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24 Aug 2007

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tournament c1350s 1470 artist unknown
A tournament, c1350s, (1470). Artist: Unknown
king constantine i scotland slain danes 877 c1920
King Constantine I of Scotland being slain by the Danes in 877, c1920
sir richard whittington distributing charity
'Sir Richard Whittington distributing charity', (c1900). Artist: Unknown
richard ii delivered bolingbroke citizens london
Richard II delivered by Bolingbroke to the citizens of London, 1399, (c1400-c1425)
a joust london bridge 1390 c1920 artist
'A Joust on London Bridge', 1390, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
the investiture black prince knight garter 1348
'The Investiture of the Black Prince as a Knight of the Garter', 1348, (c1920)
crypt chapel westminster c1920 artist unknown
The Crypt Chapel, Westminster, c1920. Artist: Unknown
death becket 1170 19th centuryartist john
'Death of Becket', 1170, (19th century).Artist: John Cross
the childrens crusade 1212 c1920artist
'The Childrens' Crusade of 1212', (c1920).Artist: EF Skinner
female costume 1135 1154 1904 artist unknown
Female costume, 1135-1154, (1904). Artist: Unknown
fitz stephen burns boats 1169 ad c1920 artist
'Fitz-Stephen Burns his Boats, 1169 AD', (c1920)
male costume 1135 1154 1904 artist unknown
Male costume, 1135-1154, (1904). Artist: Unknown
william rufus tower london late 11th century
'William Rufus at the Tower of London', late 11th century, (c1920).Artist
feast robert comines men durham 1069 c1920
The last feast of Robert De Comines' men at Durham, 1069, (c1920)
lewis chessmen norwegian c1150 c1200 c1920
The Lewis Chessmen, (Norwegian?), c1150-c1200, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
edward confessor watching building westminster abbey
Edward the Confessor watching the building of Westminster Abbey, c1050, (c1920).Artist
william i granting charter city london 1075
'William I granting a charter to the City of London', 1075, (c1920). Artist
ordeal cold water c1920artist richard caton
The ordeal of cold water, (c1920).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
attack danes ireland 9th century ad c1920
An attack of the Danes on Ireland, 9th century AD, (c1920).Artist: Henry Payne
bear baiting saxon times c1920artist richard
Bear-baiting in Saxon times, (c1920).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
great viking c1920 artist hermanus koekkoek
A great Viking, c1920. Artist: Hermanus Koekkoek
canterbury burned danes 851 ad c1920 artist
Canterbury burned by the Danes, 851 AD, (c1920). Artist: A Pearse
plunder lindisfarne northumberland 793 ad c1920
The plunder of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, 793 AD, (c1920). Artist: Margaret Dovaston
stern view oseberg viking ship months excavation
Stern view of the Oseberg Viking ship after months of excavation, Norway, c1904-1905
egfrith offering bishopric hexham cuthbert 678
Egfrith offering the Bishopric of Hexham to Cuthbert, 678, (c1920)
bedes chair jarrow c1920 artist unknown
Bede's chair, Jarrow, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
paying rent saxon times c1920artist ernest
Paying rent in Saxon times, (c1920).Artist: Ernest Prater
battle mons badonicus c500 ad c1920artist
Battle of Mons Badonicus, c500 AD, (c1920).Artist: C Dudley Tennant
romano british enamelled ornaments 1st 2nd century
Romano-British enamelled ornaments, 1st- 2nd century AD. Artist: Unknown
roman roads hereford monmouthartist james g
Roman roads into Hereford and Monmouth.Artist: James G Wood
roman britain c1920 artist unknown
Roman Britain, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
saxon raiders 1921artist richard caton woodville
Saxon raiders, (1921).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
emperor caligula shore boulogne 40 ad c1920
The Emperor Caligula on the shore of Boulogne, 40 AD, (c1920). Artist: A MacKinlay
scourging boadicea 60 ad c1920 artist jr
The scourging of Boadicea, 60 AD, (c1920). Artist: JR Skelton
landing julius caesar britain 55 bc c1920s
The landing of Julius Caesar in Britain, 55 BC, (c1920s)
neolithic catastrophe c1920 artist unknown
A Neolithic catastrophe, c1920. Artist: Unknown
lion hunters european bronze age c1920 artist
Lion hunters of the European Bronze Age, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
lifting impost stonehenge 1901 c1920 artist
Lifting of an impost at Stonehenge, 1901, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
stonehenge c1920 artist unknown
Stonehenge, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
stonehenge restoration c1920 artist unknown
Stonehenge after restoration, c1920. Artist: Unknown
duke monmouth pleads life 1685 c1920 artist
The Duke of Monmouth pleads for his life, 1685, (c1920). Artist: John Pettie
the trial queen catherine 19th century c1920
'The Trial of Queen Catherine', 19th century, (c1920)
king richard ii resigning crown cousin bolingbroke
King Richard II resigning the crown to his cousin Bolingbroke, 1399, (c1920). Artist
nelson battle nile 1798 c1920 artist
'Nelson at the Battle of the Nile', 1798, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
church holy sepulchre jerusalem 19th century
Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, 19th century. Artist: C Maurand
al karak castle 19th century artist unknown
Al Karak castle, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
jews babylon 19th century artist neuville
Jews of Babylon, 19th century. Artist: Neuville
taq i kisra ctesiphon iraq 19th century artist
The Taq-i Kisra, Ctesiphon, Iraq, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
ruins palmyra syria 19th century artist
The ruins of Palmyra, Syria, 19th century. Artist: Benoist
kurdish chief 19th century artist deyrolle
Kurdish chief, 19th century. Artist: Deyrolle
van lake fortress 19th century artist unknown
Van lake and fortress, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
village gharzen mountains kurdistan 19th century
The village of Gharzen and the Mountains of Kurdistan, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
mount ararat turkey 19th century artist
Mount Ararat, Turkey, 19th century. Artist: Barrant
