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3 Jul 2006

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early attempt conquering air 18th century late
An early attempt at conquering the air, 18th century, (late 19th century). Artist
garden city house 19th centuryartist h stock
The garden of a city house, 19th century.Artist: H Stock
african natives carrying white man africa 19th
African natives carrying a white man, Africa, 19th century.Artist: Gerome Staal
napoleon bonaparte 1721 1818 dissolving council
Napoleon Bonaparte (1721-1818) dissolving the Council of Five Hundred, 1845.Artist
bombardment strasburg france 1875 artist
The bombardment of Strasburg, France, 1875. Artist: Unknown
execution firing squad culloden moor scotland 1860
Execution by firing squad, Culloden Moor, Scotland, 1860.Artist: H Griffiths
scene french court c19th century artist unknown
Scene from a French court, c19th century. Artist: Unknown
women c16th century artist unknown
Two women, c16th century. Artist: Unknown
knight riding rearing horse artist unknown
A knight riding a rearing horse. Artist: Unknown
britons awaiting imminent arrival viking ships
Britons awaiting the imminent arrival of viking ships, c16th century. Artist: Unknown
palais royal amsterdam c1890 artist unknown
The Palais Royal, Amsterdam, c1890. Artist: Unknown
berne switzerland c1890 artist unknown
Berne, Switzerland, c1890. Artist: Unknown
larnaka cyprus c1890 artist unknown
Larnaka, Cyprus, c1890. Artist: Unknown
alicante spain c1890 artist unknown
Alicante, Spain, c1890. Artist: Unknown
ulysses s grant 19th century american soldier
Ulysses S Grant, 19th century American soldier and statesman, (1900). Artist: Unknown
robert wilhelm bunsen 19th century german chemist
Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, 19th century German chemist, (1900). Artist: Unknown
august wilhelm von hofmann 19th century german
August Wilhelm von Hofmann, 19th century German organic chemist, (1900). Artist: Unknown
karl ernst von baer 19th century german biologist
Karl Ernst von Baer, 19th century German biologist, (1900). Artist: Unknown
pope pius ix 1900artist chiassi
Pope Pius IX, (1900).Artist: Chiassi
henry temple 3rd viscount palmerston 19th century
Henry Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, 19th century British statesman, (1900). Artist
franz xaver gabelsberger german inventor gabelsberger
Franz Xaver Gabelsberger, German inventor of Gabelsberger shorthand, (1900). Artist
isaac pitman 19th century british inventor shorthand
Isaac Pitman, 19th century British inventor of a system of shorthand writing, 1900
franz liszt 19th century hungarian virtuoso pianist
Franz Liszt, 19th century Hungarian virtuoso pianist and composer, (1900). Artist
nicolo paganini 19th century italian violinist
Nicolo Paganini, 19th century Italian violinist, violist, guitarist and composer, (1900)
foucaults pendulum pantheon paris 1851 1900
Foucault's pendulum in the Pantheon, Paris, (1851), 1900. Artist: Unknown
jacques offenbach 1819 1880 french composer 1900
Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880), French composer, 1900.Artist: Beger
hector berlioz 1803 1869 french composer 1900
Hector Berlioz (1803-1869), French composer, 1900.Artist: Brinzhofer
julius robert von mayer 1814 1878 german physician
Julius Robert von Mayer (1814-1878), German physician and physicist, 1900. Artist
marcellin berthelot 1827 1907 french chemist
Marcellin Berthelot (1827-1907), French chemist and politician, 1900. Artist: Unknown
christian friedrich schoenbein 1799 1868 german swiss
Christian Friedrich Schoenbein (1799-1868), German-Swiss chemist, 1900. Artist: Unknown
