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24 Apr 2007

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french attack kana dahomey africa 1892 artist
The French attack on Kana, Dahomey, Africa, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
henri i england franceartist delpech
Henri I. of England or France?Artist: Delpech
what think young rouselle c1915artist edmund
'What do you Think of Young Rouselle?', c1915.Artist: Edmund Dulac
matilda scotland queen henry i 19th century
Matilda of Scotland, Queen of Henry I, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
matilda scotland 1080 1118 queen henry i artist
Matilda of Scotland (1080-1118), Queen of Henry I. Artist: Unknown
matilda scotland queen henry i c1850s artist
Matilda of Scotland, Queen of Henry I, (c1850s). Artist: WH Mote
columbus discovering america 1492 19th century
Columbus 'discovering' America, 1492, (19th century).Artist: Holhs
battle hastings 1066 1833 artist t henwood
The Battle of Hastings, 1066, (1833). Artist: T Henwood
battle agincourt 1415 1792 artist unknown
The Battle of Agincourt, 1415, (1792). Artist: Unknown
the battle cressy 1792artist king
'The Battle of Cressy', (1792).Artist: King
emperor maximilian albrecht durer early 16th century
The Emperor Maximilian and Albrecht Durer, early 16th century, (19th century). Artist
relics associated queen elizabeth i 19th century
Relics associated with Queen Elizabeth I, (19th century). Artist: J Williams
departure pilgrim fathers delft haven july 1620
'Departure of the Pilgrim Fathers from Delft Haven, July 1620', (19th century)
lady jane greys reluctance accept crown 19th
'Lady Jane Grey's Reluctance to Accept the Crown', (19th century). Artist
queen elizabeth knighting drake board golden hind
'Queen Elizabeth Knighting Drake on board the Golden Hind..., April 4th 1581'
thrybergh park south yorkshire late 19th century
Thrybergh Park, South Yorkshire, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
coughton court warwickshire late 19th century
Coughton Court, Warwickshire, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
bestwood lodge nottinghamshire late 19th century
Bestwood Lodge, Nottinghamshire, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
temple bar strand london 1829artist w
'Temple Bar, from the Strand', London, 1829.Artist: W Wallis
the battle bothwell bridge 1679 19th century
'The Battle of Bothwell Bridge', 1679 (19th century).Artist: Robertson
the battle drumclog 1679 19th centuryartist
'The Battle of Drumclog', 1679 (19th century).Artist: George Harvey
dilapidated cottage 19th centuryartist john
A dilapidated cottage, 19th century.Artist: John Ruskin
triumphal car emperor maximilian i 16th century
'Triumphal Car of the Emperor Maximilian I', 16th century.Artist: Albrecht Durer
the judgement paris c1450 artist unknown
'The Judgement of Paris', c1450. Artist: Unknown
christs entrance jerusalem 16th century artist
'Christ's Entrance into Jerusalem', 16th century. Artist: Unknown
majnun 20th century artist unknown
'Majnun', 20th century. Artist: Unknown
old blackborough kings lynn norfolk early
The Old Mill at Blackborough, King's Lynn, Norfolk, early 20th century.Artist
market cross wymondham norfolk early 20th century
The Market Cross, Wymondham, Norfolk, early 20th century
with turned thumb pollice verso 1872 artist
'With a Turned Thumb', (Pollice Verso), 1872. Artist: Unknown
chest sir thomas more 19th centuryartist thomas
The chest of Sir Thomas More, 19th century.Artist: Thomas Gwennap
robert c schenck army general diplomat 1874
Robert C Schenck, US Army general and diplomat, 1874.Artist: Faustin
shah persia 19th centuryartist faustin
The Shah of Persia, 19th century.Artist: Faustin
man lamp artist unknown
Man with a lamp. Artist: Unknown
james stansfeld british politician c1871 1874
James Stansfeld, British politician, c1871-1874.Artist: Faustin
eleanor aquitaine queen henry ii england artist
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of Henry II of England. Artist: Unknown
nuptial benediction prince princess wales artist
Nuptial benediction of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Artist: Rothwell
princess sophia gloucester artist scriven
Princess Sophia of Gloucester. Artist: Scriven
victor hugo french author 1885artist d laugee
Victor Hugo, French author, 1885.Artist: D Laugee
frederica sophia charlotte duchess cumberland 1830
Frederica Sophia Charlotte, Duchess of Cumberland, 1830. Artist: Unknown
princess charlotte wales prince leopold saxe coburg
Princess Charlotte of Wales and Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg, 1816. Artist: Unknown
marriage henry i england matilda 1100 artist
Marriage of Henry I of England and Matilda, 1100. Artist: Unknown
frederica charlotte prussia duchess york 1791
Frederica Charlotte of Prussia, Duchess of York, 1791.Artist: J Baker
william frederick 2nd duke gloucesterartist
William Frederick, 2nd Duke of Gloucester.Artist: Scriven
princess amelia 1819artist ridley
Princess Amelia, (1819).Artist: Ridley
tower london thamesartist andre sleigh
The Tower of London from across the Thames.Artist: Andre & Sleigh
princess augusta duchess cambridge 1818artist
Princess Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge, 1818.Artist: J Alais
st pauls cathedral thanksgiving day 1872 artist
St Paul's Cathedral on Thanksgiving Day, 1872. Artist: Unknown
sir julius benedict musical composer conductor 1884
Sir Julius Benedict, musical composer and conductor, 1884. Artist: Unknown
