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29 Jan 2007

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french soldiers improvised gas masks 1915 artist
French soldiers in improvised gas masks, 1915. Artist: Unknown
a kingdom 19th centuryartist alfred crowquill
'A Kingdom', 19th century.Artist: Alfred Crowquill
charles vii king france 1805artist j chapman
Charles VII, King of France, (1805).Artist: J Chapman
louis xi king france artist unknown
Louis XI, King of France. Artist: Unknown
louis xvi king franceartist barbant
Louis XVI, King of France.Artist: Barbant
louis xvi king france artist unknown
Louis XVI, King of France. Artist: Unknown
philip vi king france 1805artist j chapman
Philip VI, King of France, (1805).Artist: J Chapman
philip ii king france 1805artist j chapman
Philip II, King of France, (1805).Artist: J Chapman
comte paris 19th century artist unknown
Comte de Paris, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
francis i king france 1805artist j chapman
Francis I, King of France, (1805).Artist: J Chapman
louis xi king france 1805artist j chapman
Louis XI, King of France, (1805).Artist: J Chapman
prince louis napoleon son emperor napoleon iii france
Prince Louis Napoleon, son of the Emperor Napoleon III of France. Artist: Unknown
henry iii king france 1804artist j chapman
Henry III, King of France, (1804).Artist: J Chapman
attempt assassinate king louis philippe france
The attempt to assassinate King Louis Philippe of France, Paris, 1835. Artist: Unknown
louis xii king france 1805artist j chapman
Louis XII, King of France, (1805).Artist: J Chapman
louis philippe king france 1830artist thomson
Louis-Philippe, King of France, 1830.Artist: Thomson
philippe iii king franceartist daniel rebel
Philippe III, King of France.Artist: Daniel Rebel
henry ii king france 1805artist j chapman
Henry II, King of France, (1805).Artist: J Chapman
philip ii duke burgundyartist clamp
Philip II, Duke of Burgundy.Artist: Clamp
charles viii king france 1805artist j
Charles VIII, King of France, (1805).Artist: J Chapman
louis philippe i king france artist unknown
Louis Philippe I, King of France. Artist: Unknown
prince coburg famous german general holy roman empire
Prince Coburg, famous German general of the Holy Roman Empire.Artist: J Pass
frederick augustus i king saxony 19th century
Frederick Augustus I, King of Saxony, 19th century.Artist: AH Payne
henry iv first bourbon king france 1823artist
Henry IV, first Bourbon King of France, (1823).Artist: John Wedgwood
charles vii king franceartist ridley
Charles VII, King of France.Artist: Ridley
henry ii king france artist unknown
Henry II, King of France. Artist: Unknown
john lancaster 1st duke bedfordartist s harding
John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford.Artist: S Harding
duke bordeaux duchess berri artist unknown
Duke of Bordeaux and the Duchess of Berri. Artist: Unknown
maria isabella infanta spain queen sicilies
Maria Isabella, Infanta of Spain, Queen of the Two Sicilies. Artist: Unknown
louise marie queen belgians wedding dress 1832
Louise-Marie, Queen of the Belgians, in her wedding dress, 1832
duke duchess angouleme artist unknown
Duke and Duchess of Angouleme. Artist: Unknown
a chinese princess manchoo tartar race 1801
'A Chinese Princess of the Manchoo Tartar Race', 1801.Artist: J Chapman
pedro i emperor brazil princess amelie leuchtenberg
Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil and Princess Amelie of Leuchtenberg. Artist: Unknown
thalestris mythical queen amazons 1797artist
Thalestris, mythical Queen of the Amazons, 1797.Artist: J Chapman
madame pompadourartist barbant
Madame de Pompadour.Artist: Barbant
princess louise marie franceartist charles achille
Princess Louise-Marie of France.Artist: Charles Achille d'Hardiviller
louis antoine duke angouleme princess marie therese
Louis-Antoine, Duke of Angouleme and Princess Marie-Therese Charlotte, 1799. Artist
catherine great empress russia 1826artist
Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, (1826).Artist: J Chapman
anne bohemia queen consort richard ii england
Anne of Bohemia, Queen Consort of Richard II of England.Artist: WJ Edwards
louise augusta wilhelmine amalie queen prussia
Louise Augusta Wilhelmine Amalie, Queen of Prussia. Artist: Unknown
marie louise duchess parma second wife napoleon
Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma, second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1815.Artist: T Blood
princess esterhazy artist unknown
Princess Esterhazy. Artist: Unknown
empress french artist unknown
Empress of the French. Artist: Unknown
maria theresa archduchess austria queen hungary
Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia
charlemagne charles great king franks holy roman
Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor, (1805)
clovis king franks 1791artist jones
Clovis, King of the Franks, (1791).Artist: Jones
james 2nd marquess hamilton artist unknown
James, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton. Artist: Unknown
king alfred great artist unknown
King Alfred the Great. Artist: Unknown
clovis king franks artist unknown
Clovis, King of the Franks. Artist: Unknown
king john england 18th century artist george
King John of England, (18th century). Artist: George Vertue
