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26 Apr 2007

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salute flag french naval manoeuvres 1891 artist
Salute to the flag, French naval manoeuvres, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
terrible accident alps 1892 artist henri meyer
A Terrible Accident in the Alps, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
corsican bandit jacques bellacoscia surrendering
The Corsican Bandit, Jacques Bellacoscia, Surrendering to the Police, 1892. Artist
death queen elizabeth 1892 artist unknown
'Death of Queen Elizabeth', 1892. Artist: Unknown
eruption etna sicily 1892 artist henri meyer
The Eruption of Etna, Sicily, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
revolt island sercq 1892 artist henri meyer
The Revolt on the Island of Sercq, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
grand duke constantine russia visiting house joan arc
The Grand Duke Constantine of Russia visiting the house of Joan of Arc, Domremy, 1892
the billet painting cres 1892 artist unknown
'The Billet', after a painting by Cres, 1892. Artist: Unknown
shepherds gift the nest 1892 artist unknown
The Shepherd's Gift, or 'The Nest', 1892. Artist: Unknown
landing senegalese troops new wharf cotonou benin
Landing of the Senegalese Troops at the New Wharf in Cotonou, Benin, 1892. Artist
new sculpture pavilion palais lindustrie 1892
The New Sculpture Pavilion at the Palais de l'Industrie, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
italian army 1892 artist henri meyer
The Italian Army, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
russian cavalry 1892 artist henri meyer
Russian cavalry, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
snow ballet la voyage dans la lune jacques
The Snow Ballet, from 'la Voyage dans la Lune' by Jacques Offenbach, 1892
arrest ravachol 1892 artist francois claudius
The Arrest of Ravachol, 1892. Artist: Francois Claudius Koeningstein
behanzin king dahomey 1892 artist henri meyer
Behanzin, King of Dahomey, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
rouget lisle singing marseillaise 1892 artist
Rouget de Lisle singing the Marseillaise, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
jean mounet sully oedipus loedipe roi comedie
Jean Mounet-Sully as Oedipus in L'Oedipe roi, Comedie Francaise, 1892. Artist
anniversary battle mars la tour 16 august 1870
Anniversary of the Battle of Mars-la-Tour, 16 August 1870, (1892). Artist: Henri Meyer
float harmony peace national fate 22 september
The float of harmony and peace, national fate, 22 September, France, 1892. Artist
battle valmy 20th september 1792 1892 artist
Battle of Valmy, 20th September 1792, (1892). Artist: Unknown
return grand cordon legion honour new khedive egypt
Return of the Grand Cordon of the Legion of Honour to the New Khedive of Egypt, 1892
garrotting anarchists xeres spain 1892 artist
Garrotting of anarchists in Xeres, Spain, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
train blocked snow france 1892 artist henri
Train blocked by snow, France, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
conscripts 1892 1892 artist henri meyer
The Conscripts of 1892, (1892). Artist: Henri Meyer
russian infantry 1892 artist henri meyer
Russian infantry, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
newfoundland fishermen 1892 artist henri meyer
Newfoundland Fishermen, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
worker children 1892 artist theophile emmanuel
The Worker and his Children, 1892. Artist: Theophile Emmanuel Duverger
cavalry charge german riots leipzig 1892 artist
Cavalry charge, German riots in Leipzig, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
young brave man paris 1892 artist henri meyer
A young brave man, Paris, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
miners strike carmaux 1892 artist unknown
The Miner's Strike in Carmaux, 1892. Artist: Unknown
battle fleurus 26th june 1794 1892 artist
Battle of Fleurus, 26th June 1794, (1892). Artist: Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse
siege lille october 1792 1892 artist unknown
Siege of Lille, October 1792, (1892). Artist: Unknown
marie louise princesse lamballe 1892 artist
Marie-Louise, princesse de Lamballe, 1892. Artist: Louis Edouard Rioult
scene seven rescue play maitre darmes port
Scene seven, the rescue, from the play Maitre D'Armes, Port of Saint-Martin, 1892
conservatory mimi pinson 1902 artist unknown
The conservatory of Mimi Pinson, 1902. Artist: Unknown
farming machine struck lightning 1902 artist
A farming machine struck by lightning, 1902. Artist: Unknown
return ship borda embarkation ship fistots
The return of the ship 'Borda', and embarkation of the ship 'Fistots'
persian shah mozzafar al din shah qajar france 1902
The Persian Shah Mozzafar al-Din Shah Qajar in France, 1902. Artist: Unknown
laying railway track equatorial sun brazzaville
Laying railway track under the Equatorial sun, Brazzaville, Congo, 1924. Artist: Unknown
riot rue nationale paris 1934 artist unknown
Riot on Rue Nationale, Paris, 1934. Artist: Unknown
passage military coaches lake baikal siberia
Passage of the military coaches on lake baikal, Siberia, Russia, 20th century. Artist
fires midsummers day 1912 artist unknown
The fires of Midsummer's Day, 1912. Artist: Unknown
face enemy 1884 1890 artist f meaulle
'Face the Enemy', 1884, (1890). Artist: F Meaulle
the raven 1890 artist f meaulle
'The Raven', 1890. Artist: F Meaulle
waiting 1890 artist f meaulle
'Waiting', 1890. Artist: F Meaulle
gouffe case 1890 artist henri meyer
The Gouffe case, 1890. Artist: Henri Meyer
gouffe mystery 1890 artist henri meyer
The Gouffe Mystery, 1890. Artist: Henri Meyer
palm sunday holy week paris 1891 artist henri
Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Paris, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
farandole andorra 1891 artist henri meyer
