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2 Jun 2006

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madeline gide 1897 artist paul albert laurens
'Madeline Gide', 1897. Artist: Paul Albert Laurens
young galileo ostilio ricci 20th century artist
The young Galileo and Ostilio Ricci, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
charles darwins house downe kent artist
Charles Darwin's house in Downe, Kent. Artist: Unknown
charles darwin 19th century british naturalist
Charles Darwin, 19th century British naturalist, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
sir william crookes english chemist physicist
Sir William Crookes, English chemist and physicist, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
joseph lister british surgeon 20th century
Joseph Lister, British surgeon, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
william thomson lord kelvin irish scottish mathematician
William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, Irish-Scottish mathematician, physicist and engineer, (20th century)
louis pasteur 19th century french microbiologist
Louis Pasteur, 19th century French microbiologist and chemist, (20th century). Artist
sir james clark ross 19th century british naval
Sir James Clark Ross, 19th century British naval officer and explorer, (20th century)
sir charles lyell 19th century british lawyer
Sir Charles Lyell, 19th century British lawyer and geologist, (20th century). Artist
michael faraday 19th century british chemist
Michael Faraday, 19th century British chemist and physicist, (20th century). Artist
michael faraday lecturing royal institution london
Michael Faraday lecturing at the Royal Institution, London, 1835 (20th century). Artist
sir humphry davy cornish chemist physicist
Sir Humphry Davy, Cornish chemist and physicist, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
jean baptiste lamarck french naturalist 20th
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, French naturalist, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
sir isaac newton apple tree 20th century artist
Sir Isaac Newton under the apple tree, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
sir isaac newton english mathematician astronomer
Sir Isaac Newton, English mathematician, astronomer and physicist, (20th century)
william harvey 17th century english physician
William Harvey, 17th century English physician, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
sir isaac newtons house london 20th century
Sir Isaac Newton's house, London, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
honore balzac french novelist literary critic
Honore de Balzac, French novelist and literary critic. Artist: Unknown
stendhal french writer early 19th centuryartist
Stendhal, French writer, early 19th century.Artist: Sodermark
ferdinand brunetiere french writer critic late
Ferdinand Brunetiere, French writer and critic, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
charlemagne window cathedral chartres france c1225
Charlemagne Window, Cathedral of Chartres, France, c1225. Artist: Unknown
jules lemaitre french critic dramatist late
Jules Lemaitre, French critic and dramatist, late 19th century.Artist: Dornac
gerard nerval french poet mid 19th centuryartist
Gerard de Nerval, French poet, mid-19th century.Artist: Nadar
francois rene vicomte chateaubriand french writer
Francois-Rene, vicomte de Chateaubriand, French writer and diplomat, early 19th century
george sand french novelist early feminist 19th
George Sand, French novelist and early feminist, 19th century. Artist: Calamatta
edgar quinet french historian man letters mid 19th
Edgar Quinet, French historian and man of letters, mid-19th century.Artist: E Leguay
jules michelet french historian mid 19th century
Jules Michelet, French historian, mid-19th century.Artist: Toullion
victor cousin french philosopher 19th century
Victor Cousin, French philosopher, 19th century. Artist: Maurin
hughes felicite robert lamennais french philosophical
Hughes Felicite Robert de Lamennais, French philosophical and political writer, 19th century
emile littre french lexicographer philosopher
Emile Littre, French lexicographer and philosopher, 19th century. Artist: Pierre Petit
louis pasteur french microbiologist chemist
Louis Pasteur, French microbiologist and chemist, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
marcellin berthelot french chemist politician
Marcellin Berthelot, French chemist and politician, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
charles augustin sainte beuve french literary critic
Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve, French literary critic, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
hippolyte taine french critic historian 1890
Hippolyte Taine, French critic and historian, 1890.Artist: Chevrillon
ernest renan french philosopher writer 19th century
Ernest Renan, French philosopher and writer, 19th century
georges louis leclerc comte buffon french naturalist
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, French naturalist, 18th century. Artist: Unknown
jean la bruyere french essayist moralist 17th
Jean de La Bruyere, French essayist and moralist, 17th century.Artist: Saint Jean
pierre bayle french philosopher sceptic writer
Pierre Bayle, French philosopher, sceptic, and writer, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
moliere french theatre writer director actor
Moliere, French theatre writer, director and actor, 17th century.Artist: Pierre Mignard
paul bourget french novelist critic late 19th early
Paul Bourget, French novelist and critic, late 19th-early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
marcel proust french intellectual novelist
Marcel Proust, French intellectual, novelist, essayist and critic, late 19th-early 20th century
charles baudelaire influential french poet critic
Charles Baudelaire, influential French poet, critic and translator, mid-19th century
theophile gautier french poet dramatist novelist
