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28 Feb 2007

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marguerite provence queen consort louis ix france
Marguerite de Provence, Queen Consort of Louis IX of France. Artist: Unknown
catherine aragon first wife henry viii england
Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII of England.Artist: R White
lucy barlow waters 1810artist e scriven
Lucy Barlow, otherwise Waters, 1810.Artist: E Scriven
mrs knight singer favourite charles ii c1750 1780
Mrs Knight, Singer and favourite of Charles II, c1750-1780.Artist: W Evans
isabel scotland 1795artist isabel scotland
Isabel of Scotland, 1795.Artist: Isabel of Scotland
queen anne bullen 1806artist bocquet
Queen Anne Bullen, 1806.Artist: Bocquet
princess royal 1779 artist unknown
The Princess Royal, 1779. Artist: Unknown
isabella valois second wife richard ii c1860
Isabella of Valois, second wife of Richard II, c1860.Artist: WH Mote
queen katharine catherine valois queen consort
Queen Katharine, (Catherine of Valois), Queen consort of England of Henry V.Artist
queen caroline queen consort george iiartist
Queen Caroline, Queen Consort of George II.Artist: Caroline of Ansbach Artist: Unknown
empress marguerite artist unknown
Empress Marguerite. Artist: Unknown
catherine braganza queen charles ii 1833artist
Catherine of Braganza, Queen of Charles II, 1833.Artist: S Freeman
lady anne hyde c1700 1720artist louis simmoneau
Lady Anne Hyde, c1700-1720.Artist: Louis Simmoneau
queen eleanor artist unknown
Queen Eleanor. Artist: Unknown
lady jane grey great granddaughter henry vii england
Lady Jane Grey, great-granddaughter of Henry VII of England. Artist: Lady Jane Grey Artist
mary princess orange daughter charles i 1802
Mary, Princess of Orange, Daughter of Charles I, 1802. Artist: Unknown
queen henrietta sheltering bank parliamentarians
Queen Henrietta, sheltering by a bank from the Parliamentarians, c19th century.Artist
princess amelia 6th daughter george iiiartist
Princess Amelia, 6th daughter of George III.Artist: Page
elizabeth bohemia c1700 1750artist george
Elizabeth of Bohemia, c1700-1750.Artist: George Vertue
catherine ii russia c18th century artist pierre francois
Catherine II of Russia, c18th century. Artist: Pierre-Francois Bertonnier
rachael wriothesley lady russell 19th century
Rachael Wriothesley, Lady Russell, 19th century.Artist: J Cochran
princess royal 1792 artist unknown
Princess Royal, 1792. Artist: Unknown
mrs dunlop dunlop patron robbie burns artist
Mrs Dunlop of Dunlop, Patron of Robbie Burns. Artist: H Robinson
anne neville queen consort king richard iii england
Anne Neville, Queen consort of King Richard III of England 1483-1485.Artist: Anne Neville Artist
jane queen scotland 1798 artist unknown
Jane Queen of Scotland, 1798. Artist: Unknown
empress french c1860artist dj pound
The Empress of the French, c1860.Artist: DJ Pound
marie antoinette queen france navarre c1840 1860
Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and Navarre, c1840-1860.Artist: WH Mote
empress french artist unknown
The Empress of the French. Artist: Unknown
diane poitiers noblewoman courts francis i henri
Diane de Poitiers, noblewoman at the courts of Francis I and Henri II of France. Artist
maria amalia sicilies consort king louis philippe
Maria Amalia of the Two Sicilies, consort to King Louis-Philippe, 1830.Artist: Dean
marie josephe saxony dauphine france artist
Marie-Josephe of Saxony, Dauphine of France. Artist: Unknown
marie adelaide savoy duchess bourgogne c17th century
Marie Adelaide of Savoy, Duchess of Bourgogne, c17th century. Artist: Unknown
maria leszczynska queen consort louis xv france
Maria Leszczynska, queen consort of Louis XV of France, c17th century. Artist: Unknown
archduchesses c17th century artist unknown
The Archduchesses, c17th century. Artist: Unknown
francoise daubigne duchess bourgogneartist
Francoise d'Aubigne, and the Duchess of Bourgogne.Artist: Pierre Mignard
marguerite franceartist delpech
Marguerite of France.Artist: Delpech
radegonde clotaire is wives artist delpech
Radegonde, one of Clotaire I's four wives. Artist: Delpech
princess louise marie france artist unknown
Princess Louise-Marie of France. Artist: Unknown
elizabeth princess palestine queen bohemia 1787
Elizabeth, Princess of Palestine and Queen of Bohemia, 1787.Artist: Taylor
mary queen scots artist unknown
Mary, Queen of Scots Artist: Unknown
anabella drummond queen consort robert iii scotland
Anabella Drummond, queen consort of Robert III of Scotland, (1797).Artist: E Harding
marguerite valois queen france artist unknown
Marguerite of Valois, Queen of France. Artist: Unknown
anne denmark queen consort king james i england
Anne of Denmark, queen consort of King James I of England and VI of Scotland, 1786
caroline brunswick queen consort king george iv 1795
Caroline of Brunswick, Queen Consort of King George IV, 1795.Artist: Tookey
queen charlotte queen consort george iii united
Queen Charlotte, queen consort of George III of the United Kingdom, 1818. Artist: Unknown
empress french artist unknown
The Empress of the French. Artist: Unknown