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15 Nov 2005

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arrival aeneas italy dawn roman empire c1620 1680
'Arrival of Aeneas in Italy, the Dawn of the Roman Empire', (c1620-1680?)
mont sainte victoire 1904 artist paul cezanne
Mont Sainte Victoire, 1904. Artist: Paul Cezanne
jupiter strikes monarch crown palace 1777 artist
'Jupiter strikes a monarch on the crown in his palace', 1777
violets clematis crystal vase 1882 artist
'Violets and Clematis in a crystal vase', 1882 Artist: Edouard Manet
tea time 1898 artist valdemar kornerup
'Tea-time', 1898 Artist: Valdemar Kornerup
at market c1554 1574 artist joachim
'At the Market', c1554-1574. Artist: Joachim Beuckelaer
hastings on hudson 1885 artist jasper francis
'Hastings-on-Hudson', 1885 Artist: Jasper Francis Cropsey
couple bridge 1876 artist jasper francis
'Couple on a Bridge', 1876 Artist: Jasper Francis Cropsey
the socialist emulation 1929 artist dmitriy
'The Socialist Emulation', 1929. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
follow flag lenin victory 1941 artist unknown
'Follow the Flag of Lenin to Victory', 1941. Artist: Unknown
the soviet people know defend 1937 artist
'The Soviet People know how to Defend', 1937. Artist: Unknown
the camp staoueli 1830 artist theodore gudin
'The Camp at Staoueli', 1830. Artist: Theodore Gudin
the royal mail coach chelmsford london 1799
'The Royal Mail Coach, Chelmsford to London', 1799. Artist: John Cordrey
the massacre 1905 artist sergei ivanov
'The Massacre', 1905. Artist: Sergei Ivanov
judgement paris 1645 1646 artist claude
'Judgement of Paris' (1645-1646). Artist: Claude Lorrain
heat summer c1900 c1906 artist michael
'Heat of Summer', (c1900-c1906?). Artist: Michael Brown
le garcon au gilet rouge 1888 1890 artist
'Le Garcon au Gilet Rouge', 1888-1890. Artist: Paul Cezanne
arlequin et pierrot 1888 artist paul cezanne
'Arlequin et Pierrot', 1888. Artist: Paul Cezanne
self portrait 1880 artist paul cezanne
Self-portrait, 1880. Artist: Paul Cezanne
hunting deer mid late 17th century artist claude
Hunting deer, mid-late 17th century. Artist: Claude Lorrain
the painter pug 1745 artist william hogarth
'The Painter and his Pug ', 1745. Artist: William Hogarth
le vase bleu 1889 1890 artist paul cezanne
'Le Vase Bleu', 1889-1890. Artist: Paul Cezanne
la femme la cafetiere c1890 1895 artist paul
'La Femme a la Cafetiere', c1890-1895. Artist: Paul Cezanne
autumn landscape mid late 19th century artist
Autumn landscape, mid-late 19th century. Artist: Regis Francois Gignoux
the patriotic singers 1794 artist dominique
'The Patriotic Singers', 1794. Artist: Dominique Doncre
marriage a la mode 6 ladys death c1743 artist
'Marriage A-la-Mode: 6. The Lady's Death', c1743. Artist: William Hogarth
the shrimp girl c1745 artist william hogarth
'The Shrimp Girl', c1745. Artist: William Hogarth
marriage a la mode 4 toilette 1743 artist
'Marriage A-la-Mode: 4. The Toilette', 1743. Artist: William Hogarth
marriage a la mode 3 inspection c1743 artist
'Marriage A-la-Mode: 3. The Inspection', c1743. Artist: William Hogarth
marriage a la mode 2 tete tete 1743 artist
'Marriage A-la-Mode: 2. The Tete a Tete', 1743. Artist: William Hogarth
marriage a la mode 5 bagnio c1743 artist
'Marriage A-la-Mode: 5. The Bagnio', c1743. Artist: William Hogarth
view frascati 1820 artist jean joseph xavier
View of Frascati, 1820. Artist: Jean Joseph Xavier Bidauld
view convent grotta ferrata near rome 1844 artist
View of the Convent of Grotta Ferrata, near Rome, 1844
seaport sunset 1639 artist claude lorrain
Seaport at sunset, 1639. Artist: Claude Lorrain
house trees road tholonet c1885 artist paul
'House behind Trees on the Road to Tholonet', c1885. Artist: Paul Cezanne
on beach detail 1880 artist eugene louis
'On the Beach', (detail), 1880. Artist: Eugene Louis Boudin
on beach 1880 artist eugene louis boudin
'On the Beach', 1880. Artist: Eugene Louis Boudin
impressionism/study bathers 1890 artist paul cezanne
Study of bathers, 1890. Artist: Paul Cezanne
le chateau noir detail 1904 1906 artist
'Le Chateau Noir', (detail), 1904-1906. Artist: Paul Cezanne
portrait man 16th century artist frans pourbus
'Portrait of a man', 16th century. Artist: Frans Pourbus the elder
portrait woman c1565 1581 artist frans pourbus
'Portrait of a woman', c1565-1581. Artist: Frans Pourbus the elder
hedge mustard 1893 artist unknown
Hedge mustard, 1893. Artist: Unknown
yellow rocket 1893 artist unknown
Yellow rocket, 1893. Artist: Unknown
wild mustard 1893 artist unknown
Wild mustard, 1893. Artist: Unknown
black hellebore 1893 artist unknown
Black hellebore, 1893. Artist: Unknown
alpine columbine 1893 artist unknown
Alpine columbine, 1893. Artist: Unknown
barren strawberry spring cinquefoil 1893 artist
Barren strawberry and spring cinquefoil, 1893. Artist: Unknown
wallflower 1893 artist unknown
Wallflower, 1893. Artist: Unknown
larkspur 1893 artist unknown
Larkspur, 1893. Artist: Unknown
vase flowers c1865 1928 artist madeleine
'Vase of Flowers', c1865-1928. Artist: Madeleine Jeanne Lemaire
vase roses c1865 1928 artist madeleine jeanne
'Vase of Roses', c1865-1928. Artist: Madeleine Jeanne Lemaire