edward black prince 1786artist goldar
Edward, the Black Prince, (1786).Artist: Goldar
fergus i legendary scottish king artist unknown
Fergus I, legendary Scottish king. Artist: Unknown
charles le brun french baroque era painter
Charles le Brun, French Baroque era painter, (19th century.)Artist: Bellefond
anne denmark queen consort king james i england
Anne of Denmark, queen consort of King James I of England and VI of Scotland. Artist
edward i king england artist unknown
Edward I, King of England. Artist: Unknown
hugh capet king france artist unknown
Hugh Capet, King of France. Artist: Unknown
clovis ii king neustria burgundy 19th century
Clovis II, King of Neustria and Burgundy, (19th century).Artist: G Levy
edward ii king england artist unknown
Edward II, King of England. Artist: Unknown
prince george duke cambridge chief british army
Prince George, Duke of Cambridge, chief of the British Army, 19th century
leopold i holy roman emperor artist unknown
Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor. Artist: Unknown
captain george nicholas hardinge british naval
Captain George Nicholas Hardinge, British naval officer, 19th century.Artist: H R Cook
royal gold state coach 19th century artist
Royal gold state coach, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
shumla city northeastern bulgaria 19th century
'Shumla. A city in the Northeastern part of Bulgaria', 19th century. Artist
fig trees 19th century artist unknown
'Fig Trees', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
dus awtar caves ellora india early 19th century
'Dus Awtar, Caves of Ellora', India, early 19th century.Artist: William Woolnoth
the country house paul kruger south africa
'The Country House of Paul Kruger', South Africa. Artist: Unknown
dress country people madeiraartist e mitchell
'Dress of the Country People in Madeira'.Artist: E Mitchell
jupiter chinese early 19th century artist
'Jupiter of the Chinese', early 19th century. Artist: Grainger
mongolian races 19th century artist unknown
'Mongolian Races', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
moose deer 19th century artist unknown
'Moose Deer', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
reindeer 19th century artist unknown
'Reindeer', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
the habit lapland man 19th centuryartist
'The Habit of a Lapland Man', 19th century.Artist: S Hulett
the habit lapland woman 19th century artist
'The Habit of a Lapland Woman', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
an arabian horseman 19th century artist
'An Arabian Horseman', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
jumala wirku accha deity lapland 1727 1738
'Jumala, Wirku-Accha. A deity of Lapland', 1727-1738. Artist: Unknown
a man woman nootka sound c1776 1779artist
'A Man and Woman of Nootka Sound', c1776-1779.Artist: J Dadley
a deer hunter artist unknown
'A Deer Hunter'. Artist: Unknown
inside house oonalashka c1776 1779artist
'Inside of a House in Oonalashka', c1776-1779.Artist: Walker
a turkish gentleman 19th century artist
'A Turkish Gentleman', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
a canoe sandwich islands late 18th century
'A Canoe of the Sandwich Islands', late 18th century.Artist: Page
a russian woman 19th century artist unknown
'A Russian Woman', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
poyettak kakikagiu aknalua early 19th century
'Poyettak, Kakikagiu, Aknalua', early 19th century.Artist: John Brandard
the manner travelling winter kamtschatka 19th
'The Manner of Travelling in Winter in Kamtschatka', 19th century.Artist: Sparrow
seven mountains near runkelstein 19th century
'Seven Mountains near Runkelstein', 19th century.Artist: Eastgate
the mountain lion 19th century artist unknown
'The Mountain of the Lion', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
mackabarang c1803 artist unknown
'Mackabarang', c1803. Artist: Unknown
imperial seal maximilian artist unknown
The Imperial Seal of Maximilian. Artist: Unknown
the burates 19th centuryartist t spendelone
'The Burates', 19th century.Artist: T Spendelone
the ostiacks 19th centuryartist t spendelone
'The Ostiacks', 19th century.Artist: T Spendelone
akka man woman c1880 artist unknown
'Akka Man and Woman', c1880. Artist: Unknown
kroomen 19th century artist unknown
'Kroomen', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
group ka lundas 19th century artist unknown
'Group of Ka-Lundas', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
toucouleur types interpreter alpha sega sisters
'Toucouleur Types, The Interpreter Alpha Sega and His Sisters', late 19th century
lady boston artist unknown
Lady Boston. Artist: Unknown
cinderella 19th centuryartist albert henry
Cinderella, 19th century.Artist: Albert Henry Payne
the maid orleans c1870sartist t ballin
'The Maid Of Orleans', c1870s.Artist: T Ballin
cromwell battle marston moor 2 july 1644 19th
Cromwell at the Battle of Marston Moor, 2 July 1644, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
shooting admiral byng board monarque 1757 artist
The shooting of Admiral Byng on board the 'Monarque', 1757. Artist: Unknown
to convert lady grey roman faith execution 1798
'To Convert Lady Grey to the Roman Faith, before Her Execution', 1798.Artist


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