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22 Nov 2005

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the suicide lucretia early 16th century artist
'The Suicide of Lucretia', early 16th century. Artist: Jorg Breu the Elder
with spear foe done 1941 artist kukryniksy
'With a spear our foe is done..' 1941 Artist: Kukryniksy
the association artists assisting starving 1921
'The Association of Artists assisting the starving', 1921
the royal manifesto 1920 artist deni viktor
'The Royal Manifesto', 1920. Artist: Deni Viktor Nikolaevich
lets defend petrograd bravery 1919 artist
'Let's Defend Petrograd Bravery!', 1919. Artist: Alexander Apsit
soviet political poster 1921 artist unknown
Soviet political poster, 1921. Artist: Unknown
woman learn letters 1923 artist elizaveta
'Woman! Learn your letters!', 1923. Artist: Elizaveta Sergeevna Kruglikova
join red forces better life 1921 artist vladimir
'Join the red forces to get a better life', 1921. Artist: Vladimir Mayakovsky
torch 1918 artist unknown
The Torch, 1918. Artist: Unknown
tour moscow chamber theatre 1923 artist unknown
A tour still of the Moscow Chamber Theatre, 1923. Artist: Unknown
workers factories 1920 artist unknown
'Workers to the Factories', 1920. Artist: Unknown
soviet political poster 1934 artist unknown
Soviet political poster, 1934. Artist: Unknown
lets smite annihilate enemy hip thigh 1941
'Let's Smite and Annihilate the Enemy Hip and Thigh!', 1941
russian theatre poster 1933 artist unknown
Russian theatre poster, 1933. Artist: Unknown
russian theatre poster 1934 artist unknown
Russian theatre poster, 1934. Artist: Unknown
sports parade red square moscow 1972 artist
Sports Parade, Red Square, Moscow, 1972. Artist: Unknown
the reaper 1918 artist boris mikhajlovich
'The Reaper', 1918. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
the carpenter 1918 artist boris mikhajlovich
'The Carpenter', 1918. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
festivities marking opening second congress comintern
'Festivities marking the opening of the second congress of the Comintern', 1921
night celebration neva 1923 artist boris
'Night celebration on the Neva', 1923. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
soviet propaganda poster 1917 artist unknown
Soviet propaganda poster, 1917. Artist: Unknown
gold cup tsar alexis mikhailovich 17th century
The gold cup of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
long live youth international 1921 artist
'Long Live the Youth International', 1921. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
a red gift white master 1920 artist dmitriy
'A Red Gift to a White Master', 1920. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
for death world imperialism 1920 artist dmitriy
'For the Death of World Imperialism', 1920. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
parade young pioneers red square moscow 1972
Parade of the Young Pioneers, Red Square, Moscow, 1972. Artist: Unknown
parade red square december 1947 moscow russia
'Parade in Red Square, December 1947', Moscow, Russia. Artist: Unknown
the cobbler 1918 artist boris mikhajlovich
'The Cobbler', 1918. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
the tailor 1918 artist boris mikhajlovich
'The Tailor', 1918. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
russian cinema poster 1943 artist unknown
Russian cinema poster, 1943. Artist: Unknown
suprematist variations 1919 artist kazimir
'Suprematist Variations', 1919. Artist: Kazimir Malevich
dare dare dare forever 1921 artist rudolf
'Dare, dare, dare once more and forever', 1921. Artist: Rudolf Feodorovich Vilde
may day parade red square moscow 1972 artist
May Day Parade, Red Square, Moscow, 1972. Artist: Unknown
help 1921 artist dmitriy stakhievich moor
'Help', 1921. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
dlia golosa for voice berlin 1923 artist
'Dlia Golosa' (For the Voice), Berlin, 1923. Artist: Lazar Markovich Lissitzky
russia camp state siege 1919 artist dmitriy
'Russia is a Camp in a State of Siege', 1919. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
recall day red army okna rosta 1920 artist
'Recall the Day of the Red Army', (Okna Rosta), 1920. Artist: Vladimir Mayakovsky
caricature monarchists okna rosta 1920 artist
'Caricature against the Monarchists', (Okna Rosta), 1920
caricature constituent assembly 1921 artist
'Caricature against the Constituent Assembly' 1921. Artist: Vladimir Mayakovsky
decor design mystery bouffe 1919 artist vladimir
Decor design for 'Mystery Bouffe', 1919. Artist: Vladimir Mayakovsky
boat spread for reading loud collection poems 1923
Boat spread from 'For Reading Out Loud', a collection of poems, 1923. Artist
cover design catalogue exhibition russian art
Cover design for the catalogue of the Exhibition of Russian Art, Berlin, 1922. Artist
committee combat unemployment 1919 artist
'Committee to Combat Unemployment', 1919. Artist: Lazar Markovich Lissitzky
cover magazine wjeschtsch objekt gegenstand
Cover of the magazine 'Wjeschtsch/Objekt/Gegenstand', 1922 Artist: Lazar Markovich
beat whites red wedge 1920 artist lazar markovich
'Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge', 1920. Artist: Lazar Markovich Lissitzky
call fight intervention 1918 1920 artist
'Call to Fight Against the Intervention', 1918-1920. Artist: Unknown
the red lightning 1919 artist ignaty nivinsky
'The Red Lightning', 1919. Artist: Ignaty Nivinsky
lenin 1924 artist unknown
'Lenin', 1924. Artist: Unknown
the proletarian dictatorships year october
