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29 Apr 2006

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field marshal lord roberts commander chief forces
Field Marshal Lord Roberts, Commander in Chief of the forces in South Africa, 1902
women standing headstone graveyard c1800 artist
Two women standing before a headstone in a graveyard, c1800. Artist: Unknown
lieutenant general sir robert low 1900 artist
Lieutenant General Sir Robert Low, 1900. Artist: Elliott & Fry
major mf rimington commandant rimingtons guides
Major MF Rimington, Commandant Rimington's Guides, 1900. Artist: Lafyette
brigadier general lord chesham imperial yeomanry
Brigadier General Lord Chesham, Imperial Yeomanry, South Africa, 1900
greenwich park royal observatory easter monday
'Greenwich Park, with the Royal Observatory, on Easter Monday', London, 1804
royal exchange london 1804artist walker
The Royal Exchange, London, 1804.Artist: Walker
the court kings bench westminster london 1804
'The Court of the King's Bench, Westminster', London, 1804. Artist: Unknown
lieutenant colonel wd otter commanding royal
Lieutenant-Colonel WD Otter, commanding Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry, South Africa, 1902
major general sir william penn symons british soldier
Major-General Sir William Penn Symons, British soldier, c1899 (1902).Artist: R Stanley
lord edward herbert gascoyne cecil 1867 1918
Lord Edward Herbert Gascoyne-Cecil, (1867-1918), British soldier and colonial administrator
major general rap clements commanding 12th brigade
Major-General RAP Clements, commanding 12th Brigade, South Africa. Artist: Elliott & Fry
major general eth hutton commanding 1st mounted
Major-General ETH Hutton, commanding 1st Mounted Infantry Brigade, South Africa, 1902
lieutenant general sir francis clery commanding
Lieutenant-General Sir Francis Clery, commanding 2nd Division, South Africa, 1902
colonel henry parke airey commanding 1st bushmens
Colonel Henry Parke Airey, commanding 1st Bushmen's Contingent, South African Field Force
lieutenant general hjt hildyard commanding 5th
Lieutenant-General HJT Hildyard, Commanding 5th Division, South Africa, 1902.Artist
general edward chapman commanding troops scotland
General Edward Chapman, commanding the troops of Scotland, 1902.Artist: Elliott & Fry
general sir hugh gough keeper jewels tower london
General Sir Hugh Gough, Keeper of the Jewels, Tower of London, 1902.Artist: Elliott & Fry
lieutenant colonel francois louis lessard canadian
Lieutenant-Colonel Francois-Louis Lessard, Canadian Mounted Infantry, South Africa, 1902
lieutenant general sir baker creed russell commanding
Lieutenant-General Sir Baker Creed Russell, commanding Southern District, 1902.Artist
lieutenant general ian hamilton commanding mounted
Lieutenant-General Ian Hamilton, commanding Mounted Infantry Division, South Africa Field Force
colonel wh mackinnon commanding city imperial
Colonel WH Mackinnon, commanding the City Imperial Volunteers, 1902.Artist: Elliott & Fry
lieutenant general alfred gaselee commanding
Lieutenant-General Alfred Gaselee, commanding the British forces in China, 1902.Artist
brigadier general jg dartnell commanding volunteer
Brigadier-General JG Dartnell, commanding Volunteer Brigade, Natal Field Force, 1902
lieutenant general sir archibald hunter commanding
Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Hunter, commanding the 10th Division, South Africa, 1902
major general jbb dickson commanding 4th cavalry
Major-General JBB Dickson, commanding 4th Cavalry Brigade, South Africa Field Force, 1902
lieutenant general reginald pole carew commanding
Lieutenant-General Reginald Pole-Carew, commanding 11th Division, South Africa Field Force, 1902
lieutenant colonel edward bethune commanding
Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Bethune, commanding Bethune's Mounted Infantry, 1902
major general francis howard commanding 8th brigade
Major-General Francis Howard, commanding 8th Brigade, South Africa Field Force, 1902
major general sir john carstairs mcneill equerry
