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arrival aeneas italy dawn roman empire c1620 1680
'Arrival of Aeneas in Italy, the Dawn of the Roman Empire', (c1620-1680?)
the cliffs etretat thunderstorm 1870 artist
'The Cliffs of Etretat after a Thunderstorm', 1870. Artist: Gustave Courbet
mont sainte victoire 1904 artist paul cezanne
Mont Sainte Victoire, 1904. Artist: Paul Cezanne
with spear foe done 1941 artist kukryniksy
'With a spear our foe is done..' 1941 Artist: Kukryniksy
the association artists assisting starving 1921
'The Association of Artists assisting the starving', 1921
the royal manifesto 1920 artist deni viktor
'The Royal Manifesto', 1920. Artist: Deni Viktor Nikolaevich
lets defend petrograd bravery 1919 artist
'Let's Defend Petrograd Bravery!', 1919. Artist: Alexander Apsit
soviet political poster 1921 artist unknown
Soviet political poster, 1921. Artist: Unknown
woman learn letters 1923 artist elizaveta
'Woman! Learn your letters!', 1923. Artist: Elizaveta Sergeevna Kruglikova
join red forces better life 1921 artist vladimir
'Join the red forces to get a better life', 1921. Artist: Vladimir Mayakovsky
torch 1918 artist unknown
The Torch, 1918. Artist: Unknown
tour moscow chamber theatre 1923 artist unknown
A tour still of the Moscow Chamber Theatre, 1923. Artist: Unknown
workers factories 1920 artist unknown
'Workers to the Factories', 1920. Artist: Unknown
soviet political poster 1934 artist unknown
Soviet political poster, 1934. Artist: Unknown
lets smite annihilate enemy hip thigh 1941
'Let's Smite and Annihilate the Enemy Hip and Thigh!', 1941
russian theatre poster 1933 artist unknown
Russian theatre poster, 1933. Artist: Unknown
russian theatre poster 1934 artist unknown
Russian theatre poster, 1934. Artist: Unknown
jupiter strikes monarch crown palace 1777 artist
'Jupiter strikes a monarch on the crown in his palace', 1777
sports parade red square moscow 1972 artist
Sports Parade, Red Square, Moscow, 1972. Artist: Unknown
violets clematis crystal vase 1882 artist
'Violets and Clematis in a crystal vase', 1882 Artist: Edouard Manet
tea time 1898 artist valdemar kornerup
'Tea-time', 1898 Artist: Valdemar Kornerup
at market c1554 1574 artist joachim
'At the Market', c1554-1574. Artist: Joachim Beuckelaer
hastings on hudson 1885 artist jasper francis
'Hastings-on-Hudson', 1885 Artist: Jasper Francis Cropsey
couple bridge 1876 artist jasper francis
'Couple on a Bridge', 1876 Artist: Jasper Francis Cropsey
woman country field c1828 1876 artist narcisse
'Woman in Country Field', c1828-1876. Artist: Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Pena
the socialist emulation 1929 artist dmitriy
'The Socialist Emulation', 1929. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
russian communist party poster 1940 artist
Russian Communist Party poster, 1940. Artist: Unknown
have volunteered 1929 artist dmitriy stakhievich
'Have You Volunteered?', 1929. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
funeral revolutionaries 1905 c1900 1930 artist
'Funeral of the Revolutionaries, 1905', c1900-1930. Artist: Il'ya Repin
follow flag lenin victory 1941 artist unknown
'Follow the Flag of Lenin to Victory', 1941. Artist: Unknown
paris seen afar c1835 1900 artist william
'Paris Seen from Afar', c1835-1900. Artist: William Callow
les halles paris central market 1880 artist
'Les Halles, Paris 'Central Market'', 1880
the soviet people know defend 1937 artist
'The Soviet People know how to Defend', 1937. Artist: Unknown
the camp staoueli 1830 artist theodore gudin
'The Camp at Staoueli', 1830. Artist: Theodore Gudin
plums melon peaches c1630 1680 artist pierre
'Plums, Melon and Peaches', c1630-1680. Artist: Pierre Dupuis
our forces immeasurable 1941 artist unknown
'Our forces are Immeasurable', 1941. Artist: Unknown
the royal mail coach chelmsford london 1799
'The Royal Mail Coach, Chelmsford to London', 1799. Artist: John Cordrey
view italy 1811 artist jean joseph xavier
'View of Italy', 1811. Artist: Jean Joseph Xavier Bidauld
the interior c1900 1940 artist hans hilsoe
'The Interior', c1900-1940. Artist: Hans Hilsoe
militant workman 1905 artist nikolai alekseevich
'Militant Workman', 1905. Artist: Nikolai Alekseevich Kasatkin
the temple segeste c1810 1822 artist achille
'The Temple of Segeste', c1810-1822 Artist: Achille Etna Michallon
le grand bacchanal 1627 1628 artist nicolas
'Le Grand Bacchanal', 1627-1628 Artist: Nicolas Poussin
the massacre 1905 artist sergei ivanov
'The Massacre', 1905. Artist: Sergei Ivanov
ussr poster 1919 artist unknown
USSR Poster, 1919. Artist: Unknown
the demolition abbey montmartre c1740 1800
'The Demolition of the Abbey of Montmartre', c1740-1800
soviet poster 1930 artist unknown
Soviet Poster, 1930. Artist: Unknown
the demonstration 17th october 1905 c1900 1930
'The Demonstration of 17th October, 1905', c1900-1930. Artist: Il'ya Repin
view rhone c1777 1840 artist alexandre haycinthe
'View of the Rhone'. c1777-1840. Artist: Alexandre Haycinthe Dunouy
glaieul gladioli 19th century artist george
'Glaieul' (Gladioli), 19th century. Artist: George Sand
the seine conti quay c19th century artist
'The Seine, Conti Quay', c19th Century. Artist: Frank Myers Boggs
the judge litigants 1866 artist henry bonaventure
'The Judge and the Litigants', 1866. Artist: Henry Bonaventure Monnier
storm cervin mountain 19th century artist
