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19 Apr 2006

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guildford high street guildford surrey 19th century
Guildford High Street, Guildford, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: Shury & Son
impressionism/apples oranges 1895 1900 artist paul cezanne
'Apples and Oranges', 1895-1900. Artist: Paul Cezanne
cavalry meet infantry battlefield 1910 artist
The cavalry meet the infantry on the battlefield, 1910. Artist: Unknown
princess wales 19th centuryartist edwards
The Princess of Wales, 19th century.Artist: Edwards
order garter 19th century artist unknown
'Order of the Garter', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
queen victorias commanders chief 1901 artist
Queen Victoria's commanders in chief, 1901. Artist: Unknown
royal mausoleum frogmore 1901artist hn king
The royal mausoleum, Frogmore, 1901.Artist: HN King
queen victoria prince consort 1860 artist
Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort, 1860. Artist: Unknown
prince albert edward c1859 artist unknown
Prince Albert Edward, c1859. Artist: Unknown
queen victorias funeral procession passing london
Queen Victoria's funeral procession passing through London, 1901. Artist: Unknown
royal mourners following funeral procession osborne
The royal mourners following the funeral procession from Osborne House to the Trinity Pier, 1901
queen victorias funeral procession leaving osborne
Queen Victoria's funeral procession leaving Osborne House, Isle of Wight, February 1st, 1901
queen victoria lying state osborne house 1901
Queen Victoria lying in state at Osborne House, 1901.Artist: Hughes & Mullins
photograph queen victoria december 13th 1900
The last photograph of Queen Victoria, December 13th, 1900.Artist: W F Seymour
queen victoria children duke duchess york 1901
Queen Victoria with the children of the Duke and Duchess of York, 1901
czars visit balmoral 1896artist wd downey
The Czars' visit to Balmoral, 1896.Artist: W&D Downey
ceremony thanksgiving st pauls cathedral london
The ceremony of thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral, London, June 22nd, 1897. Artist
generations royal family 1894artist wd downey
Four generations of the royal family, 1894.Artist: W&D Downey
southwark london bridge appeared 1546 c1860
'Southwark and London Bridge as they appeared about 1546', c1860
view box hill looking norbury 19th century
'View from Box Hill, looking towards Norbury', 19th century.Artist: J H Kernot
swallows banks river mole surrey 19th century
'Swallows in the Banks of the River Mole', Surrey, 19th century. Artist: J Archer
view leith hill c1844artist t fleming
'View of Leith Hill', c1844.Artist: T Fleming
view norbury surrey 19th centuryartist william
A view from Norbury, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: William Radclyffe
new charterhouse godalming surrey late 19th century
The New Charterhouse, Godalming, Surrey, late 19th century.Artist: JC Armytage
abbotts hospital guildford 19th centuryartist
'Abbott's Hospital, Guildford', 19th century.Artist: Shury & Son
drawing room loseley hall guildford 19th century
The drawing-room, Loseley Hall, Guildford, 19th century.Artist: MJ Starling
sutton place near guildford surrey 19th century
Sutton Place, near Guildford, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: Thomas F Darmill
windlesham church surrey 19th centuryartist
Windlesham Church, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: E Radclyffe
west horsley surrey 19th centuryartist mj
West Horsley, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: MJ Starling
ockham park surrey 19th centuryartist ta prior
Ockham Park, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: TA Prior
school indigent blind southwark london 19th
'School for the Indigent Blind', Southwark, London, 19th century.Artist: TA Prior
lambeth palace church lambeth 1850 artist
Lambeth Palace and Church, Lambeth, 1850. Artist: Shury & Son
st michaels stockwell lambeth 1860artist
St Michael's, Stockwell, Lambeth, 1860.Artist: R Radclyffe
barn elms richmond thames 19th centuryartist
Barn Elms, Richmond upon Thames, 19th century.Artist: H Griffiths
lime grove putney 1846artist ta prior
Lime Grove, Putney, 1846.Artist: TA Prior
mount clare roehampton south london 19th century
Mount Clare, Roehampton, south London, 19th century.Artist: A T Prior
the school house dunsfold green surrey 1850
'The School House on Dunsfold Green', Surrey, 1850. Artist: J H Kernot
dunsfold church surrey 1850 artist j h kernot
Dunsfold Church, Surrey, 1850. Artist: J H Kernot
beddington park 19th centuryartist flemming
'Beddington Park', 19th century.Artist: Flemming
hospital holy trinity croydon 1840artist mj
Hospital of the Holy Trinity, Croydon, 1840.Artist: MJ Starling
selsdon house near croydon 19th centuryartist
'Selsdon House near Croydon', 19th century.Artist: MJ Starling
selsdon house 19th centuryartist j h kernot
'Selsdon House', 19th century.Artist: J H Kernot
trevereux limpsfield surrey 19th centuryartist
Trevereux, Limpsfield, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: MJ Starling
botleys surrey 19th centuryartist j h kernot
Botleys, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: J H Kernot
fox hills surrey c1840sartist j h kernot
'Fox Hills', Surrey, c1840s.Artist: J H Kernot
claremont park esher surrey 19th centuryartist
Claremont Park, Esher, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: TA Prior
pains hill surrey 19th centuryartist mj
Pains Hill, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: MJ Starling
kingston town hall surrey 19th centuryartist
Kingston Town Hall, Surrey, 19th century.Artist: H Griffiths
richmond hill richmond 19th centuryartist
Richmond Hill, Richmond, 19th century.Artist: Edward Radclyffe
st johns church richmond 1840artist j h
St John's Church, Richmond, 1840.Artist: J H Kernot
wesleyan institute richmond 19th centuryartist
Wesleyan Institute, Richmond, 19th century.Artist: Henry Adlard
