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3 May 2006

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portrait eleanor queen france c1530 1540 artist
Portrait of Eleanor, Queen of France, c1530-1540. Artist: Joos van Cleve
portrait man 1872artist john oneill
Portrait of a man, 1872.Artist: John A O'Neill
sir henry vane governor massachusetts 1872 artist
Sir Henry Vane, governor of Massachusetts, 1872. Artist: Unknown
surrender general johnston general sherman 26
Surrender of General Johnston to General Sherman, 26 April 1865, (1872). Artist: Unknown
the broadside varuna 1862 1872 artist
'The Last Broadside of the Varuna', 1862, (1872). Artist: Unknown
christopher columbus received ferdinand isabella
Christopher Columbus being received by Ferdinand and Isabella at Barcelona, c1490s, (1872)
christopher columbus italian explorer trader c1872
Christopher Columbus, Italian explorer and trader, (c1872). Artist: Unknown
christopher columbus chains board gorda 1490s
Christopher Columbus in chains on board the 'Gorda', 1490s, (c1872). Artist
death christopher columbus 1506 1872 artist
Death of Christopher Columbus, 1506, (1872). Artist: Unknown
adjutant frazar augustus stearns american soldier
Adjutant Frazar Augustus Stearns, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
colonel charles lambert russel american soldier
Colonel Charles Lambert Russel, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
samuel francis du pont american naval officer 1872
Samuel Francis du Pont, American naval officer, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
farmers son c1872artist william g jackman
'Farmer's Son', c1872.Artist: William G Jackman
william hervey lamme wallace american soldier 1872
William Hervey Lamme Wallace, American soldier, (1872). Artist: John A O'Neill
henry wager halleck american soldier 1872
Henry Wager Halleck, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
edward dickinson baker american politician lawyer
Edward Dickinson Baker, American politician, lawyer, and military leader, (1872).Artist
esther berdt reed american revolutionary war patriot
Esther De Berdt Reed, American Revolutionary War patriot, 1872. Artist: Unknown
battle gettysburg american civil war 1 3 july 1863
The Battle of Gettysburg, American Civil War, 1-3 July 1863, (1872). Artist: Unknown
grist lawyers mill 1872artist c burt
'Grist to the Lawyer's Mill', 1872.Artist: C Burt
new york draft riots second avenue new york city
The New York Draft Riots, Second Avenue, New York City, 13-16 July 1863, (1872). Artist
william starke rosecrans american soldier 1872
William Starke Rosecrans, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
thomas francis meagher irish revolutionary 1872
Thomas Francis Meagher, Irish revolutionary, (1872). Artist: Unknown
samuel peter heintzelman army general 1872artist
Samuel Peter Heintzelman, US Army General, 1872.Artist: John A O'Neill
ulysses s grant 18th president united states 1872
Ulysses S Grant, 18th President of the United States, 1872. Artist: Unknown
robert e lee surrenders ulysses s grant 9 april 1865
Robert E Lee surrenders to Ulysses S Grant, 9 April 1865, (1872). Artist: Unknown
mrs pells pilgrimage 1872 artist c burt
'Mrs Pell's Pilgrimage', 1872. Artist: C Burt
captain jack chief native american modoc tribe 1872
Captain Jack, chief of the Native American Modoc tribe, 1872. Artist: Unknown
impeachment andrew johnson 5 march 1868 1872
The impeachment of Andrew Johnson, 5 March 1868, (1872). Artist: Unknown
colonel john w lowe american soldier 1872
Colonel John W Lowe, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
the death bed president abraham lincoln 1865
'The Death-bed of President Abraham Lincoln', 1865, (1872). Artist: Unknown
two spheres life 1872artist c burt
'Two Spheres of Life', 1872.Artist: C Burt
brigadier general irvin mcdowell american military
Brigadier-General Irvin McDowell, American military officer, (1872). Artist: Unknown
pierre gustave toutant beauregard american soldier
Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard, American soldier, c1860s. Artist: Unknown
mrs steele general green c1770s 1872artist
'Mrs Steele and General Green', c1770s, (1872).Artist: C Burt
cornelia beekman american patriot 19th century
Cornelia Beekman, American patriot, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
john adams second president united states 1872
John Adams, the second President of the United States, 1872. Artist: Unknown
john ellis wool officer united states army 1872
John Ellis Wool, officer in the United States Army, (1872). Artist: Unknown
winfield scott united states army general diplomat
Winfield Scott, United States Army general, diplomat, and presidential candidate, (1872)
sir walter raleigh parting wife morning execution
Sir Walter Raleigh parting his wife on the morning of his execution, 1618, (1872)
uss constitution capturing cyane levant
The 'USS Constitution' capturing the 'Cyane' and 'Levant', 1815, (1872)
an american household days madison 1872artist
'An American Household in the Days of Madison', 1872.Artist: C Burt
a picture american life 1830 1872artist
'A Picture of American Life in 1830', (1872).Artist: C Burt
john tyler tenth president united states 1872
John Tyler, tenth President of the United States, (1872). Artist: Unknown
general joseph king fenno mansfield american soldier
General Joseph King Fenno Mansfield, American soldier, (1872). Artist: Unknown
inhabitants coast mexico 1872 artist unknown
