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french attack kana dahomey africa 1892 artist
The French attack on Kana, Dahomey, Africa, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
scenes childrens camps organized spanish falange
Scenes of children's camps organized by the Spanish Falange
jose espronceda 1808 1842 romantic poet
José de Espronceda (1808-1842), romantic poet
knight kneeling tent honor miniature roman la rose
Knight kneeling before the tent of honor, Miniature in 'Roman de la Rose'
cover work russian anton chekhov edition 1903
Cover of a work in Russian of Anton Chekhov, edition of 1903
jose maria peman 1898 1981 spanish writer photo
José María Pemán (1898-1981), Spanish writer, photo, 1980
alfonso sastre 1926 spanish essayist playwright
Alfonso Sastre (1926 -), Spanish essayist and playwright born in Madrid, 1987 photo
monument la coruna dedicated manuel curros enriquez
Monument in La Coruna dedicated to Manuel Curros Enriquez (1851-1908), Spanish poet
reapers war 1640 1652 catalan secessionist
Reapers War (1640 -1652), Catalan secessionist uprising, entry of a group of reapers
alvaro cunqueiro 1911 1981 spanish writer
Álvaro Cunqueiro (1911-1981), Spanish writer, photo 1976
relief santiago matamoros heads facade san marcos
Relief of Santiago Matamoros which heads the façade of the San Marcos Inn in
exterior view hagia sophia mosque istanbul
Exterior view of the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul
badge royal spanish language academy motto limpia
Detail of the badge of the Royal Spanish Language Academy with the motto 'Limpia
murder cenulph d821 king mercia 19th century
The Murder of Cenulph (d821), King of Mercia, 19th century.Artist: W Small
letter relating charles stuart bonnie prince
A letter relating to Charles Stuart, 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', 18th century Artist
robert normandy prisoner cardiff castle 19th
'Robert of Normandy a Prisoner in Cardiff Castle', (19th century).Artist: Oupre
the treaty peace saxon leaders british king
'The Treaty of Peace between the Saxon Leaders and the British King', (19th century)
lady godiva rides coventry 19th centuryartist
Lady Godiva rides through Coventry, (19th century).Artist: JB Allen
death king arthur 19th century artist unknown
The death of King Arthur, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
the burial harold waltham abbey 1847 artist
'The Burial of Harold at Waltham Abbey', (1847)
sixteen miles hour tom thumb 1831 artist
Sixteen Miles Under the Hour by Tom Thumb, 1831. Artist: Unknown
on newmarket road 1820 1825 artist unknown
'On the Newmarket Road, 1820', (1825). Artist: Unknown
traffic whitehall london 1829 artist unknown
'Traffic in Whitehall, London', 1829. Artist: Unknown
horse drawn tramway marble arch 1860 artist
'Horse Drawn Tramway at Marble Arch', 1860. Artist: Unknown
dr churchs london birmingham steam coach 1833
'Dr Church's London and Birmingham Steam Coach', 1833. Artist: Unknown
the royal mails london general post office 1830
'The Royal Mails at London General Post Office', 1830. Artist: R Reeves
duke beaufort london brighton stage 1840 1841
The 'Duke of Beaufort' London and Brighton Stage, 1840, (1841).Artist: JW Land
london bath steam carriage 1840 c1800 1840artist
London and Bath Steam Carriage, 1840, c1800-1840.Artist: Henry Pyall
wesleyan chapel stanhope street london 1830
Wesleyan Chapel, Stanhope Street, London, 1830.Artist: J Smith
liverpool town hall merseyside 1808artist
Liverpool Town Hall, Merseyside, 1808.Artist: William Woolnoth
adelphi hotel liverpool merseyside 1864 artist
The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, Merseyside, 1864. Artist: Unknown
sitting congress berlin 1878 artist unknown
The sitting of the Congress of Berlin, 1878. Artist: Unknown
st botolphs church boston lincolnshire 1842
St Botolph's Church, Boston, Lincolnshire, 1842.Artist: John Le Keux
the burial harold waltham abbey c1847 artist
'The Burial of Harold at Waltham Abbey', (c1847). Artist: Unknown
king alfred inciting anglo saxons repel invasion
'King Alfred Inciting the Anglo-Saxons to Repel the Invasion of the Danes, 896', (c1847)
the baptism ethelbert king kent st augustine
'The Baptism of Ethelbert King of Kent, by St Augustine, Canterbury in 597'
coronation harold king anglo saxons 1066
'Coronation of Harold King of the Anglo-Saxons, 1066', (19th century). Artist
king alfred great disguised musician
'King Alfred the Great, disguised as a musician...', (19th century).Artist
the exposure prince edwin 1810artist milton
'The Exposure of Prince Edwin', (1810).Artist: Milton
edith finding body harold 1834artist e
'Edith finding the Body of Harold', (1834).Artist: E Whitfield
edwy elgiva 19th century artist j rogers
Edwy and Elgiva, (19th century). Artist: J Rogers
shillibeers horse omnibus 1836 artist
'Shillibeer's Horse Omnibus', 1836. Artist: Unknown
road haulage 1790 1820artist j baily
'Road Haulage in 1790', (1820).Artist: J Baily
the noble protectors life property 1820artist
'The Noble Protectors of Life and Property', 1820.Artist: R Reeves
passenger transport 1830 1836 artist
'Passenger Transport in 1830', (1836). Artist: Unknown
august idees napoliennes 19th centuryartist
'August - Idees Napoliennes', 19th century.Artist: George Cruikshank
january hard frost 19th centuryartist george
'January - Hard Frost', 19th century.Artist: George Cruikshank
drunken figures c17th century artist unknown
Drunken figures, c17th century. Artist: Unknown
the monster sweeps toss derby 19th century
'The Monster Sweeps, a Toss Up for the Derby', 19th century
figure practising perspective drawing 1639 artist
Figure practising perspective drawing, 1639. Artist: Unknown
the sick goose council health 19th century
'The Sick Goose and the Council of Health', 19th century
