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7 Jul 2006

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nevil maskelyne english astronomer 1836artist
Nevil Maskelyne, English astronomer, (1836).Artist: E Scriven
richard arkwright 18th century british industrialist
Richard Arkwright, 18th century British industrialist and inventor, (1836).Artist
sir william jones 18th century english philologist
Sir William Jones, 18th century English philologist, (1836).Artist: James Posselwhite
jean jacques rousseau 18th century french political
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 18th century French political philosopher, (1836)
sir samuel romilly english legal reformer 1836
Sir Samuel Romilly, English legal reformer, (1836).Artist: R Woodman
michel lhospital 16th century french statesman
Michel de l'Hospital, 16th century French statesman, (1836).Artist: R Woodman
sarah siddons english tragic actress 1836
Sarah Siddons, English tragic actress, (1836).Artist: W Holl
john selden 17th century english jurist 1836
John Selden, 17th century English jurist, (1836). Artist: Robert Hart
john locke english philosopher 1836artist
John Locke, English philosopher, (1836).Artist: James Posselwhite
thomas sydenham 17th century english physician
Thomas Sydenham, 17th century English physician, (1836).Artist: E Scriven
jeremy taylor 17th century anglican clergyman 1836
Jeremy Taylor, 17th century Anglican clergyman, (1836).Artist: W Holl
joseph black 18th century scottish physicist chemist
Joseph Black, 18th century Scottish physicist and chemist, (1836)
johan witt 17th century dutch statesman 1836
Johan de Witt, 17th century Dutch statesman, (1836).Artist: E Scriven
empress catherine great russia 1836artist r
Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, 1836.Artist: R Woodman
daniel defoe english writer journalist 1836
Daniel Defoe, English writer and journalist, (1836).Artist: J Thomson
james brindley 18th century english civil engineer
James Brindley, 18th century English civil engineer and canal builder, (1836). Artist
joseph justus scaliger dutch historian philologist
Joseph Justus Scaliger, Dutch historian and philologist, (1836).Artist: CE Wagstaff
edward gibbon 18th century british historian 1836
Edward Gibbon, 18th century British historian, (1836).Artist: W Holl
marcantonio raimondi italian engraver 1836artist
Marcantonio Raimondi, Italian engraver, 1836.Artist: W Holl
charles v king spain holy roman emperor 1836
Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, (1836).Artist: W Holl
rene descartes 17th century french philosopher
Rene Descartes, 17th century French philosopher and mathematician, (1836).Artist: W Holl
frederick great king prussia 1836artist
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, (1836).Artist: E Scriven
jean baptiste joseph delambre french mathematician
Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, French mathematician and astronomer, (1836).Artist: B Holl
jean baptiste colbert 17th century french statesman
Jean-Baptiste Colbert, 17th century French statesman, (1836).Artist: W Holl
abbe charles michel lepee 18th century french
Abbe Charles-Michel de l'Epee, 18th century French philanthropic educator, (1836)
ludovico ariosto italian renaissance poet 1836
Ludovico Ariosto, Italian Renaissance poet, (1836).Artist: Robert Hart
henri francois daguesseau 18th century french
Henri Francois d'Aguesseau, 18th century French statesman, (1836)
andrea palladio 16th century italian architect
Andrea Palladio, 16th century Italian architect, (1836).Artist: R Woodman
donato bramante italian renaissance architect 1836
Donato Bramante, Italian Renaissance architect, (1836).Artist: James Posselwhite
cardinal cisneros spanish cardinal inquisitor
Cardinal Cisneros, Spanish Cardinal, inquisitor and statesman, (1836).Artist: CE Wagstaff
hernan cortes 16th century spanish conquistador
Hernan Cortes, 16th century Spanish conquistador, (1836).Artist: W Holl
richard porson english classical scholar 1836
Richard Porson, English classical scholar, (1836).Artist: B Holl
edmund cartwright english clergyman inventor 1836
Edmund Cartwright, English clergyman and inventor, (1836).Artist: J Thomson
james bradley 18th century english astronomer 1836
James Bradley, 18th century English astronomer, (1836).Artist: E Scriven
observatory greenwich 1836 artist unknown
The Observatory at Greenwich, 1836. Artist: Unknown
william murray 1st earl mansfield 18th century
William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield, 18th century British judge and politician, (1836)
jean calvin 16th century french theologian 1836
Jean Calvin, 16th century French theologian, (1836).Artist: Thomas Woolnoth
raphael italian reanaissance artist c1836
Raphael, Italian Reanaissance artist, (c1836).Artist: J Thomson
thomas hobbes 17th century english philosopher
Thomas Hobbes, 17th century English philosopher, (1836).Artist: James Posselwhite
sir walter raleigh tower london 1603 1616 1836
Sir Walter Raleigh in the Tower of London, 1603-1616 (1836).Artist: J Jackson
simon bolivar 19th century south american revolutionary
Simon Bolivar, 19th century South American revolutionary, (1836).Artist: W Holl
leonhard euler 18th century swiss mathematician
Leonhard Euler, 18th century Swiss mathematician and physicist, (1836).Artist: B Holl
edward hyde 1st earl clarendon 17th century
Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon, 17th century English statesman, (1836). Artist
friedrich schiller german poet philosopher
Friedrich Schiller, German poet, philosopher, historian, and dramatist, (1836). Artist
st ignatius loyola 16th century spanish soldier
St Ignatius of Loyola, 16th century Spanish soldier and founder of the Jesuits, (1836)
joseph priestley english chemist presbyterian
Joseph Priestley, English chemist and Presbyterian minister, (1836).Artist: W Holl
sebastian le prestre vauban french military engineer
Sebastian le Prestre de Vauban, French military engineer, (1836)
carolus linnaeus 18th century swedish naturalist
Carolus Linnaeus, 18th century Swedish naturalist, (1836).Artist: CE Wagstaff
germaine stael french writer novelist political
Germaine de Stael, French writer, novelist and political propagandist, (1836).Artist
gottfried wilhelm von leibniz german philosopher
Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, German philosopher and mathematician, (1836).Artist
john wesley 18th century english non conformist
John Wesley, 18th century English non-conformist preacher, (1836)
adam smith 18th century scottish philosopher
Adam Smith, 18th century Scottish philosopher and economist, (1836).Artist: W Holl