jons jakob berzelius 1779 1848 swedish chemist
Jons Jakob Berzelius (1779-1848), Swedish chemist, 1900.Artist: Bolt
william henry fox talbot 1800 1877 british
William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877), British photography pioneer, 1900
louis daguerre 1787 1851 french photographer 1900
Louis Daguerre (1787-1851), French photographer, 1900. Artist: Unknown
louis napoleon bonaparte 1778 1846 1900artist
Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (1778-1846), 1900.Artist: Lafosse
guillaume henri dufour 1787 1875 swiss general
Guillaume Henri Dufour (1787-1875), Swiss general and topographer, 1900.Artist: Scheffer
emperor franz joseph i austria 1830 1916 1849
Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria (1830-1916), 1849 (1900). Artist: Unknown
wilhelm ii emperor germany 1900 artist unknown
Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, 1900. Artist: Unknown
heinrich von gagern 1799 1880 statesman who
Heinrich von Gagern, (1799-1880) statesman who argued for the unification of Germany, 1900
louis eugene cavaignac 1802 1857 french general
Louis Eugene Cavaignac (1802-1857), French general, 1900. Artist: Unknown
alphonse lamartine 1790 1869 french writer
Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869), French writer, poet and politician, 1900. Artist
francois guizot 1787 1874 french historian
Francois Guizot (1787-1874), French historian, orator and statesman, 1900
louis blanc 1811 1882 french politician historian
Louis Blanc (1811-1882), French politician and historian, 1900. Artist: Unknown
hut edge lake tanganyika congo 19th century
Hut at the edge of Lake Tanganyika, Congo, 19th century.Artist: Lavielle
logooue congo africa 19th centuryartist
L'Ogooue, Congo, Africa, 19th century.Artist: Edouard Riou
village gabon 19th centuryartist e therond
Village, Gabon, 19th century.Artist: E Therond
falls booue logooue gabon 19th centuryartist
Falls at Booue, L'Ogooue, Gabon, 19th century.Artist: Coffinieres de Nordeck
gabonais 19th centuryartist e ronjat
Gabonais, 19th Century.Artist: E Ronjat
sao paulo luanda angola 19th century artist
Sao Paulo, Luanda, Angola, 19th century. Artist: Alexandre de Bar
coast angola 19th centuryartist t weber
On the Coast, Angola, 19th century.Artist: T Weber
port angra pequena namibia 19th century artist
The port of Angra Pequena, Namibia, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
fishermens huts borneo 19th centuryartist
Fishermen's huts, Borneo, 19th century.Artist: T Weber
sight celebes indonesia 19th centuryartist
A sight at Celebes, Indonesia, 19th century.Artist: Hubert Clerget
fall river tondano indonesia 19th centuryartist
Fall of the river, Tondano, Indonesia, 19th century.Artist: Hubert Clerget
street macassar celebes indonesia 19th century
A street of Macassar, Celebes, Indonesia, 19th century.Artist: Hubert Clerget
walk arou islands indonesia 19th centuryartist
A Walk in the Arou Islands, Indonesia, 19th century.Artist: J Moynet
village seram indonesia 19th centuryartist
Village on Seram, Indonesia, 19th century.Artist: J Moynet
mosque ternate indonesia 19th centuryartist
Mosque on Ternate, Indonesia, 19th century.Artist: Mesples
dutch house ternate indonesia 19th centuryartist
Dutch house in Ternate, Indonesia, 19th century.Artist: Mesples
landscape island timor 19th centuryartist frederic
Landscape of the Island of Timor, 19th century.Artist: Frederic Sorrieu
bird paradise 19th centuryartist mesnel
Bird of Paradise, 19th century.Artist: A Mesnel
the cart 1845 artist j somerville
'The Last Cart', 1845. Artist: J Somerville
temple thousand idols japan 1884artist thom
The Temple of Ten Thousand Idols in Japan, 1884.Artist: A Thom
