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17 Aug 2007

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naples carmine castle italy 19th century artist
Naples from the Carmine Castle, Italy, 19th century. Artist: J Poppel
the landing william orange torbay 1688 c1920
'The Landing of William of Orange at Torbay, 1688', c1920. Artist: Unknown
sir orlando bridgeman 17th century c1920 artist
Sir Orlando Bridgeman, 17th century, (c1920). Artist: R White
hugh peters 17th century c1920 artist
Hugh Peters, 17th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
and did father 1878 c1920 artist william
'And When Did You Last See Your Father?', 1878, (c1920)
queen elizabeth opening royal exchange 1570 c1920
'Queen Elizabeth Opening the Royal Exchange in 1570', (c1920)
signatures pilgrim fathers 1620s c1920 artist
Signatures of the pilgrim fathers, 1620s, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
guy fawkes lantern 17th century c1920 artist
Guy Fawkes' lantern, 17th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
queen elizabeth knighting sir francis drake
'Queen Elizabeth Knighting Sir Francis Drake', 1581, (c1920)
raleighs pipes c1920 artist unknown
Raleigh's pipes, c1920. Artist: Unknown
prisoners lollards tower 1550s c1920 artist
Prisoners in the Lollards' Tower, 1550s, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
escape mary queen scots loch leven castle 19th
The Escape of Mary Queen of Scots from Loch Leven Castle', 19th century, (c1920)
cardinal wolsey going procession westminster hall
'Cardinal Wolsey Going in Procession to Westminster Hall', 1887, (c1920). Artist
latimer preaching king edward vi c1550 c1920
'Latimer Preaching Before King Edward VI', c1550 (c1920). Artist: Unknown
edward v rides london duke richard 1483 c1920
Edward V rides into London with Duke Richard, 1483, (c1920). Artist: C I De Lacy
henry viii cardinal wolsey c1888 c1920 artist
'Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey', c1888, (c1920). Artist: Sir John Gilbert
battle towton 29 march 1461 c1920 artist
The Battle of Towton, 29 March 1461, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
houses york lancaster 15th century c1920 artist
The houses of York and Lancaster, 15th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
james i scotland 15th century c1920 artist
James I of Scotland, 15th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
joan arcs tower rouen france c1920 artist
Joan of Arc's tower, Rouen, France, c1920. Artist: Unknown
derby tragedy 1913 1935 artist unknown
The Derby tragedy of 1913, (1935). Artist: Unknown
mrs flora drummond arrested hyde park london
Mrs Flora Drummond, arrested in Hyde Park, London, 1914, (1935). Artist: Unknown
bulletin kings medical progress fixed palace railings
Bulletin of the King's medical progress fixed to the palace railings, 1928, (1935)
grand staircase buckingham palace london 1935
The grand staircase in Buckingham Palace, London, 1935. Artist: Unknown
thrones ball room buckingham palace london 1935
Thrones in the ball room at Buckingham Palace, London, 1935. Artist: Unknown
queen mary visiting welsh colliery 1935 artist
Queen Mary visiting a Welsh colliery, 1935. Artist: Unknown
view victoria monument inside buckingham palace
View of the Victoria Monument from inside Buckingham Palace, London, 1935. Artist
king george v driving open first ulster parliament
King George V driving to open the first Ulster parliament in Belfast, 1921, (1935)
ex service men king review 20 000 silver badge
Ex-service men and the King, review of 20, 000 Silver Badge men in Hyde Park, London, 1935
celebrating end first world war 1918 1935
Celebrating the end of the First World War, 1918, (1935). Artist: Unknown
locarno treaty sealed signed london 1st december 1925
The Locarno Treaty sealed and signed in London, 1st December 1925, (1935). Artist
sidney street siege whitechapel london 1911 1935
The Sidney Street siege, Whitechapel, London, 1911, (1935). Artist: Unknown
sphinx damaged german bomb dropped embankment
Sphinx damaged by a German bomb dropped on the Embankment, 4th September 1917, (1935)
george v shooting tigers india 1911 1935
George V shooting tigers, India, 1911, (1935). Artist: Unknown
nizam hyderabad pays hommage delhi durbar 1911
The Nizam of Hyderabad pays hommage at the Delhi Durbar, 1911, (1935). Artist: Unknown
indias princely pages george v queen may delhi
India's princely pages, George V and Queen May in Delhi, 1911, (1935). Artist
george v queen mary delhi india 1911 1935
George V and Queen Mary in Delhi, India, 1911, (1935). Artist: Unknown
mrs pankhurst arrested outside buckingham palace
Mrs Pankhurst, arrested outside Buckingham Palace, London, 1914, (1935). Artist: Unknown
royal visit sunderland 1918 1935 artist
The royal visit to Sunderland, 1918, (1935). Artist: Unknown
suffragette arrested c1910s 1935 artist
A suffragette being arrested, c1910s (1935). Artist: Unknown
king guards 1935 artist unknown
The King and his guards, 1935. Artist: Unknown
strand days hansom cabs tall hats london 1935
The Strand as it was in the days of Hansom cabs and tall hats, London, (1935). Artist
aerial view windsor castle st georges chapel
Aerial view of Windsor Castle, with St George's Chapel in the foreground, 1935
king edward viis family marlborough house london
King Edward VII's family, Marlborough House, London, c1890 (1935). Artist: Unknown
queen mary parents duke duchess teck c1890 1900
Queen Mary and her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Teck, c1890-1900, (1935). Artist
royal family party osborne house isle wight
A royal family party at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, c1890-1900, (1935). Artist: Unknown