asgill house richmond thames 19th centuryartist
Asgill House, Richmond upon Thames, 19th century.Artist: T Fleming
dulwich college dulwich south east london 1846
Dulwich College, Dulwich, south-east London, 1846.Artist: TA Prior
prince albert victor duke clarence avondale c1890s
Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, c1890s
william ewart gladstone british liberal party
William Ewart Gladstone, British Liberal Party statesman and Prime Minister, late 19th century
princess beatrice youngest child queen victoria 1901
The Princess Beatrice, youngest child of Queen Victoria, 1901. Artist: Hughes & Mullins
queen victoria dress wore golden jubilee service 1887
Queen Victoria in the dress she wore at her Golden Jubilee service, 1887
poets novelists victorian era late 19th century
'Poets and Novelists of the Victorian Era', late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
queen victorias sons abergeldie 1881artist
Queen Victoria's four sons at Abergeldie, 1881.Artist: Robert Milne
oueen victorias prime ministers 1901 artist
Oueen Victoria's prime ministers, 1901. Artist: Unknown
queen victorias pew st georges chapel windsor 1901
Queen Victoria's pew in St George's chapel, Windsor, 1901
princess louise duchess argyll c1871 artist
The Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, c1871. Artist: Unknown
portrait albert prince consort 1861 artist
The last portrait of Albert, Prince Consort, 1861. Artist: Vernon Heath
queen victorias children mid 19th centuryartist
Queen Victoria's children, mid-19th century.Artist: Franz Xaver Winterhalter
painters victorian era late 19th century artist
'Painters of the Victorian Era', late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
ismail pasha khedive egypt c1860sartist roger
Isma'il Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, c1860s.Artist: Roger Fenton
princess victoria adelaide mary louise eldest
Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise, eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, late 19th century
queen victoria reading despatches c1840sartist
Queen Victoria reading despatches, c1840s.Artist: William Charles Ross
queen victoria queen philippa plantagenet ball
Queen Victoria as Queen Philippa at the Plantagenet Ball, Buckingham Palace, c1840s, (1901)
general tom thumb c1840s artist unknown
General Tom Thumb, c1840s. Artist: Unknown
etchings queen victoria 1840artist queen
Two etchings by Queen Victoria, 1840.Artist: Queen Victoria
queen victorias bridesmaids 10 february 1840
Nine of Queen Victoria's bridesmaids, 10 February 1840. Artist: Unknown
queen victoria 1838artist alfred chalon
Queen Victoria, 1838.Artist: Alfred Chalon
prince consort albert husband consort queen victoria
Prince Consort Albert, husband and consort of Queen Victoria, (1901)
duke ernest saxe coburg gotha father prince albert
Duke Ernest of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, father of Prince Albert, (1901). Artist: Unknown
princess louise saxe gotha altenburg mother prince
Princess Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, mother of Prince Albert, (1901). Artist: Unknown
queen victoria taking coronation oath 1837 1901
Queen Victoria taking the coronation oath, 1837, (1901).Artist: George Hayter
queen victoria coronation robes 1837 1901
Queen Victoria in her coronation robes, 1837, (1901).Artist: George Hayter
beauty coronation 1837 1901 artist unknown
'Beauty at the Coronation', 1837, (1901). Artist: Unknown
brought news queen victorias accession june 20th
How they brought the news of the Queen Victoria's accession, June 20th, 1837, 1901
early caricature princess victoria 1831 1901
An early caricature of Princess Victoria, 1831, (1901). Artist: John Doyle
princess victoria mother 1834 1901artist
Princess Victoria and her mother in 1834, (1901).Artist: George Hayter
princess victoria age fifteen c1834artist john
Princess Victoria at the age of fifteen, c1834.Artist: John Rogers Herbert
drawing princess victoria age twelve c1831artist
Drawing by Princess Victoria at the age of twelve, c1831.Artist: Queen Victoria
arrest cato street conspirators february 23 1820
The arrest of the Cato street conspirators, February 23, 1820, (1901). Artist: Unknown
signature princess victoria age four c1823 1901
Signature of Princess Victoria at the age of four, c1823, (1901). Artist: Queen Victoria
queen victorias mother 1901artist franz
Queen Victoria's mother, (1901).Artist: Franz Xaver Winterhalter
prince charles frederick william ernest leiningen
Prince Charles Frederick William Ernest of Leiningen, (1901). Artist: J Lynch
princess victoria age years 1901artist john
The Princess Victoria at the age of eleven years, (1901).Artist: John Hayter
best british/queen victoria 1899 1901artist heinrich von
Queen Victoria in 1899, (1901).Artist: Heinrich von Angeli
warren g harding 29th president united states 1933
Warren G Harding, 29th President of the United States, (1933). Artist: Unknown
woodrow wilson 28th president united states 1933
Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, (1933). Artist: Unknown
john quincy adams sixth president united states
John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, (1933)
dates admission union states alignment civil war
Dates of admission to the Union of the States, and the alignment for the civil war, 1933
james monroe fifth president united states 1933
James Monroe, fifth President of the United States, (1933). Artist: Unknown
franklin delano roosevelt 32nd president united
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, (mid 20th century)
woodrow wilson 28th president united states
Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, (early 20th century). Artist
theodore roosevelt 26th president united states
Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, (early 20th century).Artist
stephen grover cleveland 22nd 24th president
Stephen Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the United States, (early 20th century)


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