columbus breaking egg 1753 1833 artist
'Columbus breaking the egg', 1753, (1833). Artist: William Hogarth
murder archbishop sharpe 1860artist k bourne
The Murder of Archbishop Sharpe, 1860.Artist: K Bourne
attack bastille 1789 1845 artist unknown
'Attack on the Bastille, 1789', (1845). Artist: Unknown
victor emmanuel ii king italy 1900 artist
Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy, (1900). Artist: Unknown
justus von liebig 1803 1873 german chemist 1900
Justus von Liebig (1803-1873), German chemist, 1900. Artist: Unknown
women pounding rice madagascar late 19th century
Women pounding rice, Madagascar, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
malagasy women 19th centuryartist alexandre
'Malagasy Women', 19th century.Artist: Alexandre Bida
malagasy warrior 19th centuryartist gerome
'Malagasy Warrior', 19th century.Artist: Gerome Staal
hindu fakirs practicing superstitious rites
'Hindu Fakirs practicing their superstitious rites', 19th century. Artist: Bell
nantes loire france c1890 artist unknown
Nantes, on the Loire, France, c1890. Artist: Unknown
king louis philippe i france 1773 1850 1900
King Louis-Philippe I of France (1773-1850), 1900.Artist: Franz Xaver Winterhalter
greek brigands c1890 artist unknown
'Greek brigands', c1890. Artist: Unknown
norwegians lovardalsskard c1890 artist
'Norwegians of the Lovardalsskard', c1890. Artist: Unknown
women campagne rome c1890 artist unknown
'Women of the Campagne in Rome', c1890. Artist: Unknown
spanish peasant c1890 artist unknown
Spanish peasant, c1890. Artist: Unknown
greek peasants c1890 artist unknown
Greek peasants, c1890. Artist: Unknown
spanish coastguardsmen c1890 artist unknown
Spanish coastguardsmen, c1890. Artist: Unknown
krusnaya place moscow c1890 artist unknown
Krusnaya Place, Moscow, c1890. Artist: Unknown
russian village southern agricultural zone c1890
A Russian village in the southern agricultural zone, c1890. Artist: Unknown
peasants gathering roses roumelia c1890 artist
'Peasants gathering roses in Roumelia', c1890. Artist: Unknown
tirnova old capital bulgaria c1890 artist
Tirnova, the old capital of Bulgaria, c1890. Artist: Unknown
bosnian peasant c1890 artist unknown
A Bosnian peasant, c1890. Artist: Unknown
cetinje montenegro c1890 artist unknown
Cetinje, Montenegro, c1890. Artist: Unknown
albanian shepherdess c1890 artist unknown
Albanian shepherdess, c1890. Artist: Unknown
bulgarian peasants c1890 artist unknown
Bulgarian peasants, c1890. Artist: Unknown
italian peasants c1890 artist unknown
Italian peasants, c1890. Artist: Unknown
austrian peasant c1890 artist unknown
Austrian peasant, c1890. Artist: Unknown
montenegrins c1890 artist unknown
Montenegrins, c1890. Artist: Unknown
french agriculturist c1890 artist unknown
A French agriculturist, c1890. Artist: Unknown
orange grove south spain c1890 artist unknown
An orange grove in the south of Spain, c1890. Artist: Unknown
lake bandak norway c1890 artist unknown
Lake Bandak, Norway, c1890. Artist: Unknown
steamboat volga russia c1890 artist unknown
A steamboat on the Volga, Russia, c1890. Artist: Unknown
brocken blocksberg harz mountains germany c1890
The Brocken, or Blocksberg, Harz Mountains, Germany, c1890. Artist: Unknown
crater volcano hekla iceland c1890 artist
The crater of the volcano Hekla, Iceland, c1890. Artist: Unknown
village fete russia c1890 artist unknown
A village fete in Russia, c1890. Artist: Unknown
funchal madeira c1890 artist unknown
Funchal, Madeira, c1890. Artist: Unknown
peak tenerife canary islands c1890 artist
The peak of Tenerife, Canary Islands, c1890. Artist: Unknown


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