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3 Feb 2007

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statues thebes c1842 artist richard dudd
'Statues at Thebes', c1842. Artist: Richard Dudd
agnes howard duchess norfolk 1793 artist
Agnes Howard, Duchess of Norfolk, (1793). Artist: Unknown
pel quintain 14th century 1883 artist
The Pel Quintain, 14th century, (1883). Artist: Unknown
catherine howard fifth wife queen henry viii 1902
Catherine Howard, fifth wife and Queen of Henry VIII, (1902). Artist: Unknown
cologne 1530 1903artist anton woensam
Cologne in 1530, (1903).Artist: Anton Woensam
page wenzel bible c1400 1903 artist unknown
A page from the Wenzel Bible, c1400, (1903). Artist: Unknown
louis xivs audience papal ambassador sigismondo chigi
Louis XIV's audience to the Papal ambassador Sigismondo Chigi, 29 July 1664, (1903)
arrival william orange england 5 november 1688
Arrival of William of Orange in England, 5 November 1688, (1903). Artist: Unknown
battle hochstadt bavaria 13 august 1704 1903
The Battle of Hochstadt, Bavaria, 13 August 1704, (1903).Artist: Jan van Huchtenburg
oath fealty maria theresa archduchess austria
The oath of fealty to Maria Theresa as Archduchess of Austria, 22 November 1740, (1903)
eduard bernstein german social democratic theoretician
Eduard Bernstein, German social democratic theoretician and politician, 1903. Artist
ferdinand lassalle 19th century german jurist
Ferdinand Lassalle, 19th century German jurist and socialist political activist, (1903)
karl heinrich marx german philosopher political
Karl Heinrich Marx, German philosopher, political economist, and revolutionary, (1903)
francois marie charles fourier french utopian
Francois Marie Charles Fourier, French utopian socialist, (1903). Artist: Unknown
robert owen welsh socialist social reformer 1903
Robert Owen, Welsh socialist and social reformer, (1903). Artist: Unknown
thomas carlyle 19th century scottish essayist
Thomas Carlyle, 19th century Scottish essayist, satirist, and historian, (1903). Artist
bernhard saxe weimar german prince general thirty
Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar, German prince and general in the Thirty Years War, (1903)
gustavus adolphus king sweden 1903 artist
Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, (1903). Artist: Unknown
albrecht von wallenstein bohemian soldier politician
Albrecht von Wallenstein, Bohemian soldier and politician, (1903). Artist: Unknown
frederick great king prussia 1903artist
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, (1903).Artist: Antoine Pesne
johann tserclaes count tilly flemish soldier
Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly, Flemish soldier of the Thirty Years War, (1903)
frederick william elector brandenburg 1683 1903
Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, 1683 (1903). Artist: Unknown
german socialists 1903 artist unknown
Four German socialists, (1903). Artist: Unknown
social theorists carlyle owen fourier proudhon
Four social theorists: Carlyle, Owen, Fourier and Proudhon, (1903). Artist: Unknown
facsimile martin luthers handwriting 1903 artist
Facsimile of Martin Luther's handwriting, 1903. Artist: Unknown
chief military commanders thirty years war 1618 1648
The chief military commanders of the Thirty Years War, 1618-1648 (1903). Artist: Unknown
heidelberg castle germany 1620 1903artist
Heidelberg Castle, Germany, in 1620 (1903).Artist: Matthaus Merian
martin luther protestant church reformer 1903
Martin Luther, Protestant church reformer, (1903). Artist: Unknown
german book manufacture 16th century 1903 artist
German book manufacture in the 16th century, (1903). Artist: Unknown
flagellants doornik 1349 1903 artist unknown
The Flagellants at Doornik in 1349, (1903). Artist: Unknown
theodoric king ostrogoths 16th century 1903
Theodoric, King of the Ostrogoths, 16th century, (1903). Artist: Unknown
king arthur 16th century 1903 artist unknown
King Arthur, 16th century, (1903). Artist: Unknown
old stock exchange amsterdam destroyed 1858 1903
The old stock exchange in Amsterdam, destroyed by fire in 1858, (1903). Artist: Unknown
industrial reformers colbert turgot arkwright watt
Four industrial reformers: Colbert, Turgot, Arkwright and Watt, (1903). Artist: Unknown
ships hanseatic league 14th 15th century 1903
Ships of the Hanseatic League of the 14th and 15th century, (1903).Artist: Willy Stower
garden japan artist unknown
Garden, Japan. Artist: Unknown
taki no kannon japan artist unknown
Taki-no-kannon, Japan. Artist: Unknown
maruyama nagasaki japan artist unknown
Maruyama, Nagasaki, Japan. Artist: Unknown
yomeimon gate tosho gu shrine nikko japan artist
The Yomeimon Gate of Tosho-gu Shrine, Nikko, Japan. Artist: Unknown
tono japan artist unknown
Tono, Japan. Artist: Unknown
mount fuji japan artist unknown
Mount Fuji, Japan. Artist: Unknown
belle vue hotel nagasaki japan 1920 artist
Belle Vue Hotel, Nagasaki, Japan, before 1920. Artist: Unknown
pagoda japan artist unknown
Pagoda, Japan. Artist: Unknown
negishi bay yokohama japan artist unknown
Negishi Bay, Yokohama, Japan. Artist: Unknown
village water japan artist unknown
Village by water, Japan. Artist: Unknown
coastal scene japan artist unknown
Coastal scene, Japan. Artist: Unknown
japan artist unknown
Japan. Artist: Unknown