The Farandole, Andorra, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
the death charles pichegru 1891 artist henri
'The Death of Charles Pichegru', 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
happy new year france 1891 artist henri meyer
Happy New Year France!, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
the workers lunch 1891 artist henri meyer
'The Worker's Lunch', 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
death colonel malleville battle solferino 24th
Death of Colonel Malleville, Battle of Solferino, 24th June 1859, (1891)
railway accident munchenstein switzerland 14th
Railway accident, Munchenstein, Switzerland, 14th July 1891. Artist: Unknown
locust plague algeria 1891 artist henri meyer
The locust plague, Algeria, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
riot bordeaux aquitaine 1891 artist henri
The riot in Bordeaux, Aquitaine, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
arrival president republic military review 14th
Arrival of the president of the republic, military review, 14th July 1891. Artist
military review general saussier foreign military
Military review with General Saussier and foreign military attaches, 14th July 1891
french carnival fattened ox times 1891 artist
French carnival of the fattened ox, in former times, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
morphiamania 1891 artist henri meyer
'Morphiamania', 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
1814 le petit journal 28th february 1891
'1814', from 'Le Petit Journal', 28th February 1891. Artist: Unknown
amazonian warriors 1891 artist unknown
Amazonian warriors, 1891. Artist: Unknown
french colonial forces 1891 artist henri meyer
The French colonial forces, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
the surprise 1891 artist f meaulle
'The Surprise', 1891. Artist: F Meaulle
winter palace saint petersburg russia 1891
Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1891. Artist: F Meaulle
alpine chasseurs 1891 artist f meaulle
Alpine Chasseurs, 1891. Artist: F Meaulle
scene two act two opera le mage jules massenet
Scene two, act two, from the opera Le Mage, by Jules Massenet, 1891. Artist: Unknown
russian singers 1891 artist henri meyer
Russian singers, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
young mother 1891 artist henri meyer
'Young Mother', 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
act thermidor victorien sardou 1891 artist
'Act one of 'Thermidor', by Victorien Sardou, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
forward 1891 artist f meaulle
'Forward!', 1891. Artist: F Meaulle
the mayor rennes france 1891 artist f
'The Mayor of Rennes', France, 1891. Artist: F Meaulle
lion taming lhippodrome paris 1891 artist
Lion taming at the L'hippodrome, Paris, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
insurrection manpur india 1891 artist henri
Insurrection in Manpur, India, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
facade franco russian exposition moscow 1891
Facade of the Franco-Russian exposition, Moscow, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
the first laurels 1891 artist henri cain
'The First Laurels', 1891. Artist: Henri Cain
allegory france 1891 artist henri meyer
Allegory of France, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
failed assassination tsarevich nicholas russia
Failed assassination of Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia, Otsu, Japan, 1891
pierre cambronne 1891 artist ernest jean
'Pierre Cambronne', 1891. Artist: Ernest Jean Delahaye
battle flowers parade 1891 artist henri meyer
Battle of Flowers Parade, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
attack valparaiso chilean revolution 1891 artist
The attack on Valparaiso, the Chilean Revolution, 1891. Artist: Unknown
armed robbery east 1891 artist henri meyer
Armed robbery in the East, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
clamart winner grand prix paris owned edmond blanc
'Clamart', winner of the Grand Prix de Paris, owned by Edmond Blanc, 1892
taking away insane villejuif paris 1891 artist
The taking away of the insane in Villejuif, Paris, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
massacres china 1891 artist henri meyer
Massacres in China, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
funeral emperor brazil 1891 artist henri meyer
Funeral of the emperor of Brazil, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
spring paris 1891 artist henri meyer
Spring in Paris, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
lost sea 1891 artist henri meyer
'Lost at Sea', 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
procession good friday holy week seville 1891
The procession of the Good Friday, Holy Week, Seville, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
assasination m beltchef presence mr stambouloff
Assasination of M Beltchef in the presence of Mr Stambouloff, Bulgaria, 1891. Artist
republique 1891 artist jean charles gauthier
Republique', 1891. Artist: Jean-Charles Gauthier
royal family denmark 1891 artist henri meyer
The royal family of Denmark, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
representation opera lohengrin place lopera 1891
A representation of the opera Lohengrin, Place de l'Opera, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
destruction german expedition africa 1891 artist
Destruction of a German expedition in Africa, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
bears cagyre 1891 artist f meaulle
Bears of the Cagyre, 1891. Artist: F Meaulle
christmas shoes 1891 artist miery
'Christmas Shoes', 1891. Artist: Miery
assassination french collaborator morocco 1891
Assassination of a French collaborator, Morocco, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer
french flotilla portsmouth harbour 1891 artist
French Flotilla in Portsmouth Harbour, 1891. Artist: Paul Senau


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