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10 Feb 2007

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135 Items

scene recruitment mohammed ali 1881 artist
'Scene of Recruitment under Mohammed-Ali', 1881. Artist: Wilhelm Gentz
sir william vernon harcourt british liberal statesman
Sir William Vernon Harcourt, British Liberal statesman, 19th century
downing street westminster 19th century c1902 1905
Downing Street, Westminster, 19th century, (c1902-1905). Artist: Unknown
whitehall 18th century c1902 1905 artist
Whitehall, 18th century, (c1902-1905). Artist: Unknown
hoisting union jack houses parliament westminster
Hoisting the Union Jack, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, c1905. Artist: Unknown
new palace yard westminster london c1905 artist
New Palace Yard, Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
house commons resolution conveying thanks volunteer
House of Commons resolution conveying thanks to the Volunteer Yeomanry Corps, c1905
ancient precincts palace westminster london 1807
The ancient precincts of the Palace of Westminster, London, 1807 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
william ewart gladstone 19th century british
William Ewart Gladstone, 19th century British Liberal statesman and prime minister, c1905
joseph chamberlain british liberal statesman c1905
Joseph Chamberlain, British Liberal statesman, c1905.Artist: John Benjamin Stone
house lords home rule debate 1893 c1905 artist
The House of Lords during the Home Rule Debate, 1893 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
houses parliament westminster hall seen parliament
The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Hall seen from Parliament Square, London, c1905
house commons 1846 c1905 artist unknown
The House of Commons in 1846 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
benjamin disraeli 1st earl beaconsfield 19th
Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, 19th century English statesman, c1905
disraelis first speech house commons 19th century
Disraeli's first speech in the House of Commons, 19th century (c1905). Artist
cecil rhodes 19th century english born south
Cecil Rhodes, 19th century English-born South African statesman, c1905. Artist: Unknown
edward hyde 1st earl clarendon 17th century
Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon, 17th century English statesman and historian, c1905
testis ovat titus oates pillory 17th century
'Testis Ovat', Titus Oates in the pillory, 17th century (c1905). Artist: Unknown
warren hastings first governor general british india
Warren Hastings, first Governor General of British India, (c1905). Artist: Unknown
david jenkins 17th century welsh judge c1905
David Jenkins, 17th century Welsh judge, c1905. Artist: Unknown
deputy speakers office house commons westminster
The Deputy Speaker's office, House of Commons, Westminster, London, c1905. Artist
marquess salisbury british prime minister c1885 1903
The Marquess of Salisbury, British Prime Minister, c1885-1903 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
group vote office messengers houses parliament
Group of Vote Office messengers, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, c1905
swearing members house commons westmister london
Swearing in Members at the House of Commons, Westmister, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
induction speaker elect house commons c1905
Induction of the Speaker elect, House of Commons, c1905. Artist: Unknown
houses parliament seen victoria tower westminster
The Houses of Parliament, as seen from Victoria Tower, Westminster, London, c1905
st stephens chapel speakers house westminster
St Stephen's Chapel and the Speaker's House, Westminster, London, 1834 (c1905)
royal throne house lords westminster c1905
The Royal Throne, House of Lords, Westminster, c1905.Artist: John Benjamin Stone
opening parliament queen victoria 1856 c1905
The opening of Parliament by Queen Victoria, 1856 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
house peers henry viii throne 16th century c1905
The House of Peers, with Henry VIII on the Throne, 16th century (c1905). Artist: Unknown
houses parliament lambeth palace westminster
The Houses of Parliament from Lambeth Palace, Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
bell tower big ben palace westminster london c1905
Bell in the tower of Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
best british/inside clock face big ben palace westminster
Inside the clock face of Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
london landmarks/gallery clock face big ben palace westminster
Gallery above the clock face, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905. Artist
chambers supply fresh air house commons westminster
Chambers for the supply of fresh air under the House of Commons, Westminster, London, c1905
best british/yeoman guard c1905 artist unknown
A Yeoman of the Guard, c1905. Artist: Unknown
map room house commons library palace westminster
Map Room, House of Commons Library, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
opening parliament king edward vii c1905 artist
The opening of Parliament by King Edward VII, c1905. Artist: Unknown
st stephens hall palace westminster london c1905
St Stephen's Hall, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
victoria tower palace westminster london c1905
The Victoria Tower, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
justin mccarthy irish historian author nationalist
Justin McCarthy, Irish historian, author and nationalist politician, (c1905).Artist
bringing bill c1832 c1905 artist unknown
'Bringing Up Our Bill', c1832 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
committee house commons fleet street prison london
A Committee of the House of Commons at the Fleet Street Prison, London, 1729 (c1905)
coronation procession george ii 1727 c1905
The coronation procession of George II, 1727 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
coronation ceremony james ii westminster hall
The coronation ceremony of James II in Westminster Hall, London, 1685 (c1905). Artist
queen elizabeths river coronation procession
Queen Elizabeth's river coronation procession, London, 1558 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
coronation henry vi england 1422 c1905 artist
The coronation of Henry VI of England, 1422 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
cloister court st stephens chapel palace westminster