Theophile Gautier, French poet, dramatist, novelist, journalist, and literary critic, 19th century
landscape buildings 1898 artist fernand
'Landscape with Buildings', 1898. Artist: Fernand Maglin
poster slavery kansas 19th century artist
Poster against slavery in Kansas, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
a friendly call 1895 artist william merritt
'A Friendly Call', 1895. Artist: William Merritt Chase
the cross c1900 1939 artist alphonse mucha
'The Cross', c1900-1939. Artist: Alphonse Mucha
portrait woman c1900 1939 artist alphonse
'Portrait of a Woman', c1900-1939. Artist: Alphonse Mucha
the ship c1850 1890 artist stanislas lepine
'The Ship', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
diligence c1850 1890 artist stanislas lepine
'Diligence', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
le traineau c1850 1890 artist stanislas lepine
Le Traineau', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
death barouche c1850 1890 artist stanislas
'Death in Barouche', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
the rare bird c1850 1890 artist stanislas
'The Rare Bird', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
the nightmare c1850 1890 artist stanislas
'The Nightmare', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
the rhino c1850 1890 artist stanislas lepine
'The Rhino', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
nubian slaves 1832 1840 artist unknown
'Nubian Slaves', 1832-1840. Artist: Unknown
plan regular coffee plantation 1813 artist
'Plan of a Regular Coffee Plantation', 1813. Artist: John Gabriel Stedman
manner sleeping forest 1813 artist john gabriel
'Manner of Sleeping in the Forest', 1813. Artist: John Gabriel Stedman
rural retreat cottage 1813 artist john gabriel
'Rural Retreat, The Cottage', 1813. Artist: John Gabriel Stedman
view settlement called jews savannah 1813
'View of the Settlement called the Jew's Savannah', 1813
view blue bergh called mount parnassus 1813
'View of the Blue Bergh called, Mount Parnassus', 1813
view camp java creek 1813 artist john gabriel
'View of the Camp at the Java Creek', 1813. Artist: John Gabriel Stedman
view encampment jerusalam 1813 artist john
'View of the Encampment at Jerusalam', 1813. Artist: John Gabriel Stedman
view estate alkmaar river commewine 1813 artist
'View of the Estate Alkmaar, on the River Commewine', 1813
representation tent boat plantation barge 1813
'Representation of a Tent Boat, or Plantation Barge', 1813. Artist: Unknown
manuring 1826 artist amelia alderson opie
'Manuring', 1826. Artist: Amelia Alderson Opie
filling heading casks 1826 artist amelia
'Filling and Heading Casks', 1826. Artist: Amelia Alderson Opie
boiling cooling sugar 1826 artist amelia
'Boiling and Cooling the Sugar', 1826. Artist: Amelia Alderson Opie
cutting sugar cane 1826 artist amelia alderson
'Cutting Sugar Cane', 1826. Artist: Amelia Alderson Opie
the tower c1850 1890 artist stanislas lepine
'The Tower', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
the cruel children c1850 1890 artist stanislas
'The Cruel Children', c1850-1890. Artist: Stanislas Lepine
marthe denis children balcony c1900 1940 artist
'Marthe Denis and the Children on the Balcony', c1900-1940. Artist: Maurice Denis
portrait yvonne lerolle 1897 artist maurice
'Portrait of Yvonne Lerolle', 1897. Artist: Maurice Denis
children chorus c1900 1930 artist paul charles
'Children of Chorus', c1900-1930. Artist: Paul Charles Chocarne-Moreau
the beautiful open one c1900 1940 artist
'The Beautiful Open One', c1900-1940. Artist: Eugene Dabit
the age worker 1896 artist leon frederic
'The Age of the Worker', 1896. Artist: Leon Frederic
peonies 1906 artist pierre paul girieud
'Peonies', 1906. Artist: Pierre Paul Girieud
black white 20th century artist vassily
'Black and White', 20th Century. Artist: Vassily Kandinsky
the young musician 20th century artist georges
'The Young Musician', 20th Century. Artist: Georges Antoine Rochegrosse
portrait jehan rictus 20th century artist
'Portrait of Jehan Rictus', 20th Century. Artist: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
still life eggs 20th century artist antoine
'Still Life with Eggs', 20th Century. Artist: Antoine Vollon
market brest 1899 artist fernand piet
'Market in Brest', 1899. Artist: Fernand Piet
notre dame paris c1900 1942 artist pierre
'Notre Dame de Paris', c1900-1942 Artist: Pierre Hode
union square spring 1896 artist frederick
'Union Square in Spring', 1896. Artist: Frederick Childe Hassam
hamlet c1900 1944 artist max jacob
'Hamlet', c1900-1944. Artist: Max Jacob
street suburbs c1900 1944 artist max jacob
'Street of Suburbs', c1900-1944. Artist: Max Jacob
the garden luxembourg c1900 1944 artist max
'The Garden in Luxembourg', c1900-1944 Artist: Max Jacob
the royal street c1900 1944 artist max jacob
'The Royal Street', c1900-1944. Artist: Max Jacob
orpheus pelicans c1900 1944 artist max jacob
'Orpheus with the Pelicans', c1900-1944. Artist: Max Jacob
the japanese garden c1900 1944 artist max
'The Japanese Garden', c1900-1944. Artist: Max Jacob
david head goliath 1894 artist georges auguste elie
'David with the head of Goliath', 1894. Artist: Georges-Auguste-Elie Lavergne
carolus linnaeus 18th century swedish botanist
Carolus Linnaeus, 18th century Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist, (20th century)
william harvey 17th century english physician
William Harvey, 17th century English physician, (20th century). Artist: Unknown
galileo galilei italian physicist astronomer
Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist, astronomer, and philosopher, (20th century). Artist
francis bacon 1st viscount st albans english
Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Albans, English philosopher, scientist and statesman
voltaire french enlightenment writer essayist
Voltaire, French Enlightenment writer, essayist, deist and philosopher, 18th century
gustave flaubert french novelist 19th century
Gustave Flaubert, French novelist, 19th century.Artist: Nadar