
William III giving his royal assent to the Toleration Act. Artist: Unknown
when forget may god forget us 6th november 1817
'When we forget him may god forget us', 6th November 1817. Artist: T Sotheran
william iii entering exeter artist unknown
William III entering Exeter. Artist: Unknown
presentation address william iii oxford artist
Presentation of an address to William III at Oxford. Artist: Unknown
william iii open boat off coast holland artist
William III in an open boat off the coast of Holland. Artist: Unknown
edward ii england artist taylor
Edward II of England. Artist: Taylor
william iii intrusting young duke gloucester bishop
William III intrusting the young Duke of Gloucester to Bishop Burnett. Artist: Unknown
charlotte princess royal duchess wurtemberg
Charlotte Princess Royal, Duchess of Wurtemberg, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
prince octavius eighth son george iii 19th century
'Prince Octavius, eighth son of George III', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
prince william son henry i endeavouring save
Prince William son of Henry I, endeavouring to save his sister Matilda after bing shipwrecked
george frederick alexander charles ernest augustus
George Frederick Alexander Charles Ernest Augustus of Cumberland, 1831. Artist: TA Dean
royal highness duke cambridge 1807 artist
His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, 1807. Artist: Scriven
mary tudors chair winchester cathedral artist
Mary Tudor's chair, Winchester Cathedral. Artist: Kerr
blanche castile 1188 1252 niece king johnartist
Blanche of Castile (1188-1252), niece to King John.Artist: Thomas Trotter
royal highness princess elizabeth 3rd daughter
Her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of George III, 19th century
ernest augustus king hanover 1837 artist
'Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover', 1837. Artist: Unknown
william iii wounded boyne artist c sheeres
William III wounded at the Boyne. Artist: C Sheeres
elizabeth camp tilbury 1811 artist j rogers
Elizabeth in the camp at Tilbury, 1811. Artist: J Rogers
interview queen elizabeth earl essex 19th century
Interview between Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Essex, 19th century.Artist: J Rogers
king george iii queen charlotte 19th century
King George III and Queen Charlotte, 19th century. Artist: Cooper
william iii mary ii artist r white
William III and Mary II. Artist: R White
crown resigned popes legate king john 1167 1216
The crown resigned to the Pope's legate by King John (1167-1216), 1213. Artist
king john 1167 1216 stabbing nephew prince arthur
King John (1167-1216) stabbing his nephew Prince Arthur, 19th century.Artist: Walker
her royal highness princess mary 1816 artist
'Her Royal Highness the Princess Mary', 1816. Artist: Cheeseman
queen mary i england 19th century artist p
Queen Mary I of England, 19th century. Artist: P Vanderbanck
william mary prince princess orange artist
William and Mary, Prince and Princess of Orange. Artist: R White
royal family artist cooper
The Royal Family. Artist: Cooper
princess charlotte augusta 1820 artist j
Princess Charlotte Augusta, 1820. Artist: J Hopwood
prince william henry son george iii 1781 artist
'Prince William Henry, third son of George III', 1781. Artist: Unknown
king john 1167 1216 1804artist j chapman
King John (1167-1216), 1804.Artist: J Chapman
rights read prince princess orange artist
The Bill of Rights read to the Prince and Princess of Orange. Artist: Unknown
duchess york 1791 artist bromley
Duchess of York, 1791. Artist: Bromley
princess amelia youngest daughter george iii
Princess Amelia, youngest daughter of George III and Queen Charlotte, 19th century
princess mary 19th century artist unknown
Princess Mary, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
edward ii england 18th centuryartist george
Edward II of England. 18th centuryArtist: George Vertue
rage king john 1167 1216 signing magna carta c1215
The rage of King John (1167-1216) after the signing of the Magna Carta c1215. Artist
great seal edward ii artist unknown
Great seal of Edward II. Artist: Unknown
princess sophia fifth daughter george iii 19th
Princess Sophia, fifth daughter of George III, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
royal family england year 1787 1820 artist
The Royal Family of England in the year 1787, (1820). Artist: Roberts
william iii thrown horse near hampton court artist
William III thrown from his horse near Hampton Court. Artist: C Sheeres
princess augusta second daughter george iii
Princess Augusta, second daughter of George III, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
battle bannockburn 24th june 1314 artist
The Battle of Bannockburn, 24th June 1314. Artist: Unknown
edward black prince relating particulars battle
Edward, the Black Prince, relating the particulars of the Battle of Poictiers, 19th century
combat english french knights square limoges artist
Combat between English and French knights in a square at Limoges. Artist: Unknown
battle poictiers 19th september 1356 artist
The Battle of Poictiers, 19th September 1356. Artist: Unknown
combat french english cavalry passage somme artist
Combat between the French and English cavalry at the passage of the Somme. Artist