Major-General Sir John Carstairs McNeill, Equerry to HM the Queen, 1902
major general john talbot coke commanding 10th
Major-General John Talbot Coke, commanding 10th Brigade, South Africa Field Force, 1902
major general john brabazon commanding imperial
Major-General John Brabazon, commanding Imperial Yeomanry, South Africa, 1902. Artist
raymond harvey montmorency vc commanding montmorencys
Raymond Harvey de Montmorency, VC, Commanding Montmorency's Scouts, c1900 (1902)
major general g barton commanding 6th infantry
Major-General G Barton, commanding the 6th Infantry Brigade, 1902
major general george pretyman military commandant
Major-General George Pretyman, Military Commandant, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 1902
lieutenant colonel aw thorneycroft commanding
Lieutenant Colonel AW Thorneycroft, commanding Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry, 1902
major general charles edmond knox commanding
Major-General Charles Edmond Knox, commanding 12th Brigade, South Africa, 1902.Artist
lieutenant frederick hugh sherston roberts british
Lieutenant Frederick Hugh Sherston Roberts, British soldier, 1902.Artist: Lafayette
major general jf brocklehurst commanding 2nd
Major-General JF Brocklehurst, commanding the 2nd Cavalry Brigade, Natal Field Force, 1902
lieutenant general thomas kelly kenny commanding
Lieutenant-General Thomas Kelly-Kenny, Commanding 6th Division, South Africa Field Force, 1902
lieutenant general sir frederick carrington special
Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Carrington, on Special Service in South Africa, 1902
sir william lockhart commander chief india c1900
Sir William Lockhart, Commander in Chief in India, c1900 (1902)
major general jm babington commanding 1st cavalry
Major-General JM Babington, commanding 1st Cavalry Brigade in South Africa, 1902.Artist
lieutenant general ng lyttelton commanding 4th
Lieutenant-General NG Lyttelton, commanding 4th Brigade in South Africa, 1902.Artist
colonel rg kekewich loyal north lancashire regiment
Colonel RG Kekewich, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1902.Artist: Downey
brevet lieutenant colonel hco plumer commanding tuli
Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel HCO Plumer, Commanding at Tuli, Rhodesia, 1902
lieutenant general sir drury drury lowe colonel
Lieutenant-General Sir Drury Drury-Lowe, Colonel of the 17th Lancers, 1902.Artist
lieutenant general sir hc chermside commanding
Lieutenant-General Sir HC Chermside, Commanding 14th Brigade in South Africa, 1902
major general arthur fitzroy hart commanding
Major-General Arthur Fitzroy Hart, Commanding 5th Brigade, South Africa Field Force, 1902
douglas mackinnon baillie hamilton cochrane 12th
Douglas Mackinnon Baillie Hamilton Cochrane, 12th Earl of Dundonald, (1852?1935), 1902
major general sir erp woodgate british soldier
Major General Sir ERP Woodgate, British Soldier, c1900 (1902).Artist: Lafayette
major general sir john c ardagh director military
Major-General Sir John C Ardagh, Director of Military Intelligence, 1902
major general gh marshall commanding royal artillery
Major-General GH Marshall, Commanding Royal Artillery, South Africa Field Force, 1902
lieutenant general jdp french commanding cavalry
Lieutenant-General JDP French, Commanding Cavalry Division, South Africa Field Force, 1902
lieutenant general sir henry rundle commander
Lieutenant General Sir Henry Rundle, Commander 8th Division, South Africa Field Force, 1902
major general ag wauchope commander highland
Major-General AG Wauchope, Commander of the Highland Brigade in South Africa, c1899 (1902)
lieutenant general sir charles william wilson
Lieutenant-General Sir Charles William Wilson, British soldier, 1902
lieutenant general sir colvile commander 9th division
Lieutenant General Sir HE Colvile, Commander of the 9th Division, South Africa Field Force, 1902
general sir richard harrison inspector general
General Sir Richard Harrison, Inspector General of Fortification, 1902. Artist: Heath
horatio herbert kitchener 1st earl kitchener
Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, British Field Marshal, diplomat and statesman, 1902
field marshal sir donald martin stewart british
Field Marshal Sir Donald Martin Stewart, British soldier, c1900 (1902)
sir francis reginald wingate british general
Sir Francis Reginald Wingate, British general and administrator in the Sudan, 1902
sir george stuart white british army general 1902
Sir George Stuart White, British Army general, 1902. Artist: Window & Grove
sir william forbes gatacre commander 3rd division
Sir William Forbes Gatacre, commander of the 3rd division, South Africa, 1902.Artist
sir henry evelyn wood english field marshal recipient
Sir Henry Evelyn Wood, English Field Marshal and a recipient of the Victoria Cross, 1902
sir frederick william edward forestier forestier walker
Sir Frederick William Edward Forestier Forestier-Walker, British soldier, 1902.Artist
colonel baden powell lieutenant general british army
Colonel Baden-Powell, Lieutenant-General in the British Army, 1902.Artist: Elliott & Fry
sir redvers henry buller british general victoria
Sir Redvers Henry Buller, British general and Victoria Cross holder, 1902.Artist: Knight
mona lisa c1505 19th century artist
'Mona Lisa', c1505, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
asiatic races 1800 1900artist g mutzel
'Asiatic Races', 1800-1900.Artist: G Mutzel
visit arabs kwirara c1875 artist unknown
'Visit of Arabs at Kwirara', (c1875). Artist: Unknown
the arrival lake ngami 19th century artist
'The Arrival at Lake Ngami', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
lake victoria nyanza c1840 1900 artist
'Lake Victoria Nyanza', c1840-1900. Artist: Unknown
livingstone weak fever escorted shintes town
'Livingstone Weak From Fever Escorted to Shinte's Town', 19th century
georgian circassian armenian races 1873 artist
'Georgian, Circassian and Armenian Races', 1873. Artist: J Le Conte
caucasian race kurds persians 1873artist
'Caucasian Race, Kurds and Persians', 1873.Artist: A Portier
caucasian race hindus 1800 1900artist
'Caucasian Race, Hindus', 1800-1900.Artist: A Portier
malay race 1800 1900artist r anderson
'Malay Race', 1800-1900.Artist: R Anderson
mongol race lapps esquimaux 1800 1900artist
'Mongol Race, Lapps and Esquimaux', 1800-1900.Artist: A Portier
tattooing 1800 1900 artist unknown
'Tattooing', 1800-1900. Artist: Unknown
ethnology races man 1800 1900artist r
'Ethnology, Races of Man', 1800-1900.Artist: R Anderson
australian inhabitants 1800 1850artist g
'Australian Inhabitants', 1800-1850.Artist: G Mutzel
traditional russian costume c1850 artist
'Traditional Russian Costume', c1850. Artist: Unknown
rhio rhio king sandwich islands c1824 artist
'Rhio Rhio, King of the Sandwich Islands', c1824. Artist: Unknown
the malay c1840artist james prichard
'The Malay', c1840.Artist: James Prichard
a melik shegyia arabs c1840artist j bull
'A Melik of the Shegyia Arabs', c1840.Artist: J Bull
native madagascar c1850artist james prichard
'Native of Madagascar', c1850.Artist: James Prichard
ram ruttun brahman c1840artist j bull
'Ram Ruttun. A Brahman', c1840.Artist: J Bull
the malay c1900artist james prichard
'The Malay', c1900.Artist: James Prichard
native papua islands c1840artist j bull
'Native of the Papua Islands', c1840.Artist: J Bull
natives tilcopia c1850artist james prichard
'Natives of Tilcopia', c1850.Artist: James Prichard
swiss woman c1825artist edouard pingret
Swiss woman, c1825.Artist: Edouard Pingret
two greek women c1809 artist unknown
'Two Greek Women', c1809. Artist: Unknown
native mozambique c1850artist james prichard
'Native of Mozambique', c1850.Artist: James Prichard
spanish girl 1809artist w dickes
'Spanish Girl', 1809.Artist: W Dickes
russian peasant 1809artist w dickes
'Russian Peasant', 1809.Artist: W Dickes
french woman child selling fruit 1809artist
'French Woman and Child Selling Fruit', 1809.Artist: W Dickes
spanish muleteer 1809artist w dickes
'Spanish Muleteer', 1809.Artist: W Dickes
norwegian farm girl 1809artist w dickes
'Norwegian Farm Girl', 1809.Artist: W Dickes


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