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the new jerusalem c1900 artist anon
'The New Jerusalem', c1900. Artist: Anon
noli tangere c1514 artist titian
'Noli Me Tangere', c1514. Artist: Titian
charlotte bronte english novelist 1850 artist
Charlotte Bronte, English novelist, 1850. Artist: George Richmond
st charles borromeo 16th century italian priest
St Charles of Borromeo, 16th century Italian priest, 19th century. Artist: Anon
constantine presents relics charlemagne stained glass
Constantine presents relics to Charlemagne, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, c1225
plaque late 19th 20th century artist rene
Plaque, late 19th/20th century. Artist: Rene Lalique
jmw turner/the angel standing sun 1846 artist jmw turner
'The Angel Standing in the Sun', 1846. Artist: JMW Turner
amitabha buddha 18th century artist anon
Amitabha Buddha, 18th century. Artist: Anon
judgement death early 15th century artist
The Judgement of Death', early 15th century. Artist: Master of the Rohan Hours
chekhov tolstoy late 19th century artist
Chekhov and Tolstoy, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
paris altarpiece 15th century artist anon
Paris altarpiece, 15th century. Artist: Anon
christ cross thieves 17th century artist
'Christ on the Cross between the two Thieves', 17th century
the entombment 1450s artist dieric bouts
'The Entombment', 1450s. Artist: Dieric Bouts
the adoration trinity the landauer altarpiece
'The Adoration of the Trinity' (The Landauer Altarpiece), 1511
the deposition cross 1443 1445 artist agnolo
'The Deposition from the Cross', 1443-1445. Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
the potato eaters 1885 artist vincent van
'The Potato Eaters', 1885. Artist: Vincent van Gogh
hagia sophia istanbul constantinople turkey 1980s
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey, 1980s. Artist: Unknown
christ cross c1480 artist unknown
'Christ on the Cross', c1480. Artist: Unknown
christ cross crucifix 14th century artist
Christ on the cross, crucifix, 14th century. Artist: Anon
st james appears charlemagne dream stained glass
St James appears to Charlemagne in a dream, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, c1225
crucifixion 16th century artist gaudenzio
'Crucifixion', 16th century. Artist: Gaudenzio Ferrari
crucifixion 1500 artist dionisy
'Crucifixion', 1500. Artist: Dionisy
the knight cart sir lancelot 1344 artist
'The Knight of the Cart' (Sir Lancelot), 1344. Artist: Unknown
piazzi madonna virgin child 1420 1430s
'Piazzi Madonna' ('Virgin and Child'), 1420-1430s. Artist: Donatello
madonna child st francis st john evangelist c1320s
'Madonna and Child between St Francis and St John the Evangelist', c1320s
madonna child madonna book 1483 artist
'Madonna and Child' ('Madonna of the Book'), 1483
madonna child 1230 artist barone berlinghier
'Madonna and Child', 1230. Artist: Barone Berlinghier
crucifixion early 16th century artist gerard
'Crucifixion', early 16th century. Artist: Gerard David
the deposition cross c1268 artist toros
'The Deposition from the Cross', c1268. Artist: T'oros Roslin
world war 2 liberation paris 1944 artist anon
World War 2: Liberation of Paris, 1944. Artist: Anon
world war 2 gaulle exiled french government algeria
World War 2: De Gaulle with exiled French government in Algeria, 1943. Artist: Anon
battle little big horn montana usa 25 26 june 1876
Battle of the Little Big Horn, Montana, USA, 25-26 June 1876, (c1900)
les bayaderes 1838 artist anon
Les Bayaderes, 1838. Artist: Anon
the assumption virgin c1475 1476 artist francesco
'The Assumption of the Virgin', c1475-1476. Artist: Francesco Botticini
the adoration kings c1470 artist filippino
'The Adoration of the Kings', c1470. Artist: Filippino Lippi
ce quon samuser aved les nombres astronomiques
'Ce qu'on s'amuser aved les nombres astronomiques!!', c1914. Artist
le cavalier masque 1915 artist guillaume
'Le cavalier masque', 1915. Artist: Guillaume Apollinaire
adam eve the fall man stained glass chartres
Adam and Eve (The Fall of Man), stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, 1194-1260
the game dealer 16th century artist pieter
'The Game Dealer', 16th century. Artist: Pieter Aertsen
popular festivities mid 19th century artist
Popular festivities, mid 19th century. Artist: Anon
mond crucifixion c1530 artist raphael
'Mond Crucifixion', c1530. Artist: Raphael
charlemagne leaves spain stained glass chartres
Charlemagne leaves Spain, Stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, c1225. Artist
roland pierces giant ferragut navel stained glass
Roland pierces the giant Ferragut in the navel, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, 1194-1260
baudoin tells charlemagne death roland stained glass
Baudoin tells Charlemagne of the death of Roland, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, 1194-1260
baudoin tends dying roland stained glass chartres
Baudoin tends the dying Roland, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, 1194-1260
the madonna meadow c1500 artist giovanni
'The Madonna of the Meadow', c1500. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
pieta saint germain des pres c1500 artist
'Pieta of Saint-Germain-des-Pres', c1500. Artist: Anon
battle vigo bay spain 12 october 1702 artist
Battle of Vigo Bay, Spain, 12 October 1702. Artist: Unknown
lamentation christ early 16th century artist
'Lamentation over Christ', early 16th century. Artist: Gerard David
the powerful hand 19th century artist anon
'The Powerful Hand', 19th century. Artist: Anon