philippa hainault queen consort edward iii artist
Philippa of Hainault, Queen consort of Edward III. Artist: WH Egleton
canopy black princes tomb canterbury cathedral
Canopy of the Black Prince's tomb in Canterbury Cathedral. Artist: Unknown
representation edward black prince kneeling
Representation of Edward, the Black Prince, kneeling in veneration of the Holy Trinity
statue queen anne 1665 1714 blenheim palace
Statue of Queen Anne (1665-1714), Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, 1738. Artist: Unknown
tomb edward black prince canterbury cathedral
The tomb of Edward, the Black Prince, Canterbury Cathedral. Artist: Unknown
queen anne 1665 1714 1824artist rogers
Queen Anne (1665-1714), 1824.Artist: Rogers
queen anne 1665 1714 1804artist j chapman
Queen Anne (1665-1714), 1804.Artist: J Chapman
queen anne 1665 1714 ballad writerartist w
Queen Anne (1665-1714) and the ballad writer.Artist: W Thomas
queen anne 1665 1714 handing white staff earl
Queen Anne (1665-1714) handing over the white staff to the Earl of Shrewsbury, c1714
queen annes 1665 1714 final journey parliament
Queen Anne's (1665-1714) final journey to Parliament House, c1714. Artist: Unknown
queen anne 1665 1714 receiving prince eugene
Queen Anne (1665-1714) receiving Prince Eugene (1663-1736) of Austria. Artist: Unknown
duchess marlborough upbraiding queen anne 1665 1714
The Duchess of Marlborough upbraiding Queen Anne (1665-1714) and Mrs Masham. Artist
queen anne 1665 1714 touching young samuel johnson
Queen Anne (1665-1714) touching young Samuel Johnson for the evil. Artist: Unknown
queen annes 1665 1714 privy council artist
Queen Anne's (1665-1714) privy council. Artist: Unknown
queen anne 1665 1714 mrs danvers presence chamber
Queen Anne (1665-1714) and Mrs Danvers in the presence chamber. Artist: Unknown
queen anne 1665 1714artist charles grignion
Queen Anne (1665-1714).Artist: Charles Grignion
queen anne 1665 1714 artist unknown
Queen Anne (1665-1714). Artist: Unknown
queen annes 1665 1714 family tree artist
Queen Anne's (1665-1714) family tree. Artist: Unknown
queen anne 1665 1714artist gucht
Queen Anne (1665-1714).Artist: Gucht
king john 1167 1216 signing magna carta runnymede
King John (1167-1216) signing the Magna Carta at Runnymede, 1215. Artist: Unknown
king johns passage washartist nicholson
King John's passage of the Wash.Artist: Nicholson
king john swearing fealty pope princes arthur hubert
King John swearing fealty to the Pope before Princes Arthur and Hubert, 19th century
death prince arthur 1187 1203 19th century
The death of Prince Arthur (1187-1203), 19th century.Artist: J Rogers
king john 1167 1216 refusing sign magna carta
King John (1167-1216) refusing to sign the Magna Carta when first presented to him, 1215
king john 1167 1216 kneeling popes legate 1213
King John (1167-1216) kneeling before the Pope's legate, 1213. Artist: Unknown
barons compelling king john 1167 1216 ratify
The barons compelling King John (1167-1216) to ratify the Magna Carta, 1215. Artist
her royal highness princess augusta second daughter
'Her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta, second daughter of George III', 1806
prince george cumberland 1831 artist w
'Prince George of Cumberland', 1831. Artist: W Nicholas
his royal highness edward duke kent 1801 artist
'His Royal Highness Edward, Duke of Kent', 1801. Artist: Armstrong
his royal highness duke sussex 19th century
'His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex', 19th century. Artist: C Warren
his royal highness duke york c19th century
'His Royal Highness the Duke of York', c19th century.Artist: Anthony Cardon
prince augustus frederick 1801 artist anthony
'Prince Augustus Frederick', 1801. Artist: Anthony Cardon
frederick prince wales c19th century artist
'Frederick, Prince of Wales', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
his royal highness prince edward 1782 artist
'His Royal Highness, Prince Edward', 1782. Artist: Unknown
spanish contrabandistas c1860s artist w
'Spanish Contrabandistas', c1860s. Artist: W Ridgway
stepping stones c19th centuryartist george
'Stepping Stones', c19th century.Artist: George Butterworth
the method scale casting bombs town 1748 artist
'The method and a scale for casting bombs into a town', 1748. Artist: Unknown
modern moderation strikingly displayed 1799
'Modern moderation strikingly displayed', 1799. Artist: Kay
the city melbourne australia 1855 artist
'The city of Melbourne, Australia', 1855. Artist: Unknown
town hall melbourne australia 1855 artist
'Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia', 1855. Artist: J Pass
the hooka badar c1820 1850artist c cousen
'The Hooka-Badar', c1820-1850.Artist: C Cousen
ruins temple apollinopolis magna edfu egypt 1804
'Ruins of the Temple at Apollinopolis Magna or Edfu, Egypt', 1804.Artist: J Pass
palace justice fine carved chimney bruges 1840
'Palace of Justice, with fine carved chimney, Bruges', 1840. Artist: W Wallis
market place angouleme france 19th century
'Market Place, Angouleme, France', 19th century. Artist: MJ Starling
the sale regia vatican rome 19th century
'The 'Sale Regia' in the Vatican, Rome', 19th century. Artist: E Challis


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