buddhist temple tibet 19th century artist
Buddhist temple, Tibet, 19th century. Artist: Therond
lama tibet 19th century artist unknown
A lama, Tibet, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
falconer turkestan 19th centuryartist delort
A falconer, Turkestan, 19th century.Artist: Delort
chinese military exercise kashgar china 19th
Chinese military exercise, Kashgar, China, 19th century. Artist: Delort
mountain huntsmen formosa taiwan 19th century
Mountain huntsmen, Formosa (Taiwan), 19th century.Artist: D Maillard
shanghai port china 19th century artist weber
Shanghai port, China, 19th century. Artist: Weber
chinese tragedian actors 19th century artist
Chinese tragedian actors, 19th century. Artist: C Laplante
tiananmen gate peking china 19th century artist
Tiananmen Gate, Peking, China, 19th century. Artist: C Laplante
french legation peking china late 19th century
The French Legation, Peking, China, late 19th century. Artist: C Laplante
pekings old city walls china 19th century artist
Peking's old city walls, China, 19th century. Artist: Taylor
temple confucius peking china 19th century
Temple of Confucius, Peking, China, 19th century. Artist: Therond
woman bound feet china 19th century artist
Woman with bound feet, China, 19th century. Artist: E Ronjat
chinese portraits 19th century artist e ronjat
Chinese portraits, 19th century. Artist: E Ronjat
farm canton province china late 19th century
Farm in Canton province, China, late 19th century. Artist: Adrien Marie
great wall china 19th century artist dosso
Great Wall of China, 19th century. Artist: Dosso
view si ngan fou china 19th century artist
'View of Si-Ngan-Fou', China, 19th century. Artist: Weber
diamond mining vaal river free state south africa
Diamond mining on the Vaal River, Free State, South Africa, 19th century
zulus natal south africa 19th century artist
Zulus, Natal, South Africa, 19th century. Artist: St de Dree
diamond mine south africa 19th centuryartist
Diamond mine, South Africa, 19th century.Artist: St de Dree
cape town south africa 19th centuryartist
Cape Town, South Africa, 19th century.Artist: St de Dree
bassoutos south africa 19th century artist
'Bassoutos', South Africa, 19th century. Artist: St de Dree
boers kaffirs cape colony south africa 19th
'Boers and Kaffirs', Cape Colony, South Africa, 19th century
lake taupo north island new zealand 1886artist
Lake Taupo, North Island, New Zealand, 1886.Artist: Eugene Ciceri
auckland harbour aukland north island new zealand
Auckland harbour, Aukland, North Island, New Zealand, 1886.Artist: Lancelot
sheep shearing australia 1886artist sirouy
Sheep shearing, Australia, 1886.Artist: A Sirouy
geysers waikato north island new zealand 1886
Geysers in Waikato, North Island, New Zealand, 1886.Artist: Lancelot
australian aborigine 1886 artist e ronjat
Australian aborigine, 1886. Artist: E Ronjat
giant eucalyptus australia 1886 artist taylor
Giant eucalyptus, Australia, 1886. Artist: Taylor
australian aborigines 1886artist edouard riou
Australian aborigines, 1886.Artist: Edouard Riou
latanier palm andaman islands 19th century artist
Latanier palm, Andaman Islands, 19th century. Artist: A de Bar
man andaman islands 19th century artist g fath
Man from the Andaman Islands, 19th century. Artist: G Fath
rice mill indochina 19th century artist robin
Rice mill, Indochina, 19th century. Artist: Robin
shinto temple japan 19th century artist e
Shinto temple, Japan, 19th century. Artist: E Therond
buddhists prayer japan 19th centuryartist
Buddhists in prayer, Japan, 19th century.Artist: A de Neuville
guards swiss legation yedo tokyo 19th century
Guards of the Swiss Legation, Yedo (Tokyo), 19th century.Artist: A de Neuville
mount fuji japan 19th century artist f
Mount Fuji, Japan, 19th century. Artist: F Schrader
caernarfon castle gwynedd wales 19th century
Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, Wales, 19th century.Artist: Benoist
view cornwall england 19th centuryartist jean
A view of Cornwall, England, 19th century.Artist: Jean Baptiste Henri Durand Brager
palace westminster london 19th centuryartist
The Palace of Westminster, London, 19th century.Artist: W May
lands end cornwall 19th centuryartist weber
Land's End, Cornwall, 19th century.Artist: Weber
copper factory cornwall 19th centuryartist
A copper factory in Cornwall, 19th century.Artist: Jean Baptiste Henri Durand Brager
river thames 19th centuryartist w may
The River Thames, 19th century.Artist: W May
fingals cave island staffa scotland 19th century
Fingal's Cave, Island of Staffa, Scotland, 19th century. Artist: Frederic Sorrieu
dublin ireland 19th centuryartist weber
Dublin, Ireland, 19th century.Artist: Weber
ross castle county kerry ireland 19th century
Ross Castle, County Kerry, Ireland, 19th century.Artist: Weber
burg hohenzollern south stuttgart germany 19th
Burg Hohenzollern, south of Stuttgart, Germany, 19th century. Artist: Taylor
panierplatz nuremberg germany 19th centuryartist
The Panierplatz in Nuremberg, Germany, 19th century.Artist: Therond
black forest germany 19th century artist whj
The Black Forest, Germany, 19th century. Artist: WHJ Pool
loreley rock near st goarshausen germany 19th
Loreley rock, near St Goarshausen, Germany, 19th century
chalk cliffs konigsstuhl rugen germany 19th century
The chalk cliffs at the Konigsstuhl, Rugen, Germany, 19th century
brocken blocksberg harz mountains germany
The Brocken, or Blocksberg, Harz Mountains, Germany, 19th century
womens final old wimbledon 1905 artist unknown
A women's final at the old Wimbledon, 1905. Artist: Unknown
suzanne lenglen winning first championship wimbledon
Suzanne Lenglen winning her first championship at Wimbledon, 1919, (1930). Artist


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