princess ameliaartist r graves
Princess Amelia.Artist: R Graves
rehearsing royal military tournament agricultural hall
Rehearsing for the Royal Military Tournament at the Agricultural Hall, Islington, London, 1886
giuseppe garibaldi italian patriot 1882 artist
Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian patriot, 1882. Artist: Unknown
al capone 2007 artist karen humpage
'Al Capone', 2007. Artist: Karen Humpage
lowther castle cumbria late 19th century artist
Lowther Castle, Cumbria, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
kimbolton castle cambridgeshire late 19th century
Kimbolton Castle, Cambridgeshire, late 19th century.Artist: A F Hydon
taymouth castle scotland late 19th century artist
Taymouth Castle, Scotland, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
reverend doctor syntax 1828 artist unknown
The Reverend Doctor Syntax, 1828. Artist: Unknown
the modern cains lament 1798artist j kay
'The Modern Cains Lament', 1798.Artist: J Kay
oliver twist c1838artist george cruikshank
'Oliver Twist', c1838.Artist: George Cruikshank
philadelphia 1855 artist unknown
Philadelphia, 1855. Artist: Unknown
source passaic falls new jersey 1855 artist
'Source of the Passaic Falls', New Jersey, 1855. Artist: Unknown
exchange new york 1855artist j archer
Exchange, New York, 1855.Artist: J Archer
park city hall new york 1855artist j archer
The Park and City Hall, New York, 1855.Artist: J Archer
city hall new york 1855 artist unknown
City Hall, New York, 1855. Artist: Unknown
st pauls chapel broadway new york 1855 artist
St Paul's Chapel, Broadway, New York, 1855. Artist: Unknown
albany van unsselaens island new york state 1855
'Albany from Van-Unsselaens Island', New York State, 1855. Artist: Unknown
view newburgh new york state 1855 artist
'View of Newburgh', New York State, 1855. Artist: Unknown
new york 1855artist j archer
New York, 1855.Artist: J Archer
palisade rocks hudson river west bank new york 1855
The Palisade Rocks on the Hudson River, West Bank, New York, 1855. Artist: Unknown
west point military school new york 1855 artist
West Point Military School, New York, 1855. Artist: Unknown
view canal little falls mohawk river new york
'View of the Canal, at the Little Falls Mohawk River', New York State, 1855
fort hamilton narrows new york 1855artist
'Fort Hamilton and the Narrows', New York, 1855.Artist: F O Freeman
view albany new york state 1855artist dg
'View of Albany', New York State, 1855.Artist: DG Thompson
niagara falls 1855 artist unknown
Niagara Falls, 1855. Artist: Unknown
fort connanicut rhode island 1855 artist
Fort Connanicut, Rhode Island, 1855. Artist: Unknown
state house boston massachusetts 1855 artist
State House, Boston, Massachusetts, 1855. Artist: Unknown
hancock house boston massachusetts 1855 artist
Hancock House, Boston, Massachusetts, 1855. Artist: Unknown
harvard university cambridge massachusetts 1855
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1855. Artist: Unknown
amherst college massachusetts 1855artist j
Amherst College, Massachusetts, 1855.Artist: J Archer
boston bunker hill massachusetts 1855artist
Boston and Bunker Hill, Massachusetts, 1855.Artist: F O Freeman
custom house boston massachusetts 1855artist
Custom House, Boston, Massachusetts, 1855.Artist: J Archer
piazza congress hall saratoga springs new
'Piazza of Congress Hall, Saratoga Springs', New York State, 1855. Artist
lake george new york 1855 artist unknown
Lake George, New York, 1855. Artist: Unknown
head waters juniata river pennsylvania 1855
Head Waters of the Juniata River, Pennsylvania, 1855. Artist: Unknown
capitol united states washington dc 1855artist
Capitol of the United States, Washington DC, 1855.Artist: J Andrews
march troops india 1848 artist unknown
March of troops in India, 1848. Artist: Unknown
starting pyramids 1874artist bromley
'Starting for the Pyramids', 1874.Artist: Bromley
plaiting crown thorns 1875 artist unknown
'Plaiting the Crown of Thorns', 1875. Artist: Unknown
street conjurer algiers 1895artist richard
A street conjurer in Algiers, 1895.Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
shipwreck prince william son henry i 1120
Shipwreck of Prince William, son of Henry I, 1120, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
albert edward prince wales 1874artist faustin
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, 1874.Artist: Faustin
aurangzebs mosque benares india 19th century
Aurangzeb's Mosque at Benares, India, 19th century. Artist: W Cook
alexandra denmark princess wales 1874artist
Alexandra of Denmark, Princess of Wales, 1874.Artist: Faustin
taj mahal agra india 19th century artist
Taj Mahal, Agra, India, 19th century. Artist: Robert Wallis
national washington monument washington dc usa 1855
The National Washington Monument, Washington DC, USA, 1855.Artist: AC Warren
capitol virginia richmond usa 1855 artist
Capitol of Virginia, Richmond, USA, 1855. Artist: Unknown
episcopal church richmond virginia usa 1855
Episcopal Church, Richmond, Virginia, USA, 1855. Artist: Unknown
harpers ferry junction shenandoah potomac rivers
Harpers Ferry, junction of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers, West Virginia, USA, 1855
natural bridge virginia usa 1855 artist
Natural Bridge, Virginia, USA, 1855. Artist: Unknown
view baltimore maryland usa 1855artist dg
View of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 1855.Artist: DG Thompson


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