'Inhabitants of the Coast, Mexico', 1872. Artist: Unknown
general william worth american soldier 1872
General William Worth, American soldier, (1872). Artist: Unknown
mercy warren american patriot writer 1872 artist
Mercy Warren, American patriot and writer, 1872. Artist: Unknown
millard fillmore thirteenth president united states
Millard Fillmore, thirteenth President of the United States, 1872. Artist: Unknown
franklin pierce president united states c1850s
Franklin Pierce, president of the United States, c1850s. Artist: Unknown
colonel ephraim elmer ellsworth american soldier
Colonel Ephraim Elmer Ellsworth, American soldier, (1872). Artist: Unknown
a group sioux indians 1872 artist unknown
'A Group of Sioux Indians', 1872. Artist: Unknown
the bereaved mother 1872 artist unknown
'The Bereaved Mother', 1872. Artist: Unknown
theodore winthrop american soldier 1872artist
Theodore Winthrop, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
lieutenant colonel james haggerty american soldier
Lieutenant Colonel James Haggerty, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
captain elisha n jones american soldier 1872
Captain Elisha N Jones, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
colonel noah lane farnham american soldier 1872
Colonel Noah Lane Farnham, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
mary morris 1872 artist unknown
Mary Morris, 1872. Artist: Unknown
charles mccook american soldier 1872artist
Charles McCook, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
nathaniel lyon american soldier 1872artist
Nathaniel Lyon, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
rebecca brewton motte american patriot plantation
Rebecca Brewton Motte, American patriot and plantation owner, 1872. Artist: Unknown
captain alexander bielaski american soldier 1872
Captain Alexander Bielaski, American soldier, (1872). Artist: Unknown
john william grout american soldier 1872 artist
John William Grout, American soldier, (1872). Artist: Unknown
charles wilkes american naval officer explorer 1872
Charles Wilkes, American naval officer and explorer, 1872. Artist: Unknown
captain kidd burying treasures 1872 artist
'Captain Kidd Burying his Treasures', 1872. Artist: Unknown
chamberlain paugus lovewells fight 1725 1872
'Chamberlain and Paugus at Lovewell's Fight', 1725, (1872). Artist: Unknown
honor brave 1872artist c burt
'Honor the Brave', 1872.Artist: C Burt
stamp riots new york c1765 1872 artist
The Stamp Riots of New York, c1765, (1872). Artist: Unknown
sarah franklin bache american revolutionary war
Sarah Franklin Bache, American revolutionary war patriot, 1872. Artist: Unknown
major general philip kearny american soldier 1872
Major-General Philip Kearny, American soldier, (1872).Artist: John A O'Neill
general anthony wayne united states army general
General Anthony Wayne, United States Army general and statesman, 1872. Artist: Unknown
the battle kegs 6 january 1778 1872 artist
'The Battle of the Kegs', 6 January 1778, (1872). Artist: Unknown
the old hedge school 1872artist c burt
'The Old Hedge School', 1872.Artist: C Burt
death general richard montgomery quebec 1775 1872
The Death of General Richard Montgomery at Quebec, 1775, (1872). Artist: Unknown
saratoga stillwater encampments burgoynes army
'Saratoga and Stillwater, Encampments of Burgoyne's Army', 1777, (1872)
independence hall philadelphia pennsylvania
Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 1872. Artist: Unknown
battles lexington concord 19 april 1775 1872
The Battles of Lexington and Concord, 19 April 1775, (1872). Artist: Unknown
martha wilson 1872 artist unknown
Martha Wilson, 1872. Artist: Unknown
boston tea party 16 december 1773 1872 artist
The Boston Tea Party, 16 December 1773, (1872). Artist: Unknown
commodore andrew hull foote american naval officer
Commodore Andrew Hull Foote, American naval officer, late 19th century
death general wolfe quebec 1759 1872 artist
The Death of General Wolfe at Quebec, 1759, (1872). Artist: Unknown
september morn 1912 artist paul chabas
'September Morn', 1912. Artist: Paul Chabas
the church santa maria degli angely near assisi
'The Church of Santa Maria degli Angely Near Assisi', 1909
the city rises 1911 artist umberto boccioni
'The City Rises', 1911. Artist: Umberto Boccioni
both members club 1909 artist george wesley
'Both Members of This Club', 1909. Artist: George Wesley Bellows
a little girl 1887 artist cecilia beaux
'A Little Girl', 1887. Artist: Cecilia Beaux
angel war monument 1927 artist ernst barlach
'Angel, War Monument', 1927. Artist: Ernst Barlach
portrait man 1872artist john oneill
Portrait of a man, 1872.Artist: John A O'Neill
william tecumseh sherman american soldier businessman
William Tecumseh Sherman, American soldier, businessman, educator, and author, 1872
ulysses s grant 18th president united states
Ulysses S Grant, 18th President of the United States, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
george washington first president united states 1872
George Washington, the first President of the United States, 1872. Artist: Unknown
thomas jefferson president united states 1872
Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, 1872. Artist: Unknown
andrew jackson seventh president united states
Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States, (1872). Artist: Unknown
william pitt 1st earl chatham british whig statesman
William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, British Whig statesman, 1872. Artist: Unknown