jesus road calvary late 15th early 16th century
'Jesus on the Road to Calvary', late 15th/early 16th century
holy family saint nicholas tolentino 1515 1530
'Holy Family with Saint Nicholas of Tolentino', 1515-1530
spanish dancers mid 19th century artist anon
Spanish dancers, mid 19th century. Artist: Anon
vertumnus rudolf ii c1590 artist giuseppe
'Vertumnus - Rudolf II', c1590. Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldi
tennis court oath june 20 1789 paris 1791
'Tennis Court Oath, June 20 1789', Paris (1791). Artist: Jacques-Louis David
world war 2 gaulle greets eisnhower 1944 artist
World War 2: De Gaulle greets Eisnhower, 1944. Artist: Anon
injured pilgrim ignored priest levite stained glass
Injured pilgrim ignored by priest and Levite, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, 1205-1215
noli tangere do touch me 17th century artist
'Noli me tangere' ('Do Not Touch Me'), 17th century
christ pantocrator c1310 c1320 artist unknown
'Christ Pantocrator', c1310-c1320. Artist: Unknown
anastasis fresco parekklesion church christ chora
'Anastasis', fresco in the parekklesion of Church of Christ in Chora, c1310-c1320
the adoration magi 15th century artist hugo
'The Adoration of the Magi', 15th century. Artist: Hugo van der Goes
st martins dream 14th century artist simone
'St Martin's Dream', 14th century. Artist: Simone Martini
the presentation temple flight egypt 1394 1399
'The Presentation at the Temple and the Flight Into Egypt', 1394-1399. Artist
the baptism jesus st john baptist c1334 artist
'The Baptism of Jesus by St John the Baptist', c1334. Artist: Vardan Lorets'i
the raising lazarus mid 15th century artist
'The Raising of Lazarus', mid 15th century. Artist: Albert van Ouwater
doubting thomas 1634 artist rembrandt harmensz
'Doubting Thomas', 1634. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
the trinity 14th century artist robert campin
'The Trinity', 14th century. Artist: Robert Campin
doubting thomas c1268 artist toros roslin
'Doubting Thomas', c1268. Artist: T'oros Roslin
french revolution 1789 anti clericalism artist
French Revolution 1789: anti-clericalism. Artist: Anon
louis xiv presenting peace europe early 18th
'Louis XIV Presenting Peace to Europe', early 18th century
constantine greets charlemagne constantinople
Constantine greets Charlemagne at Constantinople, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, c1225
cardinal richelieu siege la rochelle 1628 early
Cardinal Richelieu at the Siege of La Rochelle, 1628 (early 20th century). Artist
cardinal richelieu c1637 18th century artist
Cardinal Richelieu, c1637, (18th century) Artist: Anon
sarcophagus reclining couple 6th century bc artist
Sarcophagus with reclining couple, 6th century BC. Artist: Anon
descent cross stained glass chartres cathedral
The Descent from the Cross, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, 1194-1260. Artist
christ cross stained glass chartres cathedral
Christ on the Cross, stained glass, Chartres Cathedral, France, 1194-1260.. Artist
brooch late 19th 20th century artist rene
Brooch, late 19th/20th century. Artist: Rene Lalique
deliverance souls purgatory 19th century artist
Deliverance of souls from Purgatory, 19th century. Artist: Anon
virgin child detail 16th century artist
'Virgin and Child', detail, 16th century. Artist: Anon
napoleons column place du chatelet paris 19th
Napoleon's Column, Place du Chatelet, Paris, 19th century. Artist: Anon
christ nailed cross c1481 artist gerard david
'Christ Nailed to the Cross', c1481. Artist: Gerard David
calvary late 15th early 16th century artist
'Calvary', late 15th/early 16th century. Artist: Cornelius Engebrechtsz
the madonna child infant baptist the garvagh
'The Madonna and Child with the Infant Baptist' ('The Garvagh Madonna')
golgotha calvary 16th century artist
'Golgotha' ('Calvary'), 16th century. Artist: Maerten van Heemskerck
world war 2 deliverance 1945 artist anon
World War 2: Deliverance!, 1945. Artist: Anon
world war 2 free french propaganda poster c1942 1944
World War 2: Free French propaganda poster c1942-1944. Artist: Anon
santa rosa lima 19th century artist anon
Santa Rosa of Lima, 19th century. Artist: Anon
joan arc maid orleans 15th century french patriot
Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, 15th century French patriot and martyr, 18th century
napoleon st helena 1815 1821 1826 artist
'Napoleon on St Helena', 1815-1821 (1826). Artist: Anon
the dead christ supported angels 1465 1470
'The Dead Christ Supported by Angels', 1465-1470. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
winged putto playing lute 16th century artist
'Winged Putto Playing a Lute', 16th century. Artist: Fiorentino Rossi
the funeral ornans 1850 artist gustave
'The Funeral at Ornans', 1850. Artist: Gustave Courbet
jesus mount olives 16th century artist pieter
'Jesus on the Mount of Olives', 16th century. Artist: Pieter Coecke van Aelst
the maries the dead christ mourned c1604
'The Three Maries' ('The Dead Christ Mourned'), c1604
world war 2 liberation france 1944 artist
World War 2: Liberation of France, 1944. Artist: Unknown
altarpiece moreel chantry 1484 artist hans
Altarpiece of the Moreel chantry, 1484. Artist: Hans Memling
the tribute money 1560 1568 artist titian
'The Tribute Money', 1560-1568. Artist: Titian
christ appearing saint peter appian way 1601 1602
'Christ Appearing to Saint Peter on the Appian Way', 1601-1602
calvary late 16th century artist pieter piertsz
'Calvary', late 16th century. Artist: Pieter Piertsz the Elder


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