hoodman blind 1833 artist unknown
Hoodman Blind, (1833). Artist: Unknown
diving apples 1833 artist unknown
Diving for Apples, (1833). Artist: Unknown
bob cherry 14th century 1833 artist unknown
Bob-cherry, 14th century (1833). Artist: Unknown
green man 1833 artist unknown
A Green Man, (1833). Artist: Unknown
ancient playing cards knave ace 1833 artist
Ancient Playing Cards: Knave and Ace, (1833). Artist: Unknown
ancient playing cards king queen 1833 artist
Ancient Playing Cards: King and Queen, (1833). Artist: Unknown
square circular chessboards 14th century 1833
Square and circular chessboards, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
ancient chess play 14th century 1833 artist
Ancient Chess Play, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
bear monkey 13th century 1833 artist unknown
Bear and Monkey, 13th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
bear standing head 14th century 1833 artist
A bear standing on his head, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
tutored bear 14th century 1833 artist
Tutored Bear, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
sword dance 1833 artist unknown
Sword dance, (1833). Artist: Unknown
dancing bear 1833 artist unknown
Dancing to a bear, (1833). Artist: Unknown
tumbling musicians 14th century 1833 artist
Tumbling with musicians, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
boat tilting 14th century 1833 artist
Boat Tilting, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
tumbling 14th century 1833 artist unknown
Tumbling, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
boys tilting pastime 14th century 1833 artist
Boys Tilting in Pastime, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
justing toy 1833 artist unknown
A Justing Toy, (1833). Artist: Unknown
preparation tournament 1833 artist unknown
Preparation for a Tournament, (1833). Artist: Unknown
tilting ring 1833 artist unknown
Tilting at the Ring, (1833). Artist: Unknown
human quintain contest 1833 artist unknown
Human Quintain contest, (1833). Artist: Unknown
ring tilting 1833 artist unknown
The Ring In Tilting, (1833). Artist: Unknown
swing exercise quintain 1833 artist unknown
Swing exercise from the Quintain, (1833). Artist: Unknown
exercises derived quintain 1833 artist
Exercises derived from the Quintain, (1833). Artist: Unknown
water tub quintain 1344 1833 artist unknown
Water-Tub Quintain, 1344, (1833). Artist: Unknown
moveable quintain 1344 1833 artist unknown
Moveable Quintain, 1344, (1833). Artist: Unknown
fixed quintain 1344 1833 artist unknown
Fixed Quintain, 1344, (1833). Artist: Unknown
ancient wrestling 1833 artist unknown
Ancient Wrestling, (1833). Artist: Unknown
saxon archers 8th century 1833 artist
Two Saxon Archers, 8th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
ladies hawking 14th century 1833 artist
Ladies Hawking, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
hunting dresses 15th century 1833 artist
Hunting Dresses, 15th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
men women act hawking 14th century 1833 artist
Men and Women in the act of Hawking, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
lady hunting hound 14th centuy 1833 artist
Lady hunting with a hound, 14th centuy, (1833). Artist: Unknown
lady blowing hunting horn 14th century 1833
Lady blowing a hunting horn, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
unearthing fox 14th century 1833 artist
The Unearthing of a Fox, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
spearing boar 14th century 1833 artist
Spearing a Boar, 14th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
swine hunting 9th century 1833 artist
Swine hunting, 9th century, (1833). Artist: Unknown
street scene antwerp 1898artist james batkin
Street scene, Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
antwerp 1898artist james batkin
Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
priests antwerp 1898artist james batkin
Priests, Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
horseriders antwerp 1898artist james batkin
Horseriders, Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
people antwerp 1898artist james batkin
People of Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
man dogcart antwerp 1898artist james batkin
Man with dogcart, Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
dogcart antwerp 1898artist james batkin
Dogcart, Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
antwerp skyline 1898artist james batkin
Antwerp skyline, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
man dogcart antwerp 1898 artist james batkin
Man with dogcart, Antwerp, 1898. Artist: James Batkin
market stalls antwerp 1898artist james batkin
Market stalls, Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
people dogcart antwerp 1898 artist james
People and dogcart, Antwerp, 1898. Artist: James Batkin
boy dogcart antwerp 1898artist james batkin
Boy with dogcart, Antwerp, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
horse drawn hearse antwerp 1898artist james
Horse-drawn hearse, Antwerp, 1898Artist: James Batkin
people brussels 1898artist james batkin
People of Brussels, 1898.Artist: James Batkin
guards street brussels 1898artist james batkin
Guards on the street, Brussels, 1898.Artist: James Batkin


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