The Cloister Court, St Stephen's Chapel, Palace of Westminster, 1834 (c1905). Artist
house lords house commons westminster early
The House of Lords and House of Commons, Westminster, early 19th century (c1905). Artist
simon fraser lord lovat scottish jacobite 18th
Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, Scottish Jacobite, 18th century (c1905). Artist: Unknown
lying state william gladstone westminster hall
The lying in state of William Gladstone, Westminster Hall, London, 1898 (c1905).Artist
court chancery reign george i 18th century c1905
The Court of Chancery in the Reign of George I, 18th century (c1905). Artist: Unknown
charles james fox 18th 19th century british whig
Charles James Fox, 18th-19th century British Whig politician, c1905. Artist: Unknown
interior house commons westminster london 1742
Interior of the House of Commons, Westminster, London, 1742, (c1902-1905)
new palace yard westminster 18th century c1905
New Palace Yard, Westminster, in the 18th century, c1905. Artist: Unknown
duke newcastle lord holland 1761 c1905 artist
The Duke of Newcastle and Lord Holland, 1761 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
interior house lords westminster 1742 c1902 1905
Interior of the House of Lords, Westminster, in 1742, (c1902-1905).Artist: John Pine
house commons sir robert walpoles administration
The House of Commons in Sir Robert Walpole's administration, Artist: Unknown
articles union presented commissioners queen anne
Articles of Union Presented by Commissioners to Queen Anne, 1706. Artist: Unknown
henry st john viscount bolingbroke english politician
Henry St John, Viscount of Bolingbroke, English politician and philosopher, 18th century (c1905)
opening parliament queen anne westminster london
Opening of Parliament by Queen Anne, Westminster, London, 18th century (c1905). Artist
terrace afternoon tea palace westminster london
The Terrace, afternoon tea, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
ladies grille reporters gallery house commons
Ladies Grille above the Reporters Gallery, House of Commons, Westminster, London, c1905
speakers procession house commons palace westminster
The Speaker's Procession, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905
lobby house commons westminster london c1905
The Lobby, House of Commons, Westminster, London, c1905.Artist: WS Campbell
lobby bar house commons westminster london c1905
The Lobby Bar, House of Commons, Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
ministers table house commons dining room palace
Ministers' Table, House of Commons Dining Room, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905
house commons dining room palace westminster
The House of Commons Dining Room, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905. Artist: Unknown
wine cellars house commons westminster c1905
Wine cellars of the House of Commons, Westminster, c1905. Artist: Unknown
red drawing room speakers house palace westminster
The Red Drawing Room in the Speaker's House, Palace of Westminster, London, c1905
speakers state dining room house commons westminster
The Speaker's State Dining Room, House of Commons, Westminster, London, c1905
william court gully speaker house commons c1905
William Court Gully, Speaker of the House of Commons, c1905. Artist: Unknown
parliament offering crown william mary 1689
Parliament Offering the Crown to William and Mary, 1689, (late 18th century). Artist
general monck declares free parliament 1660 c1905
General Monck declares for a Free Parliament, 1660 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
this house let c1650s c1902 1905 artist
'This House is to Let', c1650s, (c1902-1905). Artist: Unknown
expulsion members cromwell 1653 18th century
Expulsion of Members by Cromwell, 1653, (18th century). Artist: Unknown
the defence basing house 1640s 19th century
'The Defence of Basing House', 1640s, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
the setting train bands london 1643 19th
'The Setting out of the Train Bands from London...', 1643, (19th century)
william cecil 1st baron burghley 16th century
William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley, 16th century (c1905). Artist: Unknown
house lords time charles i 17th century c1902 1905
The House of Lords in the Time of Charles I, 17th century, (c1902-1905). Artist: Unknown
parliament session reign james i early 17th century
Parliament in Session in the Reign of James I, early 17th century, (c1902-1905). Artist
birds eye view palace westminster london c1560
Bird's-eye view of the Palace of Westminster, London, c1560, (c1902-1905). Artist
queen elizabeth i parliament 16th century c1902 1905
Queen Elizabeth I in Parliament, 16th century, (c1902-1905). Artist: Unknown
latimar preaching king edward vi c1550 c1902 1905
'Latimar Preaching Before King Edward VI', c1550, (c1902-1905). Artist: Unknown
resignation richard ii 1399 c1902 1905 artist
Resignation of Richard II, 1399, (c1902-1905). Artist: Unknown
parliament edward i 13th century c1905 artist
Parliament of Edward I, 13th century, (c1905). Artist: Unknown
henry iii renewing magna carta 1253 1905 artist
Henry III renewing the Magna Carta in 1253 (1905). Artist: Unknown
famous trial charles i westminster hall january
The famous trial of Charles I in Westminster Hall in January, 1649 (c1905). Artist
interior old house commons st stephens chapel
Interior of the old House of Commons, St Stephens Chapel, 1793 (c1905). Artist: Unknown
temple maharrakah nubia egypt c19th century
'Temple of Maharrakah, Nubia, Egypt', c19th Century. Artist: Unknown
egyptian 1887 artist unknown
'Egyptian', 1887. Artist: Unknown
climbing pyramid egypt 1880 artist bh
'Climbing of the Pyramid, Egypt', 1880. Artist: Bh Fiedlen
the sphinx pyramids egypt 1880 artist bh
'The Sphinx and Pyramids, Egypt', 1880. Artist: Bh Fiedlen
carry moristan kalaoun 1880 artist g werner
'Carry Moristan of Kalaoun', 1880. Artist: G Werner
citadel cairo egypt 1880 artist unknown
'Citadel of Cairo, Egypt', 1880. Artist: Unknown
princely garden cairo egypt 1880 artist
'Princely Garden in Cairo, Egypt', 1880. Artist: Unknown
harem caliph mansion 1880 artist unknown
'Harem in a Caliph Mansion', 1880. Artist: Unknown
popular schools heart cairo egypt 1880 artist
'Popular Schools in the Heart of Cairo, Egypt', 1880. Artist: Unknown
weighing blocks stone egypt 1880 artist r
Weighing of the Blocks of Stone, Egypt, 1880. Artist: R Brandamour


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