kaaba masjid al haram mosque mecca 1877 artist
The Kaaba, Masjid al-Haram mosque, Mecca, 1877. Artist: Unknown
naples mount vesuvius pausilippe italy 19th century
Naples and Mount Vesuvius, from Pausilippe, Italy, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
woman trastevere rome italy 19th century artist
A woman from Trastevere, Rome, Italy, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
fountain neptune piazza della signoria florence
The Fountain of Neptune, Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy, 19th century. Artist
mount etna view taormina sicily italy 19th century
Mount Etna and a view of Taormina, Sicily, Italy, 19th century. Artist: Hubert Clerget
villa farnese province viterbo north west rome
Villa Farnese, province of Viterbo, north-west of Rome, Italy, 19th century. Artist
shepherd italian countryside 19th century artist
Shepherd of the Italian countryside, 19th century
goats roman countryside italy 19th century artist
Goats of the Roman countryside, Italy, 19th century. Artist: J Cauchard
geiranger fjord seven sisters fall norway 1882
Geiranger fjord, with the Seven Sisters Fall, Norway, 1882. Artist: Unknown
certosa di pavia charterhouse pavia lombardy
Certosa di Pavia or Charterhouse of Pavia, Lombardy, Italy, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
charles whitworth viscount whitworth 19th century
Charles Whitworth, Viscount Whitworth, 19th century. Artist: H Robinson
constantine henry phipps marquess normandy 19th
Constantine Henry Phipps, Marquess of Normandy, 19th century. Artist: H Robinson
john george lambton earl durham 19th century
John George Lambton, Earl of Durham, 19th century. Artist: J Cochran
mr john clarke newmarket 1834 artist henry
Mr John Clarke, of Newmarket, 1834. Artist: Henry R Cook
t denman majestys solicitor general 1820 artist
T Denman, her majesty's Solicitor General, 1820. Artist: Robert Cooper
sir david brewster 19th century artist henry
Sir David Brewster, 19th century. Artist: Henry Raeburn
william hyde wollaston physiologist chemist
William Hyde Wollaston, Physiologist, chemist and physicist, 19th century. Artist
dugald stewart 19th century artist william
Dugald Stewart, 19th century. Artist: William Home Lizars
thomas philip weddell robinson lord grantham 1829
Thomas Philip Weddell Robinson, Lord Grantham, 1829. Artist: H Robinson
henry charles somerset duke beaufort 1829 artist
Henry Charles Somerset, Duke of Beaufort, 1829. Artist: Thomas Phillips
james wandesford butler marquis ormonde 1830
James Wandesford Butler, Marquis of Ormonde, 1830. Artist: Unknown
man suit 20th century artist unknown
A man in a suit, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
chapter house westminster abbey 20th century
Chapter House, Westminster Abbey, 20th century. Artist: Valentine & Sons
north front rosslyn chapel midlothian scotland
North front, Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian, Scotland, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
roof chancel rosslyn chapel midlothian scotland
Roof of the Chancel, Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian, Scotland, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
chancel rosslyn chapel midlothian scotland
The Chancel, Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian, Scotland, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
state dining room longleat 20th century artist
State dining room, Longleat, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
royal horse guards changing guard london 1915
Royal Horse Guards, changing guard, London, 1915. Artist: Unknown
babbacombe bay torquay devon 20th century artist
Babbacombe bay, Torquay, Devon, 20th century. Artist: Francis Frith
hotel paraiso seville spain 20th century artist
Hotel Paraiso, Seville, Spain, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
year old 1915 artist unknown
One year old, 1915. Artist: Unknown
richmond bridge 20th century artist unknown
Richmond bridge, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
happy valley marine parade llandudno 20th century
Happy Valley and Marine Parade, Llandudno, 20th century. Artist: E Dennis
group todas ootacamund south indian state tamil nadu
Group of Todas, Ootacamund, South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, 20th century. Artist
family group 20th century artist unknown
Family group, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
royal opera house stockholm 20th century artist
Royal Opera House, Stockholm, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
edinburgh scotland 20th century artist unknown
Edinburgh, Scotland, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
beachy head eastbourne 20th century artist
Beachy Head, Eastbourne, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
llandudno 20th century artist unknown
Llandudno, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
happy valley entertainers llandudno 20th century
Happy Valley entertainers, Llandudno, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
queen spain prince asturia 20th century artist
The Queen of Spain and the Prince of Asturia, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
caesar king edwards favourite dog 20th century
Caesar, King Edward's favourite dog, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
reredos liverpool cathedral 20th century artist
The reredos in Liverpool Cathedral, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
water skiing 20th century artist unknown
Water skiing, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
liverpool cathedral 20th century artist unknown
Liverpool Cathedral, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
lady chapel rosslyn chapel midlothian scotland
Lady Chapel, Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian, Scotland, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
queen victorias statue college green bristol
Queen Victoria's statue, College Green, Bristol, 20th century
julius caesar crosses thames c55 bc c1920
Julius Caesar crosses the Thames, c55 BC, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
building tribal homestead c1920 artist
Building a tribal homestead, (c1920). Artist: A Holloway