the stag bull bear 19th centuryartist george
'The Stag, the Bull, and the Bear', 19th century.Artist: George Cruikshank
capricornus caper o corns 19th centuryartist
'Capricornus - a Caper-o'-corns', 19th century.Artist: George Cruikshank
les savoyards 1818artist george cruikshank
'Les Savoyards', 1818.Artist: George Cruikshank
inconvenience crowded drawing room 1818artist
'Inconvenience of a Crowded Drawing Room', 1818.Artist: George Cruikshank
reading ultimatum banks tugela zulu war south 1879
Reading the ultimatum on the banks of the Tugela, the Zulu war in the south, 1879
emblem paris international exhibition 1867 artist
Emblem of the Paris International Exhibition, 1867. Artist: Unknown
royal masonic school girls st johns hill battersea
The Royal Masonic School for girls, St John's Hill, Battersea Rise, London, 1875
breaking hospital ship dreadnought chatham dockyard
Breaking up the hospital ship 'Dreadnought' at Chatham dockyard, 1875. Artist
new home colonial offices parliament street
The new Home and Colonial offices, Parliament Street, Westminster, London, 1875. Artist
dwellings poor london 1875 artist unknown
The dwellings of the poor in London, 1875. Artist: Unknown
new registry wills office somerset house london
The new registry of wills office, Somerset House, London, 1875. Artist: Unknown
crossing ebro castijon war spain 1875 artist
Crossing the Ebro at Castijon; War in Spain, 1875. Artist: Unknown
fancy dress ball new grand opera house paris
Fancy-dress ball at the new Grand Opera House, Paris, for the benefit of the poor, 1875
monster festival railway employes crewe 1861
Monster festival for railway employes at Crewe, 1861. Artist: Unknown
general garibaldi spearing fish night off caprera
General Garibaldi spearing fish by night off Caprera, Sardinia, Italy, 1861.Artist
confirmation princess royal windsor castle 1856
Confirmation of the princess royal, Windsor Castle, 1856. Artist: Unknown
holyrood palace edinburgh scotland late 19th
Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
statue liberty new york harbour late 19th century
Statue of Liberty, New York Harbour, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
bank england london late 19th centuryartist
The Bank of England, London, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
lime street liverpool england late 19th century
Lime Street, Liverpool, England, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
windsor castle england late 19th centuryartist
Windsor Castle, England, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
boudoir marie antoinette trianon versailles
Boudoir of Marie Antoinette, Trianon, Versailles, (late 19th century)
balmoral castle scotland late 19th century artist
Balmoral Castle, Scotland, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
aqueduct near queretaro mexico late 19th century
Aqueduct near Queretaro, Mexico, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
royal palace honolulu sandwich islands late
'Royal Palace, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands', late 19th century
grand opera house paris late 19th century artist
Grand Opera House, Paris, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
street tokyo japan late 19th centuryartist
Street in Tokyo, Japan, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
glacier point yosemite valley california usa
Glacier Point, Yosemite Valley, California, USA, late 19th century
courtyard ducal palace venice late 19th century
Courtyard of the Ducal Palace, Venice, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
town hall square sydney australia late 19th century
Town Hall and Square, Sydney, Australia, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
great bronze buddha japan late 19th century
The Great Bronze Buddha, Japan, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
climbing great pyramid egypt late 19th century
Climbing The Great Pyramid, Egypt, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
statue leonardo da vinci milan italy late 19th
Statue of Leonardo da Vinci, Milan, Italy, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
damascus syria late 19th century artist john
Damascus, Syria, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
group women algeria africa late 19th century
Group of women, Algeria, Africa, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
eiffel tower paris late 19th centuryartist
Eiffel Tower, Paris, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
national congress santiago chile late 19th century
National Congress, Santiago, Chile, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
gate lucknow india late 19th century artist
'Gate to Lucknow , India', late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
kenilworth castle england late 19th century
Kenilworth Castle, England, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
arc triomphe paris late 19th centuryartist
Arc de Triomphe, Paris, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
adobe houses new mexico usa late 19th century
Adobe houses, New Mexico, USA, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
constantinople bosphorus turkey late 19th century
Constantinople and the Bosphorus, Turkey, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
forum rome late 19th century artist john l
The Forum, Rome, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
hamburg harbour germany late 19th centuryartist
Hamburg harbour, Germany, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
tower london england late 19th centuryartist
The Tower of London, England, late 19th century.Artist: John L Stoddard
bourse brussels late 19th century artist john
The Bourse, Brussels, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard


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