'The Proletarian Dictatorship's Year: October 1917 -October 1918', 1918
decoration design fete 1918 artist kazimir
Decoration design for a fete, 1918. Artist: Kazimir Malevich
design speakers rostrum 1919 artist kazimir
'Design for the Speaker's Rostrum, 1919. Artist: Kazimir Malevich
flowers 1918 artist alexander kuprin
'Flowers', 1918. Artist: Alexander Kuprin
fit reading rooms 1919 artist alexander
'Fit out Reading Rooms!', 1919. Artist: Alexander Apsit
st nicholas fragment 18th century artist
'St. Nicholas', (fragment), 18th century. Artist: Unknown
the transfiguration 17th century artist moses
'The Transfiguration', 17th century. Artist: Moses Artist: Unknown
throne tsar alexis mikhailovich 1659 artist
Throne of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich, 1659. Artist: Unknown
throne tsar ivan terrible 16th century artist
Throne of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
silver goblet 16th century artist unknown
Silver goblet, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
silver bowl 17th century artist unknown
Silver bowl, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
changing guard lenins mausoleum red square moscow
Changing of the guard at Lenin's mausoleum, Red Square, Moscow, 1980. Artist: Unknown
soviet political poster 1920 artist dmitriy
Soviet political poster, 1920. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
the ussr crack brigade world proletariat 1931
'The USSR is the Crack Brigade of the World Proletariat', 1931
volunteer assistance 1920 artist vladimir
'Volunteer your Assistance!', 1920. Artist: Vladimir Mayakovsky
russian economics exhibition 1970 artist
'Russian Economics Exhibition', 1970. Artist: Igor Kravtsov
aeroflot 1964 artist victor asseriants
'Aeroflot', 1964. Artist: Victor Asseriants
soviet exhibition tokyo 1961 artist victor
A still of the Soviet exhibition in Tokyo, 1961. Artist: Victor Asseriants
russian art exhibition paris 1973 artist anatoly
Russian Art Exhibition, Paris, 1973. Artist: Anatoly Alperovich
russian fashion poster 1973 artist aleksander
Russian Fashion Poster, 1973. Artist: Aleksander Denisov
publicity russian journal 1935 artist t averin
Publicity for a Russian journal, 1935. Artist: T Averin
publicity russian commerce exhibition 1930 artist
Publicity for a Russian commerce exhibition, 1930. Artist: Sergey Igumnov
the cholmondeley sisters 1600 1610 artist
'The Cholmondeley Sisters', 1600-1610. Artist: Anon
the martyrdom saint ignatius 16th century artist
'The Martyrdom of Saint Ignatius', 16th century. Artist: Anon
in studio anna ancher artists wife painting
'In the Studio, Anna Ancher, the Artist's Wife Painting', late 19th-early 20th century
absinthe victor hugo c1895 1900 artist guillaume
Absinthe/Victor Hugo, c1895-1900. Artist: Guillaume Apollinaire
a young woman 1569 artist anon
'A Young Woman', 1569. Artist: Anon
egyptian chess players 1865 artist sir lawrence
'Egyptian Chess Players', 1865. Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
farceurs 1670 artist anon
'Farceurs', 1670. Artist: Anon
the martyrdom st sebastian 16th century artist
'The Martyrdom of St Sebastian', 16th century. Artist: Gregorio Lopez
landscape family satyrs 1507 artist albrecht
'Landscape with family of Satyrs', 1507. Artist: Albrecht Altdorfer
imaginary view tuileries 17th century artist
'Imaginary View of the Tuileries', 17th century. Artist: Anon
scene story chivalry c1400 artist anon
Scene from a story of chivalry, c1400. Artist: Anon
virgin child st paul c1450 artist anon
'Virgin and Child with St Paul', c1450. Artist: Anon
david abigail early 16th century artist master
'David and Abigail', early 16th century
the beheading john baptist c1630 artist anon
'The Beheading of John the Baptist', c1630. Artist: Anon
the virgin navigators 16th century artist
Detail from 'The Virgin of the Navigators', 16th century. Artist: Anon
cognoscenti room hung pictures c1620 artist
'Cognoscenti in a Room hung with Pictures', c1620. Artist: Anon
miklos zrinyi heroic croatian hungarian general
Miklos Zrinyi, heroic Croatian/Hungarian general, late 16th century. Artist: Anon
map florence 15th century artist anon
Map of Florence, 15th century. Artist: Anon
herod 17th century artist anon
'Herod', 17th century. Artist: Anon
flora c1591 artist giuseppe arcimboldi
'Flora', c1591. Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldi
the cook c1570 artist giuseppe arcimboldi
'The Cook', c1570. Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldi
le grand cafe 1759 artist gabriel saint aubin
'Le Grand Cafe' 1759. Artist: Gabriel de Saint-Aubin
costume design costume dragon 16th century artist
Costume design for a costume for a dragon, 16th century. Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldi
grandmother 1909 artist alexandre lunois
'Grandmother', 1909. Artist: Alexandre Lunois
centre panel ortenberg altarpiece c1410 1420
Centre panel of the Ortenberg Altarpiece, c1410-1420
design costume cook 16th century artist giuseppe
Design for a costume for a cook, 16th century. Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldi
sarmingstein danube 16th century artist albrecht
'Sarmingstein on the Danube', 16th century. Artist: Albrecht Altdorfer
river landscape rope ferry early 17th century
River landscape with rope ferry, early 17th century. Artist: Hendrick Avercamp
costume designs allegorical characters 16th century
Costume designs for allegorical characters, 16th century. Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldi


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