'Storm on the Cervin Mountain', 19th century. Artist: Gustave Dore
the reaper 1918 artist boris mikhajlovich
'The Reaper', 1918. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
the carpenter 1918 artist boris mikhajlovich
'The Carpenter', 1918. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
festivities marking opening second congress comintern
'Festivities marking the opening of the second congress of the Comintern', 1921
night celebration neva 1923 artist boris
'Night celebration on the Neva', 1923. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
soviet propaganda poster 1917 artist unknown
Soviet propaganda poster, 1917. Artist: Unknown
gold cup tsar alexis mikhailovich 17th century
The gold cup of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
long live youth international 1921 artist
'Long Live the Youth International', 1921. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
a red gift white master 1920 artist dmitriy
'A Red Gift to a White Master', 1920. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
for death world imperialism 1920 artist dmitriy
'For the Death of World Imperialism', 1920. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
parade young pioneers red square moscow 1972
Parade of the Young Pioneers, Red Square, Moscow, 1972. Artist: Unknown
parade red square december 1947 moscow russia
'Parade in Red Square, December 1947', Moscow, Russia. Artist: Unknown
the cobbler 1918 artist boris mikhajlovich
'The Cobbler', 1918. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
the tailor 1918 artist boris mikhajlovich
'The Tailor', 1918. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
russian cinema poster 1943 artist unknown
Russian cinema poster, 1943. Artist: Unknown
suprematist variations 1919 artist kazimir
'Suprematist Variations', 1919. Artist: Kazimir Malevich
dare dare dare forever 1921 artist rudolf
'Dare, dare, dare once more and forever', 1921. Artist: Rudolf Feodorovich Vilde
may day parade red square moscow 1972 artist
May Day Parade, Red Square, Moscow, 1972. Artist: Unknown
help 1921 artist dmitriy stakhievich moor
'Help', 1921. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
dlia golosa for voice berlin 1923 artist
'Dlia Golosa' (For the Voice), Berlin, 1923. Artist: Lazar Markovich Lissitzky
russia camp state siege 1919 artist dmitriy
'Russia is a Camp in a State of Siege', 1919. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
the red lightning 1919 artist ignaty nivinsky
'The Red Lightning', 1919. Artist: Ignaty Nivinsky
the proletarian dictatorships year october
'The Proletarian Dictatorship's Year: October 1917 -October 1918', 1918
decoration design fete 1918 artist kazimir
Decoration design for a fete, 1918. Artist: Kazimir Malevich
flowers 1918 artist alexander kuprin
'Flowers', 1918. Artist: Alexander Kuprin
fit reading rooms 1919 artist alexander
'Fit out Reading Rooms!', 1919. Artist: Alexander Apsit
st nicholas fragment 18th century artist
'St. Nicholas', (fragment), 18th century. Artist: Unknown
the transfiguration 17th century artist moses
'The Transfiguration', 17th century. Artist: Moses Artist: Unknown
throne tsar alexis mikhailovich 1659 artist
Throne of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich, 1659. Artist: Unknown
throne tsar ivan terrible 16th century artist
Throne of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
silver goblet 16th century artist unknown
Silver goblet, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
silver bowl 17th century artist unknown
Silver bowl, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
changing guard lenins mausoleum red square moscow
Changing of the guard at Lenin's mausoleum, Red Square, Moscow, 1980. Artist: Unknown
soviet political poster 1920 artist dmitriy
Soviet political poster, 1920. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
the ussr crack brigade world proletariat 1931
'The USSR is the Crack Brigade of the World Proletariat', 1931
volunteer assistance 1920 artist vladimir
'Volunteer your Assistance!', 1920. Artist: Vladimir Mayakovsky
ram black sheep apple branches 16th century
'Ram, Black Sheep and Two Apple Branches', 16th century. Artist: Joris Hoefnagel
the colosseum view farnese gardens rome 1826
'The Colosseum: View from the Farnese Gardens', Rome, 1826
the workshop corot young woman red blouse
'The Workshop of Corot, Young Woman with Red Blouse', 1865-1870
mouse flower insect 16th century artist
'Mouse, Flower and Insect', 16th century. Artist: Joris Hoefnagel
russian economics exhibition 1970 artist
'Russian Economics Exhibition', 1970. Artist: Igor Kravtsov
aeroflot 1964 artist victor asseriants
'Aeroflot', 1964. Artist: Victor Asseriants
soviet exhibition tokyo 1961 artist victor
A still of the Soviet exhibition in Tokyo, 1961. Artist: Victor Asseriants
russian art exhibition paris 1973 artist anatoly
Russian Art Exhibition, Paris, 1973. Artist: Anatoly Alperovich
russian fashion poster 1973 artist aleksander
Russian Fashion Poster, 1973. Artist: Aleksander Denisov
publicity russian journal 1935 artist t averin
Publicity for a Russian journal, 1935. Artist: T Averin
publicity russian commerce exhibition 1930 artist
Publicity for a Russian commerce exhibition, 1930. Artist: Sergey Igumnov
judgement paris 1645 1646 artist claude
'Judgement of Paris' (1645-1646). Artist: Claude Lorrain


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